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Focusing on your Klout score is detrimental to your business

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We've been fielding questions from clients (and potential clients) about Klout scores, Hubspot, and what all these services mean for their websites and their businesses. There is a perception and fear among these business owners that they're not doing enough to "engage", and thereby missing potential customers. Who is Hubspot? My answer, quite simply is: No. What is Klout?

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3 Winning Examples of B2B Blogs Done Right

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A look at these three B2B Blog Marketing Case Studies will show that these companies all have the following two characteristics in common: Take a Strategic Approach to Blogs – A social media strategy begins with research to understand how and where your target customers use social media and consume information. A long-term perspective on social media strategy combined with the proper research created a blueprint which allowed these companies to plan out an effective blogging strategy customized for their audience and brand. What are the common factors in a successful B2B blog?

52 MarTech and Marketing Ops Champions You Need to Follow


Marketing Tech & Strategy @ClaimWizard | Full Stack Marketer | #Hubspot | #WordPress | #MarTech. VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester | Serving CMOs | B2B enthusiast. Chief Marketing Technologist @Tahzoo | Helping our clients develop, deliver and optimize engaging, relevant and persuasive customer experiences. Gary Katz, @garymkatz. Chris Garrett, @chrisgarrett.

Top 50 B2B Marketing Influencers On Twitter

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ForresterForrester Research, Inc – An independent research company that provides pragmatic advice to global leaders in business and technology. HubspotHubSpotHubspot in all-in-one marketing software that brings your whole marketing world together in one powerful, integrated system. Blogger. Cambridege, MA – [link].

Understanding the New Roles in Marketing


Together, they manage the relationship between Marketing and Sales to ensure that both sides are optimized to deliver (Marketing's role) and work (Sales' role) the highest quality leads, something HubSpot has grown fond of calling " SMarketing." Customer Evangelist / Customer Experience Professionals. "Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes." New Marketing Roles of Growing Importance.

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Best Twitter Tips, Tools and Tactics of 2011


Nearly 3/4 of active Twitter users are bloggers. The delightful Kristi Hines digs deep into Twitter, explaining how to do things like deleting a “Recent Image,” create customized RSS feeds from Twitter, use Twitter’s Advanced Search, search Twitter results using Google, get the most out of your Twitter bio and more. More than 80% of U.S. by iMedia Connection.

Do the Math to Calculate the ROI of Business Blogs

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In this rapidly evolving, customer-centric landscape, marketers are challenged to elevate their game by raising the relevance of their companies’ offerings, communication and engagement. Forrester’s Brian Kardon encourages executives to play with social media, to “experiment” and to not be afraid of testing out new ideas or opportunities. “You Source: HubSpot. Join a Tribe.

40 Awesome Marketing Tweets From 2011

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junta42 – Joe, that is SUPER insightful –> RIP: Custom Publishing [link]. e6e6e6 ;'> March 4, 2011 9:00 am via HubSpot Reply Retweet Favorite. HubSpot. HubSpot. from one of my favorite bloggers, @ leeodden [link] | Great post! How to Crush the Competition With Inbound Marketing [ #KillingIt ] [link] via @ HubSpot. That’s it. abneedles.

Top Internet strategy, marketing and technology links for the week of December 24, 2011


How to Use Images in Your Blog Posts (Pro Blogger). 21 Captivating Social Media Stats: How People Interact With Brands (HubSpot). How to Master the Art of Storytelling to Increase Social Sharing (HubSpot) . Forrester Blogs). VOTE: How Is Customer Service Via Facebook? 7 B2B Buying Signals Marketers Should Pounce On (HubSpot). GigaOM). All Facebook).

Best Social Media Stats and Market Research of 2010 (So Far)


New Chart: Survey Says Inbound Marketing Budgets on the Rise by HubSpot Blog. More than 40% of respondents reported acquiring at least one new customer from Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or their company blog in the past year. The Ultimate List: 100+ Facebook Statistics [Infographics] by HubSpot Blog. Small Businesses That Blog Have 102% More Twitter Followers by HubSpot Blog.

Best Social Media Stats, Facts and Marketing Research of 2010


70% of bloggers are organically talking about brands on their blog, and 38% of them post brand or product reviews. 35% of bloggers are professional journalists. Frequent best-of contributor Brian Solis shares stats from Technorati showing that nearly half of all bloggers are U.S.-based, Study: Social Media Affects SMB Purchasing Decisions by HubSpot Blog. And much more.

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73 Experts Reveal B2B Marketing Trends to Leverage in 2017


Read on to discover which B2B marketing trends you should be leveraging in 2017 to achieve success for your company and customers. Instead of launching a new content platform, consider buying a media platform or blogger site that your audience is already engaged in. more likely to actively map the customer journey, compared to the under-performers. Call your best customers.

2012 #Nifty50 Top Men in Technology on Twitter

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The #Nifty50 Men are remarkable not only for their leadership , but for the passion they bring to everything they do, energizing customers, employee s and other influential members of their community. . Coming next year , Tom and I will be honoring #Nifty50 Women and Men Writers, to include bloggers, journalists, authors and PR professionals. The future of profit is purpose. ”.

The 2011 #Nifty50 Top Twitter Men Reprise


Senior Analyst at Forrester ( @TomGrantForr ) “You don’t build a community. Blogger for Huffington Post and @op_editorial , Marketer, Do-Gooder, Master Surfer! An avid search marketing blogger, he’s written extensively for SearchEngineWatch, SearchEngineLand, SEORoundTable and others. Award-winning marketing and social media blogger. According to Tom Grant , Ph.D,

Marketing Automation Catching On Fire

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With cash to burn, these companies are focusing on growing the customer base first, with hopes that revenue will follow. Companies are fighting for customers, trying to educate the market, and we may be seeing the beginnings of consolidation. A Forrester Report (B2B Lead Management Automation Market Overview, Sept 2009) says: “…we estimate that currently between 2% and 5% of B2B firms have invested in full-featured LMA functionality …&# Eloqua (via CMO Brian Kardon) feel 5-7% market penetration is closer. What do you think ? Very helpful article.

2011 #Nifty50 Top Twitter Men

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Senior Analyst at Forrester ( @TomGrantForr ) “You don’t build a community. Blogger for Huffington Post and @op_editorial , Marketer, Do-Gooder, Master Surfer! An avid search marketing blogger, he’s written extensively for SearchEngineWatch, SearchEngineLand, SEORoundTable and others. Award-winning marketing and social media blogger. You expand it.” Adam L. 27 Op.

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The Rise of the Content Marketer « The Effective Marketer

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Besides the rise of social media as marketing channel, the emergence of marketing technology, more specifically Marketing Automation systems, in which you can configure the automated distribution of content to customers and prospects has been changing the way marketers see and create conent. What used to be clear roles (i.e. Does it sound familiar? And scary? United States License.

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Top 32 B2B Marketing Posts and Hot Topics of Social Media Forecast

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In the end, you knew if you had briefings with Yankee Group, Gartner, Forrester, Jupiter and Meta Group, you had your bases covered. But it’s not enough just to support bloggers. 11 Killer Social Media Presentations Worth Watching - Hubspot , April 27, 2010 Presentations are a great way to consume information and learn about new topics. If so, you know how important it is to deliver relevant and valuable content to your most important current and prospective customers. Best of B2B Marketing. April 2010. Great stuff this month in the world of B2B Marketing.

Email Design Review Gallery « The Effective Marketer

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What I Don’t Like: The ‘download’ button with the Forrester logo on top and right next to the image looks a bit out-of-place, maybe it’s just me? The copy is good but lacks some emphasis on important points such as the fact that Aberdeen Group will be presenting and a Senior Cash Control Specialist (a customer, maybe?) Are you in search of inspiration?

Need to Know Where to Go for Marketing and Sales Insight? Come to The Blog Tree

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Every blogger has some kind of blog roll, but without guessing from the names or clicking through each and every one listed, it’s challenging to know what you can learn from them and what value they provide. And I think the attention is well deserved. Until The Blog Tree. But when you produce content that surprises, informs and delights, you don’t have to market it. It blooms naturally.”.

Inbound Marketing Goes Global


“Chris Brogan: “Listening is the new black”” ”Philips Healthcare- 4 effective social media, u've got 2 b where your customers r. If you liked some of what you read, check out a few great summary posts from Jort Possel of Accenture and Peter O’Neill of Forrester , as well as a conference overview here. Connect with HubSpot We crave knowledge.

3 Steps to Improve Lead Nurturing With Content Mapping


Pam is a marketing communications/social media manager and freelance blogger who loves Boston, photography, charity events, sushi, wine, and the Red Sox. As a result, these more qualified leads will be more likely convert into customers at the end of the sales cycle. It all depends on your products/services and all the different types of people who become customers of what you offer.

Twitter Twaddle, Part 2: Best Practices, Tools and The Future of Twitter


The brilliant Mike Volpe of HubSpot takes a different approach to offering his advice in 5 Things On Twitter That Annoy the Crap Out of Me. Get your "score" from Hubspot's TwitterGrader. Forrester guru Jeremiah Owyang recommends desktop client Twhirl and search tool Tweetscan among his list of essential Twitter tools. This is the second of a two-part series. Sorry.


Top 60 B2B Marketing Posts and Hottest Topics November 2010

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Audience: Business Development Professionals, Marketing Managers, Channel Managers, Customer Service Professionals, Product Managers. Published by Hubspot, May 2010. The 9 Worst Ways to Use LinkedIn for Business - Hubspot , November 3, 2010 LinkedIn is a powerful social network to connect with industry professionals, especially for B2B. People are now curating lists of the most influential bloggers by Klout score. What Are Your B2B Customers Saying About YOU? - First, let’s define what PR means from the perspective of the customer (i.e., customer 2.0

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copywriting that sells: powerful copy is easier than you think

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She not only customized the course the way she thought it should be delivered but was also able to get the group of 20 or so to interact and dictate the pace. Get yours [link] 8 hours ago Good tips for corporate bloggers - "13 Tips for Creating a Top-Ranked Blog" - from @ MarketingProfs [link] 1 day ago Why #MarketingAutomation Projects Fail? This is your goal. then read on.


Getting More Out of Each Click with "Post-Click Marketing"


LeadLander is one of the most mature providers of what they term "real-time customer intelligence." The service is integrated with and is used by a blue chip customer base including RR Donnelly, Praxair and AMD. With the economy now officially in a recession (as if we didn't know that), marketers are under increasing pressure to do more with less. Was that you?