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Anatomy of a Blog Redesign – 10 Best Practices from Marketo

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Jon Miller (@jonmiller) The Marketo Marketing Blog has long been one of Marketo’s most important and valuable marketing strategies. This post shares 10 best practices for blog design that we have incorporated into our new blog, and why. Multiple paths to social. Social validation. Merchandise our best content. Multiple paths to social.

Social is Coming: If Social Networks Played the Game of Thrones [Infographic]

Modern B2B Marketing

If you’re marketing on social , the rises and falls to power on  Game of Thrones  are all-too familiar. Social networks rise to the top, only to be acquired by Facebook or bested by a competitor. Long-established power players can be wiped out in a single investor battle; virtual unknowns become household names practically overnight.

Marketo’s Definitive Guide to Lead Scoring

Fearless Competitor

That’s where lead scoring comes in and our friends at Marketo published The Definitive Guide to Lead Scoring. Marketo’s workbooks are famed for their simplicity and elegance and this an another great one. Score what’s happening in social media. Based on best practices from thought leaders like SiriusDecisions and Forrester. What do you think?

Marketo’s “Secret Sauce” Marketing Approach

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B2B Lead Generation | Learning from the Best. believe one of the best ways for you to learn about how to improve fiscal results is to look at how the best-performing businesses do it. Marketo , sponsor of our white paper, How to Find New Customers , is one of the fastest growing companies on Earth. Marketo recently toured the country hosting Revenue Rock Star events.

Top online marketers on Twitter


included content marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing, inbound marketing, email marketing, acquisition marketing, B2B marketing, network marketing, and search engine marketing. marketoMarketo. MediaMktgIT — Social Media Mktg IT. Social Business. Socialfave — Social Fave. Why discriminate. Cision — Cision.

The Definitive Guide to Marketing Metrics by Marketo

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You’ll find answers in Marketo’s just released Definitive Guide to Marketing Metrics. Written by Jon Miller, Co-Founder and VP of Marketing at Marketo , this white paper shows why Jon has one of the sharpest minds in B2B marketing today. strongly suggest you click on the image above, which takes you to the Marketo landing page to download this terrific new document.

How to Navigate the Social Ad Spend Solar System [Infographic]

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Mike Tomita Social media is a popular channel of choice, with 2.31 billion active social media users and 1.97 billion active mobile social media users worldwide, according to data from We Are Social—and it’s getting better by the minute. Luckily, advertising on social media platforms is also improving—for both marketers  and  our audience.

Do consultants make the best executives?

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became VP of Sales and Marketing for TurnTo Networks ) and Jep Castelein of LeadSloth ( joined Marketo ) And why are they better choices for those companies than hiring from competitors? Here are 3 things that consultants offer that you don’t find with the usual candidates: Consultants have world-class networks (Top industry gurus know and trust them.). Nigel Edelshain.

Revenue Performance Management: An interview with Jon Miller, VP Marketing and Co-founder of Marketo

Sales Lead Insights

Jon Miller is VP marketing and co-founder of Marketo , one of the marketing automation solutions supported by AcquireB2B , our B2B agency specializing in driving more leads and sales with B2B marketing automation. The fact is the current sales and marketing model is at best obsolete, and at worst, totally dysfunctional. What's your take on the current state of Marketing and Sales?

Marketo’s 1,000th Blog Post: Our Modern Marketing Definition Revisited

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Jon Miller (@jonmiller) This is the 1,000th post to Marketo’s blog.  It seems fitting to commemorate the occasion by revisiting our very first post, “ Modern B2B Marketing Defined ”, and commenting on what’s changed – and what hasn’t – since August 8, 2006. The social media revolution. Social makes the “individualization” problem harder and more important. Buy now!)

Identifying the Hottest Social Networks and Niche Sites for Your Target Audience

Modern B2B Marketing

by Maria Pergolino In the buyer driven atmosphere of 2011, B2B marketing can’t ignore social media.  For the last decade, the net has been morphing into one huge social community with niches of interest breaking off and creating their own networking sites. Internet users now visit a social network each month, with the average visitor spending more than 4 hours monthly.

Why do some companies prosper – despite a terrible economy?

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Here are a few of the really fast growers (and job creators): Marketo. F5 Networks. Here are a few things they all do: Each invested heavily in marketing – (For instance, Marketo spends 80 cents for every dollar spent in sales.). Each uses a scientific approach to marketing – using carefully designed and measured processes, including social media. “U.S.

The Problem with Reliance on Junior Marketing Folks

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We love your comments (enter below) and we invite you to share on social networks. sponsored by Marketo ). Sales Leads sales process sales-ready leads Social Media Social Networks Trigger EventsB2B demand generation | The problem with junior marketing members. typical young lady in marketing. It’s been confirmed by many other marketing experts too.

7 Ways to Generate Leads on Social Media

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Lisa Marcyes When you hear the term lead generation, social media probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind…but maybe it should be. In this blog, I’ll outline seven ways that  you can generate leads on social media: 1. Everyone loves freebies, so consider hosting a sweepstake or offering giveaways on social media. Paid Social Ads. Special Offers.

3 Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Might Be Making and How to Avoid Them

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Lisa Marcyes If you stop and think about it, social media is now a constant in almost every aspect of our lives—work, politics, breaking news, keeping in touch with friends, you name it. In fact, the growth in global social media users is continuing to climb, with over 76% of internet-using U.S. adults engaging on one or more social media platforms, according to Pew Research.

Social Media and SEO: When and How They Work Together

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Nate Dame The connection between  social media marketing  and SEO can be confusing. Do social media signals impact search rankings? Should the social media team have a stake in SEO? Part of the confusion here comes from the fact that Google treats social media posts as individual web pages when it comes to search. Social Media Can Drive Page Views and Engagement.

Introducing the Definitive Guide to Social Media Marketing

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Elaine Ip As a marketer, are you using social media to reach the 67.4% of internet users who are on it? Social media is now status quo in a business’ digital presence. Users expect to see their favorite brands on social media and are having conversations about your brand—whether or not you’re a part of them. Networking and Peer-to-Peer Influence. Increase Demand.

6 Ways to Make Social Measurable

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Frank Passantino Today, social media is responsible for driving a huge amount of marketing interactions. Through the numerous first- and second-degree connections social networking has made visible, businesses can leverage peer-to-peer influencing to create and maintain valuable relationships. But how can you measure your social marketing ? Social Media

How Brands Can Create Lasting Relationships on Social Media

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Lisa Marcyes When I think about what makes social media so unique, I always come back to one thing: relationships. Through social media and analytics, marketers can understand their audience base in ways we never could before. Let’s take a look at the numbers that prove the value of social media further. Engaging on social media platforms can feel overwhelming at times.

Tying Facebook Leads Directly to Revenue: A Marketo Example

Modern B2B Marketing

by Jason Miller Want to know the ROI of social media? With our latest Facebook campaign, we are doing just that; tying leads generated by Facebook directly into our revenue pipeline via Marketo. We developed a custom Facebook application that generates a special offer and is powered by a Marketo form. We can now measure the marketing ROI of our social efforts. So do we.

The Ultimate Social Media Event Marketing Checklist [Infographic]

Modern B2B Marketing

by Jason Miller Having a solid social media plan in place around your marketing events is essential to boosting engagement and overall awareness. Before an event your social channels are a great way to spread the word while pulling in registrants that are not currently in your database. B2B Marketing Event Marketing Infographic Social Media

5 Steps to Amplify Your Paid Social Campaigns

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Divya Dutt In the last year or so, advertising on social channels has changed tremendously. Lately, major networks have changed their algorithms to give their users a better experience—one with less promotional content and more relevant content that they want to see. In fact, eMarketer reports that by 2017, social network ad spending will reach $35.98

The Fundamentals of Increasing Web Traffic from Social Media

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Daniel Kushner Social media marketing, for B2B companies, often means one thing: generating new leads. The trick is, your social marketing should ensure  this happens. With a shrewd social media management strategy, you can create an experience for your followers that naturally funnels them towards what you have to offer, ultimately increasing your web traffic.

Guide Your Buyers Through the Customer Journey with Social Media

Modern B2B Marketing

Marketers are seeing a tremendous shift in how buyers are researching and buying, particularly on social media platforms. In fact, 55% of B2B buyers do their research by using social networks, according to a study, and Forbes research revealed that 78% of people say that their buying decisions are influenced by a company’s social media posts. 

3 Key Takeaways from Social Media Marketing World

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Lisa Marcyes Last week, I was in sunny San Diego for Social Media Marketing World, where I had the opportunity to attend several amazing breakout sessions, hear from industry thought leaders, and meet incredible visionaries from the social media field. According to Social Media Examiner’s Michael Stelzner, only 17% of marketers are utilizing live streaming.

How B2B Marketers Are Scoring Big with Social Media [Infographic]

Modern B2B Marketing

by Jason Miller The results of the fourth annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report are in. Conducted by Social Media Examiner, the survey asked more than 3,800 marketers where they focus their social media activities, how much time they invest and what the rewards are for doing so. B2B Marketing Infographic Modern B2B Marketing Social Media

17 Signs You Eat, Sleep, and Breathe Social Media Marketing

Modern B2B Marketing

You give yourself a high five when people personally tell you how great one of your social posts was. You take it personally when people say social media does not work for lead generation , or that it’s a waste of time. 7. You’re not too thrilled when a new social network emerges out of nowhere. 8. You can name 5 social media and content influencers in 10 seconds.

Attribution Matters: Demystifying Social ROI in B2B Marketing

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Aleece Germano As a digital marketer, you might be asking yourself this question: “Where’s my (social) ROI?” Your Your peers tell you it’s impossible: “You want to attribute revenue dollars to social? Now, let’s explore how to measure the ROI of B2B social campaigns with multi-touch attribution: 1. You just created a lead from social. 3. Measure

Buying software is easy. Fixing lead generation is hard.

Fearless Competitor

SaaS marketing products like Marketo , Hubspot , Eloqua and the like are very, very easy to buy. This is not a knock on products from companies such as Marketo, Eloqua, Silverpop, Neolane, and Pardot. Optimize the website , blog and social media based on keywords (so you rank well in search.). B2B Lead Generation | Buying stuff is easy – fixing problems is hard.

A Winning Business Philosophy: “Everything We Do Is Impossible”


Do you have the processes and best practices to make what was thought to be impossible possible? Jon Miller, VP-marketing at Marketo Inc., Demand Generation Lead Generation b2b marketing B2B social media home social media campaign social media marketing social media policy social media programs social media strategy social networking

Marketo’s Greatest Hits of 2012 – A B2B Marketing Retrospective

Modern B2B Marketing

Social, content, and marketing automation have all intersected and are now working together to help B2B marketers execute targeted campaigns, better measure their results, and ultimately drive more revenue. Instead I present to you the most popular Marketo blog posts from 2011 based on views and shares. Tips, best practices, and real world numbers on using Facebook to generate leads.

Buying software is easy. Fixing Lead Generation is hard.

Fearless Competitor

SaaS marketing automation products like Marketo , Hubspot , Eloqua and the like are very, very easy to buy. This is not a knock on products from companies such as Marketo, Eloqua, Silverpop, Neolane, Aprimo, and Pardot. Optimize the website , blog and social media based on keywords (so you rank well in search.). B2B Lead Generation | Buying stuff is easy – fixing problems is hard. If you want to make sales quota in 2012, get started today! Right now! Immediately! Give them a credit card, they give you a login. The transaction can be completed in minutes. It does not.

The ROI of Paid Social Media Ads

Modern B2B Marketing

by Jon Miller One question we hear all the time from customers is how to measure the ROI of social media. While I won’t talk here about the ROI of all social media, I do want to drill into the return on paid social media advertising. For the last year or so, Marketo has been testing all these channels to determine what works and what doesn’t. Here’s what we’ve learned!

ROI 57

Top Findings from the Marketo Email Marketing Benchmark

Modern B2B Marketing

by Jon Miller The Marketo Email Marketing Benchmark tracks what’s working – and what’s not – for today’s email marketers and top performers. For even more email marketing findings and best practices, watch my American Marketing Association webinar , where I drill into some of the coolest findings from this innovative benchmark. More findings.

4 Things You Can Learn From Non-Profit Social Media Success

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Shanna Cook Many brand marketers at for-profit companies are accustomed to working with a large marketing budgets that fund their vast array of marketing activities from events, to syndicated content to paid social media advertising. But not everyone has that luxury, and I’m inspired by how non-profits, often with limited budgets, use social media to drive successful campaigns.

Drop the “Social” Prefix Already…It’s Just “Selling”

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Ray Carroll “Social selling”. Fast forward a few years and these gray hairs from Marketo’s IPO run have made me just a little wiser. The truth is this: if you are selling SaaS and you aren’t building a brand or presence on social networks like Twitter or LinkedIn, you are missing out on opportunities to be found, and not investing enough in your personal brand.

4 Holiday Social Campaigns That Win & Why

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Shanna Cook It’s that time of year again — when all is merry and bright on social media, full of good hashtag tidings from your favorite brands. As a consumer, the holiday campaigns that I am most likely to engage with and share on my own social channels are the ones that don’t necessarily offer a discount code, but reflect a piece of my personality.

Facebook Stats that Every Social Marketer Should Know

Modern B2B Marketing

Smart marketers are already using Facebook’s impressive reach to their own advantage, but the network is still relatively new and constantly evolving. As a marketer, this kind of data is invaluable – read on to get a prime sample of their findings: Is There a “Best” Day to Post on Facebook? Social Media Author: Maggie Jones With over 1.23

Stats 61

4 BtoB Marketing Action Items for 2011

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This will provide a high level overview of business to business lead generation best practices in a simple, easy to comprehend format. You’ll be ready to purchase important components like marketing automation from companies like Eloqua , Marketo and Silverpop. We love your comments and appreciate you sharing on social networks too. Thank God. contact-form].

BtoB 52

5 Ways to Respond to Twitter Killing Off Lead Generation Ads

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Scott Minor Many marketers, including our team at Marketo, use Twitter as an effective platform for reaching potential and existing customers. However, there was no shortage of negative press for the micro-blogging social network this year. Here’s an example of a Website Card we ran on Twitter to promote our new Definitive Guide to Social Media Marketing.