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The blogger’s kryptonite

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I don’t have any data of course, but it seems like things started to happen for me when I finally shed all these other projects and put everything I had into my own content and community. Is guest posting a viable strategy to gain attention or a blogger’s kryptonite? Is guest posting a viable strategy to gain attention or a blogger''s kryptonite? I did guest posts.

Online Communities are Not Virtual


Do you consider message boards, forums, virtual realities, and virtual communities to be a waste of time, populated by losers? If so, then you need to leave online advocacy, new media marketing, online brand promotion, online word of mouth marketing, online outreach, blogger relations, and brand ambassadorship to someone who has lived, loved, and connected to people in real ways online.

The evolution of a blogger

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As I’ve observed bloggers from all walks of life, writing about every subject imaginable, and as I’ve taken the journey myself, I’ve found that there is an evolution that takes place. Through our digital footprints we’re attempting to create our personal masterpieces and leave a mark on humanity. By Srinivas Rao, Contributing {grow} Columnist. The Novice. The Mechanic.

Are anonymous communities most authentic?


And all will be well in the communitys garden. I am a proponent of “real name” communities. I am also a proponent of safe communities — and real name accountability tends to civilize people’s behavior online in a big way. That said, are anonymous communities more authentic? . Personally, I am afraid of Reddit. Maybe. Goaded? Bullied.

Take your bloggers and social media influencers to lunch


And, it’s so very rare that anyone who pitches bloggers and expects them (us) to do stuff for free ever asks bloggers (us) out to do stuff IRL (in real life). Share their posts on your personal social media profiles. But you also must remember that most bloggers have very rich lives outside of their blogging life. Bloggers and their readers know each other.

Blogger outreach is more PR than social media


My expertise, however, is online community outreach and engagement. Back in 2006 I developed a strategy of blogger outreach that allowed my to reach out to more than just 25 top-tier bloggers by hand over time but to 2,500-5,000 bloggers. So, what my team and I developed is the equivalent of blogger-brand speed dating. The Quantum Mechanics of Blogger Outreach.

Blogger outreach is scary


Unlike a few years ago, today everyone at least pays lip service to reaching out to bloggers the same we PR people have always reached out to mainstream media. But I am still surprised that many companies don’t do blogger outreach, even today. Simply put, blogger outreach is scary. It is a case of the abuser blaming the victim, the blogger. Image via Wikipedia.

How do you REALLY build a blog community? A love story.

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I’m sorry that I don’t have anything particularly profound to say to commemorate this milestone, but I thought I would address a question I hear constantly — “How did you build such an awesome blog community?&# When I wrote something really great, I would send a link to some bloggers I admired and asked them for feedback. This is a REAL community.

6 Engagement Marketing Lessons from Successful Video Bloggers

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Author: Elaine Ip If anyone has mastered the art of engaging an audience, it’s successful video bloggers (otherwise known as vloggers). Furthermore, data shows that a YouTube personality needs almost 800,000 subscribers just to break into VidStatX’s list of top 100 vloggers. Personal conversation is not only more engaging, it also builds trust. More than you might think.

One person can change the world. Thank you, Internet


If you thought “it only takes one person to change the world” was bull, think again. It’s an awesome power and too many people have forgotten the power that each and every person who has a reliable connection to the Internet has. People are transitioning, en masse, from makers to consumers, from bloggers to readers, from YouTubers to commenters. Right now.

5 Key Characteristics Every Social Media Community Manager Should Have


Social media is an effective tool to engage your target audience, drive website traffic and, ultimately, boost sales; so why do so few companies employ a social media community manager? You know, the person that manages the whole thing? But at our company, Tomorrow People , we've been developing our community management team and processes to real effect over the past 16 months.

Building a blog community? Don’t overlook “digital babies”

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Instead of focusing on the A-Listers, look at emerging talent as a way to grow a loyal blog community. New Bloggers Need Encouragement. Baby bloggers become big bloggers. New Bloggers are Looking For a Lifeline: As an established blogger you have a chance to become a lifeline for a new blogger. By Srinivas Rao, Contributing {grow} Columnist.

How to Build a Memorable Personal Brand on Twitter


We’re talking Twitter, of course: the 300-million strong whirlpool of information that has emerged as a personal branding, relationship-building nirvana. Twitter pros have found ways to use the platform to score business and media deals -- they've even built relationships through developing successful Twitter personal brands. How to Build a Memorable Personal Brand on Twitter.

Case study: Using social influence to build a personal brand

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By {grow} Community Member Don Stanley. One of my favorite courses focuses on building personal brands with blogging and social media. Students, many of whom have never blogged or used social media for professional reasons, are required to: Identify their personal brand. Create a personal branding strategy. Promote their brand to key audiences and thought leaders. Tweet.

Why Now Is The Time To Build Your Personal Brand

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And those who know how to use social channels to deliver helpful messages will ride the wave of this new era in personal branding. And I’ll offer tips on how to get there… Foundations of The Personal Brand. While I was honored, my first thought was: what do I know about personal branding? I had never spoken in public about personal branding. Layoffs.

Are there any ethical bloggers left out there?

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There must be a critical mass of influential bloggers out there accepting money for blog posts, otherwise these people would go away! I’ve only changed the real name of the writer and her company because I don’t need to embarass this person … Hello Mark! Occasionally I do have guest posts from individuals who are active members in the community. Susan. Susan.

Should we have multiple company bloggers?

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Let’s look at the implications of this decision by comparing three different corporate blogging strategies: The multiple blogger strategy. A team of bloggers contributes content, with or without attribution. Multiple bloggers also distributes the workload and provides the best opportunity for frequent, consistent content. The single blogger strategy. Advantages.

Tumblr Shuts Down Popular Blogger: Who's Next?


That’s exactly what happened to a popular blogger who goes by the name Bohemea. Worse, Bohemea claims other Tumblr bloggers have been similarly wiped out. But shutdowns like the one that happened to Bohemea could scare business bloggers away, Balboni says. Why do some bloggers get busted while others carry on? but instead, Tumblr deleted her entire account. Just a form.

How to Become the Best Blogger in Your Niche


So here’s my thesis: If you are the best blogger in your niche, you can be the most successful in your niche. If blogging is the core of content marketing, and content marketing is the path to success, then we must conclude that being a kickass blogger is the path to marketing success. And here’s the really good news: You can become the best blogger in your niche.

Savvy Speaks: Bloggers We LOVE

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Mark Schaefer of {grow} is already one of our favorite bloggers. So when he started a movement for Valentine's Day called " Have you hugged your blogger today? Here are some of our favorite bloggers - who are yours? I read a LOT of marketing blogs & I LOVE a lot of the bloggers behind those blogs - their insights, their sense of humor, their work ethic.

Blogger outreach is earned media PR, isn’t it?


My definition of blogger outreach has always been about acquiring earned media coverage from bloggers and online influencers. My definition–and my assumption–has always been that blogger outreach is public relations and not paid media. We agreed on everything except on whether blogger outreach was pay-per-post or earned, what bloggers wanted from a marketing pitch.

Do you want a blog community or do you just want nicey-nicey?

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There was an almost total lack of any meaningful debate or community. Sure, everyone SAID they wanted community … that was the big buzz word … but that is NOT what was happening! For the most part, the top bloggers of that period hated any form of debate. If you cross a powerful blogger, the hope for a favor in the form of a mention or a tweet dries up.

4 Promotion Strategies Used by the Best Business Bloggers

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70% of business bloggers have had their blogs for more than two years. ?44% 44% of business bloggers have more than two blogs. There is an exclusive group of business bloggers, which we’ll call “The 10K Club”, who receive more than 10,000 page views per month. of all business bloggers in the study. For example: ?80% This groups represents 21.8%

Why most marketers should ignore A-List bloggers


And it feels tantalizingly possible–I mean, don’t you just need to know the right person and get the most interesting angle to them? It’s about as easy as your PR person calling up the New York Times and getting them to print your story. We here at Biznology are by no means an A-list blog, although we are very happy with our community on digital marketing.

Lessons learned while deleting 274 blog posts

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Michele Linn was the first guest blogger. There was a group of us who guest blogged for each other at the beginning to help our communities get started. It’s funny that nearly all of the “top bloggers” I wrote about seven years ago have moved on to other things. Smartphones have really worked against bloggers. Oh my how bloggers swooned over that thing.

4 Promotion Strategies Used by the Best Business Bloggers

It's All About Revenue

70% of business bloggers have had their blogs for more than two years. ?44% 44% of business bloggers have more than two blogs. There is an exclusive group of business bloggers, which we’ll call “The 10K Club”, who receive more than 10,000 page views per month. of all business bloggers in the study. For example: ?80% This groups represents 21.8%

Earned-media micro-influencer marketing master class


My Personal Digital PR Philosophy. Blogger outreach tends to focus on only identifying and engaging top-25 influential bloggers. We collect every blogger who has ever had a thematic interest in our customers. Most good pitches don’t require a personal relationship. Increase community engagement? Bloggers are libertarian contrarians. My goal?

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New Blogger? Get Started on

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For bloggers with limited technical experience or no time to spend on that aspect of managing a website, is the way to go. The first step to becoming a WordPress blogger is to register your account. This community can provide you with answers to most questions you will have about using WordPress. You’re part of a whole blogging community. Basic Plan.

Courage and blogging

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I would rather be a person who is known as fair all the time instead of a person who is liked all the time. In my personal life? I determined that it probably had something to do with seeking approval from my parents and as I resolved these issues over a period of years, I became a more confident and centered person. In my personal life? What are you achieving?

The Long Tail of Blogger Outreach


That’s fair enough, and surely a common question, and a question we must address close to the beginning of every sales call we make at Abraham Harrison , when we propose blogger outreach to a prospective client. The top A-list blogs and bloggers are analogous to David Gelles and the top journalists the FT, the Times, Post and the Wall Street Journal. Image via Wikipedia.

Want to Build a B2B Community? Twitter Chat Offers Advice and How.


About | Advertise | Submissions | Write for Us CrowdsourcedFRD Home Advertising Branding Content Marketing Lead Gen SEO-SEM Social Media More Strategy Design PR eBooks Educational Facebook Guest Posts Twitter Want to Build a B2B Community? But how do you build and nurture this community, where do you start with? What does it mean to have a community? They paid to belong.

The Innovative Educator: 5 Things You Can Do to Begin Developing Your Personal Learning Network

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5 Things You Can Do to Begin Developing Your Personal Learning Network. If youre new to this world, personal learning networks are created by an individual learner, specific to the learner’s needs extending relevant learning connections to like-interested people around the globe. 5 Ways to Begin Building Your Personal Learning Network 1.0 skip to main | skip to sidebar.

What is the ideal blogging frequency for your business?

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4) Committing to a schedule helps you to be a better blogger through practice. For most business and personal blogs, great quality content coming out at a clip of once a week is an achievable goal that can result in real business benefits. 4) Committing to a schedule helps you to be a better blogger through practice. So here we go — how often should you post on your blog?

The best advice I ever received for my business, and my blog

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I was recently asked by an interviewer, “Who has had the greatest influence on your personal growth?” Most bloggers adopt a mantle of invincibility and that is certainly the easy path to take: “I publish, therefor I’m correct.” ” But being a humble blogger leads to meaningful social media engagement and ultimately, crowd-sourced wisdom.

Best 123

Social Media’s Mass Attention Myth

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This is how audiences and readers turn into tribes and communities. Ask any of his fans what they think about him and you’ll get something along the lines of “I can’t wait to meet that guy in person.” business relationships Communty-building blog community building an audience community building community manager– Seth Godin.

Bloggers: Feel Free to Repeat Yourself

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But what if the person who made the point was you ? If you aren’t actively engaging with your community by reading, asking, and listening, your ideas, old or new, won’t be relevant. Big ideas justify repetition. Imagine: After days of writer’s block, you’re suddenly inspired to write a long and insightful blog post. You’re crushing it. Somehow, what you’ve written sounds so familiar.

One thousand posts. No navel gazing.

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Should I honor my community in some way? Maybe I’ll get to these subjects another time but I think the focus today needs to be placed on the {grow} community. This was a revealing exercise and a lesson in building a blog community. ” She has been a wonderful supporter and has contributed many amazing comments to the community! Who was here first? In fact.

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