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The art of writing the perfect blogger pitch


Over the last five years that Abraham Harrison has been pitching bloggers on behalf of clients, we have learned a thing or two about how best to reach bloggers, how to engage them, how to get them to carry our client’s message to their readership. Whether we’re doing an outreach to the bloggers of mainstream media and celebrity blogs or to someone who has just set up a blog for the first time, it all begins with the message model. Bloggers don’t trust PR firms. We We don’t take the blogger’s interest in our pitch for granted. 

When Press Releases Do (and Don't) Help Your Marketing


When a marketer sets out to create a public relations strategy, the first move is often to get started publishing press releases. That would have been the most effective way to get out your message and get some press. However, there are now other tactics that need to be coupled with press releases in order to make them effective. years ago. Why is that? Image credit: Ionics

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Hello News Releases; Good Bye Press Releases


In today’s post, I explore the notion that press releases are becoming a bit obsolete (cue: sounds of shock and horror from journalists and publicists around the world). Also, be sure to use spell checker and the Press Release Grader from HubSpot. Press Release Grader is a simple, free tool that analyzes your press releases and gives you some ideas on how to improve them.

Business Blog Writing: Must You Write It Yourself?

Writing on the Web

Do you do all your own blog writing? If you’re a lawyer, financial adviser, doctor or consultant, should you write your own blog ? Or can you outsource it to writers and guest bloggers ? Yet professional service providers are often pressed for time. They expect to read what you write to get familiar with you before they call or consider hiring you.

The 31 Best Tools for Improving Your Writing Skills


But every marketer should be able to write -- and, more importantly, every marketer can write. It's just a matter of finding the writing environment that works best for you, expanding your vocabulary, asking for feedback (and listening to it), and practicing. Luckily, there are a slew of great tools you can use to help improve your writing. Ready to start writing?

How PR and Social Media Can Work Together


In this example, a press release is distributed online, posted to the company’s Facebook and Twitter updates, and used to create a social media release (using a tool such as PitchEngine ). For SEO and traffic purposes, the press release and social media release link back to the company’s website/blog. The social media release is used for blogger outreach. Since many (most?)

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Blog Writing: 29 Experts Share Their Top 3 Must-Follow Rules


Writing a great blog involves doing many different things well. You need to do your research, know your audience, be interesting, write compelling headings, keep it simple, write actionable content, make your writing scannable, and include call to actions—and that’s not even everything you need to keep in mind. Matt Ambrose , Matt Press. N. Write everyday.

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Best Social PR Guides and Tips of 2010 (So Far)


And as any blogger can tell you, PR pros understand this, as witnessed by the incredible increase in blogger outreach “pitches&# from corporate PR departments and firms over the past two years. Of course, there’s more to (successful) blogger outreach than just pitching, and there’s more to the new practice of social PR than just blogger outreach. How to Reach Out to Bloggers by Chris Brogan. SESNY: 5 Tips To Optimize Press Releases For Search by TopRank Online Marketing Blog. Like what? Will Traditional, Social Media Blend? Digg this!

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20 Experts Provide Their Content Marketing Predictions For 2016

B2B Marketing Insider

Last week I ran my own content marketing prediction : A Correction In The Advertising Market. This will drive an increase in content marketing budgets. It will force more marketers to consider how to create and publish content their customers actually want. And it will require content marketers to get pretty damn good at showing ROI. Content Marketingthink not.

23 Outstanding Social PR Guides


Foremost among these developments is the shift from communicating primarily to a closely-guarded list of traditional “media’ contacts (editors and paid journalists) to working with an amorphous and expanding pool of influencers in specific industries and specialties: vendors, buyers, brand advocates, bloggers, freelance writer, peers, and others. Image credit: PRNews.

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Serial Writing Formula: 1=5+2=7+1

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But once in a while I stumble upon something that makes sense , saves time , and produces exponential results. I’m talking about serial writing. You take one main concept, break it down into a list of 5 key elements, write an introductory overview, write a concluding summary, and here’s what you get: 7 stand-alone articles to post on your blog and to submit to article directories. Here’s why I like to do this: I know that each week I need to come up with fresh content from my blogs and 2 ezines. Blog this on Blogger. Digg this! Tweet This!

Best Social PR Guides, Tips and Tools of 2010


Effectively connect with bloggers and other key online influencers in your industry? The Most Overused Buzzwords and Marketing Speak in Press Releases by Adam Sherk. Public Relations: The best press release is no press release by MarketingSherpa. The headline may be a bit harsh—drafted and used properly (which they too frequently aren’t), press releases can still serve a valuable role—but Daniel Burstein does make some excellent points here. Social Media Press Releases and Blogger Outreach. contention that “You don’t need a PR agency.&#

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How to Start a Blog Serial Writing Project

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??. If you’ve been reading my blogs for any length of time, you know about my problem with writing:  I love to write , and I can write too much.  Then, at some point in my writing career I got lazy. just started making a list of main points and then writing out a couple of sentences on each item. fell in love with the “Make a List&# writing school.

Are Your Content Readers Thinkers or Feelers?

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If so, then you may be like me, a thought-processing person who wants facts and data when reading content online, an e-newsletter or blog post. like to cite studies whenever I write about a concept, to prove my point. If half of them are feeling-types, and half thinking-types, you may have to step back and look at how your writing reflects your own preferences. Digg this!

Rick Short Explains How to Turn Staff Into Prolific Bloggers

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Werent you worried about a shortage of readers and topics to write about? A: My goal was, and remains, to own the space as the "thought leader" for a wide variety of pertinent topics, technologies, etc. My real challenge was getting my staff to warm to the concept of being a blogger. That was the voice of many of my bloggers at one time or another. Wrong. and Italy. Move on.

12 (of the) Best Social PR Guides, Tips and Techniques of 2011


Many “traditional” journalists now write blogs; does that make them bloggers? What are the (current) best practices for pitching bloggers? How can you make a press release more friendly to blogs, Twitter and search engines? send generic pitches) for successfully getting others to write about your product / service / news / client etc.

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Engaging Content: 7 Tips to Get Readers to Think

Writing on the Web

When it comes to content marketing , there are ways to write content so it actively markets you and your business without being “in-your-face” sales copy or boring product reviews or press releases. I’m reminded of an excellent book on creating effective website design called Don’t Make Me Think. Blog this on Blogger. How to Make Content More Engaging: 10 Tips.

The Ultimate Collection of Free Content Marketing Templates


I joined HubSpot in September 2011 as a blogger. At the time, I needed to know how to write and educate through my writing. My content role has evolved eons beyond what I could ever have imagined. When I write blog posts, that typically means designing a SlideShare or other visual element to accompany the posts. Content Planning Templates. List-Based Post.

This Week in Content Marketing: WordPress and Medium Begin Turf War for Owned Media

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We also explore signs that WordPress and Medium are ready to battle for website turf and proof that blogs are getting longer and taking longer to write. Our Our rants and raves include an immersive live storytelling-and-performance mash-up and theories about the impending downfall of the press, then we wrap up with a gorgeous example of the week from Autodesk. This week’s show.

Content Marketing strategy: Are you good, fast, or cheap?

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

It was a straight-forward post with a powerful message: We’re entering an era where the content is being produced faster than ever, but our attention spans are not. He suggested three possible responses: Create increasingly spectacular content (be more amazing). Create content at a lower cost (reduce the time invested in generating content). Sound familiar? Tweet.

Content Rules: Insight and Originality Attracts Clients

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Content marketing works: you can publish online content – blog posts, videos, webinars and web pages – that attracts clients to you. Using content marketing , you don’t have to chase after them, spend money on advertising, direct mail, or printed newsletters. Or as the authors of Content Rules say, “Produce great stuff, and your customers will come to you. More than ever before, content is king! Content rules!&# ~ Ann Handley and C.C. Content Rule #2: Insight inspires originality. Why are you creating this content?

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How to Write a Bare-Bones Content Strategy for Small Business


It’s so easy to get caught up in content envy. Big companies worldwide are gaining attention, fans and customers for quality content efforts. Being able to engage your customers with content that’s perfectly attuned to the times is how marketing should be done. That being said, relevant content is within reach for your small business strategy. Content Marketing

Why traditional journalism and social influence are blurring

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

” She said that this digital transformation was happening before our eyes, right in the press room. Of the 300 press representatives attending the event, nearly 60 also identified themselves as social influencers. And perhaps more important, it might be the key to remaining relevant in an emerging world of automated content. In a world demanding free content, traditional media is struggling to survive. However, I was not asked to write this post or compensated by anyone to write this post. By Mark Schaefer. wondered about this. Or is there?

9 Questions You MUST Ask Before Hiring a Freelance Blogger


Many will hire an in-house blogger to create content and manage the blog's CMS. Others don't need a full-time employee(s) to manage their blogging needs, though, and will opt for a part-time, freelance blogger. Usually, freelance bloggers don't manage your CMS, but the content creation effort lies squarely on their shoulders. What types of content do you create?

Why you should consider centralizing your search keyword lists


Brand marketers need the right keywords to do a better job naming products and writing messaging guides. Media relations and PR professionals need the right keywords to know how to build more relevant press releases and build better anchor text in them. And bloggers , of course, need to know what words their audiences use to describe their pain points. Photo credit: Wikipedia.

Why traditional journalism and social influence are blurring

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

” She said that this digital transformation was happening before our eyes, right in the press room. Of the 300 press representatives attending the event, nearly 60 also identified themselves as social influencers. And perhaps more important, it might be the key to remaining relevant in an emerging world of automated content. It gets really tough as a consumer of content to discern what’s what, so I’ve gotten very distrustful and skeptical and sort of tune out any promotional content in what I consume. By Mark Schaefer. wondered about this.

Why You Should Be Happy Before You Blog

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Your emotions are imbedded in your words and how you write. What I’m asking is that you pause before you write for your audience. Get clarity, and then go into the right mindset before writing a word. look back on my career as a journalist and author, and I recognized at one point I had written more than 5,000 articles that were published – articles that I was paid to write

Do you appreciate your blogger network?


Last week, I talked about using the long tail of blogger outreach –the idea that you can’t pin your hopes for most public relations efforts on only the A-list bloggers. For blogger outreach to work, over and over, you need to be endlessly generous and endlessly appreciative. You need to make sure you’ve set up the pitch and the campaign.

A Tale of Two Websites: Good/Bad Content

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And how do you do that through your online content ? What you write on your site has to be compelling. As I was reviewing two clients’ online content marketing this week, I was struck by how few professionals have well-written content that engages readers. Your online content has to convince Joe that he needs you first and foremost. Blog this on Blogger.

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The secret ingredient for successful small business blogging

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

Everyone is pumping out content. You can’t produce as much content as the well-oiled marketing machines. And let’s be honest: your content can’t always be as good and creative as the content produced by the armies of marketers at big companies. Small business bloggers have an opportunity to specialize and to develop their own small fan club. Bernadette Jiwa.

Content Marketing Tips: Get Your Stories Straight

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Good content marketing requires good storytelling. This was a theme in the wonderful book by Rosamund and Benjamin Zander, The Art of Possibilit y. I’m interested in the stories we tell ourselves, and how that affects the online content we write for our businesses. It’s extremely important that you edit your stories, and in many cases, you’ll have to do some rewriting. I’m re-reading a great book by Jim Loehr, The Power of Story: Rewrite Your Destiny in Business and in Life (Free Press, 2007). Blog this on Blogger. So we make things up.

How to Blog: What Do I Write About?

B2B Marketing Traction

One of the top questions I get about starting a blog is, “What would I write about?” blog is defined as a web site that contains writings based on experiences, observations, and opinions. Follow other bloggers in your space and make note of what they write about. You can write about customer stories and you can video blog them as well.

Time to Write Off Your Company Blog?

WindMill Networking

The usual complaints prevailed: it takes too long to compose posts and reader apathy is discouraging.  In other words, writing without reader comments or feedback is a non-starter.  It’s much easier to post text and videos to Facebook, teens argued , and besides, that’s where their audience hangs.  Other social media bloggers have referenced that post and sounded the alarm. 

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Nobody can blog for you, but maybe they can blog WITH you

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

As you answer their most common questions and suggest ways to solve their most pressing problems, you’re building goodwill by being helpful. Yet if you turn the whole blog writing process over to someone outside your business, you may be educating your readers but failing to build the relationships that are so important in a service-based business. But I have a business to run!

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How to Manage Your Content Marketing in 30 Minutes a Day


Content marketing takes time, effort and dedication. But you’re pressed for time everyday. You can’t seem to get around to everything on your to-do list -- much less invest the time required for effective content marketing. Yes, it would be great if you could spend hours on content marketing everyday. Write Blog Posts. Write Some Engaging Posts for the Day.

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Book Review: Social PR Secrets


It’s lack of bulk, however, is by no means due to lightweight content or skimping on ideas. This is no wasted verbiage in this book, no fluff, no superfluous content. ” • ”The simple application Buffer can be a secret weapon in bringing old blog content and news releases back to life and send new visits to otherwise dead pages.” Lisa Buyer.

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Fulfill your resolution to blog in 11 steps


More people give up on blogging — and writing in general — than give up on  going to the gym in order to lose weight and get fit.  majority of my revenue is generated from blogger outreach, namely long-tail and deep-dive, outreach that extends all the way into the thousands of bloggers. Guess what: lots of writing. Good for you. Mark my words. Still ugly?