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Managing Your Newsletter Email List:5 Must-Do’s

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When it comes to creating or growing your newsletter email list , you need to stay on top of managing it so it brings you clients. Sending newsletters with relevant useful information is a great way to keep connected, but it needs to be done as efficiently as possible. Creating a newsletter email list is no exception. A spreadsheet, or .csv Who will manage the database?

10 Ways to Generate More Leads from Your Business Blog

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If you’re not generating leads – as in: a lot of leads – from your company’s blog, you’re missing out on what is perhaps not only your best opportunity to convert organic Web traffic into actionable, measurable sales inquiries, but also the best way to actually show real ROI from your social media investment. Here are 10 proven ways to generate more leads from your blog. No problem.

25 Newsletter Content Ideas + Bonus Newsletter Idea Resources


Learning how to write a newsletter is relatively easy. Constantly generating newsletter content ideas is not. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 25 powerful content ideas, plus a few additional resources to help you come up with even more ideas for your newsletter. The same is true for your company newsletter. 25 Newsletter Content Ideas.

17 Ways to Promote Your White Paper for Lead Generation


You’ve written, designed and produced a white paper. If you subscribe to the theory of “if you build it they will come,” your white paper is dead in the water. There is a myriad of methods to promote your white paper, generate interest, and help it climb Google’s search engine rankings. Link to your white paper on your home page. Company Blog. Newsletter.

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3 Ways to Expand Your Content Marketing Strategy Beyond Blog Posts

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For many B2B companies, just simply having a blog at all has been a huge accomplishment. Marketers and buyers alike agree: content marketing now goes beyond a few simple blog posts. In KoMarketing’s 2014 B2B Web Usability Report , 38% of buyers consider case studies, white papers, articles, and blog posts as “must have” content. White Papers.

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The 4 Step Creative Process for Writing Blogs: (& Happy Birthday to WOW Blog)

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Do you struggle with the creative process of writing blogs ? Do you cringe when you need to find a topic for your blog? Over the past 11 years, I’ve written a ton of information about writing great blog posts and newsletters, as well as e-books, white papers and articles to increase your visibility. How do you choose your blog post topics?

5 Campaign Ideas for When You Have No Content

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And they can be a refreshing change in what otherwise might be a steady stream of white paper offers and Webinar invites. Do you broadcast a monthly newsletter to your database? Do you offer email subscriptions to your blog ? For today’s B2B marketer, content is the fuel that feeds the demand generation engine. Answer: you get creative. Run a survey. Host a game or sweepstakes.

Social business and knowledge as an accident of paper


If that’s the way your social business platform is being rolled out, you may have unknowingly become a hostage of deeply ingrained mental models, shaped by the use of paper, email and shared files, or just became the last victim of the faster horse syndrome. If you are publishing on paper, you will create centralized locations where you amass books. Photo credit: ayalan. Yahoo!

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How to Generate More Opt-ins With Your Email Marketing Campaign

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by contributor | Tweet this Editor’s Note: Today’s blog post comes courtesy of Candyce Edelen , CEO of PropelGrowth , a B2B financial services marketing firm in Princeton, NJ. For instance, you could offer a complimentary white paper or case study download, available exclusively to those who subscribe to your communications. ” Offer a Free Newsletter. Clean Up.

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Maximize The Content Marketing Impact of Your Newsletter

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When you publish a monthly print or electronic newsletter that targets an important audience segment, you probably invest heavily in generating the content that will make this newsletter relevant and valuable to its readers. But you can do much more to make that newsletter and its content work harder for your organization. Think outside the newsletter.

What My Paper Route Taught Me about Content Marketing

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It should be as easy as possible for readers to find relevant content on a business site or blog. Most Popular” blog posts listed on the sidebar. Most Commented” blog posts listed on the sidebar. Recent” blog posts listed on the sidebar. Meaningful blog categories. My paper route taught me how much we humans are creatures of habit. Are blog posts and e-newsletters delivered on a consistent, predictable schedule, or haphazardly? Note: This is a guest post by Brad Shorr. See his bio at the end. 1. Content Marketing Is Hard Work. Theming.

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Quiz: Is it a Case Study or a White Paper?

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Every couple of weeks it seems, I see someone confuse customer case studies and white papers. People frequently call case studies "white papers," and vice versa - even marketing folks. Customer case studies and white papers are both narrative forms of marketing that focus more on how challenges are solved rather than on heavy promotion. Answer : White paper.

Ask a Content Strategist: How Many Stories Should I Publish Per Month?


A day after Sam hired me to run this blog, we were going over the content strategy one-sheeter he’d asked me to put together. In the early days of The Content Strategist, I was supplementing our meatier stories with a fair amount of AdFreak -style blog posts that only took me an hour or so to produce. Rule 2: You need to publish at least enough to fill a regular newsletter.

How to Create a Curated Blog Post [+5 Free Blog Post Templates]


We''re going to walk you through how to compile a valuable curated blog post in this post. But first, download the free curated blog post template -- plus four other helpful blog post templates -- right here so you can follow along and easily create curated posts for your own blog. Plan Your Curated Collection Blog Post. Create Your Curated Blog Post.

20 Ways to Generate ROI from a Corporate Blog


The core of social media marketing efforts should be the corporate blog. Through a blog, marketers become publishers, providing their audience with relevant and valuable content. Corporate blogs can operate in a similar fashion, except that the sole sponsor or advertiser is the company itself. Promote white papers / eBooks / reports for lead generation. Got more?

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The 7 Fundamentals of Starting a Company Blog

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Starting a corporate blog is a commitment and should be carefully thought-through before executing. grow} community member Tabatha Bourguignon told me she is starting a blog for her company, Sandy Bay Networks, and asked me about the steps to take to get started. Let’s look at the practical political realties of building a company blog. . Are you built to blog?

Where to Get an Education in B2B Content Marketing


Joe discusses the usual B2B content marketing suspects (blogs, white papers, case studies, e-newsletters, articles and videos) in a meaty chapter on Content Types. Joe makes a compelling case for promoting content delivered by subscription, like newsletters and social media follows. But this is the one to acquire for your marketing library, for two reasons.

4 Content Strategies for B2B Corporate Blogging

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Real-Time Activity Stream 4 Content Strategies for B2B Corporate Blogging Derek Edmond | Apr 1, 2011 | 0 Comments No matter how much planning and goal setting goes into a B2B corporate blog, the writing and content ultimately is what will make a blog successful. The B2B blog team must develop content that resonates with a target audience and is tailored around specific goals.

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B2B Blogging Trends 2011: Towards an Integrated Approach


In many organizations, blogs are still seen as almost separate entities. Several other organizations have no blog at all. Should a company blog? Should employees blog? However, when not blogging you are missing out on important opportunities. In this post, I will not tackle the ‘advantages’ of blogging. Key reasons for an integrated blog marketing approach.

Back to Basics: How to Write an Effective Business Blog


Today we are going to get back to one of the basic elements of digital content marketing: blog writing. While this medium has been around for nearly two decades, I’m often surprised that clients still have questions about what a blog should include and how it should flow. I want to address some of the most common questions here – specifically as they pertain to business blogs. What I mean by a “business blog” is any blog that you write for your job; not your personal hobby (though you can apply these tips to those, too). These are all potential blog topics.

Top 10 Reasons You Need a Corporate Blog for Lead Generation


Do You Have a Corporate Blog? . There are numerous benefits to blog as a company. If managed right, blogging will drive website traffic, expose your thoughts to prospects, and contribute to conversions. When companies hesitate implementing a corporate blog program, they can be left behind the eight-ball when prospects determine which firms they wish to do business with. .

Top 10 Reasons You Need a Corporate Blog for Lead Generation


Do You Have a Corporate Blog? . There are numerous benefits to blog as a company. If managed right, blogging will drive website traffic, expose your thoughts to prospects, and contribute to conversions. When companies hesitate implementing a corporate blog program, they can be left behind the eight-ball when prospects determine which firms they wish to do business with. .

Is Blogging Really a Necessary Marketing Tool?


A great way to do this is by creating an informative and engaging blog. Many businesses are still debating whether they should pour effort and resources into creating and maintain a blog. Even if you do not particularly want to blog, you have to understand that your prosects and customers want to read/hear/watch what you have to say. it is time to create a blogging strategy.

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6 Tips For Building a High Quality Blog Following

Fearless Competitor

In 2010, New York City startup, Birchbox launched a blog about beauty products before it had any customers. The beauty sample delivery service – and its blog – exploded in popularity. Birchbox’s blog drives customer acquisition and retention, which means its readers are loyal enough to become subscribers, followers and customers. Notice the (Editor’s note) on each item.

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How to Turn Your Blog into a Lead Generating Machine


But if there’s one thing we’ve yet to find a machine able to do properly, it’s crafting a compelling blog post. It’s as close to automating blog posts as you can get, but be forewarned, as these typically create posts based on RSS feeds. Suffice it to say, blogging is best done the old fashioned way. 10 Ways to Optimize Your Blog for Lead Generation. Worst case scenario?

6 Steps to Successful Blogging

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The central theme of the presentation was blogging. First off, blogging is just a tool.nothing more, nothing less. But for businesses, especially smaller businesses, blogging can be a powerful way to share expertise and solve the pain points of customers. Just the Blog Stats Maam. 90% of consumers read blogs. Over 70% of consumers read more than five blogs.

3 Steps That Took Our Blog From 14,000 Readers to Over 400,000


In true Contently fashion , I ran the blog for the first month as a freelancer, working remotely from Tel Aviv. It only had about 14,000 readers and fewer than 8,000 newsletter subscribers. These days, anywhere between 340,000 and 500,000 marketers and media execs read TCS each month, and our newsletter is approaching 100,000 devoted subscribers. You can sleep in until 11 a.m.,

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How To Build An Army Of Volunteer Contributors For Your Blog

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I actually wrote the first 24 articles myself summarizing white papers produced by our campaign team. Step 1: I identified all the internal employees who were already blogging on the topics I thought our audience was interested in. I asked them simply for permission to allow me to syndicate their existing blogs through an RSS feed. But you only have a tiny budget.

The Two Core Elements of B2B Social Media Marketing Success


Content can be produced in a wide variety of formats: • White papers. Blog posts. Newsletters. According to Google, there have been 77,400 blog posts, articles and guides written that contain “SEO basics” in the title tag. Compelling: to be shareworthy from your standpoint, the content should compel the reader to take some sort of next step—download a white paper, register for a webinar, subscribe to your newsletter, contact your sales team—some type of action that makes the effort of developing the content worthwhile. On American Idol.

Want More Leads But Don’t Have A Blog? Here’s How To Get Started

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Did you know companies that blog have 55 percent more website visitors and get 70 percent more leads than those that don’t blog? By far, the most effective way to increase site traffic and leads is with a company blog. A blog makes your site dynamic by injecting new content every time an article is published. So what do you blog about? Here’s how to get started.

4 Essential Emails You Should Send to Engage New Contacts

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Newsletter To continue the welcome party, send new contacts a newsletter. Newsletters are a good way to start a conversation between you and your new contact. Here is an example of a newsletter: This newsletter talks about upcoming events and a giveaway. Recipients can click on the topics to get more detailed information from the company’s blog.

The Content Marketing Sweet Spot

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Social media marketing (with the exception of blogs) is now in the number one spot. E-newsletters – Publish monthly and include product and company news, customer success stories, technical “how-to’s”, and business ideas. Blogs – Keep topics fresh, at least weekly, and relatively short (less than 500 words). White Papers – Don’t fall for the short attention span, 2-pager.

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5 Ways To Know If Your B2B Blog Is Picking Up Steam

The Forward Observer

Are you wondering if your B2B blog is on the right track for successful lead generation? Your company has embarked on a blogging journey to increase the right kind of traffic to your site and to convert visitors to leads. Your blog posts are helpful and educational , and focused on your buyer persona’s interests and challenges. Focus on these five areas to know.

The Bamboo Project Blog

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The Bamboo Project Blog. The Power of Blogging ISNT Just in Reading Them. In a few weeks were going to be looking at blogs in the Work Literacy course. As we think about that module and the fact that for most people, their primary interaction with blogs is to read them, Im growing impatient with this idea from a learning perspective. Week 3-- Blogs. Blogging.

Content Marketing: How do you know if it???s working?

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Why can’t we have a report for our blogs? Or for e-newsletters? On Monday mornings, for example, you log into your “Content Marketing Impact” account and get a free print out of how well your content has impacted readers: Blog…82%. E-newsletter 75%. Landing pages… White Paper… Free Report… etc. Articles…56%.

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How to Write an Effective Email Newsletter


Note: This post was originally published on the WebMarketCentral blog. A few years ago, I was tasked with reviving a declining company newsletter. First, the newsletter was split into two separate publications. The other version – the prospect newsletter – was designed primarily to appeal to prospects, although existing customers were welcome to sign up. For instructions on how to accomplish that task, check out the new How to Write Effective Email Newsletters page on How did that happen? Share this on Digg this!

5 Keys To Creating A B2B Blog That Builds Traffic And Generates Leads

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Are you struggling to find the right combination of things to unlock the power of a successful blog that builds traffic and generates leads? Let’s pretend your business is planning a website redesign but you have to make a choice : you can have a brand new website but no blog. Or, you can keep your existing site but add a blog. You’re reading a blog right now. And so on.