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Importance of Context to Understanding the New Social Buyer Persona

Tony Zambito

Image via Wikipedia. The first definition points to reaching an understanding of the behavioral framework that surrounds the new social buyer persona.  Since the mid-1990’s, the meaning of context was extended to focus on the understanding of user interactions in design settings which led to personas being a means for communicating contextually-based user behaviors

Plan for the Social Buyer Before It’s Too Late

Tony Zambito

Image via Wikipedia.   If your planning is not taking into account changing behaviors of buyers, then the organization will be in misstep with its buyers.    However, trending information clearly points to the fact that sales reps are having a hard time making contact with buyers and don’t get involved until much later in the buying cycle

The Influence of the Social Buyer on B2B Business

Tony Zambito

Image via Wikipedia.   What we do know is that B2B buyers are demanding more social experiences in their buying processes.     This approach, if wedded to existing structures, may in fact be impeding the evolution of B2B organizations to not only adapt to changes in buyer behaviors but also align their organizations to the emerging Social Buyer.

3 Ways To Connect With Today’s B2B Buyers

Tony Zambito

Image via Wikipedia. By modeling buyers, buying scenarios, buyer experience, and decision journeys, B2B executives can then map strategy as well as tactical marketing and sales activities that enable them to connect with B2B buyers on a relational level. Descriptive Buyer Segmentation Based on Buying Behavior and Opportunity. Next up: Transforming B2B Business.

Buyer Experience Innovation: Why B2B CEO’s Must Make It Their Top Priority

Tony Zambito

Image via Wikipedia. Let’s define Buyer Experience Innovation : “Creating in totality an ideal buying experience and innovative interactions that engages as well as enables buyers to enter into a transactional and loyal relationship with the organization”.   This broader context is essential to viewing in totality the buyer experience one has with their organization. 

Buyer Interaction Shapes Buyer Experience Design

Tony Zambito

Image via Wikipedia.   He also believed that to research this phenomenon, unstructured qualitative observation methods were the means to understand sociological human interactions.    Mead was most certainly a forerunner to today’s modern methods of qualitative research

B2B Imperative: Reinvent the Sales Experience

Tony Zambito

Image via Wikipedia. Adapting to transformative changes in buyer behavior is the most significant challenge facing B2B organizations.    How should B2B businesses respond to changing buyer behaviors and the issue of sales process management being out of synch with buyers?    The end result being a unique buying experience for their buyers. 

The 4 B’s of Buyer Experience Innovation (2nd Rendition)

Tony Zambito

Image via Wikipedia.   However, gaining true insight into buyer behaviors, attitudes, perceptions, patterns, and etc.   Buying today has become more sophisticated and has a multitude of variables that did not exist even a decade ago.  Buying processes and buying decisions are being restructured many times over.  Buyer Insight.

The Four Elements of Buyer Experience Ecosystem Thinking

Tony Zambito

Image via Wikipedia.   Buyer Experience Innovation pays particular attention to the customer acquisition aspects of the B2B buyer experience cycles and how companies can embrace design thinking to create innovative buyer experiences.  B2B market CEO’s must feel a little like the great explorer’s of our time.    Here’s the bad news for B2B CEO’s. 

A Conversation on 7 Buyer and Sales Trends to Watch in 2011

Tony Zambito

Image via Wikipedia.   We all know buyer behavior has changed so much that the B2B business world has to find ways to adapt or be left in the dust.    In addition, we know from the people who survey sales trends, such as Sirius Decision , CSO Insights , and McKinsey , today’s buyers get through nearly 70-80% of the buying process BEFORE they engage with sales people. 

Macro Trends Transforming the Buyer Experience

Tony Zambito

Image via Wikipedia.   Lauren further adds that a confluence of trends is changing the way buyers experience buying decisions and purchases.    Lauren notes that another key macro trend is that sales cycles are longer in a down economy, a trending that is most likely consistent with other down economy cycles

Is Marketing Automation Worth the Investment?

Marketing Action

Researchers keep saying that marketing automation is growing really, really fast. This is more than my (yes, admittedly biased) vested opinion; the research shows clearly that companies who use marketing automation skillfully fare better than those who do not use it (or who don’t use it well). Changing buyer behavior hasn’t eased the tensions. What’s all the hubbub, Bub?

Wake up, America!

Tony Zambito

Image via Wikipedia.   In my previous brief, The Design of Buyer Experience , I noted the monumental shift occurring in our market-driven economy in terms of buyer behavior and buyer strategy and that this shift is ushering in a new era of Buyer Experience Economics for both buyers and sellers alike.  Demand is still very much part of the business vocabulary today. 

Top 35 B2B Marketing Posts for May 2010

B2B Marketing Zone Posts

Content SEO , May 18, 2010 Longer sales cycles due to more complex products and services and business purchasing processes often require more information. The Edelman Trust research has been most interesting in the last few years due to the global economic climate, and the lost of trust in institutions from governments, to financial. Craft Content to the Buying Cycle: Stage 4, the Invested Buyer - The Content Factor , May 3, 2010 Have you ever been solicited by a company that you already do business with? Best of B2B Marketing. May 2010. Enjoy. come at a price.

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