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How to Leverage Your Twitter Profile for Social Selling

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

AG Salesworks is pleased to bring you a guest post from Emma Snider , staff writer for the HubSpot Sales Blog. 160 characters is all the social network affords users for their profile descriptions. As opposed to a LinkedIn profile, a Twitter bio offers much less real estate. 3) Include hashtags that interest your buyer. Twitter is all about clarity and brevity.

12 Examples of B2B Companies Managing Impactful Twitter Profiles

KoMarketing Associates

Nowadays, Twitter, its tweets, and hashtags seem to be everywhere around us. Additional research shows us that Twitter outperforms LinkedIn and Facebook 9 to 1 for lead generation. If you think we missed a notable profile, feel free to let us know in the comments section. Twitter Profile : @Intel. Twitter Profile : @Cisco. Twitter Profile: @Forrester.

Social Media for Accountants: Likes, tweets and hashtags…Oh my!

Hinge Marketing

Join relevant industry groups on LinkedIn and educate your peers or prospects by sharing content they’ll find informative. Twitter is another great platform for sharing content, especially for making timely announcements (upcoming speaking engagements or webinars) or for sharing your most recent blog posts. To many, the mysteries of building a social media network can be scary.

Social Selling: 10 Actionable Tips From LinkedIn’s Koka Sexton

It's All About Revenue

This assessment comes from “the source” — or LinkedIn’s Senior Manager of Social Marketing, Koka Sexton , who shared some serious scoop about the effectiveness of social selling during a webinar hosted by Demand Gen Report this week. The webinar titled “Adding Social Fuel To Demand Generation Programs” underscored the fact that, because buyers like to access content and information from their peers, there is a huge opportunity to cultivate more meaningful roles on channels where information exchange thrives (like LinkedIn and Twitter). 2) Identifying your prospects. (3) SocialDG.

How to Craft Perfect Posts for Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter [SlideShare]


I don''t know about you, but I''m tired of hearing "social media gurus" compare the effectiveness of Twitter versus LinkedIn, or Facebook versus Twitter, or Linkedin versus Facebook, or whatever other comparison you bring to the table. A shared link preview thumbnail (the featured image hosted on your blog post or web page) is displayed in 156 px by 116 px. and 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

7 Ways to Create More Interesting Content for Your Blog


And one of the most reader-friendly, popular types of content is blog posts. Marketers who produce blog content are landing 67 percent more leads for their organizations than those who don’t. The blog post captured large amounts of attention and generated high engagement, with 248 comments. Here are a few ideas: Check out LinkedIn groups. Old topic … new spin.

Platform Counts! The Differences between Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Writing

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Even though Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter tend to get lumped into the same general category of marketing, they are actually quite different. Even though Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter tend to get lumped into the same general category of marketing, they are actually quite different. I also turn #B2B into a hashtag to attract some more potential followers in my niche. LinkedIn.

20 More of the Best Social Media Marketing Guides and Tips of 2013


How can you make your blog content stand out amid the increasing online noise? ” How To Socialize An Event by LinkedIn. ** 5 STARS. Image Size Cheat Sheets for Social Media Profiles. Social media marketing has become an integral part of strategies for maximizing the overall web visibility of an organization. Best Social Media Marketing Guides and Tips. by Pitch Magazine.

20 Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest Features You Didn't Know Existed (But Totally Should)


That you can add hidden relationship notes to your LinkedIn connections? To help you discover these hidden treasures, we rounded up 21 of the lesser-known features on Facebok, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. 11) Research and analyze a hashtag. Robyn Showers , our social media manager here at HubSpot, uses it when she''s choosing a hashtag for an upcoming event.

The Handy Character Count Guide for Blog Posts, Facebook Pages & More


When it comes to writing posts and updating profiles for your blog and social media, one of the most common questions folks have is: What's the character limit on X, Y, or Z? Below, you'll find the short version, followed by a more detailed guide to character limits and ideal character counts for posts on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. 3) Twitter.

Hey, LinkedIn! Can We Have Some More Privacy Settings, Please?

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Everyone who knows me knows that I am one of the biggest evangelists for LinkedIn. While others turn to Twitter and Facebook, I keep reminding businesses that LinkedIn should be your hub for B2B social media marketing. And while the world is going crazy about Branchout , the Facebook application for professional networking, I find immense value in new tools such as LinkedIn Signal.

3 B2B LinkedIn Marketing Lessons to Apply to Your Own Company Page

Hinge Marketing

Yet, despite the prevalence of other social networks or online communities, one professional network has continued to reign supreme over the years: LinkedIn. Not only is LinkedIn the world’s largest professional social networking platform, it also ranks as the most popular and most effective among professional services firms, according to Hinge’s own research. HubSpot.

A Social Media Strategy for B2B Marketers

B2B Marketing Traction

Content marketing includes writing blog posts and posting article and other links relevant to what your business does and that helps your target audiences. In this blog post I will share what I recommend to my clients, including what social media platforms to use and what type of content to share on each. LinkedIn. b2b Facebook LinkedIn marketing SlideShare twitter

The 29 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools


However—96% of the people who discuss brands online do not follow those brands’ owned profiles. Tagboard uses hashtags to search for and collect public social media within seconds of being posted to networks like Twitter and Facebook. Simply enter a hashtag and tagboard will pull in great content from across the web. ” — Blogging Wizard. Blogging Wizard.

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102 Compelling Social Media and Online Marketing Stats and Facts for 2012 (and 2013)


B2B buyers are most likely to share useful vendor content via email (79%), followed by LinkedIn (53%), Twitter (39%) and Facebook (18%). Women make up the larger share of users on Facebook (58% to 42%) and are a slightly larger share on Twitter (52% to 48%) while men are the predominate users of LinkedIn (63% to 37%) and Google+ (71% to 29%). B2B Lead Blog ). B2B Lead Blog ).

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33 Inspiring B2B digital marketing case studies

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

In this post, we wil feature case studies in the areas of content marketing, social media marketingm social CRM, social selling, LinkedIn marketing, and webinars. The plan including sprucing up the website, integrating a blog and social sharing, and offering some valuable content by free download. has four Facebook pages, four Twitter feeds and two LinkedIn accounts. million.

IF you haven’t THEN you should use IFTTT for social


IFTTT can stalk your phone, your behavior on Twitter , Instagram , Bitly, Blogger, Buffer, Delicious, Facebook , Facebook Pages, Feedly, Fitbit , Flickr, Foursquare, your iOS or Android GPS location , LinkedIn , Pocket, Reddit, SoundCloud , Tumblr, Twitter, Withings, and even Yo (and so many more, I just cherry-picked). Build a Twitter List from a specific #hashtag. Any questions?

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Launching your social campaign with guns blazing!


Then I jump in, feet first, and reach out to all the most salient and germane influencers by hook or by crook: I follow everyone who is in my demographic, be it via keyword or hashtag, I engage with them all, no matter what their mozRank, Total Reach, Alexa Rank , Kred, PeerIndex , Kred, Page Authority, or PageRank , or Domain Authority. Share Photo on Linkedin. Join Linkedin Group.

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10 of the Most Successful B2B Blog Post Themes

KoMarketing Associates

After mining through our clients’ Google Analytics data, I’ve put together a list (in no particular order) of ten blog post “themes” that have driven an abundance of traffic to their B2B websites. Hot topics and issues present a unique opportunity to get the brand involved in the conversation being had (think hashtags). 14 B2B Blogging Best Practices from Creation to Promotion.

Tools I use to amplify social campaigns


When people join my Gaggle, they’re signing up to retweet and share some or all of what I share and post to GaggleAMP onto one or all of their social media platforms, either automatically via AutoAMP through Twitter and LinkedIn or moderated in a queue to Facebook and Google+. What is it called when you stoke your followers into a dance frenzy? Engagement! That is where SOCi comes in.

How to Generate New Keyword Ideas

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BuzzSumo shows you the top content around a particular phrase but consider the following results: I typed in linkedin examples and the top shared content included the phrases: examples of highly impactful linkedin profiles. linkedin recommendation example. Keyhole is another tool recommended to me by a colleague for finding hashtags. To me, this is silly. FAQFox.

3 Top Social Automation Tools


” HootSuite is inexpensive or free to use at the basic level, has deep, high-level connections with all of the top social networks, including Google+ Pages; Facebook Pages and Groups; LinkedIn Groups and Companies; and even Foursquare and WordPress blogs. Of course, needless to say, Twitter , Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Foursquare profiles. HootSuite.

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A good reputation online is an essential marketing strategy


The content can be created by you as you build out your social media and social network empire: Twitter , Facebook Pages, Google+ Business Pages, Pinterest , Tumblr,, LinkedIn, Blogger, TypePad ,, YouTube , Slideshare, or your own blog. When speaking about what does, people often think of Online Reputation Management (ORM) as a defensive strategy.

Top B2B Marketing Insider Blogs Of 2013 (So Far)

B2B Marketing Insider

So here is a list of 8 blogs that rose above the rest. 20 B2B Marketing Blogs You Need To Read. So I asked my social connections across each network what were their favorite B2B Marketing Blogs. Of curse I missed a few in the main post so check out the comments as well for some B2B Marketing blogs you need to read. I know I am! Some had the most pageviews. How did I do?

Job Seekers, Forget About LinkedIn: The Ultimate Guide for Your Twitter Job Search

WindMill Networking

I hope that the title to this blog post knocked you out of your comfort zone, because that was my intention in writing this guide. Don’t get me wrong: LinkedIn is still an essential part of your job search , and having an optimized LinkedIn profile and networking with others on that platform is still a prerequisite in helping you land your next job. Enough said.

30 B2B Social Media Tips for 2016

KoMarketing Associates

Michael Brenner suggests searching Subreddits, forums, and blog comments to learn more about your target audience. Optimize Your Social Profiles. We often find profiles only partially filled out or unrepresentative of the company. In addition, your profile should be optimized for search purposes. Find a Relevant LinkedIn Group. Great news, right!? Sort of.

Are you a social media forager?


Foragers rarely hijack hashtags or trend-surf — those things are just not done. Content Marketing Internet Marketing Social Media Marketing Advertising and Marketing Animal trapping Business Buzzfeed Content marketing Facebook Google Google News Hunting Internet marketing Klout linkedin marketing pinterest public relations social media social media marketing twitter

The 32 Best Twitter Marketing Tools


While Facebook is far and away the largest social network, when it comes to driving B2B website traffic and brand visibility, Twitter and LinkedIn are tops. Twitter’s key strength is in driving traffic to informative online content including news and blogs. (It’s And the top tweets by influencers (that include that specific hashtag).” Blogging Wizard.

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How to Build Your Influencers in Social Media


No, LinkedIn isn’t enough. Next, start a blog. So hashtag #lame. Take it even further, well outside of your own site or blog. Be willing to be smart for free for any platform that will accept you as a topic expert: Forbes, Huffington Post, Fortune, Business 2 Community, Biznology,, Social Media Today , Social Media Monthly, and even onto LinkedIn.

The 26 Best WordPress Plugins


Here are more than two dozen of the best WordPress plugins to optimize the performance, appearance, and popularity of your website or blog. Publicize for WordPress allows you to automatically share blogs to Google+ profiles and other platforms you may use.” — Express Writers. Showcase reviews: Blogging Wizard (Content), Cent Muruganandam. Blogging Wizard (Analytics).

100 Things You Are Doing Wrong on Social Media

It's All About Revenue

You are not using hashtags in your tweets. You are not blogging regularly enough. You are blogging about your products too often. You are not answering your prospects' common questions on your blog. You are not trying to solve prospects' and customers' business problems on your blog. You are not including a call to action on every blog post.

8 Steps To A More Effective B2B Content Marketing Program

KoMarketing Associates

If you are a regular reader of this blog, SEO performance is likely part of the reason content marketing has become a priority as well. A recent comparable study from IDG Enterprise and the B2B Technology Marketing Community on LinkedIn showed similar results. Example of the KoMarketing blog post schedule. Twitter Lists / Saved Hashtag Searches. There is no escaping it.

The 11 Best Social Media Campaign Builders and Ad Monitoring Tools


Social media has become a core element of marketing across businesses of all types and sizes: maintaining active, optimized profiles; sharing industry-related updates; amplifying their own content; and engaging with prospects, influencers, advocates, and customers. Showcase reviews: Blogging Wizard (WordPress), Marketing Insider Group, MarketingLand, RazorSocial, SnapApp. I love it.

Adventures in Frictionless Sharing


More recently, I have fallen madly in love with GaggleAMP , a tool that allows this blog to automatically share itself through the LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter profile accounts with 211 folks who have opted in to become members of my Gaggle, sharing without friction–automagically and pre-authorized. What is it, you ask? Microsoft, and the #1 data-vacuum, Google.

20 Ideas to super-charge your social media network

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

Whether you’re building an audience for a blog, podcast, or video series, I find that Twitter is the fastest way to build a targeted and relevant audience because of the variety of tools available to find these folks. Look on your Twitter profile. They will likely look at your profile and become one of your followers. Connect and consolidate by using the same hashtag.

How to Write Good Instagram Captions: 8 Tips for Perfecting Your Copy


Instead, frontload your captions with the important content or text calls-to-action -- and leave any hashtags, @mentions, or extraneous information for the end. That's why optimized Instagram profiles update that URL frequently to point to their latest blog content, YouTube videos, products, or offers -- and then refer to that link in their Instagram captions. The lesson?

If you post it will they come?


on Buffer to all of my social media properties including @chrisabraham , @gerrisdigital , and my Facebook and my Gerris Page as well as whatever other social media profiles that make sense. Then, I’ll do the same thing over at LinkedIn via their Write an Article tool. Finally, I copy my Biznology posts onto the blog on my site with a link back to Biznology.