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Eloqua Book Review: Likeable Social Media

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As always, every Eloqua book review ends with a twitter list of all the characters and companies that made this book possible. LinkedIn. Social Media advertising B2B B2C book review business Dave Kerpen Eloqua Facebook Likeable Media likeablebook LinkedIn marketing Twitterby Andrew Moravick | Tweet this In a recent TechCrunch article , Gary Vaynerchuk mused that, “99.5 percent of social media experts are clowns.” Though enjoyably up-beat, Dave Kerpen is no clown. 2 It can’t induce overnight success. Who knew? Likeable Social Media Book Twitter List.

5 Must-Read B2B Marketing & Social Media Books

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Periodically we review a must-read B2B marketing or social media book on this blog. Eloqua book of book reviews. View more documents from Eloqua. LinkedIn. by Joe Chernov | Tweet this. Rule #5: Reimagine; Don’t Recycle (via Content Rules ). Great advice. So great, in fact, that we try to live it (when it comes to marketing, anyway) every day. Share email. Facebook.

8 Share Spiking Tips For Empire Avenue

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Eloqua is one of the early b2b brands to get on board. LinkedIn. Social Media Audi Bloomberg Eloqua Empire Avenue Facebook Flickr Ford Intel Jeremiah Owyang Joe Chernov LinkedIn metrics Monopoly retweets social currency Tom Ohle tweeting Twitter Youtubeby Jesse Noyes | Tweet this. The latest social media measurement tool to takeoff is Empire Avenue. per page view.

The 10 Best B2B Videos

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Last year, Eloqua became the most award-winning content marketers in the Revenue Performance Management space. Our video introduces a new B2B marketing category called Revenue Performance Management, and Beagle’s description of why they selected it captures exactly the vibe we were aiming for in the production. Beagle Research truly curated some of the very best B2B videos in their Short Tale Awards. LinkedIn. by Joe Chernov | Tweet this. The best kind of praise comes when you aren’t expecting it, much less looking for it. Perfect. Gratitude. Share email. Facebook.

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The Art of the Customer Testimonial

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When Eloqua partners with a client on a video testimonial project, our singular objective is just that: capture human story. Marjorie Agin of Tanberg discusses the personal relationship her company enjoys with her Eloqua team, emphasizing the people over the technology. Marjorie’s “team” values are a refreshing rarity in B2B marketing. Sure David talks about why he selected Eloqua (trust in our ability to support his company over the long term), and the results his team enjoyed (major lift in event attendance, speed of execution). LinkedIn. Share email.

Win a Signed Copy of “Content Rules”!

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If you have friends in B2B marketing , social media or content marketing, great! We are all about disclosure and transparency here at Eloqua. LinkedIn. Revenue Performance Management #conentrulesbook #contentchallenge #contentrules Content Marketing Content Rules Eloqua future of revenue RPM The Future of Revenue videoby Joe Chernov | Tweet this. We love Content Rules. You know that by now. But what we also love is this new category we pioneered: Revenue Performance Management (RPM). But creating a new category is hard work. Really hard. What’s missing? Free.

Marketing Monkeybusiness: 5 WOM Antics to Avoid

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Last Friday I guest posted on Mark Schaefer’s epic { grow } blog (“ 8 Big Ideas to Drive B2B Buzz “) about word-of-mouth marketing techniques that work for B2B companies. While thinking about ways B2B marketers can get people buzzing, it occurred to me that there are quite a few shabby practices masquerading as word of mouth. There are a ton of fresh B2B marketing ideas out there. We have a saying here at Eloqua: “Get it done and do it right.” B2B marketing needs more word of mouth. LinkedIn. by Joe Chernov | Tweet this.

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4 Tools for Measuring Your Online Influence

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It’s no wonder that so many B2B and B2C brands have intensified their efforts to grow online influence and reach influencers through social media. The startup is best known for scoring Facebook and Twitter, but has been adding more social platforms to its scoring matrix, recently including integrating LinkedIn and Foursquare. Just “Like” the Eloqua Facebook page and fill out a simple form. LinkedIn. Social Media b2b marketing digital marketing online influence online marketing social media influence social media marketing Twitter marketingKlout. PeerIndex.

3 European Marketing Trends

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by Sheila Bohan | Tweet this We recently hosted Eloqua Experience Europe , a two-day, London-based event where Europe’s top marketers gather to share ideas, learn, and network. Well, when Eloqua CEO, Joe Payne, unveiled the Eloqua AppCloud , the industry’s first marketplace for B2B marketing applications, it was obvious that marketers, no matter where they might be from, loved the idea of getting a full view of potential buyers. LinkedIn. Cheers! Lead Nurturing Knows No Boundaries. They proved that great marketing extends beyond geographical boundaries.

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[Chart] 90% of Visitors to EU Cookie Law Site Don’t Opt-in

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Want the Eloqua chart of the week delivered straight to your inbox? Get Eloqua’s chart of the week each week by signing up here. LinkedIn. Digital Marketing b2b marketing cookies EU EU privacy directive EU regulations European Union explicit opt-in Google Analytics online marketing online tracking opt-in privacy UK UK Information Commissioner's Office Vicky BrockReddit.

Survey: More Than Half of Marketers Responsible for Revenue Goals

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by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Calls for a revenue revolution in the marketing world appear to be gaining ground, according to new survey conducted by DemandGen Report and Eloqua. DemandGen Report and Eloqua are hosting a joint webinar tomorrow presenting more detailed results from the survey as well as looking at the move toward developing standards for marketing measurement as part of a Revenue Performance Management strategy. LinkedIn. Revenue Performance Management b2b marketing Lead Nurturing revenue goals revenue performance revenue performance marketingFacebook.

[Chart] Can Google’s +1 Catch Up With The Facebook “Like”

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Want the Eloqua chart of the week delivered straight to your inbox? Get Eloqua’s chart of the week each week by signing up here. LinkedIn. Social Media #probook +1 button b2b marketing Digital Body Language Facebook Facebook Like google Google +1 Google+ Project Like button social media marketing social media probook widgetsWe wrote about the topic here.). Share email.

[Chart] Webinars, Data Taking Off In The AppCloud

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by Egan Cheung | Tweet this The recent launch of Eloqua’s AppCloud has been met by an enthusiastic community of partners, developers, and marketers eager to get a more complete picture of their buyers profiles. Want the Eloqua chart of the week delivered straight to your inbox? Get Eloqua’s chart of the week each week by signing up here. LinkedIn. Share email.

The Last Blog Post: The 4 Metrics That Matter

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I’ve been a print journalist, a blogger and a reporter for Eloqua. LinkedIn. Content Marketing #LastBlog b2b marketing blogs Eloqua measurement metrics newspapers publishing Social Media The Last Blog Postby Jesse Noyes | Tweet this. First, let me quiet any confusion. I’m not retiring. But when I was asked what was the last word I would want to leave marketers, my mind naturally turned to my own vocation: creating content. It’s the popular adage of content marketers to proclaim “We are all publishers now.” We all want to be read. Discovery. Speech. Surprise. Delight.

[Chart] Would Rebecca Black Make A Good Marketer?

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Want the Eloqua chart of the week delivered straight to your inbox? Get Eloqua’s chart of the week each week by signing up here. LinkedIn. Email marketing b2b marketing email email delivery Email Marketing Friday marketing Rebecca Black viral video Youtubeby Joel Rothman | Tweet this When’s the best day of the week to send out email? Share email. Facebook. Reddit.

“Sirius” About Marketing Operations

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When research firm SiriusDecisions held its first summit six years ago, the term marketing operations was a barely formed thought in the b2b world. “It These days, you’d be hard pressed to walk through the offices of any b2b marketing department without bumping into a marketing operations manager – or team, for that matter. “It LinkedIn. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this. Facebook.

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Purchases are fun, but…….they don’t move the business needle

Fearless Competitor

So what is the B2B marketer to do? For more on buying process, read “ The B2B Buying Process Has Changed a Lot ” at the blog. Share the blog post on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, etc. A Kapost/Eloqua report on the ROI of Content Marketing found break-even between paid and content marketing was 19 months.

3 Ways Data’s Popularity Is Changing Business

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At Eloqua we call this movement Revenue Performance Management.). LinkedIn. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this. Do you feel like you hear the word “data” thrown around a lot lately? You’re not crazy. Once the exclusive purview of geeks, big name brands and small startups alike are pushing the concept of data into the mainstream. Obviously, data has always played a major role in our daily lives. But the Internet has increased both the amount of data being produced and our ability to access it. As a result, our relationship to data has slowly edged its way into the public conscious.

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Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Revenue Performance Management

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Like Dorthy, most B2B marketers also find themselves on an undesirable journey in a foreign place- swept away by a cyclone of channel proliferation, 24×7 access to information, and a highly competitive environment. Back in February, Brian Kardon wrote a blog post “ The Revenue Performance Bandwagon ” where he talked about the birth of this concept within Eloqua. LinkedIn.

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Revenue Performance Management: Webtrends Tackles Data Overload

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So the company engaged Eloqua to serve as the marketing automation solution that would sit between lead engagement and CRM. Eloqua was really instrumental with us getting in line with sales.”. LinkedIn. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this. There are times when knowing a lot about one thing can make answering a simple question difficult. Take Webtrends , for instance. Share email.

Adventures In A/B Testing: Balluff Explores Its Funny Side

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Full disclosure: Balluff is an Eloqua client.). LinkedIn. Marketing Measurement A/B testing animation b2b marketing Balluff email Email Marketing lead management marketing automation Paulina Johnsonby Jesse Noyes | Tweet this. Sometimes a pet project can transform your marketing campaigns. Case in point: Balluff. A German brand with a U.S. headquarters, told me recently.

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Feeling for the Elephant: 4 Lessons from the Content Marketing Summit

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The recent Content Marketing Summit, held this week in Newton, MA and sponsored by web technologists, ten24 Web Solutions, attempted to combine the perspectives of five top content marketers to give attendees a holistic view of what content marketing can bring to the B2B sales and marketing process. LinkedIn. by Alexandra Fisher | Tweet this. You know the story. and the eventual sale.

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[Cartoon] Meet Ellber, The Marketing Manager

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In fact, a look at Eloqua’s Marketing Automation Benchmark report shows that campaign sizes are plummeting as much as 50% – yet click through rates stand at an average of 26% and open rates are above 50! LinkedIn. by Amber Stevens | Tweet this Meet Ellber. Ellber works as a marketing manager at a donut manufacturing shop. How do your results compare? Share email. Facebook.

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3 Top Topics from Topliners

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Don’t be afraid… Do It: Prebaked Lead Nurturing with a Welcome Program – Chad invites you to get on the lead nurturing bandwagon by using the program he put into the Eloqua SmartXChange. LinkedIn. Lead Nurturing b2b marketing calculator Email Marketing funnel lead management marketing ROI subscription management toplinersby Heather Foeh | Tweet this. The growing and vibrant Topliners community continues to produce inspiring and actionable content week after week – from lead management to marketing ROI. Any advice for him? Share email. Facebook. Reddit.


Top 56 B2B Marketing Posts October 2010

B2B Marketing Zone Posts

Great content this month via the B2B Marketing Zone. Social CRM: Curb Your Enthusiasm , October 7, 2010 If you’re a marketer in a medium-to large-sized B2B company, you’re almost certainly using customer relationship management (CRM) software to track your customers and prospects. Eloqua Experience 2010 , October 20, 2010 This week I attended the Eloqua Experience, Eloqua’s user conference in San Francisco. The big news of this event is the launch of Eloqua 10. The revamped user interface makes working with Eloqua a lot of fun. Linkedin (90).

Social Media Success Stories

Anything Goes Marketing

LinkedIn: Starting an Alumni Group When Linkedin started a groups feature (like Facebook groups) I thought about how I could network with former colleagues. LinkedIn tip : Look for ways that you can create niche groups that pull together people with similar interests. Great success indeed - Eloqua crew welcome in Atlanta anytime!! How am I doing this? With real stories!

Could Facebook become a Lead Nurturing platform?

Buzz Marketing for Technology

When you think of lead nurturing platforms you typically think of firms like Eloqua, Marketo, Aprimo, LeadLife, Market2Lead, Silverpop, even is getting into the lead nurturing space. Share this on Linkedin. Digg this! Social Media Lead flow in B2B Marketing Word spreads quickly in Social Media – sometimes more quickly. But Facebook? Tweet This!