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The Whole Truth - Why CEOs Need to Know What Makes Sales and Marketing Click


Only with an allbound approach will you be able to effectively meet your revenue goals. Matt Heinz, president of Heinz Marketing, says in his blog : “Inbound marketing can be both highly effective and highly inefficient. If you’re relying on inbound marketing and leads only today, you will soon reach a point at which you can no longer effectively scale your business.

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3 Steps for Effective Sales Lead Follow Up (none are the Hail Mary)


Kizer stated after the game: “Say, that Hail Mary is the best play we’ve got.”. The best known examples are Staubach to Person in 1975 and Flutie to Phelan in 1984. Here are my step-by-step recommendations for effective lead follow-up: I. Use best practice processes in lead follow-up and sales execution and substantially increase your revenue and commissions. Period.

Does Your Sales Team Know How to Follow-Up on a Lead?


Today we will discuss why it’s vital for marketing to develop a training guide for sales so all are on the same page as far as understanding what constitutes a lead in your organization, and what’s the best way to follow up on one. Many sales reps lack insights on the best way to follow up on a lead. Develop a lead hand-off process and follow-up best practices.

The Skinny on Lead Nurturing - 11 Experts Weigh In (part 1 of 2)


It's a critical component in the sales and marketing process; yet, most companies aren't implementing it effectively—that is, if they are at all. feel so strongly that nurturing needs to be a focus, I asked a panel of 11 experts to weigh in on the best lead nurturing programs (and processes) and what to expect in the coming year. This year I've been talking a lot about Nurturing.

Study: How Much of Your Content Marketing Is Effective?


4 Tips to Power Up Prospecting in 2015: #1 Believe it Works!


Prospecting continues to be an effective and successful way of identifying and creating opportunities. The Essential Handbook for Prospecting and New Business Development became a #1 Amazon Best-Seller and spent a full year as the Top-Rated book in its category. Earlier this year I sat in on the 2015 Virtual Sales Kickoff hosted by my friend S. Simplified.: He is spot on. Simplified.:

Q&A With Dave Stein and Steve Andersen


PMI), an industry-leading sales best practices consulting firm, and Dave is the founder of the independent advisory firm ES Research Group, Inc. At the end of every chapter, we have included a set of diagnostic questions that readers can use to drill down on what they’re doing right, where they could use improvement, and how to move forward with greater effectiveness. Q. A remarkable new book is changing the way that B2B sales professionals think about, approach, and serve their customers. How did the two of you decide to collaborate on this book? A. Relationships matter.

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Changing the Sales Conversation [PowerViews LIVE Highlights]


On Tuesday, May 12, 2015, I had the pleasure of hosting Linda Richardson on PowerViews LIVE for an informative discussion on Changing the Sales Conversation: How to More Effectively Sell in Today’s Hyper-digital World. Are you determined and ready to selling more effectively? Buyers have changed and so must sellers. What’s a salesperson to do? What’s the impact on the salesperson?

4 Revenue Sources Most ROI Calculators Miss (Part 1 of 2)


In the epiphany stage they want education and unique perspectives; in the awareness stage they want product information and subject matter experts (SMEs); and in the interest stage they want benchmarks and best practices.”. Effective follow-up on pipeline, nurture and no-response prospects can triple the revenue from marketing campaigns. It doesn’t have to be that way.

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Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report

Methodology: A Best. by Rebecca Lieb and Joe Lazauskas 2Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report I. MICHAEL MARGOLIS 4Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report Create the most effective. Content methodology is a process to continuously improve the effectiveness of a. 6Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report II. effectiveness.

How to Set Your Outsourced Lead Generation Program Up for Success (pt 3)


In the first 2 parts of this series we discussed the role of executives and best practices for planning and preparation when outsourcing your lead generation program. The best example of this is an appointment setting company that charges by the appointment. Part III: Expectations for ongoing success: marketing and sales accountability. The Right Expectations. Guess what?

Are Your Sales Suffering Because You've Picked The Worst Times To Contact Prospects?


Cold calling, contacting someone you don’t already to know, is one of the most effective ways to make a business connection because it’s so direct and personal. Research has shown that the best time to contact a prospect is between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. The best weekday to call is Thursday, followed by Tuesday then Wednesday. Why Cold Calling Still Works. Cold Call Timing.

How the CEO Can Enhance Sales, Marketing, and the Executive Branch


In the epiphany stage they want education and unique perspectives; in the awareness stage they want product information and subject matter experts (SMEs); and in the interest stage they want benchmarks and best practices.". Someone once told me that CEOs don’t care about leads. They only care about revenue. They go into a black hole (sometimes called CRM). It doesn’t have to be that way.

Marketing Needs to Put Skin in the Game


This three-tiered approach enables marketing to collaborate more effectively and efficiently with sales in a coordinated effort to push leads through to closed business.”. The net-net is, when marketing keeps its focus on sourcing leads, using tools and best-practice processes that continually measure results, marketing is able to prove its value to the organization, keep budgets growing and get the credit for revenue contribution that it deserves. Make marketing accountable for sourcing revenue is the third of 7 Truths about Sales and Marketing that CEOs need to know.

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Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness

EFFECTIVENESS ACROSS THE INDUSTRY 2Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness Across the Industry I. Introduction 4 Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness Across the Industry Red Bull has long been the strongest example of this. latest trends, and the ones with the best reputations. effectiveness of their content.

REVENUE: The Golden Opportunity with Big Data and Content Marketing


like this approach, because it tests various types of content for effectiveness. Lesson learned: Don’t depend on your chief writer to tell you which piece of content works best. By Christopher Hosford, editor-in-chief, HosfordGroup. Never before have marketers had so much information about prospects, customers, the competition, and the markets they hope to reach.

B2B Marketing & Sales Insights from Lori Wizdo of Forrester Research


So it’s not in their best interest to work on leads that aren’t going to close this quarter. Even if marketers do a fantastic job, should sales people have the ability to accept or reject leads so those leads can be more effectively nurtured? I had the great the opportunity to interview Lori Wizdo , B2B marketing analyst at Forrester Research. Lori is a senior analyst with extensive marketing, sales, and operation experience in the information systems and software industries. Does that figure depend on the type of solution? It’s directionally correct to make that point.

Marketing and Sales: Done Well (2015) Do Better (2016) - Part 3 of 3


It’s a relief to see a return to a balanced approach to selling, and those sales teams who best blend new methods and old, using all means available, had, and will continue to have, the most success. The “Amazon” effect will continue to force sales organizations to get clear on their differentiators, add more value to the customer experience or resign themselves to be replaced by a drone.

Power Opinions - Experts Select Top Three Social Media Tools


Carlos Hidalgo from Annuitas recommends that “organizations should be training their teams on how to use it effectively”. Anthony Iannarino (who listed blogs first on his list) stated that, “The best social media tool you will ever have isn’t a tool. We have had over 30 PowerViews interviews in the past year and I thought it would be fun to ask our PowerViews alumni a question about social media. The question was: What are the top three social media tools (ranked in order) and why? Still my favorite!”. Four listed blogs. Not surprisingly, S. It is your personal blog. Thanks alum

Evangelizing a Content Marketing Program

ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY5 Matthews quickly convinced Marriott he was the best. how to “do content marketing” effectively, there’s no. brands experiencing declining social media effective- ness and came to a clear conclusion: " We’ve reached a tipping point where. as effective, compared to a 35 percent average. Tracking the effect that. 16% 2.9%

How Much Do Your Leads Cost?


So while the leads were cost effectively generated, none panned out, and all money spent was wasted. In fact, proactive outbound prospecting produced the most cost-effective method of highly qualified sales opportunities while other sources cost substantially more—as much as two to nine times more. Understand the price you are paying for your leads and then optimize.

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B2B Prospecting Data Just Keeps Getting Better


But new research indicates that B2B prospecting data is much more detailed these days, and includes a plethora of variables to choose from, for refining your targeting, or for building predictive models, to pick your targets even more effectively. We recommend that marketers test several vendors, to see which best suit their needs, and conduct a comparative test before you buy.

Put A Judicial Branch In Place to Eliminate Wasted Leads


One of the reasons leads don’t get followed up effectively is, according to Mike Weinberg, author of New Sales Simplified and Sales Management Simplified is because there is a lack of persistence and quality in the follow-up. Note that the seventh “truth” in this blog series will deal with best practices in sales follow-up on leads.). How many were generated? How many are progressing?

PowerViews with Kyle Porter: How Can You Sell If You’re Always On?


There’s no silver bullet in sales, he said, but one of the biggest mistakes people make is to create content — a blog, a slideshow, a video interview — and not share it wisely and effectively on social media. Click to start video at this point — It’s easy to imagine that Twitter and LinkedIn are the best places to sell yourself, but you should offer to serve others first, Kyle says.

Staffing and Launching Your Content Marketing Program

compounding effect. from the best practices we learned from our own. ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY11 A clear sense of identity is what categorizes the best. The late, great David Carr put it best when he said, “Creating. we’ve found putting our readers first is the best way to. ROI Best practices for tying content to business results.

'Gold Calling' Is Alive and Well


think this quote from Friedrich Nietzsche says it best: “The visionary lies to himself, the liar only to others.”. there are four significant differences between quality outbound (Gold Calling) and so-called “interruption marketing” or old-fashioned cold calling: Gold Calling requires a strategic approach to planning including a detailed playbook, market identification and segmentation, lead qualification criteria, development of detailed reporting, effective training and weekly contact between the Gold callers and the field staff (or channel) receiving the leads. Cold vs. Gold.

Best of PowerViews: Exciting Future for Inside Sales Experts


We should definitely start analyzing the metrics so we can be more effective in closing sales and generating better leads. Over the last year, I’ve had the privilege of interviewing over 30 influential B2B sales and marketing leaders. It has been a pleasure to interview each of them and share perspectives on topics ranging from B2B lead generation and inside sales to social media trends and personal branding. Each interview is available on our blog and YouTube channel. Below are some highlights from recent interviews. Enjoy! Today''s Featured Guests. Not Enough Leads. Processes. Tools.

Successful Lead Generation - One Size Does Not Fit All


Despite their best intentions, many B2B companies are not able to generate the frequent high-quality content necessary to fuel an inbound marketing lead generation program. One firm that benefited from an effective outbound prospect development program was Joulex. Top performing B2B sales organizations rarely employ just one lead generation tactic. According to recent research, B2B companies are using multiple lead generation tactics including, email marketing, search engine optimization, teleprospecting, inbound marketing, direct mail and trade shows. Build it and they will come.”

PowerViews with Anthony Iannarino: Changing Business Models


You can also read his feature article Make 2013 Your Best Sales Year Ever in the January 2013 issue of Success Magazine. Click to start video at this point — The fact that most sales teams don’t even know how to use little data effectively should indicate that trying to tackle big data would be a fruitless task. The client who you can do the best work for and create the most value.

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B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

distribution and lead nurturing, to more effectively communicate with prospective buyers at each stage of funnel. them the best rather than reaching for more eyeballs. This content is effectively evergreen because it is updated and. the workforce around social business best practices. in training to enable their teams to make the best use of these new capabilities.

Good Reads for B2B Sales - Cold Calling Revisited


Modeling is more effective if managers and salespeople set asside time for pre-work and analysis after observation. Roland Nadeau of Integrate B2B advises that B2B sales organizations stay in a closing state of mind with three tips: Buy the right leads, leverage channels and budgets effectively, and optimize offer types to maximize engagement. Going Beyond Cost-Benefit Analysis.

Good Reads for B2B Marketing - 5 Buyer Behaviors Reshaping B2B Marketing


Ryan also observed that new attendees aren''t just tire-kickers and prospects are armed with more knowledge than ever—asking tough questions for which the best B2B marketers must be prepared. According to a study from the Chief Marketing Officer Council, 9 out of 10 B2B buyers ranked online content as having at least a moderate effect on their choice of vendors. Via GreatB2BMarketing.

Successful Content Marketing Plans Do 1 Thing Really Well


Is your business-to-business (B2B) content marketing plan creating re-action beyond sharing? I’ve been using LinkedIn and blogging to generate B2B leads and sales very effectively lately. Whether you’re a service or product marketer, this is the best content for blogs or any B2B content marketing vehicle you publish. Provoke an Action. I did not link back to my content; rather, I quoted my expert’s best sound byte. Today's guest blogger is Jeff Molander. In fact, most content marketing plans fail because they're invested in popular wisdom that is fatally flawed. Good luck!

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Is Your Funnel Full of Fool's Gold?


So, what’s the best way to rid the funnel of fool’s gold (leads that may look good at first blush, but are actually not worth much)? How can you most effectively fill it instead with solid gold leads that have high potential of closing? To get these two areas to work in concert and to most effectively and efficiently do their respective jobs, means marketing must add an important function to its organization: Prospect development. In this take-it-or-leave-it scenario, nobody wins. The role of prospect development is to close the gap between marketing and sales.

Content Marketing Playbook: Strategy and Roadmap

effectiveness, compared with 32 percent of those who. approach delivers the best results: Target a primary and. two audience segments at at time can jeopardize the fo- cus and effectiveness of a nascent content operation. ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY1 The Ultimate Content Strategist. Playbook No. 2: Strategy and Roadmap Copyright © 2015 Contently. years prior.

PowerViews with Carlos Hidalgo: A Holistic Approach to Driving the Demand Process


think having an inbound strategy that’s integrated with an outbound strategy—and again, ultimately a buyer-centric strategy and an engagement strategy that includes both of those—is key to any kind of success that an organization wants to have. I don’t believe starting a conversation with outbound is the best way. I am pleased to have as my guest today Carlos Hidalgo of the Annuitas Group.