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The business case for SXSW Interactive

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My favorite locale is the blogger’s lounge where I can normally spot some cool folks. It’s not unusual to run into Hollywood celebrities, famous authors and titans of business around the conference center. The post The business case for SXSW Interactive appeared first on Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}. Perhaps this is on your mind too?

The 12 Types of People You’ll Meet at a Conference


To all the conference-goers out there, I’d like to challenge you to think long and hard about one simple question: What’s your goal? There are so many different benefits and things you could focus on during a conference, it gets really difficult to choose which one you should go for. So which type of conference attendee are you? 7) The Blogger. 2) The Sponge.

23 Outstanding Social PR Guides


Foremost among these developments is the shift from communicating primarily to a closely-guarded list of traditional “media’ contacts (editors and paid journalists) to working with an amorphous and expanding pool of influencers in specific industries and specialties: vendors, buyers, brand advocates, bloggers, freelance writer, peers, and others. Image credit: PRNews.

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HGTV Interactive VP explains SXSW strategy

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Home and Garden Television (HGTV) might not be your typical Silicon Valley start-up of high-tech powerhouse but as all media converges many traditional channles linke CNN, ESPN and HBO are getting heavily involved with bloggers and tech influencers. The company practices what it preaches and renovated an old bar from top to bottom and from inside out just for this conference.

Five new content forms rocking the marketing airwaves

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Interactive dynamic video. Dubbed ‘Interactive Dynamic Video’ (IDV), the method uses traditional cameras and algorithms to scope out the almost invisible vibrations of an object to create a simulation users can interact with virtually. Interactive stories. Interactive infographics. Interactive infographics allow you to… Add animations. link].

What I Learned About B2B Social Media In Memphis


Chris Brogan’s presentation and my interactions with close to 100 B2B marketers and business owners reaffirmed my belief that B2B social media is just now moving from innovators to early adopters along the adoption curve. Connecting to the social web does nothing; listening, engaging and interacting is the fuel that moves the online contacts into offline relationships. (My

Five steps to re-invent your social media business networking

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This may seem odd to you, but Oliver, a successful blogger and Michael Arrington’s first employee at Tech Crunch , had never heard of these people when I mentioned their names. My interaction with Oliver was eye-opening because I just assumed that if you’re in “the biz” you would have heard of most of these folks. Attend a conference outside your industry.

Five Reasons You May Not Be Spending Enough on Content Marketing

Tom Pisello

In many instances, sales forces and channel partners have been disinter-mediated, whereby direct contact with the buyer has been totally replaced with on-line interaction. Tom’s latest endeavor, Alinean, was founded in 2001 to develop SaaS software for changing the way B2B sellers reach frugal buyers with interactive white papers, assessment, ROI and TCO tools.

10 Ways to Use Images for Memorable Marketing Results


Add a photo of the blogger next to their byline. You can also just show what’s required for the “project”, like Cutting Edge Stencils did here: Or you could also do a visual of a survival kit (for a huge conference, for the holiday marketing season… for day-long meetings?) There’s no shortage of content on the Internet. Every day, more than 2 million blog posts are published.

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Marketers Have Gained Their “Seat at the Table,” Now it’s Time to Prove Why They Deserve it

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To help marketing executives navigate this complex course, we are bringing together hundreds of modern marketers from many sophisticated marketing teams for prestigious brands at the Oracle Marketing Cloud Interact 2014 conference in San Francisco, starting today. Of course, no marketing conference would be complete without networking opportunities and a good old-fashioned party.

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10 TED Talks to Watch to be a Better Marketer


From its start as a one-day conference to a viral video community, TED has brought together some of the brightest minds to share their life’s work and passions. According to Forbes, Seth Godin is “a demigod on the web, a best-selling author, highly sought-after lecturer, successful entrepreneur, respected pundit and high-profile blogger. Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action.

Forrester announces Sales Enablement Conference focused on Selling.

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Thursday, September 09, 2010 Forrester announces Sales Enablement Conference focused on Selling into the New Economy We were excited to hear that Forresters first Sales Enablement Conference will be focused on Selling into the New Economy. Simply put, its a race to see who can develop a selling system that allows client-facing people to add more value to clients, at every interaction.

SEO for Mommy Bloggers


At last week's Blogging for Business conference , Shannon Johnson of the What About Mom blog mentioned that someone should write a post about search engine optimization (SEO) for mommy bloggers. I figured for sure such a post much already exist, but when a Google search on "SEO for mommy bloggers" came up empty, I decided to fill the void. So where should you start?


15 Thought-provoking quotes about innovation and success

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I was honored recently to be invited to be one of the 8,000 attendees at the recent Dell-EMC World conference where I got to meet some of the greatest minds in the tech industry up close. ” “A major trend will be maximizing interaction with devices by taking us inside the world through virtual reality. By Mark Schaefer. ” Kevin Kelly. ” Tien Tzuo.

52 MarTech and Marketing Ops Champions You Need to Follow


Ion interactive co-founder | President & CTO | Agile marketing advocate | Chair of #MarTech Conference | Author of the Chief Marketing Technologist blog. CEO and Co-founder of @Engagio | Former co-founder of @ Mark e to | Marketing speaker and blogger | Entrepreneur | Advisor to @GetScripted and @Newscred. Gary Katz, @garymkatz. Chris Garrett, @chrisgarrett.

What it’s like to be hugged by a brand. Literally.

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I end nearly all of my talks and lectures by encouraging my audience to go back to their companies and look for ways to “be more human” in everything they do, in every piece of content they produce, and in every customer interaction. Contact Mark to have him speak to your company event or conference soon. By Mark Schaefer. Last week I was hugged by a brand. Bot messaging.

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How to turn social media connections into an actionable audience

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As marketers, our job is to provide these opportunities to interact with our brand that lead people up this curve toward activation. Mark Schaefer is the chief blogger for this site, executive director of Schaefer Marketing Solutions, and the author of several best-selling digital marketing books. Contact Mark to have him speak to your company event or conference soon. Fowler.

How your personality aligns with social media content types

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So for example, an extremely extroverted person might like streaming live video and would also enjoy the Facebook Live feature because it allows for tremendous interaction. Mark Schaefer is the chief blogger for this site, executive director of Schaefer Marketing Solutions, and the author of several best-selling digital marketing books. By Mark W. Schaefer. It fits my personality.

13 Events You Should Attend In 2013

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From the standard revenue-driven topical conferences, to the newer kids on the event block, the following are 15 can’t-miss events and conferences to kick start your business in 2013: 1. The NMX Conference and Trade Show bring together Bloggers, Podcasters, Web TV & Video Creators, and Social Business Pros. Email Evolution Conference. Interactivity Digital.

The Majestic Hope of Social Media

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Movies, television and online publishing are going to be more interactive, more personal and more exciting than ever. These people also deserve to have a voice at the conference podium and I think we’ll see that begin to happen too. But there’s something amazing and wonderful ahead. Can you feel the hope and momentum building like I do? It HAS to. Now why is it birds?

5 Lessons from 5 Years of Online Business and Blogging

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I cringe every time some fellow online entrepreneur/blogger blabbers about 3 year to 5 year plans. Only when common sense dawned on me that the internet biz was all about interacting with people did my connection crusade begin. A Californian Indian connects me with a German in the UK and invites me to her blogger conference in Berlin, triple check. Would you pay for it?

10 Epic Shifts that are Re-Writing the Rules of Marketing

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We’re witnessing a decline in traditional news-gathering and reporting, desperate monetization struggles, a loss of control of the content as it is absorbed by social platforms , a loss of direct relationships to subscribers, and intense innovation in new content forms like interactive graphics/video. Contact Mark to have him speak to your company event or conference soon.

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The disconnect between social media popularity and business effectiveness

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In my book Return On Influence ,, Dr. Robert Cialdini (best-selling author of Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion ) told me that this interaction between powerful social proof and content that is unique to the web. “It’s Contact Mark to have him speak to your company event or conference soon. By Mark W. Schaefer. You can automate just about everything.” What is true?

Tom Pisello: The ROI Guy: Alinean Launches Interactive White Papers

Tom Pisello

Wednesday, October 13, 2010 Alinean Launches Interactive White Papers Overcomes Marketing Information Overload, Transforming Traditional White Papers into Dynamic, Personalized Engagement Tools Alinean, the leading creator of value-based interactive sales and marketing tools for B2B vendors, today launched a new demand generation tool for B2B marketers – Alinean Interactive White Papers.

50 Habits of a Highly Effective Blogger "

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9 Essential Tips to Get the Most Out of Trade Shows, Conferences & Seminars (Podcast) » Tuesday 13 Nov 2007. 50 Habits of a Highly Effective Blogger. I met a few celebrity bloggers like Mark Cuban, John Chow and Matt Mullenweg (founding developer of Wordpress) and attended many great sessions about blogging, podcasting, videocasting, SEO and social networking, etc. Their presentation made be stop and think and start evaluating myself as to if I am really doing everything I am supposed to as a good blogger. a highly effective blogger would â?¦.

The Blog Tree: New Growth. Fruit for Your RSS Feed [Infographic]

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Although the conference was chock full o’ content marketing goodness, one line rang most loudly: “You’ve gotta go through the eyes to get to the brain.”. We’re calling today’s visual is The Blog Tree: New Growth edition because it celebrates a very important group of bloggers. Lastly, if you want to keep up with these bloggers on social media, be sure to follow our new Twitter list.

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Why the volume and quality of interactions with customers has to pass for social media ROI

Chris Koch

Volume and quality of interactions. And if that’s true, then we should try to increase the volume and quality of interactions with have with customers and prospects through social media, no? Aside from the corporate, a blog is the mother ship of social media interaction and content. 10 Tips for Beginning Bloggers ( I really do. But I can’t.

Is there anything new in blogging? No.

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Running concurrently with this conference — in the same convention center space — was the National Book Expo. Book Fair tech: Interactive exhibit produced by Disney and hundreds of industry exhibitors. I understand that for those who are trying to set out as a blogger for the first time, these are really important sessions to attend. Book Fair attendance: 20,000.

Hear About PR & Social Media at the B4B Conference


5 Things Machiavelli Would Do With His Competitors’ Twitter Profiles

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Network evaluation also helps identify potential publishers, vendors, and bloggers that might become ideal link building targets or social media marketing partners. For example, one of our clients, a provider of industrial equipment, actively participates across many different segments while interacting with manufacturers, suppliers, vendors and more. Suggested Tools. Suggested Tool.

How LeanData Stacks Up


At some point, Scott Brinker began to notice a familiar pattern at business conferences. Brinker is the chief technical officer at ion interactive and the influential blogger at He’s also the chair of the annual MarTech Conference. At this year’s conference in February, he announced the five recipients of the 2016 Stackies Awards from among 41 entries.

Sales Prospecting Perspectives Weekly Recap – Week of July 19, 2013

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Tuesday: On Tuesday, Mike Ricciardelli wrote about The Epic Rise of Video in Sales , especially with conferences. The phone has become antiquated; instead, webinars and meetings will become more visually interactive. Wednesday: On Wednesday, guest blogger Chris Snell shared 5 Ways to Be A Better Inside Sales Rep. It’s Friday, Friday, gotta pass some leads on Friday! Welcome back to our Weekly Recap. Here at AG, we’re excited for the weekend, just like Rebecca Black , so we can rejuvenate before coming back on Monday. Now, on to the weekly recap. That’s all!


The Commoner’s Guide to Using Social Influence

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Conversationalist —Interacts with large numbers of people in one-on-one or small-group conversations, perhaps through a blog or a social network. Influencer” has become synonymous with blogger and social networking. Social media conferences (40/year). Content marketing conferences (10/year). The Art and Science of Blogger Relations – Updated eBook by Brian Solis.

The Nifty 50 Top Women of Twitter for 2011


She describes herself as a “small business coach, speaker, corporate trainer, blogger, singer, lover of life, dreams, family and God.” She’s an entrepreneur, marketer, blogger, and alum of Wharton and Purdue. She’s been named by as one of 20 top Women Social Media & Marketing Bloggers. What is it? The answer may come from the email marketing field. aaker. Ambal.

How To Generate ROI (Return On Interesting) With Content Marketing

B2B Marketing Insider

He is one of SAP’s most prolific bloggers and a self-described “ technology evangelist.” Which, he explains, involves lots of time interacting with customers via social media and at conferences. He has presented 30 conference keynotes this year, mostly on the topic of Analytics (so check out his website to learn more or to secure him for your next event.).

Tech Media Publishers looking more Like Interactive Marketing.

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In the recent BtoB magazine article, " Tech Media Evolution a Bellwether ", the major technology publishers were examined to understand how quickly the shift to interactive marketing was occurring. Steve Weitzner, CEO of Ziff Davis Enterprise, explaining the drivers and shift to interactive marketing: “Advertisers used to pay us to get a message in front of our audience.

The New Social Buyer Ecosystem

Tony Zambito

  I’m influenced by David Armano who came up with the concept of influence ripples or circles to depict blogger spheres of influence as far back as 2006.    We are finding that many interact with connections through social networks and other forms such as email or telephone.  Image via Wikipedia.   The pace in 2011 has noticeably quickened.