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Why CMOs Should Stop Being Addicted to Pay-per-Click Ads

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Better yet, the price was just right, ranging between 15 to 25 cents per click. It seemed like a great tool to grow our website traffic, as well as an effective means for generating unique leads. There was no doubt in my mind we were going to scale this campaign. So the typical reaction is to change the ad around and run it again.

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Relationships are Key to B2B Online Marketing in 2014


over coffee (Photo credit: lanuiop) B2B marketing, whether online or off, is all about relationships. With longer sales cycles, and often, larger purchase amounts, it’s the relationship that a customer has with a business that really determines whether or not they’ll make the sale. The post Relationships are Key to B2B Online Marketing in 2014 appeared first on Sazbean.

Is “social media campaign” an oxymoron?

Chris Koch

Fly-by-night opportunists hoping to win your Facebook sweepstakes. If all you do is run contests and campaigns on Facebook, how can you expect to hold onto prospects over the long term? The campaigns used two methods that play well to Facebook users: Let them play games. Facebook is the fun social network. HP questioned Facebookers about their work styles and matched them to an “IT personality.” Visitors could click on the experts to learn more about them and connect directly with them. This is your funnel on Facebook.

Where is the utility in mobile apps for B2B?

Chris Koch

Mitch Joel has a nice post on HBR this week about bringing utility to marketing and social media. As is often the case, his advice pertains more to B2C than B2B, as I point out in a comment: “Utility” is a clear, succinct way of putting it. I am concerned about the B2B side of things, though, for complex technology solutions in particular. For customers in this realm, I think utility has long meant access to their peers and to expert advice during the purchasing and post-sales processes. Are you?

10 Steps to Maximizing LinkedIn for Sales and Social Media Marketing

WindMill Networking

LinkedIn just announced their earnings last week for the first time since going public, and it was good to see that their membership (now at 115 million members ) and website traffic ( #11 in the U.S., #13 in the world ) continue to grow. Each point represents a preview of one of the chapters to give you a feel for the content and scope of what I cover in the book.

Facebook Works for B2B Too


facebook engancha (Photo credit: Wikipedia) As a Business-to-Business (B2B) company, you may feel like you have to uphold a very professional image, so Facebook doesn’t make sense for you. Or that your prospective customers won’t be on Facebook because it’s clearly for kids and grandparents. What about you? News & Notes

4 Tips for B2B Marketing on Facebook

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Is Twitter “social?”

Chris Koch

Majority opinion seems to be that Twitter isn’t really a social platform it’s a broadcast medium. study by Yahoo Research found that 50% of tweets are generated by an “elite” group of 20k users and that those users tend to follow one another rather than branching out—what many refer to as the social media echo chamber. For these reasons, pundits say that Twitter isn’t much use for reaching B2B customers. These days, my audience is B2B marketers and my goal is to help you learn. Twitter isn’t for conversation, it’s for learning. What am I doing wrong?

Facebook and Google Going Big on Online Display Ads

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And more of them are appearing on your Facebook account. But the growth in online display advertising isn’t just due to Google’s deep pockets. It’s clear that advertisers like Facebook more than ever. Facebook now accounts for 1 out of every 4 online display ads, accounting for over 1.3 trillion ad impressions in 2011, according to the comScore report. million).

4 Ways B2B Marketers Can Take Advantage of Instagram

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That’s how much social networking giant, Facebook, is paying out for the photo-sharing service Instagram. Yet, B2B companies haven’t taken to those fuzzy filters like their B2C counterparts. The truth is Instagram offers a number of effective b2b marketing tactics your brand should be taking advantage of – from raising awareness to engaging prospects and leads. Here we outline 4 ways B2B marketers can use Instagram. Whether your brand decides to be on Instagram or not, your customers probably are. The winner gets flown to the U.K.

Transforming Marketing From Social Media to Social Business

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And if you’ve been reading our blog, scanning Eloqua tweets , or participating in the Topliners community – you likely have heard about the Five Tenets of and journey to modern marketing. There’s no question that social has grown in relevance for most businesses in the past few years. There’s no better time than the present to have an insider’s view.

How B2B Marketers Can Succeed on the 6 Big Social Networks


It's easy to think of ways to use social media for B2C marketing. But many B2B marketers, while noting the importance of social media, have still struggled to find their footing in the social media marketing game. What are you supposed to do, throw Farmville sheep at your leads until they realize they do, in fact, need your product or service? In fact, eMarketer reports that 52% of US small businesses don't feel they are marketed to by other businesses effectively , while 46% feel they're being "sold" to instead of "spoken" to.

Targeting the Right Social Media Networks

Sales Intelligence View

Business to business (B2B) sales have gone social. Social media platforms are not just for business to consumer (B2C) companies anymore. Businesses know that social media is a valuable tool for learning about businesses and their products. They instead can get to know key staff at a company through social media interaction.

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How to Write the Perfect B2B Blog Post

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65% of B2B marketers used blogging last year , the third most popular tactic, according to the Content Marketing Institute. Blogging may be a preferred means of communicating with and engaging leads through the entire – often lengthy – sales cycle, but many in the B2B space struggle with it. They struggle with how to write a good post, one that will get read.

Can Facebook Save Our Planet?

MI6 Marketing Agency

Facebook’s Open Compute Project, in my view, could go down as a major milestone and advancement in technology, social networking and B2B marketing history. But before I do that, please watch the video below and check out the Open Compute Project site to learn more. Facebook’s data center is at the center of their business (their people are at the very core though).

How the Facebook Timeline Makes Branding Feel More Human

It's All About Revenue

Facebook rolled out the Timeline for pages. So what does it mean for your brand’s Facebook page? A lot. First off, it’s going to mean more work upfront. But most importantly, brands will have the opportunity to share their story – from their origins to important milestones – in a more encompassing way. In other words, it’s time to dig into your brand’s archives.

Retarget Your Way to Greater Sales

Sales Intelligence View

The chance to make an online sale is not a one shot deal. If a business visits your site and leaves, you can retarget them to bring them back. Retargeting is not just for business to consumer (B2C) businesses; it is just as effective – if not more – for business to business (B2B) businesses. . What Exactly Is Retargeting? 

5 Reasons Why Your Social Media Strategy Isn’t Really a Social Media Strategy

WindMill Networking

According to Hubspot,  72% of businesses have a social media strateg y. What happens after the campaign ends and the buzz on the Facebook Page or Twitter hashtag tweets continue? Please. 3) What are You Going to Tweet? If your business is only thinking about applying social media to marketing, you are not thinking about it in a strategic way. Really?

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How to Suck at B2B Social Media and More Thoughts on Engagement

Social Media B2B

The B2B chatter of late is around the evolving social media landscape and how to figure out if your engagement strategy is working. Is your focused Facebook campaign falling flat? Not sure why your B2B blog just isn’t working? Channel Shift: Measuring B2B Efforts to Shift Customers Online. How to Make Your B2B Content More Lovable: 9 Tips to Try.

11 B2B Social Media Takeaways from BMA14

Social Media B2B

B2B marketers from across the world gathered together for BMA14 , the Business Marketing Association’s annual conference in Chicago from May 28th-30th. During those 3 days, approximately 1,000 business-to-business marketers were exposed to the latest B2B marketing trends, thinking, research, technology, case studies and best practices. View tweet ).

Facebook: Do Marketers “Get it”?

MI6 Marketing Agency

The Mi6 Chart of the Day is a blog series where we feature a chart that we think is relevant and of interest to our readers. Our readers are comprised of entrepreneurs, business owners, marketing, sales and business development professionals. Marketers Not in Sync with Facebook Consumers? Yet, only 16% of consumers say they’ve interacted with a brand on Facebook.

Linkedin for B2B Marketing

MI6 Marketing Agency

Every Thursday night Jeremy Victor and a group of B2B marketers hold a B2B Twitter Chat session. Peers are the primary source of advice, recommendations and referrals for virtually any professional role (especially IT professionals for those of you in hitech marketing and business development. Transcripts are a partial answer to this problem and the folks at #B2Bchat are smart in offering it at the end of the sessions. But, it can be hard sorting through the tweets to find that shiny gold nugget of information. Linkedin for B2B Marketing. Resume 2.0,

32 B2B Marketers to Add to Your Google Plus Circles

KoMarketing Associates

Building a network in Google+ could be the next critical tactic when it relates to B2B search engine optimization and broader social media initiatives. SEO impact aside, recent statistics indicate Google Plus is on pace to overtake Facebook (the current leader) in social shares by 2016. from Fortune 500s to one-person businesses. How so? Jeffrey L.

LinkedIn Adds Display Network and Lead Gen Suite

KEO Marketing

LinkedIn has just unveiled a new suite of products aimed at business-to-business (B2B) marketers, and it looks like this could mean big things for marketers, especially those looking to maximize their online marketing budgets. The new suite of tools is designed to help B2B companies use LinkedIn to generate and nurture high-quality leads in a cost-efficient way.

4 Reasons to Use StumbleUpon for Your B2B Content

It's All About Revenue

Finding good content online occurs much the same way – search engines are the direct lines to what you’re looking for, social channels are your friendly recommendations, but what about the chance discovery? Having content on StumbleUpon works much the same way having an open door works for brick and mortar establishments – it’s an open invitation to the casual passer-by. StumbleUpon allows users to see randomly selected content relevant to their interests and favorite what they enjoy most. Want even more B2B content tips from the likes of Ann Handley and CC Chapman

Top 10 B2B Inbound Marketing Predictions for 2015

KEO Marketing

As we start to settle into 2015, we are excited and optimistic about the outlook for business to business (B2B) marketers this year. There are many new opportunities on the horizon, and a wealth of sophisticated tools and resources to help marketers capitalize on those opportunities. Mobile/Local Growth Continues to Dominate. B2B Marketing

9 Mobile Apps Every B2B Marketer Should Try

It's All About Revenue

As the former Managing Editor of DemandGen Report, Amanda covered the latest technology, trends and development in the marketing automation technology space, as well as the sales and marketing strategies central to demand generation. Until the dawn of mobile robots, here are 9 mobile apps every B2B marketer should test to make life a little easier (and more fun). 1.  InTooch.

Remember LinkedIn for social media marketing


Social media marketing is what I have been doing for my clients, my business, and my own brand since 2003. LinkedIn is not just an optional social network to use when you’re either between jobs or looking for a business upgrade. Make it work or try to add LinkedIn into your daily or hourly routine. Set Up Your LinkedIn Business Page. Blogging?

B2B Marketing Framework

MI6 Marketing Agency

Foundation for B2B Marketing. This is my first post which introduces our B2B marketing integration (MI) framework. Before reading any further you may want to check out an earlier post entitled “ What Is Marketing “ In this post I propose that marketing should be a strategic and tactical discipline in every B2B company. To manage a project. Principles.

5 Tips to Make B2B Social Media Content Interesting

WindMill Networking

Business to Business (B2B) products and services have a reputation for being a bit dull. In “ye olden days,” B2B marketing was all about serious, “just the facts ma’am“, in the weeds text. In the early years of social media, many even assumed that B2B was not a suitable match for the medium. Holly is the Vice President of Marketing for Glance Networks. Holly is passionate about implementing business strategies and visual engagement solutions that result in rapid revenue and happy clients. Those days […].

How to Get Found Where Your Buyers are Looking: Web Presence Optimization


With more and more purchases, for business-to-business (b2b) and high-value consumer goods, now starting with online research, it’s imperative to make your business ubiquitous when potential buyers are searching for what you sell. Provides referral visits to your website. It’s work, but well worthwhile.

[Chart] Google+ Posts Drop Even as Accounts Rise

It's All About Revenue

by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Google+ is growing fast, and most marketers should be considering what, if any, plans they should make for conducting programs through this new social network when they eventually launch their inevitable business offering.  Understanding how users are using the service is key to developing such a plan. What does this mean to Marketers?

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What Does Facebook Get Back for Every Sales & Marketing Dollar? [Chart]

It's All About Revenue

by Egan Cheung | Tweet this This week’s Facebook S-1 filing allowed us to get a glimpse of figures which have been the subject of much speculation over time.  You should definitely check out Jesse Noyes’  10 fast facts about Facebook. The most talked about IPOs of the last year have been ad-selling social network type businesses

Why Google Social Search Means You’ll Probably Want a Google+ Page

It's All About Revenue

by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Gargantuan search king, Google, announced changes yesterday intended to provide people with highly personalized search results and drive folks to the company’s nascent social network Google+. Here I am highlighting the most significant changes for marketers and why it will push many to create Google+ pages, if they haven’t already.

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Back to Basics: 6 Quick Social Media Marketing Tips

It's All About Revenue

With the emergence of what seems like an inordinate amount of social sites and tools, figuring out how to get started and ramp up your efforts with social media marketing can be confusing. So you’ve set up your Facebook page, Google+ page, and your Twitter profile…now what? sales), and to get your content found on Twitter. For example: @LaurenEHarper You are awesome!

How I Use Social Media in My Job: Part 3 - Social Networking Sites

PR Meets Marketing

 .  . This is the third post in a 6 part series on how I use social media for my day-to-day job.  . To summarize, my company seeks to reach business-to-business marketers. We also seek to reach individuals who make purchasing decisions for virtual events and webcasting solutions. Social Networking Sites. You’ll see what I mean below.  .

What Social Network Hit the $2B in Revenue Mark in 5 Years?

MI6 Marketing Agency

If I were to tell you that I knew of a company that in four years went from $44M in revenue to over $1B would you take notice? Would you wonder how that achievement compared to other companies that hit the $1B mark at such a rapid clip? So what company went from $44M to over $1B in four years? People doubted Amazon as a viable business. The answer: Twitter.