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Paul Conley: Has the Content Marketing Dream Become a Nightmare?

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” In 2008, Conley’s focus began to shift from traditional trade journalism to content marketing, which at one point he described as “the most exciting part of the B2B world today.” This situation is rapidly turning into a nightmare in B2B. There are some verticals in B2B now that are completely polluted by this crap. Paul Conley. Schaefer.

A Look Inside a B2B Editor’s Head

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That’s what makes a recent Twitter chat among B2B editors and writers a valuable resource. The discussion is frustratingly fractured and incomplete (it’s Twitter, after all), but it will give you a good sense of the issues that keep trade editors up at night: Preventing undue influence by advertisers (given the nature of B2B publishing, this topic was front and center).

Swabbing the Decks of the Titanic: Why You Should Learn Programming

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What B2B Can Learn from Jeff Jarvis. What B2B Can Learn from Jeff Jarvis, Part 3. Last week journalism professor Matt Waite wrote a blog post worrying about the typical defeatist reaction of journalism students when faced with a coding challenge, whether in HTML, JavaScript, or other language: “I can’t do this,” they tell him. This is impossible. I’ll never get this.”

Adam Tinworth: Journalism in a Period of Continuous Change

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If I were asked to name one active blogger that every B2B journalist should follow, I would probably suggest Adam Tinworth. Adam Tinworth. For more than eight years, the British trade press editor has blogged about journalism, social media, and much more on One Man and His Blog. He learned last week that he will “most likely” be leaving RBI as part of a staff reduction. But it is.

Stop Killing Your Content: 3 Reasons Your Content Falls Flat

Each year B2B organizations spend more than $5.2B on content creation and distribution. Introduction “B2B organizations spend more. in B2B organizations. Stop Killing Your Content: 3 Reasons Your Content Falls Flat. Content has proven to be a highly effective driver of revenue, both directly and indirectly. Additionally, 77% of marketers say content is core to business success.

Social Media and Ethics: An Interview with B2B Editor Maureen Alley

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In preparation for my talk in an ASBPE webinar on ethic s next week, I’ve been speaking with B2B editors about how they use social media. If I tweet something from the magazine’s account that is from an advertiser/manufacturer I make sure it provides value to my readers first—just like print B2B. Our readers need good reporters—even in B2B. It’s very fluid. Great question.

Three Ways to Annoy People and Produce Great Content

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In my days overseeing a large editorial group for a B2B publisher, my counterpart in sales was fond of telling me that advertisers found our editors arrogant. At first glance, the idea behind content marketing is straightforward and appealing: by publishing great content, you can win friends, influence people, and achieve your marketing goals. But like all great ideas, it’s not as simple or as sunny as it first appears. The problem is this: To make great content, you sometimes have to be a wee bit obnoxious. If you’ve worked much with journalists and editors, you understand.

Is the Distinction Between Consumer and B2B Media Still Meaningful?

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Was the problem that you can’t mix consumer and B2B models, or the probability that both approaches are doomed? Are the differences between B2B and consumer media even relevant any longer? My point isn’t that B2B and consumer markets are one and the same. The question for B2B and consumer media may no longer be how each business model can inform the other, but what entirely new model both need to adopt. Related posts: How to Save Your Business by Wasting Time: Social Media and B2B. Social Media and Ethics: An Interview with B2B Editor Maureen Alley.

Do B2B Editors Get Twitter?

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After reading Owens’s post, I wondered how many B2B editors have experienced such a moment of Twitter enlightenment. Social Media and Ethics: An Interview with B2B Editor Maureen Alley As with other business-to-business content creators these days, there are few trade press editors who don’t have—and at least occasionally use—a Twitter account. The obvious promotional benefits of this social media tool have led most trade publishers to insist, rightly, that their editors use it. But how many use Twitter not just for promotion, but for its most valuable benefit, social engagement?

Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness

Contents GOING LONG: HOW 5 B2B TECH BRANDS BUILT VALUABLE AUDIENCES THROUGH HIGH-QUALITY, LONGFORM CONTENT CONTENTLY3 Brands aren’t just publishing. Thirty-one percent identified as B2B marketers, 18. 49 percent work across B2B and B2C businesses. marketing in B2B tech, even major brands like. B2B marketers. for B2B marketers than for B2C marketers. little.

Facebook Subscriptions: Overdrive for Journalists?

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For most journalists, particularly in B2B media, the limit of 5000 friends would never be a worry. Though I understand its appeal, I’ve never found Facebook compelling. What I’ve taken to be its core assumptions—that one’s world is divided into friends and everyone else, and that all your friends are friends in exactly the same way—just don’t work for me. Related posts: Be Yourself.

Digital Drudgery and Second-Stage Shovelware

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In the most recent comment yesterday , my friend and mentor Howard Rauch argued that excessive digital workloads are very real phenomena for B2B editors. In a post earlier this month, I raised the sensitive question of whether legacy print journalists might be unduly worried about the workload involved in social media. He’s right, of course. didn’t put it very well.

Editorial Quality Vs. Revenue: A False Dichotomy

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B2B communications, of course, is one of those systems, and legacy editorial and ad-sales jobs are among those imperiled. On its blog earlier this month, the American Society of Business Publication Editors published an anonymous and despairing note from one of its members. In it, the magazine editor described a frustrating planning meeting with his counterparts in advertising sales. Eventually, the group decided to develop a project series based on what sponsorships could be sold, not necessarily what has proven popular with readers. But that’s not fair. It beats me.

Breaking News: People Who Like Print, Like Print

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There’s been a minor buzz this week in B2B circles about recent survey results suggesting that paper magazines and newsletters remain extremely important to business professionals. I’m sure it’s true. I’m also sure it’s not very meaningful. Can Printcasting Print-on-Demand Work for B2B? Just because you like something doesn’t mean it’s not dead. Yes, many people still love print.

Evangelizing a Content Marketing Program

Consider: Content Marketing on the Rise &86% B2B Marketers are now using content marketing in. strategic fashion 77% B2C Marketers 76% 69%& B2B Marketers are creating more content than they. report, only 21 percent of B2B marketers say that they’re. ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY1 The Ultimate Content Strategist. All rights reserved. Introduction 4 II. brands.

Should You Edit Guest Posts? 5 Tips for Better Copy

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know from many years of rescuing submissions for B2B publications that with enough work you can make almost anything publishable. Or would you like to write for B2B Memes? There’s wide agreement in the blogging world about the benefits of guest posts, both for the guest blogger and the blog owner. There seems to be less consensus, however, about the logical next question: If you use guest posts, should you edit them? In a way, I’m asking a trick question. As I explain below, the moment you accept an article, you’ve already started to edit it. Give fair warning. Choose wisely.

Why Publishers Need Early Adopters, Annoying or Not

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Yesterday, B2B editor and blogger Maureen Alley wrote a provocative post declaring that early adopters are annoying. I’m not sure she means it. Alley herself, after all, stands out among young B2B journalists for being well ahead of her peers in adopting the tools and ethos of social media. If anything, the B2B industry needs to encourage early adopters, not bemoan them. would suggest, in fact, that every B2B publisher and content marketer needs one or more early adopters in their midst.  The benefits of early adopters don’t end with identification or advocacy.

It’s Time to Embrace Editorial as a Profit Center

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As any editor who’s somehow crept into the upper echelons of B2B publication management will know, the language of accounting and spreadsheets rules most boardroom discussions. Early this week, Steve Yelvington made a comment on Twitter that reminded me of something I’ve been mulling over for some time. Our newsrooms (or whatever we choose to call them) should be engines of success,” he said , “not cost centers.”. He’s right, but I prefer stronger phrasing. If the people who hold the pursestrings are to pay attention, we need to call editorial what it is: a profit center.

A Lesson from the Digital Productivity Terrorists

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And yesterday, B2B editorial consultant (and—full disclosure—my long-time mentor) Howard Rauch tweeted that “continuously overloading B2B editors with digital responsibilities undoubtedly is key reason why original content is dying a slow death.”. Doctorow: Productivity Terrorist? Doctorow’s intent, I think, is to inspire, but his example is just as likely to depress. But does it?

Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report

benchmark report, 76 percent of B2B marketers and 77 percent of B2C marketers. and over half of both B2B and B2C marketers are not clear on what a successful. The Drum named the Best B2B Content Marketing of 2015. Content. Methodology: A Best. Practices Report Copyright © 2016 Contently. All rights reserved. Definition II. Why a Content Methodology Is Needed III. the stories.

“Content Is Power”: Q & A with Mark W. Schaefer

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couple of years ago when I started B2B Memes  it was my plan to focus exclusively on trade publishing. But as I looked around the blogosphere/Twitterverse, it didn’t take long to realize that the most enthusiastic and informed discussions about B2B communications involved not publishing, but marketing. Mark W. Schaefer. For me, a journalist, this came as a jolt. Use your head.

30 Lessons from 30 Blog Posts in 30 Days

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B2B Blog Posts of the Week: The Turkey in the Room. Twenty-nine days ago, I set out to write a post a day for this blog. Somehow, despite a couple of late nights, I managed to achieve my goal. Though no one’s going to hand me a blogger’s version of their badge, I feel something akin to the mixture of pride and relief all those successful NaNoWriMo writers must be experiencing today.

Should You Publish? A Tale of Two Melvilles

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Keys to Effective B2B Content. Not Herman. Is what you write worth publishing? Once upon a time, that wasn’t your choice to make. It used to be that the threshold to publication was as high as the transom. The only way most people could hope to cross it and break into print was through an unlikely toss over a publisher’s front door. But here’s the problem. You may think you know.

Time to Surf the Wave of the Personal Brand

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Mathew Ingram’s recounting today of blogger Nate Silver’s leap from the New York Times into the welcoming arms of ESPN underscores a trend B2B journalists and editors ignore at their peril. My sense is that most B2B journos are largely unaware of the trend, or largely unwilling to hop onto it. And need I add, you must do this with enthusiasm? link]. Time is running out.

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Content Strategy for Marketing

Custom Content Council OF MARKETERS80% CONTENT INVESTMENTS BY B2B + B2C COMPANIES. Content. Strategy for. Marketing: Sustainable, Scalable, and Sale-able As the web weaves into every aspect of your customers’ lives, they expect the. right content in the right place at the right time. Content as an afterthought or. even as a one-time campaign no longer works. Today, marketing is digital, so.

Should Journalism Schools Rethink Magazines? (Or Even Journalism Itself?)

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Related posts: Is B2B Ready for Corporate Journalism? Last week, Susan Currie Sivek wrote about how magazine programs within journalism schools are increasingly giving up on traditional magazines—or as she less cynically puts it, how they are teaching beyond the magazine. It’s the right direction for J schools to take. But does it go far enough? Though I love magazines, I’m not sure any journalism school should have a magazine program. Though I’ve hired many journalism majors over the years, I’ve probably hired just as many from other disciplines. The Lure of a Dying Profession.

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Back from the Dead: The Challenge of Digital First

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It is a question I will be thinking and writing about in coming days here on B2B Memes. “‘I am Lazarus, come from the dead. Come back to tell you all, I shall tell you all’”. Eliot. Or to put it more plainly, I took a job with a legacy publisher to help it go digital-first. Let me try to explain. One writer with a solo blog is easily, readily digital first, if not digital only.

Social Media and the Blurring of Professional Roles

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But for anyone interested in B2B publishing and communications, it is essential and enlightening reading.). Though he blogs less often than he once did, he remains active in the B2B conversation via Twitter and still inspires lesser lights like me to try to shine more brightly. In a rare post today, Paul Conley stated the obvious : he doesn’t publish much on his blog anymore.  Well, duh–all his fans are painfully aware of that. (If you’re not familiar with Conley, I recommend a thorough study of his archives. It is, for me, one of the glories of this connected age.

Three Common Failures in Online News: Are You At Fault?

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For most B2B publishers, electronically delivered news content is becoming an increasingly important part of their output. In theory, any B2B e-news package consistently delivering relevant, high-enterprise, fast-paced, exclusive content should dominate its competitive space. The studies focused on B2B e-news from well-known trade publishers and included totally staff-written content as well as mixes of aggregated and staff-written material. That makes it all the more perplexing how rarely B2B e-news includes embedded links. The potential rewards are substantial.

Content Marketing Playbook: Strategy and Roadmap

According to CMI’s 2015 report, just 35 percent of B2B or- ganizations and 27 percent of B2C organizations have a. ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY1 The Ultimate Content Strategist. Playbook No. 2: Strategy and Roadmap Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. contently.com By Joe Lazauskas ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY2 I. Introduction 3 II. conference.

Jeff Jarvis Strikes A Blow for Web History

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Now if Filloux will just correct that typo … Related posts: What B2B Can Learn from Jeff Jarvis, Part 2. What B2B Can Learn from Jeff Jarvis. What B2B Can Learn from Jeff Jarvis, Part 4. Nearly two years ago, I wrote that while the Web has a future, it may not have a past. But as I noted, trying to dig through those archives was nearly as arduous as excavating Troy.

A Boring But Mandatory Redesign Announcement

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Sharedaddy to allow readers to share B2B Memes stories more easily. In my years as a magazine editor, one of the most irksome tasks was writing an editorial announcing a redesign of the publication. Sadly, there’s nothing fresh or original about saying your redesign is fresh and original. Would you deliberately aim for a dated and derivative look? The old look. couldn’t use that!

Reporter Failure, Editor Failure, or Tool Failure?

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Related posts: Social Media and Ethics: An Interview with B2B Editor Maureen Alley. What are the new-media lessons, if any, to be drawn from the resignation earlier this month of Washington Post blogger Elizabeth Flock? Her immediate reason for resigning was having a prominent correction slapped onto one of her stories, the second in the last five months. All of these tools are useful.

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Webcasts Grow Up

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In one of the earliest posts on this blog I complained about the lack of social-media awareness and interactivity in most B2B webcasts. haven’t seen much improvement in the intervening 18 months—until today. If I were still an On24 customer (I last worked with them three years ago) I would be very excited about this new platform. Now if only they could supply better waiting-room music.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

B2B Marketing. Trends for 2016 Edited by Tom Pick and Tony Karrer 25 Thought Leaders Weigh In 0 Executive Summary B2B marketing practices are in the midst of profound change, driven by three powerful trends: • Changing expectations of buyers: as Baby Boomers retire and Millennials move into and up within the ranks of B2B enterprises, buying. B2B marketers will focus.

Social Media and the Perils of Monetization

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For B2B professionals, mixing social media and business requires a delicate balance of giving and selling, sharing and monetizing. Are profits and social media compatible? Does making money from a friendship make it less social? The path to monetization is full of perils, and inevitably changes your relationship with your audience. Too much giving and you’re out of business; too much selling and you’re out of friends. I was reminded of how tricky this balance can be last Friday when I logged onto my RSS reader. But clicking through is optional. His concern is not new.

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