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The state of earned media blogger outreach


I’ve been doing earned media blogger outreach as a profession since 2006 and a lot has changed. To be frank, there are a lot of bloggers with their hands out looking for pay to play these days that it can feel a little daunting. So, dropping a rate card is the smart blogger’s way of saying “no. unless.” Yeah, infographics! Earned media. Very cool.

Hello News Releases; Good Bye Press Releases


In today’s post, I explore the notion that press releases are becoming a bit obsolete (cue: sounds of shock and horror from journalists and publicists around the world). Also, be sure to use spell checker and the Press Release Grader from HubSpot. Press Release Grader is a simple, free tool that analyzes your press releases and gives you some ideas on how to improve them.

When Press Releases Do (and Don't) Help Your Marketing


When a marketer sets out to create a public relations strategy, the first move is often to get started publishing press releases. That would have been the most effective way to get out your message and get some press. However, there are now other tactics that need to be coupled with press releases in order to make them effective. The Benefits of Using a Press Release.

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10 Amazing Ideas for B2B Press Releases


Many marketing and business executives believe that the press release has become an outdated promotion tool. Press releases (or better, news releases) are still used in B2B and can produce meaningful results if produced and distributed properly. So before you start writing your next press release, keep in mind the following questions to make it more effective. Rebranding.

Why Bloggers Abandon Their Blogs Too Early [Video]


This phenomenon must be frustrating, if not demoralizing, for corporate bloggers who need to prove they are driving results, and prove it quickly. As you can see in the video, it’s easy to see why bloggers who rely on daily traffic as their sole performance indicator would abandon their blogs quickly. Occasionally, one stumbles upon a stop-you-in-your-tracks statistic. Literally.

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Creativity with Blogger; using it to make quality websites beyond the Blog

Confluent Forms

Pinch Gallery website For some time now, we've been documenting how people can take advantage of Google's Blogger service to make blogs that really showcase their incredible content by using the flexibility provided by this free hosted service. Pinch Gallery 's website redesign project gave us the opportunity to take Blogger even further. Why did we do it? How did we do it?

How PR and Social Media Can Work Together


In this example, a press release is distributed online, posted to the company’s Facebook and Twitter updates, and used to create a social media release (using a tool such as PitchEngine ). For SEO and traffic purposes, the press release and social media release link back to the company’s website/blog. The social media release is used for blogger outreach. Since many (most?)

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Are We Scrubbing the LIfe Out of Press Releases?

What Works - What Doesn't

When drafting a press release for a client recently, I highlighted a lot of the themes that would have made it a great newspaper feature. But remember this is a press release, designed to get the attention of editors and readers who like drama and conflict. And when competing against bloggers who won't hesitate to tell the full story, where do you draw the line?

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Best Social PR Guides and Tips of 2010 (So Far)


And as any blogger can tell you, PR pros understand this, as witnessed by the incredible increase in blogger outreach “pitches&# from corporate PR departments and firms over the past two years. Of course, there’s more to (successful) blogger outreach than just pitching, and there’s more to the new practice of social PR than just blogger outreach. How to Reach Out to Bloggers by Chris Brogan. “Are you hoping to connect with bloggers and get the word out about your product or service?&# Like what? How Is PR Changing? Digg this!

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5 Must-Haves for Your Online Press Room

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As PR pros, it’s easy to overlook the critical role that our newsroom plays as we’re busily dealing with social media, press and more and on a day-to-day basis. An online press room is going to be one of the first stops for media […] Author information Maggie Patterson This monthly Social Media and Media Relations column is contributed by Maggie Patterson. Maggie is a PR strategist, freelance writer and blogger. Maggie Patterson | Twitter | Facebook | Google+ | LinkedIn | 5 Must-Haves for Your Online Press Room by Maggie Patterson - Maximize Social Business.

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Earned media influencer outreach is alive and well


As I mentioned last month in Influencer Marketing Tools of the Trade , Dan Krueger and I are in the midst of an earned-media blogger outreach campaign on behalf of Skinny & Co. We just finished our first week and we’ve already delivered products to 47 bloggers and have another 60 queued up for delivery this week — and we’ve only reached out once so far.

23 Outstanding Social PR Guides


Foremost among these developments is the shift from communicating primarily to a closely-guarded list of traditional “media’ contacts (editors and paid journalists) to working with an amorphous and expanding pool of influencers in specific industries and specialties: vendors, buyers, brand advocates, bloggers, freelance writer, peers, and others. Image credit: PRNews.

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Best Social PR Guides, Tips and Tools of 2010


Effectively connect with bloggers and other key online influencers in your industry? The Most Overused Buzzwords and Marketing Speak in Press Releases by Adam Sherk. We’ve seen these before—meaningless, over-used goobledygook buzzwords in press releases—but here Adam Sherk provides an updated list for 2010, topped by “leading,&# “unique,&# “solution&# and “innovator&# and proceeding through “customer-centric,&# “outside the box&# and “peak performance.&# Social Media Press Releases and Blogger Outreach.

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6 Ways to Guarantee Your PR Pitch to B2B Bloggers Will Be Deleted

Social Media B2B

Send just a press release. It is also the quickest way to get a blogger to click delete. This says to bloggers that someone thinks blogger outreach is important, but I don’t. I’ll just email out the press release and check off the “blogger outreach&# box on my status report. Many bloggers have a passion for their topic, and no matter how broad that topic is, they rarely stray too far from home. By doing this you are also giving bloggers an unsubscribe button. Blogger and influencer outreach are about relationships.

Rick Short Explains How to Turn Staff Into Prolific Bloggers

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My real challenge was getting my staff to warm to the concept of being a blogger. That was the voice of many of my bloggers at one time or another. In the beginning (for us), and when I start up a new blogger (this morning), this question comes up very early in the discussion. Bloggers are concerned that they can not handle the volume of work required. Wrong. and Italy.

How to Build the Ultimate Online Newsroom


by TomPick and guest blogger Maria Verven. Almost every PR pro over a certain age remembers press kits–actual physical folders stuffed with a company’s recent press releases, management bios, a corporate fact sheet, a few case studies, and maybe an article reprint or two. RSS feeds for press releases and blog posts. if absolutely necessary.

PR and Marketing: Are Bloggers the New Journalists?

Hinge Marketing

In other words, a press release on your website about an award you won is one thing, but blogging about how customers can handle an industry challenge is another. On the other hand, PR focuses on awareness, building relationships with stakeholders, and having a presence in social media and in the traditional press. Corporate bloggers have a marketing agenda, for example.

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Earned media influencer marketing demands your awesome


If you have widgets to hand out to bloggers, YouTubers , Instagrammers, and top Vine, SnapChat , and Periscope rockstars , but you’d better be ready for some serious noes. A rate card is generally the way a smart blogger or online influencer says no. Long gone are the days when you can be lazy when it comes to blogger outreach and influencer marketing. That’s cool.

Using Blogger to make quality websites beyond the Blog

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Pinch Gallery For some time now, we've been documenting how people can take advantage of Google's Blogger service to make blogs that really showcase their incredible content by using the flexibility provided by this free hosted service. Pinch Gallery 's website redesign project gave us the opportunity to take Blogger even further. Why did we do it? How did we do it? And the result?

12 (of the) Best Social PR Guides, Tips and Techniques of 2011


Many “traditional” journalists now write blogs; does that make them bloggers? What are the (current) best practices for pitching bloggers? How can you make a press release more friendly to blogs, Twitter and search engines? Blogger Outreach Remains Crucial for PR Pros by SocialTimes. How to Turn a Blog Post into a Press Release by ProBlogger.

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How the Long Tail AdWords Approach Works for Blogger Outreach


Last week, I explained how to succeed with B-list bloggers, but maybe some of you aren’t convinced. So, this week, I want to draw an analogy to successful Google AdWords approaches so that you can see how to apply that same technique to blogger outreach. When it comes to reaching out to bloggers online, there’s a lot you can learn from Google AdWords. Long-tail blogger outreach is like long-tail Google AdWords advertising. The same should be done with blogger outreach. The same thing can be done with blogger outreach. Image via CrunchBase.

Do you appreciate your blogger network?


Last week, I talked about using the long tail of blogger outreach –the idea that you can’t pin your hopes for most public relations efforts on only the A-list bloggers. For each outreach, there are hundreds and often thousands of bloggers that are not well-known, but have influence on the very people that your PR campaign is trying to reach.

9 Questions You MUST Ask Before Hiring a Freelance Blogger


Many will hire an in-house blogger to create content and manage the blog's CMS. Others don't need a full-time employee(s) to manage their blogging needs, though, and will opt for a part-time, freelance blogger. Usually, freelance bloggers don't manage your CMS, but the content creation effort lies squarely on their shoulders. So how do you get it right the first time?

Why you should consider centralizing your search keyword lists


Media relations and PR professionals need the right keywords to know how to build more relevant press releases and build better anchor text in them. And bloggers , of course, need to know what words their audiences use to describe their pain points. Earned: Press releases, blogs, organic search, social outreach, Facebook, Twitter. Photo credit: Wikipedia.

Fulfill your resolution to blog in 11 steps


A majority of my revenue is generated from blogger outreach, namely long-tail and deep-dive, outreach that extends all the way into the thousands of bloggers. As part of the client service work on behalf of my clients I have engaged with many thousands of bloggers over the last decade. Blogger. Trying GroupHigh for Blogger Outreach Campaigns (

Are We Scrubbing the LIfe Out of Press Releases?

What Works - What Doesn't

When drafting a press release for a client recently, I highlighted a lot of the themes that would have made it a great newspaper feature. But remember this is a press release, designed to get the attention of editors and readers who like drama and conflict. My client, as is their perfect right, told me to lay off the negative tone, which I did.

Content-Mining the Press

Client Bridge

Even if you have an original blogger and you re-purpose existing content and you have a steady source of outside content, you still might be looking for ways to interject fresh ideas into your content stream. If so, look to the press and the blogosphere and mine content from there. Monitor your competitors’ websites, press releases, RSS feeds, publications, white papers and case studies. Content marketing requires a constant source of relevant and usable ideas. Sources: News. Find a way to make a news item relevant to your audience. Internet. Competition. Where?


Inside a Social Media News Release


Last week I dissected a blogger outreach pitch email line-by-line in The art of writing the perfect blogger pitch as a way of proving that no matter how brief and conversational one of Abraham Harrison ‘s blogger pitches may appear at first blush, the effortlessness takes a lot of work and the time of three senior agents. Today, I plan to go through, “line-by-line,” a site we create to support all of our blogger outreach campaigns, that we call a Social Media News Release (SMNR) but we also call a Microsite, a Resource Site, or a Fact Sheet.

Build some social media marketing backbone you big wuss


Blogger Outreach Community Manager Content Marketing Internet Marketing Public Relations Social Media Marketing Brand Business Easter Bunny eBay Facebook Honey Badger linkedin marketing New York Stock Exchange social media social media marketingIn a social world, trapped customers scream loudly enough for everyone to hear. Social media is people and not a pit full of vipers. Or your village.

Time to Kill the Press Release?

What Works - What Doesn't

While writing a press release for a client the other day, I got to thinking about what I was doing. Because the more I thought, the less reason I could find for a company to issue a traditional “press release.”     What with the long decline of the trade press, there is less “press” out there to “release” information to. Dangerous idea, thinking too much.

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The Art of the PR Follow-Up

Vertical Response

You did everything right: Drafted a pitch-perfect press release about something newsworthy, put together a well-researched media list where every contact covers your topic, and sent your press release in a personalized email with a compelling subject line. But how do you know they actually read your press release? Nothing. Crickets. Now what? First, relax a bit. What Now?

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From Link Love to Hate; Don’t Let Your Content Get Slammed by Google’s New Rules

WindMill Networking

Or use content such as press releases or articles in your social media marketing efforts? by Joel Don (@joeldon) Related Stories Professional LinkedIn Profile Tips: A Checklist of 17 Must-Have Items Build Your Network of Brand Ambassadors with Blogger Outreach 5 Ways to Power Up Pinterest in Your Real Estate Biz. Content Marketing Google John Mueller Pagerank Press Release Search Engine Land Search engine optimization Social Media Marketing Tom Foremski Uniform Resource Locator Did Google’s New Rules Just Kill PR Agencies? Do you ever blog or guest blog?

Celebrating Ben Franklin the Communicator (the Blogger?)

B2B Ideas @ Work

Although Benjamin Franklin may not have had an iPad or laptop to record his thoughts, nor the Internet to spread them, his quilll, printing press and colonial distribution methods worked well in his time. Sound like any contemporary bloggers you know? Solid advice for any blogger. Ben Franklin was known to have a sharp and witty mind and a love of all things social.

Best Web Presence Optimization Guides and Tips of 2010


Eric Papczun follows up on his post above with more guidance to help “dominate search engine results pages&# including leveraging alternate domains, creating a corporate presence on social networking and content-sharing sites, and search-optimizing your press releases. When appropriate, let key bloggers know about it.&# Or maybe it just hasn’t caught on. Whatever.

Blogger: Redirecting

Buzz Marketing for Technology

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How To Optimize Your Press Release [Marketing Cast]


Press releases are like vitamins for people: we either obsess over them or don’t take full advantage of them. View our video discussing how marketers can optimize their press releases: Why Submit Your Press Release to Distribution Services? In order to get your content to be indexed in these places and to generate Google Alerts, you have to submit your press release to one of the recognized press release distribution services. That is how you can gain potential coverage from mainstream media and bloggers. Where to Submit Your Press Release?

Detroit Bloggers Trailer [video]


Amidst all the negative press about Detroit, there are people who do believe in and are working towards a brighter future. Video produced by Fafoutee Video Productions. Originally released at the Detroit #140conf on October 20, 2010. Trailer for a one hour documentary on people who blog and love Detroit.