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Inside a Social Media News Release


Last week I dissected a blogger outreach pitch email line-by-line in The art of writing the perfect blogger pitch as a way of proving that no matter how brief and conversational one of Abraham Harrison ‘s blogger pitches may appear at first blush, the effortlessness takes a lot of work and the time of three senior agents. Today, I plan to go through, “line-by-line,” a site we create to support all of our blogger outreach campaigns, that we call a Social Media News Release (SMNR) but we also call a Microsite, a Resource Site, or a Fact Sheet.

Maximize Your Online Visibility: The Web Presence Optimization (WPO) Framework


It also requires an active presence and network of relationships in social media, coverage in industry press, and carefully targeted online advertising to be where your prospective buyers are looking, when they are looking. But it may also be sent to specific journalists and bloggers, who need to be followed up with, shared socially, and have any questions or comments responded to.

10+ Ways To Use B2B Social Media In Your Business

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Skin your YouTube page. If your company gets mentioned by a third-party blog, include that in your press room. Getting blog coverage is as credible as getting traditional press coverage. Create a microsite where you consolidate all your social media activity, so consumers have one place to go to view all your activity. Eleven Different Ways to Integrate B2B Social Media.

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Is Content Curation an Easy Way for Content Marketers to Do More.

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Bloggers of all stripes have counted on the popularity of “list” posts whenever they’ve run out of fresh ideas for content. What’s more, for organizations just getting into publishing online — for those just starting a blog, say, or a microsite — curated content can allow them to ramp up quickly, both from an SEO as well as content perspective.” What is content curation? Resources

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Dennis spends his days improving customer experience across a wide variety of digital properties, including e-commerce , self service , product microsites, official social sites (on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and mySpace), and retail interactive portals. MM: How do you deal with bloggers and other press who consistently leak product details, but get them wrong?

Viral Marketing for B2B Lead Generation, Part 2: Viral Promotion


Getting mentioned by relevant and influential bloggers is one of the most productive means of viral promotion (and free, other than the outreach effort). Independent bloggers don't want to be corporate shills, but they do love to write about cool stuff. After blog and trade press mentions, social media and social tagging sites such as Digg and This includes sites like YouTube for video; iTunes for podcasts; and Insight24 for B2B webcasts, video and podcasts. social media, YouTube, Insight24, iTunes, Digg, PRWeb, technology forums