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11 Actionable Writing Tips [+Examples]


When you’re a blogger, statistics are your best friend. Example: It’s a good idea to blog often since 92% of businesses that blog multiple times daily has acquired customers through their blog ( HubSpot ). Example: When writing, shut yourself up in a soundproof room that has good lighting. Example: End with a question and a “Let us know in the comments!”

12 Great Examples That Prove the Power of Repurposing Content


So to inspire your repurposing efforts, I put together some benefits and examples below. One of my favorite tidbits of advice about content marketing comes from Social Triggers founder Derek Halpern, in a post on why bloggers fail. 12 Examples of Strategic Content Repurposing. Take a cue from all the successful examples I’ve listed here -- it’s a lot easier than you think.

The Ultimate List of Websites Every Blogger Should Bookmark


All bloggers have a number of websites that they visit every single day. What are some of the best websites that all bloggers should add to their bookmark bar? Check out 22 of the HubSpot blogging team's favorites below. 22 Websites Every Blogger Should Bookmark. If you're a HubSpot customer, you can bookmark your HubSpot Calendar App. Safari. Firefox.

29+ Actionable Content Writing Tips [+Examples]


Here are 29+ actionable content writing tips to help you, along with examples, statistics, and quotes. If you give them specific examples of what to do after reading your content, they’re less likely to go looking for more specific information on other sites. Example: Don’t just tell your readers about that easy-to-make vegan cake that you made. Source: Hubspot. Where?

Want to Be a Better Blogger? Embrace Structure


For example, if you''re writing a list post about the best restaurants in Boston, you''d want to restrict yourself upfront to a certain number of restaurants -- otherwise the list could go on and on and on. If you''re a HubSpot COS customer, beginning today, you will have access to blogging blueprints right within your account. But that''s not always the best way to start a blog post.

B2B Marketing Stats from HubSpot’s Marketing Data Box


HubSpot last week released the Marketing Data Box , a 3.4 Trade mags are struggling to maintain their value as they compete with industry analysts putting more content online, independent bloggers, and of course B2B marketers themselves publishing more of their own original content. Direct mail, for example, can be highly effective if done properly. Content aggregation ?).

Polish up your best content to drive content marketing value

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For a little over a week, I have been thinking about writing this post, but haven’t gotten around to it, and just a few days ago HubSpot’s Pamela Vaughan posted a blog that is literally the same thing I was planning to write. I was so close to being ahead of HubSpot’s blog writing army, only to again fall into their shadow. Add a real life example? Dangit!

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Dear HubSpot: My Mom Is the Only Person Reading My Blog


Dear HubSpot, I work for a company that has an extremely long sales funnel, in a field that almost every business uses, but nobody wants to talk about. Budding Blogger in Boulder. For example, let''s say that you''re getting the most traffic to your blog from email -- try optimizing your blog to get even more of that. Hey folks, welcome to the second installment of this column.

10 Free Tools Every Business Blogger Should Bookmark


As a business blogger , most of the tools you need to do your job live right up there in your noggin. Here are 10 free tools that will make you a better business blogger , and how to use them. 10 Free Tools Business Bloggers Should Bookmark. You see that awesome LEGO man in the top right corner of this post, for example? Can you string together a sentence? Woo hoo!

20 B2B Marketers Losing their Brand on Pinterest

Digital B2B Marketing

Here are three of the better B2B marketing examples I found. Hubspot : In classic Hubspot style, Hubspot’s boards are all about content. It isn’t surprising to see Hubspot as an early adopter on Pinterest. Given the focus on Pinterest from marketing bloggers and press, it isn’t surprising to see Hubspot and Constant Contact, both focused on marketers, active on Pinterest. Social Media B2B marketing Constant Contact General Electric hubspot pinterestPinterest is the marketing flavor du jour. IBM Juniper CSC.

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8 Reasons Even YOU Can Be a Kick-Butt Business Blogger


Well the truth is, I know any one of you -- yes, even you -- can be an amazing business blogger. Most business bloggers can very rarely sit down to write a blog post without conducting some research along the way. Take a look at Alison Savery's blog post about how to calculate and track a leads goal each month , for example. I don't know how. Blogging's for young people.

Rick Short Explains How to Turn Staff Into Prolific Bloggers

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Blog HubSpot TV Contributors Marketing Kit Internet Marketing Blog The HubSpot Inbound Internet Marketing blog covers all of inbound marketing - SEO, Blogging, Social Media, Landing Pages, Lead Generation and Analytics. Submit guest post ideas to rburnes[at]hubspot[dot]com. My real challenge was getting my staff to warm to the concept of being a blogger. Wrong. Move on.

34 (of the) Best Google+ Tips, Tactics and Guides of 2011


Kelli Shaver shows how to display your Google+ profile information on a WordPress site/blog, add the +1 button, and even use a Google+-inspired WordPress theme, with details about and illustrations of three examples. The Ultimate Google+ Cheat Sheet by HubSpot Blog. ** 5 STARS. 13 Cool Examples of Google+ Brand Pages by DreamGrow Social Media. It will fundamentally change SEO.

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17 Foolish Mistakes to Avoid as a Guest Blogger


As a guest blogger, you need to have the skill sets of an SEO expert, a public relations professional, and obviously, a blogger , in order to be successful. Most guest bloggers do this as a result of having no (or a poorly crafted) guest blogging strategy. Explain why the blogger you're pitching should consider a guest post from you. Connect with HubSpot

3 Winning Examples of B2B Blogs Done Right

WindMill Networking

This is the example that I always talk about when I speak on social media. Even though Kinaxis has already seen tangible results from their blogging efforts, they saw value at further increasing their blogging activities by allowing outside bloggers to post next to internal employees. Want to share more examples with us or explain how your B2B business leverages a blog as part of their marketing efforts? Over the last few years blogging has become a recognized marketing tool as a component of a social media strategy. What are the common factors in a successful B2B blog?

The 14 Best Content Planning and Research Tools


For example, almost no one looked for information about “content marketing” prior to early 2011, but interest really soared a couple of years later, with search volume tripling between December 2012 and January 2014. Showcase reviews: HubSpot, SnapApp. HubSpot. There are also a number of tools that can be helpful with both content ideation and research. 1) Trello.

9 Questions You MUST Ask Before Hiring a Freelance Blogger


Many will hire an in-house blogger to create content and manage the blog's CMS. Others don't need a full-time employee(s) to manage their blogging needs, though, and will opt for a part-time, freelance blogger. Usually, freelance bloggers don't manage your CMS, but the content creation effort lies squarely on their shoulders. Connect with HubSpot The Basics.

Apparently It’s Now Safe (Again) to Use “Free” in a Subject Line

The Point

In follow-up to the recent 2013 Marketo Summit , the marketing team at ReachForce , a leading provider of B2B data services, sent a message to attendees (including this blogger) crowing about the success of their traffic builder campaign , an email that generated a 42.8% However, Hubspot also noted that click-through rates increased when the word “free” was excluded. So, what to do?

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How to Create an Infographic in an Hour, the Sexiest CTAs on the Web, and More in HubSpot Content This Week


Last week , we tried a new type of weekly roundup featuring HubSpot content you may have missed. After a harrowing experience with ambiguous calls-to-action in the popular Candy Crush app, my fellow HubSpot blogger Corey Eridon needed a pick-me-up -- so she compiled the 10 sexiest calls-to-action on the web from our ebook of 101 Examples of Effective Calls-to-Action.

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Tools that help generate blogging ideas


Every blogger knows the challenge of finding topics to write about. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator works in a similar way to Portent’s tool, but it gives you different ideas and asks you for 3 words, preferably nouns before giving you a whole week of ideas to write about that same topic. Hubspot’s generator came up with these great ideas.

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A report from the epicenter of content marketing conferences

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

Over the past two weeks I had the pleasure and honor of speaking at two premier content marketing conferences: Content Marketing World in Cleveland and Hubspot’s Inbound conference in Boston. This made me think of comparisons to our own community of marketing bloggers who rarely disagree with each other for fear of being left out of something. Inbound featured Martha Stewart.

Marketing Hall of Shame: HubSpot's Worst Marketing Mistakes, Revisited


As a little marketing therapy on this fine Monday morning, last week the HubSpot marketing team sat down and relived some of HubSpot's most mortifying marketing mistakes, and of course thought it'd only be prudent to publish them for everyone to peruse through at their leisure. Blogger Problems. Leads, customers, visitors, and HubSpot support team, we're sorry for that one.

Best Twitter Guides, Tips and Tools of 2010


Most bloggers tweet each of their posts only once. 8 Ways to Not Get ReTweeted by HubSpot Blog. Dan Zarrella uses extensive HubSpot research to show that practices like talking about yourself, dumbing down the readability of your tweets, eschewing links, and repeating the same things everyone else is saying are great ways to avoid being retweeted. How can I get more retweets?

9 Criteria for Selecting a Social Media Monitoring Tool


For example, a discussion of the latest developments in aerospace composites is probably more likely to happen on a niche engineering forum than on Facebook. A blogger raises a question about your company’s financial outlook. Social Media Marketing Alterian SM2 analytics Beevolve BP social media failure Buzzlogic Cision Converseon free social media monitoring tools HubSpot Jive Klout Lithium OneRiot Radian6 realtime alerts Scout Labs social media monitoring tools social monitoring tools Socialmention SproutSocial Sysomos Topsy Trackur UberVU Vosuc workflow

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Six Ways to Search-Optimize a Blog


Nearly every industry has its own specific directories and syndication sites as well; for example, B2B Marketing Zone for B2B vendor and influencer blogs, and Social Media Informer for social media-related blogs. Again, you could use these techniques without having your own blog, but many bloggers are more likely to consider publishing a guest post from a fellow blogger (whose writing they can easily evaluate) than from an unknown corporate or agency contact. Fee-based platforms like Compendium and HubSpot are also search-friendly. Fresh content. Social media.

New Breed of Web Metrics Can Help Marketing Executives Make Better Decisions


Every discipline within marketing and PR has its own tools, among them: Content development: CMS tools (WordPress, Joomla, HubSpot, 100s of others), Adobe CS, tools for creating infographics , etc. For example, SEO backlink tools can provide detailed lists of the precise backlinks to a competitor’s website. Web analytics: Omniture, WebTrends, Google Analytics, Clicky, and more.

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Focusing on your Klout score is detrimental to your business

Confluent Forms

We've been fielding questions from clients (and potential clients) about Klout scores, Hubspot, and what all these services mean for their websites and their businesses. The questions I receive are typically "how can I get my Klout score higher?", "should I fork over lots of money to Hubspot?" and "if I pay for Hubspot and get my Klout score higher will I get tons of new business?"

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5 Real-Life Examples of Awful PR Pitches


To help you, we've gathered 5 awful examples of real-life pitches to demonstrate what NOT to do in your media pitches. Example 1: It's Vocus' Fault! Example 2: Acting Casual. Example 3: Mail Merge. Our brand is as serious about blogger relations as we are about taste, so before sending you any details you could live without, our policy is to first ask for your opt-in.

A Brief Timeline of the History of Blogging


Welcome to the HubSpot Marketing Blog. Bloggers have dozens of platforms and formats available (fun fact: HubSpot has a blogging platform , too), and there's no longer a standard for what a blog is supposed to look like. 1998-2001: More resources for bloggers. The later part of the nineties saw an uprising in resources created just for bloggers. Blogger, c.

Do Personal Passions Make You a Better B2B Blogger?

B2B Memes

It’s a popular tactic among B2B bloggers to look at dry B2B topics through the prism of seemingly unrelated personal enthusiasms. But for lots of B2B bloggers, the logical connection is less important than the personal one. You don’t have to look very far to find plenty of examples. Consider, for instance, how these well-known blogs use figures from popular culture to illuminate B2B subjects: Hubspot and sports: “ Why I Would Hire Bode Miller as My Inbound Marketer.”. It can be an effective approach, but it’s not without landmines. But Little Bunny Foo-Foo?

4 Blogging Best Practices for B2B SaaS Start-Up Companies

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

For example, at our blog, we have a variety of articles about inside sales tips, B2B lead generation advice, etc. I attended HubSpot’s Inbound ''14 earlier this year, and I made it my mission to see Rand Fishkin of Moz talk about SEO practices to love & practices to leave ( see his presentation here ). Write helpful content. Every blog post looks like a demo! No, no, no!

10 Interesting Content Ideas for You

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This month HubSpot came out with a great report on 100 Community Manager Content Ideas. For all the bloggers out there: Re-interpret existing content: Collect the top motivational YouTube videos for your audience, top ebooks, top webinars or infographics. Example: “5 __ Lessons from Lady Gaga” or “What the Election Teaches Us About _”. Relate your how?to Related articles.

24 (of the) Best Business Blogging Guides, Tips and Tools of 2011


Guidance for New Bloggers. 20 Common Mistakes Made By New Bloggers by Ink Rebels. 12 things every business blogger should know how to do by Ragan’s PR Daily. How to Be an Awesome Blog Commenter by HubSpot Blog. 21 Ways Bloggers Engage by Heidi Cohen. Kristi Hines studies the AdAge Power 150 blogs to see how leading bloggers are displaying their social clout.

The Beginner's Guide to Small Business Marketing Online


When you create your website, make sure you implement Google Analytics or HubSpot Marketing Free (both of which are free products) so you can easily track who's looking at your site. To find a marketing agency, try looking through HubSpot's Agency Partner directory. All HubSpot Partners are SEO experts and will help you rank in search engines and be found online. Brand. Brand.

3 Key Lessons For New Business Bloggers


My presentation was on blogging and social media and stressed three main points that are important to all new bloggers. 3 Key Lessons For New Business Bloggers 1. I gave quite a few examples of HubSpot customers who have created tremendous blog leverage by writing about the things they discuss every day with their customers. Connect with HubSpot

The One Thing That’s Better Than Knowing Your Customers

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

Current customers and potential customers who visit your site (a CRM like HubSpot can deduce this info for you). you can track manually or with a social CRM — example of Sprout Social below). Sellas is an in-the-trenches digital marketer & owner at B Squared Media , blossoming blogger, and a purveyor of psychographics. It’s why businesses exist. Surveys.

How to Blog Consistently Without Burning Out


I am sure many bloggers have different tricks. You can use Tweetdeck desktop notifications or set up HubSpot Social Inbox email notifications to watch the news without interrupting your workflow. HubSpot customers, you can use Social Inbox for this, too.). I draw arrows, write down bullet points, mention tools, and examples. (By Plus, they make great fodder for bloggers.

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