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July is Sales Leadership Month

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His blog has been rated in the sales blogs in the world! Blog: July is Sales Leadership Month. The first half of the year is over, it’s time to reflect on what has worked? And what has not? Based upon your Sales Plan where are you against your quota? Where are you against your planned headcount? Were new product/services launched?

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3 Magic Questions a Sales Manager Must Know

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Blogs, webinars, case studies as all examples of content that may be beneficial to the prospect as long as it is not overtly self-serving. Three Magic Questions a Sales Manager Must Know. One of the main roles of a Sales Manager is to help train your salespeople on how to stay on track during a sales cycle. Why now? Why with us? Why do anything? Why now? Why with us? Summary.

10 Traits Buyers Seek in Salespeople

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Blog: The 10 Traits Buyers Seek in Sales Superstars. Selling yourself is the first step. What really separates the best salespeople from the rest of the pack? Our research shows that top performers not only understand each customer company — they understand the person making the buying decisions as well. Those discussions are critical for making sales.

The One Must Do Action Step to Ensure a Great 2015

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Blog: The One Must Do Action Step to Ensure a Great 2015. What is the first action all salespeople must do to begin each year? It’s simple, but many times overlooked. The objective of this meeting is actually made up of many sub-steps. It’s the inner desire to serve clients that separates the average performer from the top producer.

Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report

resources Blog, social, email Google Analytics, biannual. editor) Blog, social, email, paid distribution Google Analytics, engagement. managing editor) Create 2–4 pieces per month 2–4 pieces per week 1+ pieces per day Blog, social, email, paid. 2,500 Format Blog post. Blog post Longform. blog post Longform. blog post Longform. Content. Definition II.

Hiring High Performance Sales Teams #1 of 2

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Next blog: profiling job candidates.  . Blog: High Performance Sales Teams Strive for high competency and high commitment (first installment of a two-part series on sales recruiting). You’ve got sales quotas, plans and deadlines. That adds expense, disrupts your sales team and, potentially, creates a customer service disaster.

Sales Leadership: Why Winners Win!

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My blog on Creating Intensity is also focused on the emotional aspects of sales leadership and sales team performance. Blog: Sales Leadership Thoughts:  Why Winners Win! Salespeople must be trained on the emotional elements of success at the same level that they are trained in pure sales skills training. Work on the positives of life.

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Emotional Sales Leadership

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Blog: Emotional Sales Leadership. I was recently interviewed on a podcast based in Europe around the topic of the importance of emotional leadership. The interviewer asked me a series of questions regarding the topic and why I felt it was a critical success factor for most organizations. So what specifically can any leader do to create Emotional Leadership?

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Trade Shows Can Work!-new idea!

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NOTE: Several weeks ago I wrote a blog on “ Why Trade Shows Don’t Work” , shortly after a good friend, Todd Schnick, wrote me a note to discuss how he makes trade shows work!  I asked Todd to write a blog regarding how he works with organizations in a very unique manner using podcasts.  The blog below is Todd’s.  I hope you enjoy!  Blog:

Content Marketing Playbook: Strategy and Roadmap

you Google it, you’ll find a thousand different blog posts. than thinking about it as a company blog. Its three robust blogs see 2 million. Our blog generated 2 million views. has built blogs with over 100,000 monthly readers for. problems through your content, you’re much more like- ly to get them to read your blog and pick up much more. Introduction 3 II.

Why Can’t I get an accurate forecast?

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Blog: Why can’t I get an accurate forecast? Just week I heard that comment from a new client and he was the President of the company.  Frankly it is a common phase I have often heard from CFO’s, Presidents and VP of Sales-but what’s the resolution? Many consultants would drag out their “scorecards or methodology” to fix the issue, instead let’s first learn to diagnose the signs and why the problem exists.  Beyond your current monthly pipeline values future pipeline dollar values are not listed. What’s the action plan? Third, it takes training. 

Should Salespeople Prospect Anymore?

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LinkedIn: read my blog on Acumen Power Networking or ask me for it: Blog: Should Salespeople Prospect Anymore? Last week during a client’s sales meeting we got into a discussion regarding pipeline values, needless to say the number of prospects and dollar values were insufficient to achieve the overall corporate revenue objectives.

Sales Management: What is your goal–today?

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Blog: Sales Management: What is your goal—today?  . Sales leadership is a constant focus on many various facets of business-it’s one of the reasons sales management is a one of the most difficult jobs in any business.  The person responsible for driving revenues has to focus on their sales team; its activity levels, their sales opportunities, morale/emotion, training, customers, perhaps marketing as well as other departmental interactions. It is because of these numerous aspects that many sales managers get distracted or lose focus. How about you?

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4 Measures to Find Out if Your Prospecting is Effective

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KEN: We have a guest blog this week, during the past year, our research  told us that “prospecting” was the #1 issue  facing sales leaders.  I think you will find this interesting. Blog: 4 Measures To Find Out If Your Prospecting is Effective. By Sean Burke. CEO, KiteDesk. You host and/or participate in webinars and online chats.

Evangelizing a Content Marketing Program

So, naturally, she want- ed Marriott to have a blog, and she wanted Bill Marriott. read a blog from me?” blog post at a time. Marriott’s efforts started with weekly blogs. ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY1 The Ultimate Content Strategist. Playbook No. 1: Evangelizing Content and Setting Yourself Up for Success Copyright © 2015 Contently. Introduction 4 II.

One Action You Can DO to Exceed Your Quota

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It’s not the purpose of this blog, but the first action is to read the last two week’s blogs on “ Hiring High Performance Sales Teams” but reality is here, it’s the third quarter and you have to work with the team that’s in place and your sales goal has been set. Blog: One Action You Can DO to Exceed Your Quota. What do have to lose?

11 Actions Sales Management Must Take Now!

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Blog: 11 Actions Sales Management Must Take Now! Sound investment portfolio-management advice ranges from “hold firm with your existing stocks” to “take advantage of a great opportunity to buy at today’s basement prices”. However, there’s one big difference. Therefore, their perspective must be short-term revenue generation. Mobilize by motivating.  .

Sales Management: The need for creativity

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Past blogs and our monthly newsletters have covered personality styles and time management so this week I thought I would address creativity. Blog: Sales Management: The need for creativity! This past week I had opportunity to work with a great client at their worldwide sales conference in Miami. The good news? What were the results?

7 Benefits of a Prescriptive Sales Process

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Blog: 7 Benefits of a Prescriptive Sales Process. By spelling out the steps that great sales performers use intuitively, you can develop the rest of your sales staff. By taking the time to document what each salesperson should at each step of the sales process you will ensure higher levels of performance. Additional products and services cropped up.

Content Strategy for Marketing

One of your teams successfully released a blog. Content. Strategy for. Marketing: Sustainable, Scalable, and Sale-able As the web weaves into every aspect of your customers’ lives, they expect the. right content in the right place at the right time. Content as an afterthought or. even as a one-time campaign no longer works. Today, marketing is digital, so. content is critical. Content to.

Put a Little Personality into Selling

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Blog: Put a Little Personality into Selling. The concept of selling based on your buyer’s personality style has been around for a while, but I’m often surprised at how many sales professionals aren’t familiar with it. The Director is to the point, and focused on the job. Relationships are not important. Many executives can be analytical.

Selling to the Point

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For those that have read my past blogs or if you have not, I recommend to my clients that at least twice a year that your entire sales team reads the same sales book and discuss one chapter a week.  For more insights on this very special book: and Jeffrey’s blog:  [link]. His blog has been rated in the sales blogs in the world! Books

Hire High Performance Sales Teams # 2

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Blog: Hiring High Performance Sales Teams. Follow this formula to hire sales superstars. Second installment of a two-part article on sales recruiting). “ If you can find good people, they can always change the product/service. Nearly every mistake I’ve made has been in picking the wrong people, not the wrong idea. Arthur Rock, Harvard Business Review, 1987.

If you had it to do over again?

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Blog: If you had it to do over again; what would you do differently-if anything? Self Help for Salespeople. Every high performing salesperson and sales leader most likely has used this phrase to increase their professionalism. Have you? Its purpose? One of the other benefits is during a sales training classroom situation. Which are you?

Study: How Much of Your Content Marketing Is Effective?

For example, Thea Oliver, communications manager at Thrive, said her biggest content failure last year was pushing “guest blogs. produced blog posts this year due to lack of budget and time, and. early days of content marketing as a one-click solution to popu- lating corporate blogs and as a hack for boosting search rankings. Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved.

Build Predictable Revenue

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Blog:  . Build Predictable Revenue In Your Organization. Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever! In recent years, organizations have gotten better at analyzing financial statements, refining manufacturing procedures, reengineering business systems and improving marketing effectiveness. Interestingly, I see many VAR organizations that are struggling. Planning.

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Sales Management Shouldn’t be a Horse Race

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His blog has been rated in the sales blogs in the world! Blog: Sales Management Shouldn’t be a Horse Race. First of all I don’t enjoy gambling and second, I really don’t know how to read a horse racing program. When it comes to betting on a horse race I tend to look at the color of the Jockey’s silks or the name of the horse. Last weekend a group of East Tennessee friends and I attended Keenland horse racing track near Lexington KY for an afternoon “at the races”. It happens in so many aspects of the job of sales leadership. What do I mean?

Six Steps to Exceed Your Summer Quota

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Now is the time to act.  In this blog I wanted to give you some specific tactics to deploy immediately to assist you during the typical summer slow times, while I always  consider that an excuse, there  are proven sales leadership actions you can  take  now that will make a difference in your cash flow this summer. Blog: Exceeding your Summer Quotas.

Sales Management & Discipline

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In past blog’s I have discussed the need for sales management to have discipline, accountability and control, and while I had introduced this to my client several years ago it slipped away. Blog: Sales Management and Discipline. Last week it happened-again. received a call from a former client that was concerned about the status of their sales team and VP of Sales-it seems that their revenue was off more than $2M over the previous year and below their growth goal! The President wanted some answers and certainly a fix. So what are our next steps?

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Staffing and Launching Your Content Marketing Program

blog came from posts that were more than a month. That entire team could stop blogging for a whole. work needed,” he wrote in a blog post. As venture capitalist and content market- ing expert Tomasz Tunguz recently wrote on his blog, “Content is one of the few forms of marketing that has. instance, found that the average post on his blog. All rights reserved.

Inside Scoop on Lead Follow Up Strategies

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Ken: This is a guest blog with wonderful insights from a detailed study on Lead Follow Up Strategies by Accounting Software. Blog: Inside Scoop on Lead Follow Up Strategies. Russ Davidson. Enjoy…and STUDY this. If you’re struggling to connect with web lead contacts, you’re not alone. How many calls should be attempted? Definitely not. versus 22.2%).

Creating Intensity

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Notice, in this blog I used the word Sales Leadership not Sales Management, there are two different aspects to building a high performance sales team, leadership and management- you must know the difference and you must be both! Blog: Creating Intensity. The Job of Sales Management. Series of Tactical Actions to Drive Success. Be on top of everything….

What is all this talk about added value?

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Blog: What is All This Talk about Added Value? mind is like an umbrella, it must be opened to work…. Many organizations express their value on their website or marketing brochures, but fail in this important step of proof. It comes down to the fact that without value added, anybody can do what you do, including your competition.


Know When to Say When

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Salespeople: Know When to Say When.   Ken : Today we have are offering a guest blog from Adam Honig who is the co-founder and CEO of Spiro Technologies. There are many skills a salesperson  needs to perfect to become a legendary seller.  But pushing hard for a sale, no matter the circumstances, isn’t one of them.  Sometimes it’s best to know when to say when. Deals we lost? Or can they?

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

marketing topics on the Webbiquity blog. ranging from single-person businesses to $1 billion+ corporations. A few recent success stories:  Doubled a large office products company's online footprint, launched a successful blog, increased organic search traffic to its main corporate site by 74% over a two- year period, and grew Web-generated leads by 79% in a challenging economic environment.

Efficient Effectiveness: Sales Leadership

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Blog: Sales Management Thought Leadership:  efficient effectiveness. As an Eagle Scout I can discuss the topic of “Be Prepared” easily and based upon this past Sunday it even has more credibility. Boom’s Day” the largest fireworks display in the U.S Did I mention the potential of rain? Do you have a plan? If you lose a salesperson. Leadership Management