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Four online marketing metrics to obsess about

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Like every new blogger, my dream of success meant getting a business superstar to share my content online. One of my blog posts was tweeted by marketing superstar Guy Kawaski , who has a Twitter following roughly the size of France. Four online marketing metrics So what does matter? Four online marketing metrics. Look at me—I went viral! Conversions.

Six Tips to Beat the Wintertime Blogger Blues

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You all know at least one Grinch… the person who always talks about how much their LIFE sucks, or how much PEOPLE suck, or how much YOU suck. Not only does your personality stink… but you do too. Smell can really make a mood sour, essential oils such as peppermint and pink grapefruit can really do wonders to brighten up your personality. Turn off the computer and go outside.

Blogging with Personality and Tim Ferriss

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How much personality should you show on your blog without becoming an ego-blogger ? Apparently you can share a lot of personal stories and anecdotes, even become a little outrageous and contrarian, according to Tim Ferris , author of The 4-Hour Workweek and now The 4-Hour Body. And, what better way to show personality than short video clips like this one here. Digg this!

Visible Expert? Interview with Online Marketing Pioneer Bryan Eisenberg

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At Hinge we have been studying Visible Experts℠ , people who have attained high visibility and expertise in their industry, creating a personal brand that is recognizable industry-wide. This video interview is with Bryan Eisenberg, a Visible Expert in online marketing. Branding Online Marketing Social Media The Visible Expert On Google+ or LinkedIn?

5 Underutilized LinkedIn Features B2B Marketers May Be Missing Out On

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LinkedIn has been found to be the most effective social media lead generator for B2B marketers, with 60-80% of those surveyed (depending on the study) stating that they have gotten real leads from the platform. Of course, most people using LinkedIn know that there is a robust job search and posting section, but I don’t think many marketing departments are using it to its fullest potential.

5 Ways to Get Readers to Respond

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You spend a lot of time writing content on your blog but if the only comments you get are from people looking for free marketing, maybe it’s time to revise your content strategies. Here’s a guest post from Chris Peterson at Straight North integrated marketing services in Chicago. Content Marketing Results: 18 Ways to NOT Get Blog Traffic. Polls. External Links.

E-Newsletter Review: How’s Your Ezine?

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You may be doing all the right content marketing things (e-newsletter, blog, articles, etc.) If all you’re doing is publishing good information, without personality, without offers, what’s the point? The person asking these good questions is an executive coach. I suggest writing an informal message using the personal pronoun “I.&# Blog this on Blogger.

The 14 Best Content Planning and Research Tools


With 93% of B2B marketers now using content marketing to build brand awareness and generate leads, success going forward will require producing higher-quality content —not just more of it. Those decisions will start with your company’s content strategy and collaboration between marketing, PR and sales. Showcase reviews: Online Marketing Institute. 1) Trello.

7 Steps to a Successful Blogger Outreach Campaign

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There are many questions and uncertainties around incorporating guest blogging in your online marketing strategy , particularly around building backlinks to a website. This process is known as “blogger outreach.” ” Simply put, blogger outreach is a combination of a PR campaign and a linkbuilding campaign. Where do you begin? Create a strategy. Promote.

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Three huge ideas to build your networking momentum

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For me, there are four key areas I use to secure valuable connections within my network: Online events & groups Mobile Social media In-person meet ups For instance, I first heard Mark Schaefer speak at Social Media Examiner’s Social Media Marketing World in 2013 (SMMW13 — the online event). I’ve put a lot of stock, time, and energy into these wins.

The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing

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The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing is one of ProBlogger ’s newest ebooks, written by the Web Marketing Ninja. Written specifically for bloggers, this online marketing guide features yet another set of 31 steps intended to help bloggers start making money with their blogs. Many bloggers go years and years without seeing readership increase or any revenue at all. I have personally been down that road more than once with blogging. Know when to stop marketing. Note: This is a guest post by Lior Levin.

A Tale of Two Websites: Good/Bad Content

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And how do you do that through your online content ? As I was reviewing two clients’ online content marketing this week, I was struck by how few professionals have well-written content that engages readers. They may not know which is best so your online site has to do some convincing and comparing. One is personal: it talks about a real person and what he reports.

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Anyone with a New Idea is a Crank Until the Idea Succeeds


Although the framework has been for the most part enthusiastically embraced (and dozens of people have downloaded the framework white paper ), a few people on Twitter questioned the need for a “new” marketing concept. Nevertheless, the point raised on Twitter is valid: a number of overlapping terms in use address at least parts of the digital marketing and PR mix.

BrandYourself Brings Personal SEO Benefits to Every Professional

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In an online marketing world where SEO is critical, businesses and bloggers pay close attention to optimizing content for SEO and strategically choosing keywords to increase their chances of showing up high on Google search results. A service has now emerged to bring the same SEO benefits that companies can enjoy to the average person. Who needs personal SEO ?

5 Practical Content Marketing Tactics to Educate & Inform Your B2B Audience

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Now comes the part where I’ll draw a parallel between Cinco de Mayo and content marketing…. In the spirit of educating ourselves on the significance of this festive holiday, let’s take a look at 5 practical content marketing tactics you can take to educate and inform your B2B audience ( we are still in the office until 5:00 pm, after all ): Attend In-Person Events. Be Human!

12 Marketing Techniques to Increase Your Firm’s Visibility

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We’ve officially crossed this year’s halfway mark, and it’s time to check in on the marketing strategy you created at the beginning of 2015. It may be time to adjust your strategy or incorporate additional marketing techniques to drive your firm forward. Online Search and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Media and Blogger Outreach. Email Marketing.

25 Awesome B2B Blogging Tips


Do research on your target audience, either on your own or with the help of an Internet marketing company. Always be on the lookout for topics : For a lot of bloggers, there’s nothing harder than coming up with topics. Write conversationally: By nature, blogs are informal—usually written in first or second person. Below, here are 25 quick ideas for making your B2B blog succeed!

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3 Things Your Social Media Team Should Know About SEO

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One of the biggest challenges we hear about in the world of marketing is around the idea of silos. As businesses (and marketers), we need to make sure we are breaking down these silos to see the bigger picture. Social can be a huge advantage for search marketers. This applies to both life in general and to marketing. Enter search and social. . Connections. into this).

Business Blog: 4 Reasons to NOT Write Your Own

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And not because this article will tell you anything you don’t already know – rather, it will remind you of business principles that you already apply in your everyday professional work but which you forgot once you started marketing online. You are not a professional blogger. Does hiring a “ghost blogger” always make sense? How to Write a Content Marketing Blog Post.

How NOT to pitch a blog | Online Marketing Blog

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Online Marketing Blog TopRank’s internet marketing blog on the intersection of digital PR, social and search engine marketing. Home About Resources Archives Subscribe Consulting Contact How NOT to pitch a blog 29 Comments | Posted by Lee Odden on Aug 29th, 2007 in Blog Marketing , Blogging , Online Marketing , Online PR In the past I’ve written about blogger relations offering tips on how marketers or PR professionals ought to present their story ideas to bloggers. Keep it small, relevant and personal.

Content Marketing with Stories: Better than Facts

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A 2007 study by Jennifer Edson Escalas , a marketing researcher at Vanderbilt University, found that people had more positive reactions to advertisements that were presented in a story form than to ads that were factually straightforward about the products. On a blog, it’s easier to do since it’s a personal communication tool. Your online content should be no different.

Five ways to help your product market itself online

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If you sell a web app or a software product that has web elements, it’s time to consider how your product can help market itself. More and more we’re seeing marketing built into products, allowing the code to do some of the advertising work for you. Marketers need to work with development to design the right sharing experiences in order to generate maximum, positive posts.

Content Marketing Videos: Speak to Problems First

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Content marketing with videos is a key marketing tool, and it’s getting easier to do. This is key for content marketing. I don’t really, but for content marketing to work you need as much content as you can, in all forms. Some content marketing things have to combine quality AND frequency. It’s not designed to show your personality, really.

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When Business Blogging Works Too Well…

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It’s all good, really, except for a few problems… I am quite simply more excited about creating content that markets for other professionals than I am for myself and my own business. But here are some problems… All the while, my ranking on the Top 42 Content Marketing blogs is slipping. In case you haven’t noticed, I used to be an almost daily blogger here, then it went down to 5 days a week, 4 days, and now 2 or 3 blog posts a week. I guess the problem is this: blogging for your business is the best darn way to market on the planet. Yikes!

Business Blog: 4 Reasons to NOT Write Your Own

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And not because this article will tell you anything you don’t already know – rather, it will remind you of business principles that you already apply in your everyday professional work but which you forgot once you started marketing online. You are not a professional blogger. Does hiring a “ghost blogger” always make sense? Blog this on Blogger. Hopefully, it can.

Content Marketing: Connect the Dots and Drive Results

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ET , I’m giving an open webinar to share my tips and tools that make online marketing manageable, especially for service professionals, solo entrepreneurs, busy consultants, coaches, etc. Time-Saving Tips for Content Marketing Results – Register to get the recording, handouts and a marketing road map. Without personalization, ideas are just theory.

Guest Blogging: How to Write a Compelling Email Offer

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A very smart tactic for small business professionals is to invite guest bloggers. Lately I’ve been getting one or two emails a week from aspiring freelance bloggers asking to submit guest posts. I received this offer from Brian at : Hi Patsi, My name is Brian, and I am in charge of building news/blogger relationships on behalf of

Content Curation: How to Become a Thought Leader

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I share these key points with anyone who struggles with writing online for their business and needs ideas for what to write. Blog this on Blogger. Content Marketing with Blogs: What Do You Believe? Blog Content: Are you personal… or all business? Business Blog Writing and Content Marketing: Come on, light my fire! And, you do need to add your point of view.

8 Ways What You Write Will Affect Your Bottom Line


99% of the time, the written word is the chosen medium for companies doing inbound marketing. I’m certain you’ve encountered bad content online that isn’t doing anyone any favors. Content marketing is an investment, and you definitely deserve to see a return! You need to engage in strategic content marketing, with a goal of spreading the right messages to the right people.

Marketing with Videos: What’s Wrong with the Script?

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People are still confusing features and benefits in their marketing messages. But many people aren’t clear in writing their marketing messages , confuse features with benefits, speak in jargon, and assume their viewers know what they know. His rich baritone voice can make even the worst marketing message sound good. How to Write a 1 Minute Video Marketing Script.

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Best Website Techniques for Greater Online Lead Generation

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Generating new leads is among, if not at the top, of most Marketers priorities, this has not changed. Every year, more and more companies are finding and vetting potential service firms online. Impact of Online Lead Generation on Growth and Profitability. Optimize your website for online lead generation. Your website serves as the central hub of your online presence.

3 Online Marketing Tasks: Get Found, Get Known, Get Clients

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Get Found, Get Known, Get Clients" alt=" 3 Online Marketing Tasks: Get Found, Get Known, Get Clients" />. How do you check your online marketing to see where it’s working, where it needs improvement? Look at your marketing tasks as having 3 purposes: Get found: How visible are you online? Do you need to be seen online? Blog this on Blogger.

Business Blog Writing: Come on, light my fire!

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Why is content marketing and persuasion so difficult, and what can you do to set people on fire? While this business understands that its customers want security and low prices when ordering services online, they fail to ignite passion or spark action in readers. The first is by using conventional marketing rhetoric, which is what most professionals use. Blog this on Blogger.

What to Include in a Content Marketing Proposal

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New year’s resolutions are not only for personal betterment, however; they also often expand into business. From the stats I’ve come across recently, starting a content marketing program or ramping up content efforts seems to be a common business resolution for 2016. 6 Ways to Measure B2B Content Marketing Performance. B2B Online Marketing Blog Content Marketing

Content Marketing Tips: Find Your Online Voice

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How do you get content marketing results? This and other key tips will be discussed Wednesday April 20, 2011 on an open webinar I’m giving: Time-Saving Tips for Content Marketing Results. Register to get the recording if you can’t come at 5 pm ET , plus I’ll send you handouts, a list of outsourcing resources, a marketing road map and discount coupons for services. “Before you can truly understand your customers, you have to understand yourself,&# says author and content-marketing evangelist Joe Pulizzi. You need a brand personality.

Save Time Blogging: 15 Proven Productivity Hacks


List posts are among the most popular and shareable kinds of content online. As blogger Mattis Weiler points out , the most challenging thing is to “take action consistently.” There are two types of bloggers in this world – those who maintain an editorial calendar, and those who don’t. There’s a lot of ancillary work that goes on behind-the-scenes for content marketers.

Do Personal Passions Make You a Better B2B Blogger?

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It’s a popular tactic among B2B bloggers to look at dry B2B topics through the prism of seemingly unrelated personal enthusiasms. Viewed from a distance, a favorite pop band or children’s book might not seem relevant to B2B marketing and communications. But for lots of B2B bloggers, the logical connection is less important than the personal one. Consider, for instance, how these well-known blogs use figures from popular culture to illuminate B2B subjects: Hubspot and sports: “ Why I Would Hire Bode Miller as My Inbound Marketer.”. Tell us more!

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