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Search wiki: Home. Wikis. Introduction to Blogging. RSS feeds. Link: Just a link to your wiki. This guide was created using a wiki, and therefore can be easily edited and modified by anyone knowing the password. If you would like to learn more about working with wikis or any other resource you learn about during these tutorials, please feel free to contact a member of the IFPRI Library and Knowledge Management Team. Blogs for CVs. Wikis for project management. RSS feeds for staying current. Wiki Information Show all pages.


The Bamboo Project Blog

Buzz Marketing for Technology

The Bamboo Project Blog. The Power of Blogging ISNT Just in Reading Them. RANT ALERT! ) In a few weeks were going to be looking at blogs in the Work Literacy course. As we think about that module and the fact that for most people, their primary interaction with blogs is to read them, Im growing impatient with this idea from a learning perspective. Week 3-- Blogs.

11 Clever Ways to Nurture Leads With Your Business Blog


When it comes to the role of business blogging in inbound marketing, there''s no question that it fits quite nicely into the ''Attract'' stage of the methodology. Because blog content makes excellent social media fodder and is naturally discoverable through search engines, it can be a phenomenal way to attract new visitors and prospects to your website. That''s right! right?

Personal knowledge management - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Buzz Marketing for Technology

PKM has recently been linked to social bookmarking , blogging or knowledge logs (K-logs). The idea is individuals use their blogs to capture ideas, opinions or thoughts and this voicing will encourage cognitive diversity, promote free exchanges away from a centralized policed knowledge repository that is additional to ordinary work. PKM has been associated with a focus on personal branding , responsibility for personal learning, personal networking - using networking engines (Ryze, Friendster, LinkedIN) and management of individual documents, thought and writings. Contents.

The Ultimate Glossary: 120 Social Media Marketing Terms Explained


hope that you will pass this blog post along to others in your organization and maybe even print it out to have on hand when others have questions related to social media marketing. Previously, the service started as a blog comment search engine. Blog - Blog is a word that was created from two words: “web log.” has its own LinkedIn Today. link] ). V.

Micro Persuasion: Three Little Tips for Capturing Info Bits Quickly

Buzz Marketing for Technology

The second way to use this is to start importing RSS feeds into a private room. They offer bookmarklets and other tools for easy flagging, a personalized RSS feed as well as mobile versions that strip down the articles down to just text for low-bandwidth reading on the go. Blog RSS Feed. LinkedIn: steverubel. All-Blog Media Diet Experiment. Blogging.

Get the Most Out of Twitter Hashtags

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Twubs : Twubs, which we recently reviewed , uses a wiki system to help disseminate information on a hashtag. The Twitter Fan Wiki also has some interesting reading material on hashtags if you’re looking to further your hashtag education. 4. wiki you can define a hashtag and monitor stats (tweets over last 7 days, top contributors) for it. blog comments powered by Disqus More Subscription Options » Twitter RSS Top 6 Today 1 How Popular Is the iPhone, Really? So how do you disseminate and make sense of all this hashtag madness? If you a. Charles E.

The Content Creator's Master List of Commonly Troublesome Words


And yes, the style guide even includes a full section devoted to all those troublesome words we find content creators tripping over all the time, which we'll highlight in this very blog post. blog (n., LinkedIn: “L” and “I” are capitalized. Use our tool to mash up RSS feeds into a single view.). RSS: Acronym for Really Simple Syndication. wiki: Lowercase.

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Micro Persuasion: Turn Gmail Into Your Personal Nerve Center

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How to blog from Gmail (Gmail + Wordpress/TypePad/Blogger + IMified). scan 275 RSS feeds in Google Reader and I use dozens of bookmarklets and shortcuts to help me manage it all. Further, I have become a fan of Twitter - a micro blogging tool which you can control using Google Talk and other IM clients. This works for any RSS feed, not just bookmarks. How to blog from Gmail. Last but not least, you can also blog directly from Gmail. This works if you blog on Blogger, Wordpress, Moveable Type or TypePad. Blog RSS Feed. Blogging.

Rick Short Explains How to Turn Staff Into Prolific Bloggers

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Blog HubSpot TV Contributors Marketing Kit Internet Marketing Blog The HubSpot Inbound Internet Marketing blog covers all of inbound marketing - SEO, Blogging, Social Media, Landing Pages, Lead Generation and Analytics. For Indium Corporation , a supplier of soldering materials and electronics assembly equipment, blogging is now a central piece of the marketing mix.

The Ultimate Glossary: 101 Social Media Marketing Terms Explained


hope that you will pass this blog post along to others in your organization and maybe even print it out to have on hand when others have questions related to social media marketing. Previously the service started as a blog comment search engine. Blog" can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog. On the web today, things change fast. for $1.65

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Web Worker Daily " Archive Busyness vs. Burst: Why Corporate Web Workers Look Unproductive "

Buzz Marketing for Technology

technologies (including blogs, wikis, and prediction markets), approaches, and initiatives. One of the most interesting things for me about these classes has been how often students bring up one specific concern: that people who use the new tools heavily — who post frequently to an internal blog, edit the corporate wiki a lot, or trade heavily in the internal prediction market — will be perceived as not spending enough time on their ‘real’ jobs. links for 2007-04-20 » SDLC Blog says: April 19th, 2007 5:33pm. [.] Blog: [link].

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B2B Lead Generation Blog: Content ideas for lead nurturing and tactics to use

B2B Lead Generation Blog

B2B Lead Generation Blog About Free Resources Get FREE Updates Instantly Get A FREE Chapter from my book. Be sure to give your audience a way to subscribe to get updates either via RSS or via email. Here are some online examples such as: blog posts, podcasts, vidcasts, webinars, e-books, personalized microsites, wikis, and other multimedia. But trust me its worth it.

Want to Build a B2B Community? Twitter Chat Offers Advice and How.


misskatiemo shared an interesting blog post ( Community Roles & Players ) on how her company set up its community engagement team, which includes close to a dozen people. Where to begin: forums, blogs, social outposts outposts (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook)? You can read more from Ksenia at Mesh Without Wires blog. Read more from Ksenia at MeshWithout Wires blog.

Work Literacy

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The Work Literacy Blog. Heres what well be covering: Week 1- Social Networking --Ning, LinkedIn and Facebook. Week 3-- Blogs. Week 4-- Aggregators and RSS Feeds. Week 5-- Wikis. Blog Posts. subQuark's blog on Second Life in eLearning. Trying to keep my blogs to one place, so here it is over at WordPress: subQuarks blog on Second Life in eLearning. Im going to introduce concepts like tagging and RSS readers to our Education group. RSS View Archives. Search. Work Literacy. Web 2.0 for Learning Professionals. Marco.

Social Media: Not Just for Kids – Arm Yourself for the C-Suite Discussion

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LinkedIn:  43 million members; 13 million daily avg visits. Blogs:  133 millin currently indexed by Technorati. Take your segment, your competitors, your alliance partners – do quick searches of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flckr, other sites to compile a quick/easy (and compelling) snapshot for management review. Hewlett-Packard: •Blogging: 55 corporate blogs.

Top 56 B2B Marketing Posts for September 2010

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Setting up a B2B blog or a Facebook or Twitter [.]. Mobile Marketing: Resources To Get Your Marketing Aligned With Your Mobile Audiences. - CK’s B2B Blog , September 20, 2010 Last week I had the honor of presenting on both social media and mobile media at Optimization Summits in Dallas and I wanted to take this post to share the mobile marketing presentation I created for the event. 35 Ways to Market Your Blog - Junta 42 , September 27, 2010 It never fails. Almost all the businesses we come in contact with continue to look for ways to promote their blog. Wikis.

First Steps Toward Becoming a 21st Century Educator | always learning

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Set up an RSS Reader. The best way to do that is using an RSS reader like Google Reader or Netvibes. ve set it up, your RSS reader will aggregate all of the new posts on those fantastic blogs in one place â?? like an e-mail inbox for websites and blogs. favorite posts into one place in your RSS reader. These conferences utilize social networks like Ning, blogs, wikis, podcasts and vodcasts as a format for presenters to share their work. Blogs and Twitter go hand in hand. Comments rss. Linkedin /Kim Cofino. Entries RSS.

Three steps for B2B marketers to build a personal social media presence

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Pick an RSS tool. One of the best ways to start is with RSS. There are a million tools out there for doing this, and you can integrate RSS feeds into your browser but I find that cluttered and distracting. I use SharpReader, which is free and open source and lets you scroll through headlines without having to read individual items, which saves a lot of time. Now, I have to admit that I’m not a diligent RSS follower. SharpReader is more a reference database for the blogs that I like rather than a day-to-day tool. Pick blogs to follow. Junta42 Blog.

KM Edge: Where the best in Knowledge Management come together

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In the current issue of Inside Knowledge magazine, editor Jerry Ash raises the same question that Chris Hearne brought up in this blog a few days ago : If virtual is so great, how come conferences are booming? Our new KM Edge groups on LinkedIn and Facebook. We already have more than150 members in our LinkedIn group, so joining will put you instantly in touch with a large pool of professionals who share your passion for KM. Soule has been very active in APQC and KM, and we are thrilled that he has agreed to share his experiences and thoughts by blogging for us.

Martin De Saulles " SMEs and the Web - Executive Summary

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Comments RSS. Subscribe to my RSS feed. I am currently. Martin De Saulles thoughts on the changing information landscape. About. Contact. Categories. Companies. Information Users. Innovation. Market News. Search. Uncategorized. Archives. July 2008. June 2008. April 2008. March 2008. February 2008. January 2008. November 2007. October 2007. September 2007. August 2007. July 2007. June 2007. May 2007. April 2007. Log in. InfoToday News. My Flickr Photos. By SMEs and the Web - Executive Summary. Published by Martin De Saulles on Tagged Information Users , Innovation.

Being Lightweight: Tools We Use | Common Craft - Explanations In Plain English

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Home » Blog. Hey guys, this is one of the best posts on any topic from any blog Ive read in a long, long time. For more visit this blog: [link]. Will keep an eye on your blog. stumbled upon your blog via your awesome videos. blogging. blogs. RSS Atom and Syndication. About This Blog. Use an RSS Reader. What's RSS?

how to use social media - lessons from ama digital conference

The Effective Marketer

Forgoing powerpoint, they showed why they make the big bucks by doing a presentation in an interview style that provided a good respite from powerpiont and was also very educational and full of great tips and tricks on Integrating Blogging Into Your Marketing Strategy. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 Blog at States License.


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Personal Learning Environments wiki hosted at the School of Computer Science at the University of Manchester. As such, they are comprised of two elements - the tools and the conceptual notions that drive how and why we select individual parts.&# (George Siemens, “ PLEs - I Acronym, Therefore I Exist ,&# 15 April 2007 blog entry). The CETIS Personal Learning Environment Blog is still somewhat active. Entries RSS. Comments RSS. LinkedIn. blogging (16). wiki (8). FASTforward Blog (Enterprise 2.0). Sims Learning Connections.

Digital Literacy, Pragmatism and the Social Construction of Reality at

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If youre new here, you may want to sign up for email updates or subscribe to the RSS feed for all my posts. Note: This blog post is to clarify my thoughts on the subject and provide an easy point-of-reference as I begin to write the Literature Review section of my Ed.D. Feel free to skip it if that’s not the reason for which what you came here/subscribed to my RSS feed ! You can read my thesis proposal here and I collate links and quotes from my research on my wiki. My comments on peoples blogs are collated at CoComment. blogs. Latest Posts RSS.


" Some Thoughts About Effective Networking Online The Networking for Success Project: A W.TEC project, teaching Nigerian women to use Web 2.0 tools and other ICTs effectively to develop and advance their work.

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On my blog I write about how to use the tools - the different social networking sites - but the tools come and go - what’s important is the art of networking.  And, that’s why (I think) - I’ve been successful using these tools. users responded in " Some Thoughts About Effective Networking Online " Subscribes to this post comment rss or trackback url.

New Communication Tech and Work Literacy Presentation

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information sharing communication (pod and vodcasting, technologies such as cell visual information phones, pdas, software, blogs, video conferencing) pageflakes, social ï?® networking (facebook, bookmarking) LinkedIn, Ning). ï?® collaboration (wikis, groupware) Slide 4: Affect on Organizations (Society and Education?) ï?® Presenting and defending what they have produced Slide 10: Input from the Blog ï?® â??Teachâ?? RSS Feed. (beta). Browse. My Slidespace. Upload. Community. Widgets. Latest. |. Most Viewed. |. Most Embedded. |. Featured. |.

The complete knowledge sharing guide. |

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Blogs (28). 50 essential knowledge management sites and blogs. 2. 12 ways to define your blog, brand or site. 5. Why doesnt collaborative blog ranking exist? Today’s featured site: the JibberJobber blog. It can either be pushed to you (RSS and email for example), or you can set out looking for it yourself (on Google, for example). Blogs. Wikis.


Alterian Pushes Into Social Media Management with Techrigy Acquisition

Customer Experience Matrix

This isn’t about making it easy to react to comments on Twitter , add friends on Facebook , or research prospects on LinkedIn , which is how most marketing automation vendors are approaching social media. Sources include blogs, social networks (publicly-accessible sections of Facebook, MySpace , etc.), message boards/forums (such as LinkedIn discussions), wikis (such as Wikipedia ), video and photo sharing sites ( Flickr , YouTube ), and some mainstream media blogs ( The New York Times , Wall Street Journa l). Others are sure to follow. Sparingly.

What is Work Literacy?

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This is my personal blog - stuff not directly connected to my businesses goes here - some of its a little spicy, so watch out for heartburn. Tony Karrers eLearning Technology blog has been tremendously useful in helping me cover a wide range of topics very quickly. He also is webmaster for the Learning Circuits blog. Larry Irons Skilful Minds blog has also been very helpful, and numerous others have provided good reads. Its also caused me to take a fresh look at some old favourites, such as David Maisters professional services blog. View blog authority.

PKM and the Organization - Pollard

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Simple, intuitive collaborative workspaces and worktools (enhanced, simplified versions of wikis, BaseCamp etc.) Use RSS feeds to simplify publishing and subscribing to others content, and show employees how to use them and how to integrate this content into their personal taxonomy. Establish an automated mechanism like RSS to regularly harvest the Public folder information, to a central mirror site that other users can browse, and/or in response to just-in-time canvassing searches (see below), peer-to-peer. Subscribe to this blog by. The Blogging Process.