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4 Actionable Insights from Google Search Console Search Analytics Reports

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Enter Google Search Console’s Search Analytics Report. Per Google webmaster’s help references , the Search Analytics Report shows how often a website appears in Google search results, which can be filtered and grouped by categories such as query, page, date, or device. Google Search Console Search Analytics Report. Branded versus Non-Branded Search.

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How Do Your Google AdWords Metrics Compare to Industry Averages? [New Benchmark Data]


Trouble is, mastering Google AdWords is really tricky. The study reveals a ton of helpful industry-specific benchmarks for both search and display ads, including average clickthrough rate (CTR), average cost-per-click (CPC), average conversion rate (CVR), and average cost-per-action (CPA). Average Clickthrough Rate (CTR). Did you find these benchmarks helpful?

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The proof is in the pudding – The essential benchmarks for all B2B Marketer’s

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Source: UK email benchmark report. The average click through rates for banners hovers at 0.2%, but try increasing your success by 300×250 banners which see an average of 0.35% CTR. Catch them on Google. But without these benchmarks as the foundation of your campaign it is sadly just a group of pretty pictures, clever thinking and empty promises. What are you experiences of campaign results and researching benchmarks for campaigns in B2B? B2B B2B data B2B Statistics B2B benchmarks B2B marketing KPIs marketing benchmarks marketing budget

4 Actionable Insights from Google Search Console Search Analytics Reports

KoMarketing Associates

Enter Google Search Console’s Search Analytics Report. Per Google webmaster’s help references , the Search Analytics Report shows how often a website appears in Google search results, which can be filtered and grouped by categories such as query, page, date, or device. recommend further filtering the default report to show impressions, CTR, and average position, as well as clicks to the website. Google Search Console Search Analytics Report. In similar fashion, how is the CTR so high for non-branded results overall? Keyword Theme Visibility.

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24 Exceptional Email Marketing Tips, Techniques and Tactics


” Email Marketing Benchmarks, Facts and Statistics. Penn provides step-by-step instructions one how to use Google Analytics data to identify high-volume, high CTR search queries you can test as email subject lines “to see if your audience is as interested in your emails as they are in what’s bringing them to your website.” How can you minimize unsubscribes?

Add Google Analytics to Emails and Gain B2B Lead Generation Intelligence

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He was already using Google Analytics (GA) to monitor his Web site. The problem with basic email metrics of open and click-through (CTR) rates is that they are very limited in their usefulness. Google will lump visitors to your site who clicked on a link in your email under Direct Traffic. This is also where Google will report visitors who used bookmarks or who typed your website’s URL into their browser. The solution that I felt would best suit my client’s needs required adding Google Analytics to his emails. Here’s how: : Log into Google Analytics.


Measuring Year-End Marketing KPIs – Where’s the Data?


As an example, for brands with KPIs that involve the # of female potential customers, Facebook Insights will help benchmark and review your progress overtime. The most common analytics program to understand what your web visitors are doing is Google Analytics. Google Analytics. Average Keyword CTR. Average Landing Page CTR. Where did the year go? Engagement Data.

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27 More Remarkable SEO Guides, Tips and Tactics


As noted in part one of the best SEO posts roundup for last year, with all the significant changes announced by Google in the past 12 months (at least six, detailed in a pair of posts below), “These are indeed “interesting times” for SEO professionals, with rapid and wide-ranging changes to the search landscape being announced at an accelerating pace.” Which need to be discarded?

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Health Systems’ New Best Friend: Google AdWords Review Extensions


Introducing… Google AdWords Review Extensions ! Google AdWords Review Extensions are pretty phenomenal; it’s basically being able to put an extra value proposition or differentiator within your ad copy, but it does not count against the character restrictions of a standard ad. In addition, according to Google’s internal studies of their advertisers; they see an increase of 10% in click-through rates! Now, Google has very strict policies when using review extensions. So far, the results have been above Google’s benchmark of a 10% improvement.


Are Facebook Clicks Totally and Utterly Meaningless?


If it's good enough for Google -- this whole focus on clicks, I mean, -- can't it be good enough for Facebook? People "grew up" on Google PPC, so when Facebook ads came along, they thought of measuring clicks in the same way. In fact, Sponsored Stories actually see 2-4X higher CTR than our other Facebook ads. Clicks don't matter. Wait, what? The "Clicks Don't Matter" Argument.

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Why B2B Marketers Might Want to Cozy Up to LinkedIn Ads


When it comes to pay-per-click (PPC) ads , Google is the undisputed heavyweight champion. In Q2 2012, Google racked up a 42% year-over-year increase in paid clicks. But if you’re not Google -- so, pretty much all of us -- the odds of your PPC ad being seen and clicked on via a search just got 42% harder. As a benchmark, LinkedIn says clickthrough rates above 0.025% are good.

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7 Common (and Dangerous) Misconceptions About SEO


What are the differences among Google+, Google''s +1s, and Google Authorship when it comes to search? With the release of Hummingbird , Google is getting much better at understanding full queries in addition to just single keywords, which means placing your keywords at the very front of your title may not be as important. Write for people first, search engines second.

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A Simple Guide to Setting Up Your First LinkedIn Ad Campaign


So if you're using PPC to power your presence on Facebook, Twitter, or Google, consider yourself lucky -- you can add LinkedIn to that list, too. For example, when promoting a book to college professors, putting the words "College Professor's Guide to …" may generate a higher clickthrough rate (CTR) than generic, untargeted copy. For all PPC ads, the CTR will be a very small number.

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How to Detect, Repair & Profit From Underperforming Content


If you already have a fair amount of content, you can use metrics over the life of those content pieces to create performance benchmarks for other current pieces and any new additions. Start with this beginner's guide. ). 2) Optimize headlines to boost CTR. Google uses over 200 ranking factors to rank results based on search query and its perception of user intent. Fresh.

How to Nail Down the Perfect Website Navigation


If you don''t have a conversion assist report, you can still get a sense of which pages are important on your site though the Visitors'' Flow report in Google Analytics. In Google''s words: "Visitors Flow is a graphical representation of the paths visitors took through your site, from the source, through the various pages, and where along their paths they exited your site."

How to Write an In-Depth Post in Less Than Two Hours


To be as clear as possible, I’ll use this article that you’re reading as the basis of my timing benchmarks. Google Drive doesn’t have the bells and whistles of a full-fledged word processing platform, but it does have all the functionality that I need for writing articles. The left browser window is Google Drive. My primary research tool is Google.

Why the Blog Post Is the New Ad Unit


While clickthrough rates (CTR) are not the only metric by which you can measure a banner ad's performance, typical online banner ad units achieve a CTR of 0.10% according to MediaMind's Global Benchmarks Report , and that figure is on a downward spiral due to banner blindness, among other things. By adding social sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.

Paid Search & The Truven 15 Top Health Systems


As a follow-up to our recent publication, Social Media Benchmarks for Health Systems , we wanted to take a look at how the same health systems are using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Using a keyword spy technology called SpyFu , we were able to get a very rough estimation of what health systems are spending on Google AdWords (specifically related to search campaigns only).

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From Scratch: Three (More) List Building Strategies for Agencies (and Others)


Here are three pay-to-play models for list building strategies: Paid media (Google AdWords, LinkedIn sponsored content, banner ads, etc.). Paid Media – Google AdWords, LinkedIn Sponsored Content, Mobile Ads, etc. Most people think of Google AdWords when they think of paid ads. First, nail the basics. Do you deeply understand your buyer personas ? Events and trade shows.

The No B.S. Guide to Reducing Your Website's Bounce Rate


Google, ever so careful about metrical nuances, puts it this way : “Bounce Rate is the percentage of single-page visits (i.e. The chart below displays Google Analytics benchmark averages for bounce rate across different types of websites. In order to explain it to you, I’m going to circle back to Google''s definition of bounce rate: “Bounce Rate [=].

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Exploring 5 Essential Baidu Tools For B2B Online Marketers

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Similar to Google Analytics , Baidu analytics provides online marketers web performance and advertising ROI metrics by generating detailed statistics on traffic, traffic sources, pages data, and conversion benchmarks. Similar to Google Adwords Editor , Baidu Ads Editor is also a free tool designed to assist Marketers in managing Baidu ads account when they are offline. Click.

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Answers to 5 of Marketing's Most Frequently Asked Questions #AskTheExpert


Finally, when you''re ready to create, start by producing a killer content offer -- this not only ties to your funnel by requiring a business action of the reader, but it allows you to brainstorm tons more content all based from that one single work. -- Jay Acunzo, Senior Content Manager ( @Jay_Zo ). Q: I have a pretty limited search budget -- should I spend it on social PPC or Google PPC?

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How to Save Up to 50% on Your PPC With Quality Score


In my experience, looking at thousands of Google AdWords accounts and billions in combined spend, there are two metrics that correlate most strongly with success: Account Activity: You get out what you put in. And it makes total sense -- Google’s main goal is to keep users happy so they keep using Google, and keep clicking results. You can follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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B2B PPC Optimization: Thought Leadership with Terry Whalen of CPC Search

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It’s relatively easy to measure revenue via Google AdWords using a ‘purchase’ conversion tag that passes through dynamic revenue variables to AdWords reporting. Editor's note: For example, using Salesforce for Google AdWords.) After all, the search partners include sites like, and — not exactly strong with business-oriented audiences relative to Google. Yet the AdWords default is to rotate the ad with the highest CTR more often. Is it worthwhile to go beyond Google for B2B? How is B2B PPC campaign management different from B2C?

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Why You Might Want to Be More Negative in Your Marketing


Does Google Hate Small Businesses? 4) Create a Bond Over a Shared Negative Experience. Ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Of course you have. We all have. Ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed, and then have to be cheery? Like, interact in social media? Write an engaging blog post? Put together a lovable email marketing campaign ? So, here we go. but only for a limited time.

Measuring Year-End Marketing KPIs – Where’s the Data?


As an example, for brands with KPIs that involve the # of female potential customers, Facebook Insights will help benchmark and review your progress overtime.  . The most common analytics program to understand what your web visitors are doing is Google Analytics. Google Analytics. Average Keyword CTR. Average Landing Page CTR. Where did the year go? We’re wrapping up 2016 and there’s less than 10 days left in the year! Marketers are gearing up to close out the year strong with holiday marketing, a topic we covered in our post  about holiday marketing. Mention.


The Ultimate Dictionary of Marketing Terms You Should Know


For example, Google and Oracle are primarily B2B companies. 5) B2C (Business-to-Consumer). 15) Clickthrough Rate (CTR). Learn how to crowdsource a blog post using Google Docs here.). Click here for engagement rate benchmarks for a range of different industries.). 38) Google+. In November 2006, YouTube, LLC was bought by Google Inc. 10) Buyer Persona.

How to Perform an Onsite Audit for SEO, Part 2: Do the Analysis

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The data can serve as your benchmark to compare to when you complete the next audit, or to measure performance at any time. The webmaster tools that both Google and Bing provide gather amazing information about the search health of your site. Using search analytics, examine keywords driving the most impressions, the most clicks and the highest CTR, best average position.


Content Standard

Today, it’s hard to imagine a brand like Google creating and sponsoring an entire TV series on ABC, but in the 1950s families gathered around television sets to watch shows like The Colgate Comedy Hour , Hallmark Hall of Fame , and Texaco Star Theatre. According to Google’s DoubleClick network, today’s average ad CTR is 0.1 Pressure. The Backstory. percent since 1940. What did?

5 Key Metrics to Measure Success of Paid Search Campaigns


If you manage a Google AdWords account to supplement your organic search engine optimization efforts, you know there are a ton of metrics available to track and analyze, and it can quickly get confusing and overwhelming. The factors that determine your Quality Score include: The click-through rate (CTR) of the keyword and its corresponding ad. The quality of your landing page.


Looking Back at 400: Top 10 Posts


more recent post here explained how to create a cool graphic social media email signature. #3: Google AdWords Average CTR and Best Practices , September 20, 2007 Hard numbers to help benchmark the performance of Google AdWords campaigns is hard to come by, which explains the popularity of this post. Typical CTRs for banner ads remain in the 0.15% to 0.3%


Deconstructing Twitter: Analytics for Reach and Impressions

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But where do you find benchmarks… tools for consistent measurement?  Big brand companies may be able to spent the budget and time evolving their own benchmark standards.  Other Twitter Topics:        Tools for Business Teams       Multiple Account Layering Strategy       More Analytics       Email The Scoopdog Team. Please point out others, if you know of any resources/links.

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6 Tactics For Overcoming The High Cost Of Clicks In B2B PPC

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Home Members Only News Features Columns SEM SEO PPC Social Media How To Google & Search First Time Here? In the last MarketingSherpa Search Marketing Benchmark Guide (2009), data indicated that the average CPC for B2B lead generation efforts was $3.33, vs. $0.78 for B2C retailers and $1.93 for B2C lead generators. The concept is simple, do everything you can to achieve the highest Quality Score that you can (no matter which of the major engines you are advertising with – Google AdWords Quality Score , Bing mentions Quality Score.) Check out all the benefits !


Are You Advertising Your Urgent Care Clinics Online?


Lastly, Google AdWords and Bing ads have made it extremely easy for advertisements to connect with new patients via their click-to-call feature on mobile devices. In fact, according to Google in 2014 Q4, over 60% of urgent care related searches were from mobile devices! Urgent Care Google AdWords Benchmarks. Why Urgent Care Centers. But why? Final Thoughts.


Looking Back at 300: Top 10 Posts


website design, Stoney deGeyter, Ralph Wilson, Mark Jackson, Jay Lipe, Kalena Jordan, Viewzi evangelist Giovanni Gallucci, Guy Kawasaki, SEM best practices benchmark data Also, I think, the first time on this blog I made the case that SEO is far from dead. #8: Web 2.0 That will do it for me this (short) week.

Top Blog Posts in First Three Years of WMC


How to Write a Strategic Marketing Plan , December 6, 2007—my take on how to write a strategic marketing plan, written after several Google searches revealed little of value on this rather important topic. 6. Based on several studies, this post shows typical CTR ranges for email newsletter ads, email campaigns (blasts or internally-produced enewsletters), and banner ads. Web 2.0


Blogging Benchmaks: In Search of the Missing Metrics

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But if you are a blogger (or a wanna be blogger), what are your benchmarks for progress… for success?  I’m not finding many roadmaps to measure  against. This blog has a CTR (Click Thru Rate) similar to tech trade banner advertising. Trouble is, there’s no standard benchmarking that I can find that helps me understand if what we’re seeing is good, below normal or what. Other just smart-thinking folx, can you share ideas on how to benchmark and measure for success – particularly for a blog that’s not out to sell any product or service.