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3 Basics For Benchmarking


As with most things, the data itself is only valuable if you provide context, or better yet, a benchmark against other data points to obtain an understanding of performance and trends. A few basics need to be established before building a survey or attempting a benchmark. However, here are three basic rules of benchmarking to get you started: 1.State your purpose/goals-.

New 2015 Marketing Budget Benchmarks

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Benchmark your budget priorities: Check out the full report , and this research snapshot infographic. Benchmarks Modern Marketing in Action Is understanding how to target your customer effectively keeping you awake at night? Winning areas include marketing technologies and digital marketing, as a result of stronger boardroom support.

Why Marketing Benchmarks Are Bogus

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Published Benchmarks Are Garbage. Remember, a benchmark just reflects how the companies or marketers in the study are doing. Here are a few of the problems with published benchmarks: Benchmarks are not exhaustive. A benchmark averages together these apples, oranges and bananas as if they were all the same. Benchmarks make easy to lie about your results.

The 12 Best Competitive Intelligence and Benchmarking Tools


A tool to measure digital results, discover business opportunities, monitor competition, and benchmark performance. Lets you benchmark your website against any competitors to see how well you are really doing in terms of overall visits, time on site, bounce rate and page views per visit. 2: The 12 Best Competitive Intelligence and Benchmarking Tools. 1) Alexa. 2)

The State of Social Media Demographics: 2017 Benchmarks [Infographic]


There's quite a bit of information out there to support the claims that people are moving farther away from broadcast television, and closer to the digital realm. And within that landscape, people are straying from their desktops and laptops, and opting to get online via mobile with more frequency. At least, that's what the folks at Nielsen and Google have found in their research.

Financial benchmarks for B2B marketing agencies

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I’ve been wading around in the raw data which underpins the League Table and in doing so have unearthed some benchmarks which agency leaders will find especially useful. There’s another useful benchmark here. The post Financial benchmarks for B2B marketing agencies appeared first on Circle Research - B2B market research company. Uncategorized Agency financial benchmarks B2B Marketing League Table You may have read my recent post about B2B Marketing’s 2014 Agency League Table (if not, take a peek here ). By now you may even have read the full report. million.

Marketing Performance Benchmarks for Software/SaaS Companies


In the past two months, we’ve published two channel benchmark reports to better understand how marketers are generating business and creating value. The benchmark reports cover AdWords and LinkedIn Ads , and break down their impact on the customer funnel. Note: the “All Channels” data combines data from both the AdWords and LinkedIn Ads Benchmark Reports). Different Strengths.

AdWords Industry Benchmark Report Deep Dive: Software and SaaS


Last week we released the 2016 AdWords Industry Benchmark Report. Check out the full benchmark report here , which includes data for six industries.). In addition to giving us a benchmark for what marketers in this industry can expect from AdWords leads, it tells us something about the nature of this industry’s marketing and sales cycle. Don’t work for a Software/SaaS company?

Announcing The 2016 AdWords Industry Benchmarks Report


So we decided to explore these questions in our AdWords Industry Benchmarks Report. Why You Should Read The AdWords Benchmarks Report. You’ll find the following benchmarks in the report: AdWords Contribution To Business (percent of leads, opportunities, and revenue attributed to AdWords). AdWords has long been a critical channel for certain B2B industries. Software/SaaS — 13%.

B2B social media: Highlights from new benchmarking research

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The latest B2B Marketing Benchmark Report – based on a survey of 274 client side B2B marketers conducted by us here at Circle Research – finally seems to provide a definitive answer. Those surveyed revealed their performance against various metrics and this provides some clear benchmarks. B2B social media; is it a case of the Emperor’s New Clothes? There was a lot of talk.

Top Content Marketing Challenges, Benchmarks, and KPIs

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Demand Gen Report and Harte-Hanks hosted a webinar yesterday underscoring these benchmarks, called “Getting Content Marketing Right: Right Stage; Right Persona; Right Content”. Aberdeen Group Senior Research Analyst, Trip Kucera , highlighted the challenges, benchmarks, and key performance indicators (KPIs) driving the content marketing discussion. Ensuring relevancy of content (30%).

Benchmarks for Video Marketing worth Celebrating


Get the Video Marketing Strategy: Benchmarks for Success by Ascend 2 and Vidyard ! The post Benchmarks for Video Marketing worth Celebrating appeared first on Vidyard. When your sister learned how to tie her shoe before you, you didn’t skulk away, you looked over her shoulder and learned from her. And when your friend learned how to land a date you took note … notes, even.

Insights From The First Advocate Marketing Benchmark Study

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The first benchmark study on advocate marketing, “Measuring Success With Advocacy: Advocate Marketing Benchmark Study” has just been released by Waypoint Group and Influitive. The post Insights From The First Advocate Marketing Benchmark Study appeared first on Influitive. Wondering how other companies are performing when it comes to advocate marketing?

Email Marketing Benchmarks By Industry [CHART]

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As always, these benchmarks are a great way to determine what is being achieved in your own vertical; but, don’t forget that some of the greatest innovative leaps are to be had by looking at trends in other industries and being the first to apply those best practices in your own marketing! The chart of the week team loves requests, so here it is!

Essential benchmarks for B2B marketers

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Vital statistics, benchmarks + best practice guides for B2B marketers. All the vital statistics and B2B benchmarks you could ever need in one handy little e-book? We won’t bombard you with facts and percentages here, instead we’ll let ‘Essential Benchmarks for B2B Marketers’ speak for itself. B2B b2b social media Content marketing marketing benchmarks

New Benchmark Conversion Rates for Lead Stages [Infographic]

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Use these numbers to benchmark your own team’s performance, and download the full report here for more benchmark statistics and a framework for establishing lead stages and tracking revenue success. How do you benchmark lead stages and track your success? However, only 43% indicate they can do this effectively. Marketing Measurement

20+ Benchmarks for Measuring B2B SEO Performance

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The following is a list of 20+ performance metrics and benchmarks we recommend that B2B marketing managers use to establish performance benchmarks for their search engine optimization programs. While raw numbers do not necessarily translate into SEO success, establishing benchmarks (such as the below) for the creation of links, content, and deliverables executed helps to provide visibility to a search engine marketer’s plan of action. SEO Competitive Benchmarking. We would be remiss if we did not briefly address the need to benchmark against the competition.

B2B Email Benchmarks: Answers Vary Widely

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That one came up last week and led me to review my files on industry benchmarks. Taking the oldest first: Silverpop International Email Marketing Benchmark Study, 2009 This one doesn’t break out results by mailer type, so it’s probably dominated by business-to- consumer marketers. The UK Email Marketing Benchmark Report 2012 Finally, we have a study from

Why Benchmarks Matter – Relevant Data


So, to address this and start the benchmarking for organizations that fall into the enterprise category, ANNUITAS launched the first B2B Enterprise Demand Generation Study in 2014 and found that enterprise marketers are not unlike other B2B marketers. Today we made available the 2015 B2B Enterprise Demand Generation Study to enable a true benchmark with relevant data on the performance, goals and challenges of enterprise marketers. Now that enterprise marketers can benchmark ourselves, we need to hold ourselves accountable to making progress.

First Video in Business Benchmark Report: How B2B Companies are REALLY Using Video


To help answer these questions and many more, Vidyard has released its 2017 Video in Business Benchmark Report offering unique insights and trend analysis data from across its global customer base. 2017 Video in Business Benchmark Report. We would love your feedback on the benchmark report and any comments you have on which insights you’ve found most interesting or useful.

Demand Generation Benchmarks & Trends: Software Marketer Edition


That's why benchmarks are so helpful -- they help you figure out where you stand in your industry. Below, we dove into several demand gen benchmarks from one industry in particular: software. If you'd like to get a deeper look into this industry or check out some others, you can download the full 2015 Demand Generation Benchmark Report here. Read on to learn more. (If

Benchmark your digital marketing activity

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The research results – based on feedback from over 80 senior B2B marketers collectively controlling budgets of more than £33m – provide a valuable benchmark. Using the research findings, Omobono has created an interactive benchmarking tool which allows you to compare your digital activities with those of your peers. B2B market research B2B marketing statistics Benchmarking report Digital marketingHave you ever wondered how other B2B marketers spend their digital marketing budgets? Where they invest the greatest amount of time?

Big Data Usage Benchmarks and Performance By Industry [Chart]

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Looking for more benchmark research? Big Data Usage Benchmarks and Performance By Industry [Chart] is from Eloqua’s It’s All About Revenue, a Blog Covering Business To Business Marketing. Marketing Measurement analytics big data big data benchmarks big data usage business decisions engagement industry benchmarks marketing analysis marketing and big data The CMO Survey

Free Benchmarking–Does Your Marketing Measure Up?


They regularly audit and benchmark. We know this can be expensive—even a small benchmarking study for marketing typically takes at least $20,000. With marketing budgets still feeling the crunch, it makes sense to be a bit more creative when it comes to benchmarking. Give 15 minutes of your time to participate in the 13 th Annual MPM Survey and save the benchmarking dollars. What does the survey benchmark? How do they know how they stack up? And that’s where our annual marketing performance study comes in! If you can’t, it’s probably time to make some changes.

What's a Good Email Open Rate & Click Rate? [Benchmark Data]


Benchmarks give you a reference for how well you''re doing -- and some indication of how to improve. In marketing, some benchmarks are easier to find than others. But other benchmarks feel nearly impossible to find. To help, we pulled some email marketing benchmark data from HubSpot''s 11,500+ customers. How many email campaigns should you send per month? The sweet spot?

IAB Europe AdEx Benchmark Europe 2012: Facts Behind the Numbers


Alain Heureux, IAB Europe According to the IAB Europe AdEx Benchmark Europe 2012, the online advertising market in Europe rose to a total market value of €20.9bn in 2011, a year-over-year growth by 14.5%. IAB Europe AdEx Benchmark 2012 - search and display What about the long term? IAB Europe AdEx Benchmark 2012 - CEE clearly dominates, what about Western-Europe?

How Often Should Companies Blog? [New Benchmark Data]


"Blog early, blog often.". In the inbound world, these are words to live by. After all, blogs help businesses attract new website visitors and convert them into leads. Each time you publish an original blog post, you''re creating a new opportunity to get found in search engines, get shared on social media, get linked to by other sites, and get a new person to interact with your company. Overall.

How Do You Work Content Into Your Marketing Mix? [New benchmark report]

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New benchmark report] is from Eloqua’s It’s All About Revenue, a Blog Covering Business To Business Marketing. Content Marketing content marketing activities content marketing benchmarks content marketing challenges content marketing metrics content production content trends content types LookBook HQ OPC state of content marketing 2014 third party content

SAVO Maturity Benchmark (powered by Alinean)

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In order to better understand customer’s challenges, SAVO Group developed a comprehensive Maturity Benchmark framework to analyze current Sales, Marketing and Operations practices, uncover and prioritize key issues, and make consultative improvement recommendations. The first set of these self-service assessment tools is now available at

The State of B2B Lead Nurturing [New Benchmark Research]

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” The State of B2B Lead Nurturing [New Benchmark Research] is from Eloqua’s It’s All About Revenue, a Blog Covering Business To Business Marketing. by Contributor Friendly | Tweet this Editor’s Note: Today’s post comes courtesy of Sean Callahan , marketing director at Bizo and editor of Digital Marketing Remix. ” Follow Sean on Twitter @Sean_f_Callahan.

The State of Content Production: Benchmarks and Action Items

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This trend is validated by other content marketing benchmark reports, which indicates that there’s a viable learning curve for marketers navigating the production process. The full Content Marketing Benchmark report can be downloaded here. by Eloqua | Tweet this We know content marketing works, but we also know that it can pose organizational challenges for marketing teams.

How To Create Successful Content in Any Industry: Benchmarks Set by 342 Marketing Campaigns


Average Social Share Benchmarks by Vertical. Even with all of the resources available for content strategy and amplification, we know there’s no magic formula for making content go viral. And while many businesses aren't trying to compete with celebrity gossip in the virality arena, they are looking for links and conversions to drive their goals forward. Easier said than done, right?

How Often Should You Post on Facebook? [New Benchmark Data]


How often should you post to your business' Facebook Page? "It It depends." Not the definitive answer most people want. Truth is, this response isn't wrong, as frustrating as it is. It does depend -- on your followers' age range, interests, Facebook habits, and so on. But that doesn't mean we can't glean some valuable insights on how post frequency affects clickthrough rate. Why does this happen?

Financial benchmarks for B2B marketing agencies

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Then, after independent verification of financial information, analyse the data to provide accurate performance benchmarks. The full Benchmarking Report will be published in November, but in the meantime here are some­ key numbers to build into your business planning. . Are you normal? . As a business I mean. . If you’re running a B2B marketing agency do you really know how your firm performs relative to competitors? It’s tough to answer this question with confidence. After all, your competitors only share the legal minimum of information about performance. Despair not though.

Useful B2B Digital Marketing Benchmarks [Infographic]

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Some metrics can be determined by working back from business metrics but other times you just want a quick reference to industry benchmarks. The post Useful B2B Digital Marketing Benchmarks [Infographic] appeared first on Puzzle Marketer. If it was an email campaign, you’re naturally looking at open and click rates. ” And that’s where gets interesting.

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Using LinkedIn Ads? See How Your Performance Stacks Up [Benchmark Report]


A couple months ago, we published the second annual AdWords Industry Benchmark Report , and in this report, we are sharing our data on LinkedIn Ads. We will also cover two more key benchmarks in the first section: revenue per lead and revenue per opportunity. Part 2: LinkedIn Ads Benchmark Survey Data. IT services, consulting), and B2C industries that have sales teams (e.g.

How to Create a Benchmark to Measure Content Marketing ROI


According to the Content Marketing Institute’s 2015 B2B and B2C benchmark reports, less than a quarter of marketers are able to prove content marketing ROI. Measurement is a key area of difficulty: 49% of B2B and 51% of B2C marketers were challenged with measuring content effectiveness in 2014. Step 1: Understand the Different Types of Content Metrics. 1) Consumption Metrics. Awareness.