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Three Reasons Customer Experience Management Fails

B2B Marketing Unplugged

When we can figure out how to build an emotional bond between our brand and our customer’s brain, the wallet, friends, will surely follow. Whether it’s helpful geniuses at the Apple store patiently explaining how stuff works or the just-in-time container of ball bearings, it’s all about how we make our customers feel. Now that’s fun. We focus on the problems. Nobody owns CEM design.

Why Your Website is About to Become a Lot Less Important

B2B Marketing Unplugged

What if we accept or even welcome that third parties are going to build and maintain the platform we use for conversations? Helping them find resources (yours and other people’s). We need to be looking at getting our sales teams invited to those parties and helping them have conversations that don’t begin and end with a lurid invitation to the storage locker. Related Posts.

Only You Can Prevent Feature Puke

B2B Marketing Unplugged

They can’t help it, and marketing folks can’t help being equally bitchy about bad marketing. It’s not that we’re mean (which certainly helps) but that we notice stuff other people don’t. Their skillset is building relationships, not teaching. Marketing’s job is to know what that right thing is and to help the Squirrel make it relevant and trustworthy. Nasty.

Your About Us Page Isn’t About You

B2B Marketing Unplugged

God help us, you didn’t put your mission, vision and values up there, did you? We have discussed the perils of photos of your building , your parking lot, your shipping department, your Christmas party and all staff-owned animals off your site. think they are about building trust for two key audiences: prospects and recruits. That builds emotion and humanity. Now stop.

Content Marketing Playbook: Strategy and Roadmap

with a better example of a brand building a more effec- tive content roadmap than GE. “It’s been a big change in our company—we’ve tried to. cultivated every internal asset that could help them. outside help when needed. that’s proven to work—one we’ve refined after helping. the asset many people have worked so hard to build.” GE Reports allows us to build and.

Distance Between Decision-Makers and End Users is Key

B2B Marketing Unplugged

In this scenario, the CFO, with help from the P-Cube , is looking for a system that is scalable, cost-effective, best-in-class and cranks out useful data that supports strategic decision-making. Here is my helpful diagram:  .  If you would like a.pdf or.ppt of this, shoot me an email and I’ll send it over. Here’s the whole article. Interesting Things I Found This Week.

Stop Letting Your Customers Talk to Strangers

B2B Marketing Unplugged

think this group should be beholden to everyone, while it helps them serve their respective Daddies. They are the ones who are going to tackle the nasty job of pulling accurate data from your customer database, marketing automation system, billing application and sales automation platform to build a more or less coherent view of the customer base. Have I got a job for you.

Getting Commitment Requires Primal Selling and Quiet Marketers

B2B Marketing Unplugged

After months or years of building something someone gives a sh*t about , and more months and many marketing calories  convincing them to give it a look , and the scary bit where we have to out-skate the competition and our own incompetence, we come to this. If you love the smell of schadenfreude in the morning, here is the video. This is the most heart-breaking of phases, I think. Happy day.

Why Candy Crush is Eating Your Brain

B2B Marketing Unplugged

If you spent your last performance review quietly plotting to build a habit-forming killer app as your exit strategy, you will want to grab a copy of Eyal’s book, Hooked. Those rewards that help us acquire the resources we feel we need, such as Pinterest, and slot machines. This is where great loyalty programs build the anticipation of future rewards. Trigger. Action.

Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report

modern media landscape, the “If you build it, they will come” mindset is doomed to. To compete, modern organizations must adopt an always-on approach to building. It also helps maintain relationships with vendors, agencies, and. suppliers, and can help facilitate corporate communications and build company culture. The studio helps unify the company around a.

Why Meaning Matters More than Noise

B2B Marketing Unplugged

If you know Bernadette Jiwa , this line will feel familiar; if you don’t know Jiwa and her work around helping brands tell their stories, this book is a great place to check out her refreshing worldview. Build brand awareness. Another great spot for help with email, is this site reallygoodemails.com. . That customer’s story changes because the business exists.” Tell our story.

Unique Selling Propositions Are a Myth

B2B Marketing Unplugged

Inspired by the session on entrepreneurship, he’s decided to start up a lawn care company and called me for help with his homework. “I need a unique selling proposition” , he said. The other said “Well, I don’t light fires anymore.” No help there, and not likely to get a decent buck for either of them. Google is positively awash in helpful stuff about how where to develop a USP.

Why Marketing Needs to Fix the Customer Experience

B2B Marketing Unplugged

This would be your community management team, whose time is much better spent moderating helpful discussions instead of hiding the pitchforks from the villagers. It’s far better to have people chatting happily about you on LinkedIn and Facebook than building online monuments to your terrible customer service.  This is why I think marketing ought to own CEM. Namaste, my friends.

Why I Won’t Endorse You on LinkedIn

B2B Marketing Unplugged

Yesterday Sylvie gave me a thumbs-up on my team-building expertise, and last week Martin endorsed me as the corporate communications guru I imagine myself to be.  Let me help you. Oh, goody. My LinkedIn connection, Diana, just endorsed my skills in marketing strategy. Self-esteem is running high, which means self-doubt can’t be far away. This profile is surely someone else’s.

Evangelizing a Content Marketing Program

his content operation, building a 65-employee studio to. only started building their content studio in the fall of. CEO’s office and pitch the idea of building a small me- dia company within a large corporation. by building an audience and tying your content back to. work so you can create better content and con- tinuously build a bigger and better audience.

The Agony of Defeat: Why Lost Business Reporting Isn’t Helpful

B2B Marketing Unplugged

Now that’s all fine and dandy but really doesn’t help us down in the pit mines of marketing. No sales person has ever lost a deal because they were personally offensive or failed to build a good relationship. Next week, we’ll look at how to mine the Win column for helpful marketing information. Do you get the Win-Loss report? You really ought to get yourself on that list.

Fixing Your Sucky B2B Website: Step One

B2B Marketing Unplugged

It’s going the way such things usually do, and Aileen is self-medicating with a nice pinot noir when she isn’t building Dan-shaped snowmen to run over in her driveway. called the other night to see if she needed help with the Tuesday Night Effigy Burning. That’s not going to help much is it? My friend Aileen is breaking up with her husband Dan.

Still Using Bad Photos? You Need the Other High-Res

B2B Marketing Unplugged

If you have the patience and the budget, I maintain you should go find a photographer and a good art director and start building a library of great, original images that you can use over and over again.  In addition to having content you own and your competitors don’t, you also get to control the most important factor of all: resonance. Resonant images work very, very hard.

Just Because It’s Content, Doesn’t Mean It’s Good

B2B Marketing Unplugged

If we want to build our houses of content, ( I don’t think we do ) then we need to figure out how to pay for it. Helpful Hints for The Clydesdales of B2B Content. It must have been about June when Linda called. “Do you know a good B2B writer?”, ” Not true. Linda has at least some of them locked in a closet. We’ve been cranking it out for years.

Content Strategy for Marketing

Learn how developing a content strategy can help you reach. challenge that content strategy can help you overcome. More specifically, content strategy helps bring your vision as a content-focused marketing. To learn about how we helped Dell and other. team to be a daunting task and bring in an outside firm to help. Advising how to build your own content team.

B2B Marketers Need to Pay More Attention to HR Trends

B2B Marketing Unplugged

Until recently, I had never read a human resources book, on the general assumption that it would have to do with team-building exercises, being nice to the legal department  and why pepper spray is an inappropriate Secret Santa gift (for the record, the lady who won it, lives in a rough neighbourhood, and said I saved her a trip to Buffalo). Meister and Karie Willyerd.

Six Ways to Not Suck at Selling Things to Me

B2B Marketing Unplugged

This nifty tool will help you understand the buyer’s background, so you needn’t waste precious meeting time patiently explaining how, say, newswires work to someone with 20 years of experience in PR. Even the follow up email managed not to include links to their work, though it helpfully included the form (see stunning differentiator above) and a suggestion to just go ahead and fill that in if I need some work done. One of their claims to fame was building fancy interactive sales tools that work on iPads. Is there a rehab centre nearby for under-performers?

Marketing Recruiting is Broken Part 4: Guess Who Blew the Interview?

B2B Marketing Unplugged

But only if someone builds the initial table for me. For some reason, it is far easier to yell at managers about screwing up onboarding, training, managing and retaining new hires than it is to help them make the right decision in the first place. I am not ashamed to admit that pivot tables terrify me. The same is true of mail merges in Word. blame HR. But that didn’t happen.

Should You Centralize or Decentralize Your B2B Marketing? Yes You Should.

B2B Marketing Unplugged

As the local marketer at the far end of this well-meant scheme I invested countless hours figuring out how to get around the stuff I didn’t like and how to get someone else to pay for the bits that were helpful. I’m sure that wasn’t what my corporate overlords had in mind, but that is the sad reality of a highly centralized marketing structure. That’s why it seems so familiar.

Staffing and Launching Your Content Marketing Program

Building an Editorial Calendar 20 V. Building an editorial calendar to hold yourself ac- countable to a consistent publishing schedule. 4. to help you get that promotion. We want to try and help marketers. helpful to keep your goals focused on the audience you want to serve. Strategist—building brand awareness, fortifying our. It’s like build- ing a house.

Preference and Its Pylons

B2B Marketing Unplugged

In marketing, our job is to get our pylons into a more delicate sport or, at least help our Sales Squirrels skate around them. And none of that fluff about friendly service and, heaven help us, your value proposition. Just as it’s not a bad idea to stay friends with former suitors, building preference for your product gives you an edge if the whole commitment thing doesn’t work out.

Nine Visuals Your B2B Website Really Doesn’t Need

B2B Marketing Unplugged

Your building. Please don’t make us look at a photo of your building. Obvious Exception: You are a construction company and you built that building. 2. Dogs and Cats: In what possible universe is having an animal image going to help you? All together now: “Content is goooooood.Visual content is gooooooder.” Great got it. But guess what? All pictures are not good. Please.

Why Sales Doesn’t Use Most Marketing Content

B2B Marketing Unplugged

If that’s not your style, pay a visit to the Squirrel Kings and get them excited about the content, then keep feeding them updates so they can help you sell it to sales. If you have read the venerable children’s book, Paddle to the Sea , then you can understand how frustrating it can be to get a piece of content out the door. Sales People Are From Mars.

Are You Counting Your Marketing Calories?

B2B Marketing Unplugged

Paying a construction crew to build your two-storey house of mirrors trade show booth. Building and testing new landing pages. Let’s not forget the hours and hours and hours that go into helping the Sales Squirrels understand what you’re doing, why it’s a good idea and why you keep whining about updating the CRM database. Me: You’re licking the inside of a Pop-Tart wrapper.

Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness

content efforts, building out cohesive strategies that. Would spending more money help? tools can help companies maximize their efficiency. and what’s not, weighting audience-building or. marketing industry, building an audience could be a. content and building out a long-term strategy instead. Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. Marketing.

Four Things Marketing Should Say “No” About in 2013

B2B Marketing Unplugged

You can see my rants on the subject in the related links below, but suffice to say that I think most of these things are a pretty poor excuse for marketing, and we’re egged on by sales because, when all the booths, celebrity look-alikes and, heaven help us, popcorn machines are put away, all we really have is a bunch of names. Are you feeling the love yet? Good for you. Period.

Ten Festive Links for Tired B2B Marketers

B2B Marketing Unplugged

Yet they’re routinely charged with figuring out value propositions for cans of compressed air, software that helps other software manage software or industrial thickeners. If this is you and you are lost, here is a wonderful blog post   from Marketing Experiments that’s  full of helpful downloadable worksheets to get you going and make you look like the genius you really aren’t. When There’s No Seat at the Grown-up Table. Many marketers spend years in the asteroid belt around their Corporate mother-ships, never getting to play with the master brand. It’s about social.

Link 31

Finally, A Marketing Book That Helps

B2B Marketing Unplugged

But hidden in this final bit of the book is a wonderful pitch-building technique called Yes-But-So. If you need help writing positioning statements and core messages, you will find it here. Interesting things happen when we tidy up. So naturally I stopped cleaning and sat down to read the Playbook. The deal is this: there are five ways to attack a market. Not four. Not six.

Help 20

Is It a Beautiful Day in Your Brand’s Neighbourhood?

B2B Marketing Unplugged

Walk out the door of any major urban hospital and you will soon find yourself among buildings full of physiotherapists, medical device suppliers, specialists’ offices, pharmacies, diagnostic imaging and, helpfully, malpractice lawyers. My friend Gurmit has built a successful business   helping companies understand their phone bills. Welcome to the hospital suburbs.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

Collaborate with industry influencers: marketers must creatively build advocacy and content amplification outside the company as well. granted, and will even build the case for higher budgets in function of. With marketing now responsible for helping to nurture and. advocacy program aimed and fine-tuned for their sales department will help. B2B Marketing. Look for.

Fixing Your Sucky Website Step Three: The End Game

B2B Marketing Unplugged

Their Daddy is building something pretty and moving on to the next project. Sure, they’ll build you a platform that slices, dices and juliennes. But the right consultant’s Daddy is a whack of money to help you get on track and enough smarts to know that if they do it right, there will be plenty more projects to follow. Here is our final look at fixing sucky websites.