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Digital transformation and the CMO: an innovative CIO partnership


In a previous blog post on the changes in (digital) marketing budget allocation, I mentioned how the CMO and other managers and executives will have to learn more about technology and the social and digital tools their customers and employees increasingly use. The truth is that this is just the beginning: in the third platform […].

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Social Business: Four Real-Life Truths about Collaboration


The 3 U’s apply to collaboration as well – source: Nicola Millard (Scribd) I haven’t been blogging a lot in recent months. wrote a blog post about it for the BT Let’s Talk blog which you can read here (thanks to Molly Flat of ’1000 heads’, for picking it up for a blog post on trust in her ‘ spotlight on social triggers ‘ series).

Defining Social Business: a Call for Clarity and Collaboration


Last week I stumbled upon a blog post by Gerardo A. Finally, because this initiative might be the spark for a multi-disciplinary group blog or community and it the end, that’s where value can be created. The rest of this – long – blog post looks at 1) how we define social business , and 2) what business functions and processes are affected. Business is business. Why do that?

Why We Still Fight Over Social Media and Content Marketing


recent flagrant example I saw was the launch of a website/blog filled with tips on healthy eating by a local yoghurt brand. Some of the promised content marketing (debate) blogs: The Content Marketing Echo Chamber Customer Experience Trumps Content Marketing Let Me Wave my Magical Content Wand There Is No Wasted Content Well, there have been many more and even big debates on Forbes.

Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report

resources Blog, social, email Google Analytics, biannual. editor) Blog, social, email, paid distribution Google Analytics, engagement. managing editor) Create 2–4 pieces per month 2–4 pieces per week 1+ pieces per day Blog, social, email, paid. 2,500 Format Blog post. Blog post Longform. blog post Longform. blog post Longform. Content. Definition II.

Social Business Failure Is a Choice: Speaking a Common Language


Blog Social Business Gartner Mark McDonald Michael Brito social businessWe are warned. Gartner predicts 80% of social business efforts will not achieve intended benefits through 2015. There is a problem with that prediction and the perception it creates. In practice, social business is a huge Babylonian confusion. What benefits do we intend to achieve? - How do we track success?

Five Customer Empowerment Tips: the Days of Intuition are Over


In his blog post , Gerry quoted a book by Tomer Sharon,  Search UX Researcher at Google and author of ‘It’s Our Research’. Blog Customer engagement Customer experience Touchpoint marketing customer empowerment GerryMcGovern Tomer SharonYou don’t really need studies to notice customer empowerment. Just ask any retailer of consumer electronics, for instance. So, what is it about?

The Future of Social Media: Identifying the Drivers


Blog Social media marketing Touchpoint marketing Brian Solis disruptive technology Facebook Instagram people-centricity Pinterest social business social network fatigue the future of social media touchpointIt might seem like a challenging task, but it really is not. I’m in the process of writing it and will share my thoughts as I move along. Today, these drivers start being recognized.

Five Cultural Reasons Marketers Fail to Keep Up with Consumers


And if you don’t defend them they will leave or worse attack you with all the social media tools at their disposal” Blog Branding Customer-centricity Marketing optimization Marketing strategy Opinion Touchpoint marketing Bryan Eisenberg buying behavior dialog Gerry McGovern HIPPO Kristin Zhivago optimization organization reputationConsumers are becoming channel-agnostic.

Content Marketing Playbook: Strategy and Roadmap

you Google it, you’ll find a thousand different blog posts. than thinking about it as a company blog. Its three robust blogs see 2 million. Our blog generated 2 million views. has built blogs with over 100,000 monthly readers for. problems through your content, you’re much more like- ly to get them to read your blog and pick up much more. Introduction 3 II.

Content Marketing: What Content People Share And Why They Do It


In decreasing order of importance, Chadwick Martin Bailey and iModerate Research Technologies found, people mostly share news about a family member or friends (81%), family pictures or video (80%), funny videos (63%), coupons/discount (54%) and news articles and blog posts (53%). It’s also clear that consumers want compelling and relevant promotions and that there are several reasons to focus more on content marketing in general and blog marketing specifically. Why do people share content? We seldom talk about what it is. Nor about the complexity of what makes it get shared.

The First Two P’s of Broken Marketing


Blog Marketing strategy Opinion Kristin Zhivago people processesDespite the variety of topics, tactics and speakers, our Fusion Marketing Experience conference last Thursday and Friday clearly revolved around one theme: marketing is broken. We are disconnected from our customers and other departments. The word that was most often mentioned: silos. The organization as a living being.

Altimeter Report: the Convergence of Paid, Owned and Earned Media


If you haven’t, you might be new in marketing or might have missed phenomena such as blogging and forums in the nineties. Blog Marketing strategy Opinion Research Altimeter Group Chris Silva converged media earned media Jeremiah Owyang Jessica Groopman owned media paid media Rebecca LiebCo-author Rebecca Lieb By now, you probably know what paid, owned and earned media are.

Optimize: a Holistic View of Content and Marketing Optimization


Lee Odden, the founder of online marketing agency TopRank and the widely acclaimed TopRank marketing blog, released his new book, “Optimize”. For other countries check out Lee Odden’s blog post announcing the book and outlining the key takeaways here. The consumer is channel-agnostic, and empowerment is not a buzzword. That’s optimization. Check out the whole interview with Lee here.

Evangelizing a Content Marketing Program

So, naturally, she want- ed Marriott to have a blog, and she wanted Bill Marriott. read a blog from me?” blog post at a time. Marriott’s efforts started with weekly blogs. ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY1 The Ultimate Content Strategist. Playbook No. 1: Evangelizing Content and Setting Yourself Up for Success Copyright © 2015 Contently. Introduction 4 II.

What You Really Must Know To Succeed in Social Media Marketing


From forums to blogs: online conversations are happening since years and the success of [.]. Blog Connected marketing Social media marketing social media marketingSocial media and networks have been part of many internet users’s life for the last six to seven years, with services popping up and falling down at an astonishing pace. And, yet,  social media marketing is still a very “hot&# topic.

The Rise of Digital Influence: From Persuasion and Passion to Action


Blog Research Social media marketing Altimeter Group Brian Solis digital influence infliuencer marketing influencers persuasion relevance Robert B. (Digital) influence is the capacity to affect others to take actions and/or change opinions or behavior. It can happen directly (persuasion) and indirectly. However, it is always characterized by the resulting actions and changes. Cialdini.

Brian Solis on Digital Darwinism and Customer-Centricity


Blog Connected marketing Customer-centricity Interview Social media marketing Brian Solis customer-centricity Digital Darwinism new consumerism The End of Business As UsualAs you probably know, Brian Solis published a new book a while back, called ‘The End of Business as Usual’. Since it’s an ideal time to catch up with my reading before going underground for the end of the year, I asked Brian some questions that are related to the ideas he develops in it.  [.].

Social Media ROI: Check Before You Start


Blog Management Social media marketing Jim Lenskold marketing ROI return on influence return on investment social media ROIAn army of social media thinkers has deemed it useful to redefine ROI. In 2010, Brian Solis introduced it in his book Engage! as Return on Influence (and also as Return on Investment, Return on Involvement, Return on Innovation and Relevance of Interaction). The term Return on Influence (now Realization of Influence as well) [.].

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Study: How Much of Your Content Marketing Is Effective?

For example, Thea Oliver, communications manager at Thrive, said her biggest content failure last year was pushing “guest blogs. produced blog posts this year due to lack of budget and time, and. early days of content marketing as a one-click solution to popu- lating corporate blogs and as a hack for boosting search rankings. Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved.

Is Touchpoint Marketing the Only Marketing Left?


Blog Customer experience Opinion Touchpoint marketing content marketing customer experience touchpoint marketingContent marketers like to use Seth Godin’s famous saying that ‘Content marketing is the only marketing left’. Content is obviously crucial in marketing. It has always been. It just took businesses a very long time to realize it, helped by what we call ‘content marketing’.

Content Marketing As A Process: Three Rules Before Starting


Blog Blogging Content marketing Conversion Opinion AIDAS content marketing conversion customer life cycle customer-centricity lead management metrics ROIContent marketing is defined as a marketing technique. However, it’s also  a process that it is very connected – and thus should be aligned – with several marketing purposes and business processes. Note that the definition of content marketing as a technique should not make you focus too much on the content itself. To succeed, [.].

Context Marketing in Context: Beyond Inbound and Content


However, it got picked up by more people after HubSpot’s INBOUND 2012 conference this summer where context and context marketing was among the main takeaways as so many people resumed them on their blogs. Sometimes a simple manual is better than a series of blog posts, trust me. Everything evolves and so does marketing. Today, things evolve faster. It’s not about content. Great. 

Social Media Metrics: Jim Sterne on why, what and how to measure


Blog Connected marketing Social CRM Social media marketing Jim Sterne social media metrics social media ROI web analyticsIn his book ‘Social Media Metrics’, Jim Sterne says: “The Internet has always been a social medium”. And he’s right where he writes that the Internet is the first many-to-many communication channel. The Internet is nothing more than a [.].

Staffing and Launching Your Content Marketing Program

blog came from posts that were more than a month. That entire team could stop blogging for a whole. work needed,” he wrote in a blog post. As venture capitalist and content market- ing expert Tomasz Tunguz recently wrote on his blog, “Content is one of the few forms of marketing that has. instance, found that the average post on his blog. All rights reserved.

Open Letter to the CxO: Can You Survive the Age of Integration and Collaboration?


And, guess what: that’s what employees expect from IT as this recent blog post by Forrester indicates. But it  is far from actualized – despite the rosy picture some surveys depict – as Edwin Hageman , CEO of BT Benelux wrote in an excellent post yesterday, referring to research and market feedback (disclaimer: BT is a customer but I fully stand behind the blog post).

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Successful Social Business Pilot Projects: Benefits of Starting Small


Blog Social Business social business pilot projectsIn a previous post I looked at how the ‘people and process’ part matters before all in what we call social business (WIIFM, speaking the same language, common intended benefits, etc.). These two P’s are not new but repeatedly get overlooked, especially when technological and societal evolutions are still in the hype faze.

Recruitment and Social: the Shift in Control Employers Forget


Blog Research Generation Facebook HR hyphen recruitment social businessGeneration Facebook - tomorrow's employee - is watching you You heard it before: the consumer is increasingly in control, and marketers have a hard time catching up and reconnecting with an increasingly connected consumer. Your future employees are connected and demanding consumers as well. And it impacts recruitment.

Achieving Omnichannel Customer Loyalty: Tips and Infographic


And it continues: “it’s not about offering a discount, it’s about offering someone the right offer at the right time” That’s indeed what we often talked about on this blog. Blog Customer loyalty customer loyalty Kobie omnichannelIt’s as a I wrote in my previous post about customer empowerment. It starts with acquisition the infographic says.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

marketing topics on the Webbiquity blog. ranging from single-person businesses to $1 billion+ corporations. A few recent success stories:  Doubled a large office products company's online footprint, launched a successful blog, increased organic search traffic to its main corporate site by 74% over a two- year period, and grew Web-generated leads by 79% in a challenging economic environment.

IAB Europe AdEx Benchmark Europe 2012: Facts Behind the Numbers


Blog Opinion Research AdEx Benchmark Europe 2012 Alain Heureux display advertising IAB Europe online advertising searchAlain Heureux, IAB Europe According to the IAB Europe AdEx Benchmark Europe 2012, the online advertising market in Europe rose to a total market value of €20.9bn in 2011, a year-over-year growth by 14.5%. Ask any serious agency. The sound and measurable results of search.

Marketers Need Return On Marketing Investment Now


ROMI: make a difference TODAY Jim Lenskold courtesy of MarketCulture Blog However, it does mean that optimization, analysis and forecasting are more crucial than ever , in order to ‘survive’ the economic crisis and be stronger and more customer-oriented once it’s over. Marketing ROI. The crisis is hitting hard, and accountability is priority number one today. And it’s about time.


The Key Question Marketers Forget to Ask


Blog Customer-centricity customer-centric Kristin Zhivago touch points“What do we want?”. It is the question marketers (and managers) ask each time they consider launching a new project or solving a business question. Answering it is a must if you want to develop a proper strategy. Define the goals, analyze the best ways to achieve them, determine how to measure success, launch, [.].

B2B: Involve Your Sales People in Social Media Marketing and CRM Now


Smart sales people perfectly understand the ‘climate’ and market situation, in which your business operates, and are an important source of knowledge that should lead to smarter content marketing, blogging, social media and cross-channel initiatives. Of course, it’s not the only division in most cases. Many businesses underestimate that. Social media really helps sell, if you do it right.

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Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness

blogs anymore—they’re. of the “brand blog,”. out short blog posts, some brands switched their. blogs—they’re navigating all of the opportunities. Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. contently.comBy Jordan Teicher Content. Marketing. 2016 STAFFING, MEASUREMENT, AND. Introduction II. Methodology III. Key Findings IV. Results and Analysis V. But in 2015, a.

Content in Context: How Sharing Equals Creating Content


Take a blog post, for instance. And the same goes for blog posts or other forms of (mainly but not only) digital content. Blog Content marketing content in context customer media congresLast Thursday I spoke at the Customer Media Conference in Haarlem, The Netherlands. The topic: content in context. But in a way that’s how I like it: real-time or better, right-time. Content?