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B2B Content Marketing Strategy Checklist

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But it’s bad because it means you’re competing against a tidal wave of shiny new content from competitors, analysts, thought leaders, bloggers and wannabes. Content Marketing has exploded. Normal. sap. 1. 1. 2012-06-29T02:54:00Z. 2012-06-29T02:55:00Z. 1. personal. 14. 3. 10.2625. Clean. MicrosoftInternetExplorer4. Content Marketing has exploded. So what does this eBook offer?

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Content Marketing Strategy: Interact with your neighborhood

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The blog roll is list of links to blogs that the blogger likes. About the author : Claudia is a blogger by profession. insta. Normal. sap. 2. 2012-04-02T07:08:00Z. 2012-04-02T07:08:00Z. 1. 26. 7. 10.2625. Clean. Clean. MicrosoftInternetExplorer4. However, these resource tools have their own significance, and implementing them appropriately can ensure success. Consider your approach.

Marketing is a Mindset

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Bernie is a podcaster, blogger and frequent speaker on social media trends in business. Brands that continue to use outdated, uninteresting methods to shout messages to buyers will get lost and lose market share. What should brands do to keep buyers interested, engaged and loyal. We asked Bernie Borges "What are key marketing trends and predictions for 2010? Bernie Borges. Marketing 2.0:

The Content Marketing Question: To Gate or Not To Gate?

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Here is a great example of their approach to helpful content, they recently ran a poll of the top bloggers on marketing automation – on their list was one of their competitors! How should marketers leverage content? Which content should be free? Which content should be gated to genereate leads? " Ardath Albee. Blog Marketing Interactions Twitter Ardath421. Ardath Albee's Tip.

ClickLaunch: What Matters NOW - Things to Think About and Do in 2010

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"The One Percenters" The One Percenters are not the usual suspects of name brand tech bloggers, mommy bloggers and or business bloggers. Thunder. Rolling Thunder. You can hear and sense it coming. So, here it is… What Matters Now - Things to think about (and do) this year. Read Seth's blog post on this brand new eBook What Matters Now. Seth Godin. Rajesh Setty.

Best of ClickDocuments "Connect the Docs" Blog in 2010

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A big thank you to all our readers, guest bloggers and interviewees! Enjoy the following collated list of best blog posts from Connect the Docs in 2010. Top 5 BLOG POSTS. 2010 Content Marketing Trends and Predictions. Content marketing is changing like never before at a faster pace than we’ve seen in the last 100 years. Companies that learn the new marketing lessons, and implement them well, will be big winners going forward. Those that play by yesterday’s rules will lose. So what are these new rules? What is the future of content marketing? Who are Linchpins? Customer.

Who Is Up for a Challenge?

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If you saw the movie Julie and Julia, you're familiar with the story of blogger Julie Powell, who signed herself up to try all the recipes in Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking within 365 days. Last week, we talked about the Creative Copy Challenge , a blog that was born to help people hurdle writer's block(s). Each post is simply a list of ten words and phrases, and your assignment is to use them all in a short story, or even just a few sentences. No, this won't happen for everyone. Is there a project or assignment that you can get yourself and others in on?

Participation Inequality Online: Don't Panic if Your Blog doesn't Get Comments

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One great suggestion for bloggers is that they picture their audience while writing: "It's easy to feel like you're talking to yourself when you blog or tweet without getting a response. Whether we're writing a blog post, article or ebook, we're all hoping for the same thing. reaction. A few dozen comments and a spirited discussion would be nice. Or at least a sign that someone is out there. Blogging can be tough - especially in the beginning - because it's a one-sided conversation. She recalls meeting a woman at a party and talking about their respective jobs. " Great advice.

What is HARO?

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Find out about trends : One area where many bloggers need help is planning their content in advance. Here's a video posted by blogger Pete Williams of Preneur Marketing about using HARO to find sources for your blog posts. 5. Chances are, if you're not a journalist, you haven't heard of HARO. It stands for Help A Reporter Out, and it's a site that was created to help journalists connect with experts or sources to interview for articles that they're writing. Chances are, you're thinking: OK, but I'm still not a journalist, so why is HARO useful to me? Spread the good karma. 3.

Best of ClickDocuments "Connect the Docs" Blog in 2009

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2009 was the first year of Connect the Docs. A big thank you to all our readers, guest bloggers and interviewees for helping us build Connect the Docs. Enjoy the following collated list of best blog posts from Connect the Docs in 2009. Top 5 Blog Posts. Content Marketing - The Ultimate Cheat Sheet. You and I live in an era when creating and distributing content have become democratized. What is Content Marketing? Why should I care about Content Marketing? Where do I get started? How do I apply “Content Marketing” concepts? The 4P's of Content Marketing. Purpose. Persuade.

Happy Holidays, Content Marketers!

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Get Rich Slowly blogger J.D. Now that Halloween is behind us, watch out for fruitcake and Jingle Bell Rock. The holidays start earlier each year, which is unfortunate for those of us still mourning summer. But, in terms of content marketing, it's a great reminder to stay seasonal, relevant and creative. This doesn't mean jumping on the consumer bandwagon, in fact it may mean helping people do just the opposite. Read on for eight tips on how to ready your content for the holiday season. 1. Wrap up a gift. Put something in a box with a ribbon on top and it becomes a gift. " 7.

11 Marketing Lessons to be Learned from Driving

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Whether or not you like it, your customers, prospects, partners, analysts, bloggers, press and competitors are watching you constantly. Bloggers might post something nasty about your service. I drive my kids to all the places they need to be and tackle a zillion questions along the way. If you have an inquisitive 7 year old son like mine and drive around with him as much as I do, every minute with him in the car becomes an opportunity for many fun games, storytelling, being silly and also teaching him life lessons. 11 Marketing Lessons to be Learned from Driving. STRATEGY. Monson.

The Power of Commenting: How a Skeptic Became a Believer

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Now, he did have a head start, because he targeted his comments at bloggers who had commented on another guest post he had written on the ultra-popular From Chris Garrett's 10 Reasons Commenting is Good for Bloggers , reason #7 reads: "You never know who is reading – It amazes me who reads my comments on obscure blogs that I thought only myself and a handful of others read. When it comes to content marketing, the power of one simple habit is often forgotten. "For the record, I read a ton of blogs. It’s just rare that I comment."


How to Be a Content Marketing Winner

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Like even though you're using the same strategies as the celebrity bloggers, the crowd keeps passing you by? Do you feel like a content marketing loser? In a super post about "getting lucky" in the content marketing world , Tracy Feit Love breaks it down to this memorable example: "Two guys walk into a bar (humor me here). The first guy walks up to a woman and says, 'Hi. make a lot of money and drive a really fast car, so you will definitely want to go out with me. Here’s my number. When you’re ready to go out, call me.'. Have you tried Davio’s Cucina?

The state of earned media blogger outreach


I’ve been doing earned media blogger outreach as a profession since 2006 and a lot has changed. To be frank, there are a lot of bloggers with their hands out looking for pay to play these days that it can feel a little daunting. Blogger outreach isn’t remotely sales or marketing, either, because the entire analog of blogger outreach is the PR pitch not the cold call.

Trying GroupHigh for Blogger Outreach Campaigns


I am hereby making the jump from humans to robots for all my blogger research. In And what was I comparing all of these social CRMs, influencer-identification services, and blogger databases to? I was comparing them to the cost of hiring a team of people to do all of the work by hand. For military bloggers, I need lists that are both American and also pro-military and pro-soldier.

The bloggers are the victims of bad blogger outreach


I just wrote an article , Blogger outreach is earned media PR, isn’t it? wherein I suggested that some bloggers are kinda jerks because they lead any blogger outreach with “here’s my advertising packet.” Bloggers, in fact, are the victims and we digital and PR agencies are the perps. If you’re in your mid- to late-30s — or even 40s, gah!

7 Social Media Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid

Writing on the Web

Here are Paul’s 7 Social Media Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid. A Note from Patsi: This week’s guest post is about social media  and it’s really important. Because if you want to engage your business blog readers and grow your reader base, you need to use social media. We’ve been writing about the CAST system for effective blog content: C ontent (compelling). ssets (free).

Take your bloggers and social media influencers to lunch


And, it’s so very rare that anyone who pitches bloggers and expects them (us) to do stuff for free ever asks bloggers (us) out to do stuff IRL (in real life). But you also must remember that most bloggers have very rich lives outside of their blogging life. Both bloggers and online influencers have real relationships with their readers and fans. And tweet it.

Four (of the) Worst Practices for Pitching Bloggers


Brands that are successful at pitching their news and stories to bloggers increase their online presence, gain credibility, and score those coveted “earned” backlinks that Google values as a factor in search rankings. Best practices in blogger outreach , social PR, guest blogging and related topics have been covered here previously. It’s also challenging to do well.

Blogger outreach is more PR than social media


Back in 2006 I developed a strategy of blogger outreach that allowed my to reach out to more than just 25 top-tier bloggers by hand over time but to 2,500-5,000 bloggers. While I agree that the top-25-50 bloggers do deserve deep, long-term, and personal engagement, spending that sort of time, over time, on “everyone else” would take all the time in the universe.

The state of the blogger outreach union ten years on


I stared my first blogger outreach agency back in 2006. Ten years on, the state of the union of blogger outreach is good for brands and agencies but great for the bloggers and online influencers. Tell anyone that you’re a blogger or a podcaster and you’ll know what I mean. Blogger Outreach is Hard. Blogging Isn’t Cool. Blogging is Hard. Groan.

Blogger outreach is scary


Unlike a few years ago, today everyone at least pays lip service to reaching out to bloggers the same we PR people have always reached out to mainstream media. But I am still surprised that many companies don’t do blogger outreach, even today. Simply put, blogger outreach is scary. It is a case of the abuser blaming the victim, the blogger. Image via Wikipedia.

Blogger Outreach: Pet Bloggers are the New “it” Girl

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As many of you already know I am uber passionate about blogger outreach as a marketing tactic because of the roots in authenticity. The latest vertical of influencers that MANY TYPES OF BRANDS are partnering with and seeing fantastic engagement rates is the pet blogger. So, behold, the rise of the pet blogger! I’m Not […]. This monthly Blogger Outreach column is contributed by Kristen Matthews. Blogger Outreach: Pet Bloggers are the New “it” Girl by Kristen Matthews - Maximize Social Business. Blogger OutreachAuthor information.

10 Tips for Developing Better Blogger Outreach

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Do you feel like your blogger outreach strategy lacks some oomph? My career centers around working with bloggers and becoming a go-to source for blogger outreach advice. The following ten tips, I assure you, will take any blogger … Continue Reading. 10 Tips for Developing Better Blogger Outreach by Kristen Matthews - Maximize Social Business. Related Stories Is it Time for a Blogger Outreach Tool? Blogger Relations Are the Perfect Advertising Foundation Is Your Brand Fan Friendly? Blogger Outreach

Using Blogger and creating gorgeous websites

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They'll all gorgeous, functional, easy to maintain, and happen to use Google's Blogger (Blogspot) as their Content Management System (CMS). As a thrifty small business solution a website on Blogger can save time, money, and headaches. big cartel web development blogger blog web design cms small business businessThey were all developed by our firm.

What I Learned About Blogger Outreach from Surveying 4,000 Bloggers

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I recently published the results of a survey in which I reached out to 4,000 bloggers and gathered their perspective on their role in influencer marketing. This monthly Blogger Outreach column is contributed by Kristen Matthews. What I Learned About Blogger Outreach from Surveying 4,000 Bloggers by Kristen Matthews - Maximize Social Business. Blogger OutreachThis information has been very valuable for all influencer marketing professionals because it’s not very often that you get outreach advice from the people you want to team up with […].

The blogger’s kryptonite

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

Is guest posting a viable strategy to gain attention or a blogger’s kryptonite? The post The blogger’s kryptonite appeared first on Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}. Is guest posting a viable strategy to gain attention or a blogger''s kryptonite? When I was starting out on my social media journey, I blogged a lot. blogged for {grow} of course.

How to Turn Anyone Into a Blogger


Whether you know it or not, every person that works for you is a potential blogger. Of course, your new blogger can’t write exclusively about mountain biking or pie crusts, but it’s your job to find a way to incorporate their expertise and frame it in a way that applies to your blogging goals. It’s a real ‘teach a blogger to fish’ situation. Set Your Bloggers Free.

The art of writing the perfect blogger pitch


Over the last five years that Abraham Harrison has been pitching bloggers on behalf of clients, we have learned a thing or two about how best to reach bloggers, how to engage them, how to get them to carry our client’s message to their readership. Whether we’re doing an outreach to the bloggers of mainstream media and celebrity blogs or to someone who has just set up a blog for the first time, it all begins with the message model. Bloggers don’t trust PR firms. We We don’t take the blogger’s interest in our pitch for granted. 

How to engage bloggers down the long tail


Outreach marketing, formerly known as blogger outreach, is a powerful tool with almost zero barrier to entry — just your time and attention. How to Engage Bloggers Down the Long Tail from Chris Abraham. In a post-Internet world, this is best handled online, for efficiency’s sake. It’s free and online so register ! Now that’s when the magic starts happening.

6 Engagement Marketing Lessons from Successful Video Bloggers

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Elaine Ip If anyone has mastered the art of engaging an audience, it’s successful video bloggers (otherwise known as vloggers). Fashion and travel blogger Laureen Uy of Break My Style YouTube channel , who also co-hosts a fashion TV show in Manila, has learned how to address an audience of individuals effectively. That’s a lot of competition for vloggers. ” — Ron Gelok.

Blogger and Google+, using them together to great effect

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There has been lots of discussion on Google+ , speculation about the future direction of the platform, how to best use it, but also what it means for the future of Blogger. What does Blogger have to do with it? As a fan of Blogger, but also as a content strategist, I disagree. The blogger as himself/herself strategy Back to Mike Elgan's strategy.

7 Tools for Finding & Connecting With Influential Bloggers


Bloggers are trusted voices who can bring in customers and help you build your community. Reaching out to potential blogger is a more intricate process nowadays than it was even five years ago. Great bloggers are constantly getting pitched by marketers, making it all the more important for you to stand out from the crowd if you want them to pay attention. Here''s an example.).

Blogger outreach is earned media PR, isn’t it?


My definition of blogger outreach has always been about acquiring earned media coverage from bloggers and online influencers. My My definition–and my assumption–has always been that blogger outreach is public relations and not paid media. I may well be mistaken. That’s all well and good but it is not blogger outreach. ” (Wikipedia). Right?

Why Marketers Should Go Rogue with Blogger Outreach

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Why Marketers Should Go Rogue with Blogger Outreach by Kristen Matthews - Maximize Social Business. Blogger Outreach Author blogger bloggers brand Business Clients communication example follow for your image IT marketing outreach PR rules strategy time WHO One of the principals that I follow when it comes to marketing is to not follow any principals. I’m a fan of embracing all aspects of marketing as one giant grey area and I stray away from strategies where people try to assign rules or draw strict black and white lines. When I coach … Continue Reading.

Blogger Relations Are the Perfect Advertising Foundation

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Blogger Relations Are the Perfect Advertising Foundation by Kristen Matthews - Maximize Social Business. Why Marketers Should Go Rogue with Blogger Outreach. Blogger Outreach While advertising in the traditional sense (strictly self promotion) doesn’t work anymore, with the right foundation of modern marketing and content acquisition, some traditional advertising tactics are still very relevant and useful. We now know that consumers are “ad blind” and want to hear about your brand from someone other than your brand itself. But, … Continue Reading.

How NOT to pitch a blogger


Last week, I talked about how blogger outreach is scary , and I talked about why this fear exists for most people before they start talking to bloggers.  In great measure, these fears exist because of the horror stories that have resulted from wrong-headed approaches. Bloggers will always call you out if they sense you’re just calling it in. Tweet This Post.

What Should Brands Offer Bloggers in Exchange for Posts?

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But the area of what exactly you should offer bloggers for brand mentions can be a little murky. Some marketers just don’t have a big budget and if that’s the case, there are other things you can offer to make it a mutually beneficial … Continue Reading What Should Brands Offer Bloggers in Exchange for Posts? At this point, you know not to expect something for nothing.

7 Ways to Make Bloggers Dislike Your Marketing

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I can honestly say that blogger outreach as part of a marketing strategy can create phenomenal brand lift on many levels. To do it right, marketers need to consider the POV of the bloggers they want to work with and what it means to one’s time and life to run a blog. […] Author information Kristen Matthews This monthly Blogger Outreach column is contributed by Kristen Matthews. Kristen on Google+ | Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn | 7 Ways to Make Bloggers Dislike Your Marketing by Kristen Matthews - Maximize Social Business. Blogger OutreachWhen done right.