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How to Generate Leads Using Quizzes

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Social media has taken to quizzes with gusto since the first one popped up on Facebook or Twitter. It didn’t take long before marketers noticed, and began to experiment with quizzes as a way to generate leads. You can create quizzes that are both entertaining and interactive, and yes, they have made a large impact as a method of lead generation. On Your Website or Blog.

3 Trigger Marketing Tips To Improve Engagement

It's All About Revenue

by contributor | Tweet this Editor’s Note : Today’s post comes courtesy of Josh Haynam , the co-founder of Interact, a platform for creating lead capture quizzes. Remember, web browsers have access to millions of other sites that could be capturing their attention. He frequently writes about using content effectively and getting the most from it. His trick? Personalization.

18 Facebook Post Ideas for New Home Builders


However, you''re probably looking for some other ideas too so that your Facebook profile doesn''t become stagnant. Below, I''ve put together a list of a 18 Facebook post ideas to get your creative juices flowing. 1) Share New Home Photos as Albums. If you complete a new custom home or a new build in a community, get some professional photos taken and load them onto your Facebook page.

11 Tips to Help Improve Your Brand's Communication Strategy


Here are 11 key tips to help improve the way your brand communicates with consumers. 1) Be Authentic. In order to organize your research, you can start by conducting interviews and surveys, then organize and format your persona research, finalize specific buyer personas, and lastly, use your buyer personas for segmentation, content mapping, and lead nurturing. Mothers! Your Questions.”

The Sophisticated Marketer's Guide to Generating More Leads With SlideShare


You want better copy, and better design, and better promotions, and better CTAs, and better results (usually in the form of leads). We''ve compiled an in-depth guide to generating leads with SlideShare, showing you how to design, optimize, and promote your presentations to get more traffic and leads. Here are a few tips to keep in mind. Facebook. Include Numbers.

The 4 L's of a Successful Lead Generation Strategy


This means lead generation strategies need to be revamped across the industry to better meet the needs of target markets. The first step in this evolution is to create compelling content, and the second is to use that content to convert visitors into leads. To highlight the importance of a powerful lead generation strategy, we are going to backtrack a little bit first. ebooks.

Interesting Infographics: 11 Ways to Drive Sales With Content Marketing


If you’re skilled at content marketing, your efforts can yield up to three times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing. This infographic designed by Clearvoice offers 11 tips for building a robust and holistic content marketing strategy that is more likely to earn you conversions. Make sure to include testimonials in content aimed at leads that are in the “consideration” stage of your funnel. Content that really hits the right note with your audience can be adapted into an infographic, video blog, or e-book. Retarget Leads. Not bad, right?

25 Experts Share Top 3 Content Marketing Trends for 2017


Professionally designed and developed content that enables readers to choose different paths in the content, click on sections that are of interest and are applicable, and that is more entertaining than the standard text heavy content we see today. 3) Data Lead Content. Your lead capture device must be highly in line with the topic that attracts the reader. Donna Moritz. F.

43 Bright Ideas for Promoting Your Lead Gen Content


So you just created a piece of content for lead generation  -- congrats! . Facebook. 1) Change your cover photo to be branded for the piece of content you just launched. To learn more about the shelf life of your Facebook posts, check out our post here. . Did you know, tweets with images generate 55% more leads than Tweets without images?!). 9) Host a contest. Blogging.

15 Important Ways to Use Case Studies in Your Marketing


marketers use, 12 different marketing tactics on average, with case studies being the fifth most popular after social media content, enewsletters, blogs, and website articles. slide-in CTA that links to a case study. A CTA leading to your case studies page. Bonus Tip: Get personal. Update your cover image on Twitter/Facebook showing a happy customer. In Lead-Gen Content.

11 Conferences for B2B Marketers to Attend in the Second Half of 2013

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Another leading conference for search engine and online marketing professionals, Search Engine Strategies (“SES”) San Francisco has yet to reveal the full agenda and speaker list but typically focuses on a range of search marketing topics across multiple industries, platforms, and geographic regions. Marketingsherpa Lead Gen Summit. Events Search Engine Marketing Blog

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53 Questions to Help You Choose the Right Interactive Content Creation Platform

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With lead form completion rates in the 40% range, interactive content provides marketers with the ability to improve lead quality and to speed MQL creation. Are you looking to create a single poll for Facebook, or do you want to develop a range of content on a regular basis and publish that content across multiple channels? How flexible is the lead capture functionality?

The Ultimate Dictionary of Marketing Terms You Should Know


Here on the HubSpot blog, we’ve written glossary-themed posts that cover some of the core components of inbound marketing. Well, we thought it was time to create a blog post that could serve as a holistic marketing glossary -- one that not only defines each term, but also offers some helpful resources in case you want to learn about them in more depth. 24) Cost-per-Lead (CPL).

In Case of Emergency: How to Create & Launch a Content Marketing Campaign in 5 Hours


Maybe it’s the end of the month, and your boss is freaking out. “We need more leads!” is the battle cry. And we need you, [your name], to create and promote some new content pronto so we can generate those leads!". Have you optimized your content's title for organic search? ( Pro tip: Do some keyword research to figure out which phrases get the most search volume. Not sure?

Why Landing Pages Are an Indispensable Part of Marketing


Any savvy inbound marketer "gets" that once you've done all that hard work to get visitors to your website, the next big step is to convert them into leads for your business. Landing pages are the heart and soul of an inbound marketer's lead generation efforts, so why are they still so underutilized? Here are 6 more compelling reasons: 1) Easily Generate Leads! We mean it!

11 Clever CTA Tricks Real Brands Are Using to Grow Their Email List


When we discuss calls-to-action (CTAs) in marketing, we often look at them as a key driver of lead generation. After all, they are mostly used to send incoming traffic to your landing pages and lead-capture forms. And in some cases, this can be even more effective than using a CTA to promote a lead-gen offer. Share your tips and best practices in the comments below.

12 Simple Ways Marketers Can Humanize Their Brand


For the sake of harmony (and the point of this blog post), let's try to remove the political implications from that statement, and consider what it means for us as marketers. Or do you elicit more personal feelings from your leads and customers? This tip, however, is geared more strongly towards B2B companies; particularly those in kind of "boring" industries. Speak. Clearly.

Everything Marketers Should Know About Secondary CTAs


secondary CTA is a call-to-action that provides an alternative conversion opportunity or action to the primary action you ideally want visitors, prospects, or leads to take. Your secondary CTA is generally featured less prominently than your primary CTA, and it can be a great way to further engage and capture people who may not find the offer in your primary call-to-action appealing.

101 Sure-Fire Ways to Make People Hate Your Marketing


and probably some leads. Just assume you know which social networks your audience populates, even if they're actually way more active in an industry specialized social network than, say, Facebook. And if they followed you, they must be ready to talk pricing, right? 9) Post something to your Facebook business page every five minutes. Business Blogging. Research smesearch.

How to Attract New Customers – i?marketing (Part 2)

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marketing user conference included six rapid-fire sessions on best practices for each stage of the customer lifecycle: Attract, Capture, Nurture, Convert, Report, and Expand. This blog p ost covers the key points of the  Attract rapid-fire session. It could be a blog post, a tweet, a video, a webinar, an image; almost anything. Lead Generation lead generation

7 Reasons You're Not Generating Leads From Social Media


Social media is a great inbound marketing tool that allows businesses and marketing teams to interact with prospects, cater to customers, promote their content, and yes, generate leads. Unfortunately for some brands, they don’t always realize there are true tactics in order to use social media effectively for lead gen, and they approach their social media presence blindly.

15 Fluff-Free Ways to Step Up Your Social Media Game


Marketers are starting to realize that just setting up social media accounts on sites like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter and "experimenting" by participating sporadically isn't really going to generate results. That's why you'll find no fluffy, elementary tips like "be engaging," "share content," and "be transparent" in this post. The reason for this shift? Hallelujah!

7 Ways to Improve Your Marketing in 60 Seconds or Less


Here are 7 things you can do in 60 seconds or less to drive more traffic to your site, convert visitors into leads at a higher rate, and increase your ROI: 7 Ways to Improve Your Inbound Marketing in 60 Seconds or Less. 1. Take a minute to reply to a tweet or a post on your Facebook page, even if just to say, “Thanks for the feedback!” Have more time for better lead gen?

7 Missed Social Media Lead Generation Opportunities


But for marketers social media should be about one thing: leads. Many marketers are leaving far too many leads on the table. Lets take a look at opportunities that many marketers are missing in the battle for online lead generation. Missed Social Media Lead Generation Opportunities. 1. Businesses that blog get 55% more website traffic than those that don’t.