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11 Safeguards to Prevent Business Blogging Embarrassment


You just wrote an awesome blog post. It's well researched, it will help your audience, and the tone is spot on. No matter how remarkable the content of that blog article is, there are still countless things that could be wrong with your post. 11 Things to Do Before Publishing a Blog Post. 1.) You're (probably) not business blogging just for fun. Proimos.

B2B Lead Generation Using a Business Blog

Industrial Marketing Today

Home Marketing Matters About Contact B2B Marketing Store Company Website B2B Lead Generation Using a Business Blog by Achinta Mitra on September 20, 2010 in B2B Lead Generation , Industrial Marketing Blog In B2B lead generation, quantity versus quality is probably the biggest challenge faced by industrial marketers. The focus here is definitely on quantity.

Weekly Wrap-Up: February 24th

Savvy B2B Marketing

Terrific article on why CMOs have to step up and lead -- and how they can do so. Lead Capture: HP increases conversion rate 186% on email opt-in page via @ MarketingSherpa. 50 Qualities of the Best Business Blogs in the World by @TheSalesLion. Great overview of what makes these top business blogs rattle & hum. at least not if you want it to be an effective marketing tool. This post will help clue you in. It's Friday again - time to share all the best of the best from the blogosphere. See you on the other side! by @ lieblink.

5 Major Challenges Marketers Face (And How to Solve Them)


Although we typically share similar goals, some marketers are stuck on lead generation , while others are having trouble converting leads into customers, and some just aren’t generating the traffic to their site they need in the first place. Just answer a few simple questions, and we’ll tell you exactly where you should focus your efforts to make your marketing more effective.

The Ultimate Dictionary of Marketing Terms You Should Know


Here on the HubSpot blog, we’ve written glossary-themed posts that cover some of the core components of inbound marketing. Well, we thought it was time to create a blog post that could serve as a holistic marketing glossary -- one that not only defines each term, but also offers some helpful resources in case you want to learn about them in more depth. 24) Cost-per-Lead (CPL).

4 Tried and True Marketing Automation Recipes for Better Email Nurturing


Much of email segmentation and lead nurturing is only made possible through marketing automation software and contacts databases. But even for those who have the software, finding the right lead nurturing strategy is a tough one. Workflow Recipe #1: Nurture Subscribers Into Leads. They want an un-intrusive and gradual way to get to know your content and your business.

101 Sure-Fire Ways to Make People Hate Your Marketing


and probably some leads. It'll help them hone their detective skills! 5) Make it difficult for people to share your content. Write really awesome content that people naturally want to share, but don't optimize that content for social sharing by adding sharing links to landing pages, blog articles, and ebooks to make it even remotely easy for them. Business Blogging.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Expert Twitter Marketing


Used effectively, Twitter can help you promote your content, provide helpful customer service, generate leads and customers, and much more. In fact, companies that use Twitter generate 2x more leads than those that don't, and 42% of companies that use Twitter for marketing have acquired a customer through it. Promote your Twitter presence on your website/blog.