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Survey Shows B2B Marketers Will Prioritize Email Marketing, SEO, Social Media in 2013

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This is a guest post from CRM Analyst Ashley Verrill. This is the first ever guest post on this blog in its seven year existence so you know the content is going to be good. Much of this verifies what I've been saying for years but it's always good to see this data for yourself for a sanity check. For example, before you go upload that list of emails that you just bought, read the data below

The Rules of Lead Generation Defined – Book Review

Anything Goes Marketing

For years I’ve been helping B2B marketers execute on their marketing strategies and at times I felt like I was working from scraps of information here and there that I have learned over the years. The issue was that there really wasn’t a guide for B2B marketers. We now have one: The New Rules of Lead Generation: Proven Strategies to Maximize Marketing ROI by David T. Scott. David was kind enough. email marketing lead generation marketing metrics lead conversion Advocate Marketing social media lead management integrated marketing closed loop

5 Corporate B2B Blogs That You Should Copy

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The importance of blogs in your B2B marketing mix can't be overlooked. Blogs are too important in keeping customers and future customers informed about your industry, your products and your company, driving people to your website, and generating leads. recent study by Hubspot found that those companies that use blogs generate 67% more leads than those that don't. However, anyone that can open a.

The Modern Marketer's Field Guide: Have You Read it? You Should

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When it comes to B2B marketing, there are not a lot of great books out there. Matt Heinz has brought us probably the most practical book out there for the more advanced B2B marketer - the modern marketer. Advocate Marketing B2B blogging content marketing lead generation lead management lead nurturing lead scoring marketing automation marketing metrics social media For the most part, the books that do exist focus on the novice marketer or focus on high level approaches. The Modern Marketer''s Field Guide is a must read for any marketer that is looking to.

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Stop Killing Your Content: 3 Reasons Your Content Falls Flat

Each year B2B organizations spend more than $5.2B on content creation and distribution. Introduction “B2B organizations spend more. in B2B organizations. Stop Killing Your Content: 3 Reasons Your Content Falls Flat. Content has proven to be a highly effective driver of revenue, both directly and indirectly. Additionally, 77% of marketers say content is core to business success.

B2B Webinar Best Practices from VMware

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As you’re gearing up for a great new year, I wanted to highlight some webinar/event best practices from the marketing team over at VMware. VMware has found that this marketing channel is one of their most successful when it comes to ROI so taking a few pointers and optimizing your own efforts could pay off big time this year. They They achieved an ROI of 1324% in 2010 - not too bad! They were kind. marketing metrics webinars / webcasts

Email Autoresponders 2.0 in B2B Marketing

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Although this post is mostly from a B2B perspective, the items described here can also be applied in the B2C world. As I outlined in 10 Tips for Using Twitter And Email Marketing for B2B you can add your company's Twitter address, Linkedin groups and links to RSS feeds such as your corporate blog to your autoresponder emails. Email Autoresponder 1.0 Click here to unsubscribe. Chad H.

HP Gets it Right With Their "Change Artists" Lead Generation Campaign

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Have you seen any other great B2B lead generation campaigns that really stood out for you? Tags: business blog B2B lead generation Marketing Sherpa Arguably the whole concept of comments on a blog make blogs authentic and entertaining. On many blogs, a web visitor may find a post with some rich interaction between the original author and some commenters. This is simply brilliant.

Top Automated Marketing Personalization Tactics

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For B2B companies, have communications sent from sales reps or Account Managers if a relationship has been established. Tags: landing pages email marketing B2B marketing automation B2C Sales process direct mail There is a lot of talk these days that personalization is back in marketing but what does that really mean and what are some of the tactics you can use? personalized approach facilitates this process. It allows you to make people feel special by providing timely communication that is more like a dialogue than a one way conversation. What do you do? You go find your table!

Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness

Contents GOING LONG: HOW 5 B2B TECH BRANDS BUILT VALUABLE AUDIENCES THROUGH HIGH-QUALITY, LONGFORM CONTENT CONTENTLY3 Brands aren’t just publishing. Thirty-one percent identified as B2B marketers, 18. 49 percent work across B2B and B2C businesses. marketing in B2B tech, even major brands like. B2B marketers. for B2B marketers than for B2C marketers. little.

Top 10 Triggered B2B Email Marketing Campaigns

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After reading Ed Henrich’s excellent article on ClickZ Top 10 Triggered E-mail Programs to Build Relevance , I wanted to take a more B2B slant on it but as you’ll see, many of the triggered email programs apply to both B2B and B2C. In addition, Michele Linn over at Savvy B2B Marketing recommends that “instead of providing an immediate download of the offer (e.g. Trial tips.

Integrated marketing campaigns using YouTube!

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Wonder if these types of concepts will become more prominent in B2B? Thinking about a new marketing campaign to promote a new product? Why not consider doing a video that could be used as a TV ad, website video, posted on YouTube , added to your business blog, linked to from emails and advertised in magazines and print material. Sounds difficult eh? Don't have enough money for a TV ad?

How To Build a Lead Nurturing Culture Part I

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There is no question that lead nurturing has been a proven tactic for B2B marketers. Tags: lead nurturing B2B lead generation lead management lead qualification Are any of you out there new fathers? My biggest inspiration for this post was re-reading Jim Collins’ famous Good to Great. It was time to give it another read to see if I could get another boost of inspiration. Chad H.

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Wake up and Send More Email

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In today’s B2B purchase process, the marketer is no longer in charge. Tags: email marketing B2B marketing automation social media data management Social media is all the rage these days and I’m in complete agreement that it should be part of your campaigns but let’s not overlook the power of email and how it’s being underutilized by many organizations today. Social media highlights.

Evangelizing a Content Marketing Program

Consider: Content Marketing on the Rise &86% B2B Marketers are now using content marketing in. strategic fashion 77% B2C Marketers 76% 69%& B2B Marketers are creating more content than they. report, only 21 percent of B2B marketers say that they’re. ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY1 The Ultimate Content Strategist. All rights reserved. Introduction 4 II. brands.

How do I Generate More Leads from my Website?

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Many B2B marketers ask these questions daily: We have this great website, we use email, we use search - what else can we do? Tags: web analytics B2B lead generation webinars / webcasts lead qualification Marketing Sherpa How can we further optimize our practices to increase the amount of leads we generate? recent study by MarketingSherpa and KnowledgeStorm provides some additional insights that marketers should be aware of. They surveyed both vendors and users (people who actually fill out registration forms) to better understand what and why they fill out forms on websites.

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10 Tips for Using Twitter And Email Marketing for B2B

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That topic is Twitter and how best to use this tool for your B2B marketing efforts. Let me know what you think and if you have additional tips (let's see if Darren Rowse from Twitip is listening) 10 Tips for Using Twitter And Email Marketing for B2B 1. Here is an example : [link] post on Anything Goes Marketing: "10 Tips for Using Twitter And Email Marketing for B2B" [link] This makes the process of spreading the word about your email article extremely easy. thought I would take a stab at providing tips on blending a tried and true tool like email with Twitter. Most likely.

5 Mistakes B2B Marketers Need to Avoid in 2010

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2009 has been a long year but as I reflect back on my many conversations, I've created a top 5 list of items to avoid in 2010: 1. Not having a defined social media strategy You would be surprised by the number of companies that say “yeah, social media is important but it’s not important to us at the moment”. For example, check out [link] and search for your company name. You may see a theme here.

Resources on Aligning Marketing and Sales for B2B Companies

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Five Resources on Aligning Marketing and Sales B2B Marketing and Sales Tip #65 - Defining a Lead: This post deals with the issue of how to get sales and marketing on the same wave length in terms of defining what a lead is. This post is part of B2B Lead website and is run by true marketing professionals - worth taking a look for some actionable marketing and sales alignment tips.

Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report

benchmark report, 76 percent of B2B marketers and 77 percent of B2C marketers. and over half of both B2B and B2C marketers are not clear on what a successful. The Drum named the Best B2B Content Marketing of 2015. Content. Methodology: A Best. Practices Report Copyright © 2016 Contently. All rights reserved. Definition II. Why a Content Methodology Is Needed III. the stories.

Lead Management and Football

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PPS: Some other posts on this topic: Landing Page Strategies and Lead Qualification Resources on Aligning Marketing and Sales for B2B Companies. In one of my meetings these past few weeks I was thinking of an analogy where I could break down the lead management process into much simpler terms so everyone could understand their roles - this is where football comes in. Why football? Thank you."

B2B Marketing Trends From Eloqua Experience 09 Via Twitter

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The Eloqua product was much discussed at the event but I’ve excluded those tweets here as this post was focused on learnings for B2B marketers that goes beyond Eloqua. Social Media And B2B Marketing Social media played such a major factor at this event. Earlier this month I left my newborn and poor wife at home for an unforgettable week at Eloqua Experience in San Francisco. Chad H.

Latest B2B Marketing Trends From SiriusDecisions Summit 09

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If you’re looking for an eloquently written post on how B2B marketing has changed and recommendations on what you should do, you’ve come to the wrong page. Suppliers are looking for ways to help out their partners Social media in B2B marketing is still at its early stages but expect this to grow enormously for the next summit The key across all of these topics is sales/marketing alignment.

5 Marketing Automation Email Tips

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In a recent case study on B2B Online , NIIT , a global learning solutions company, created an automated email program that engaged subscribers based on their “ Digital Body Language ”. Response rates for this campaign were greater that 20% which is very good for B2B campaigns. Tags: email marketing B2B marketing automation personalization Marketing Sherpa The heading or title.

Content Strategy for Marketing

Custom Content Council OF MARKETERS80% CONTENT INVESTMENTS BY B2B + B2C COMPANIES. Content. Strategy for. Marketing: Sustainable, Scalable, and Sale-able As the web weaves into every aspect of your customers’ lives, they expect the. right content in the right place at the right time. Content as an afterthought or. even as a one-time campaign no longer works. Today, marketing is digital, so.

Customer Service at its Best: Wind Mobile

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Wind Mobile provides some great examples on how you can take your customer service up a notch – regardless if you’re a B2B or B2C company. Late last year Canada finally agreed to open up competition on mobile carriers and it’s been a breath of fresh air. Enter Wind Mobile into the picture. Here’s the good part – besides the cost savings we enjoy, the story gets better. It’s 2010 Wind Mobile!

Email Marketing Metrics You Should be Tracking

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The goal of this post is not to criticize the great work by the MarketingSherpa folks but rather to provide feedback and start a discussion on the types of benchmarks that should be included in future reports – especially when we’re talking about b2b marketing. For example, should B2B marketers combine email and SMS messages for event reminders or is email sufficient? Tweet This!

Sharing Space: Marketing and Sales

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Related Posts: Resources on Aligning Marketing and Sales for B2B Companies Digital Body Language: Golf, Putting, Sales Reps, and Growing Revenue Technorati Tags: marketing and sales alignment , linkedin , down economy , recession , SiriusDecisions. Tags: lead nurturing B2B Sales process lead management personally wouldn’t have it any other way. Come Together. Right Now. Chad H.

Email Marketing Gone Wrong - It's not the 1990s Anymore

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Email clients like Hotmail or Outlook (B2B and B2C recipients) will automatically block images. would have gladly updated my profile to get the coupon or to have downloaded some relevant information (if we're looking for a B2B example). Tags: email marketing B2B B2C This email may have cut it 1999 but will be deleted or never make the inbox in 2009. 1. This is an email no no.

Content Marketing Playbook: Strategy and Roadmap

According to CMI’s 2015 report, just 35 percent of B2B or- ganizations and 27 percent of B2C organizations have a. ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY1 The Ultimate Content Strategist. Playbook No. 2: Strategy and Roadmap Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. By Joe Lazauskas ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY2 I. Introduction 3 II. conference.

How to Prevent List Attrition yet Drive Event Attendance

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Tags: email marketing B2B lead generation enewsletter

Is your Company Being Blogged About?

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B2B B2C social media blogging Web 2.0.Last week I mentioned how you can track your company's brand on twitter. Incidentally I did predict Obama winning the election and also the Dolphins beating the Seahawks today so I'm on a roll! This week I found a new site that you can use to compare how you're company is doing on the blogosphere versus your competition. What are the trends? Chad H.

The Recession is Here - Time to Become an Eco-Marketer

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Reduce: Not only should B2B companies reduce the amount of lead leakage where leads are being lost is the sales/marketing funnel by tightening up processes, the following also needs the be considered: Reduce the amount of communication that you're sending to leads. Tags: B2B email marketing lead nurturing lead generation blogging lead qualification closed loop Web 2.0. Chad H.

Landing Page Optimization: Mini Case Study

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PS: This case study on B2B online backs up my recommendations above. Tags: landing pages B2B online marketing search It's Canadian Thanksgiving up here today and I'm all about giving back. From time to time, I check out MarketingProf's Know How Exchange where people post their marketing questions and I try and help out. Here's why: a. What is compelling the web visitor to respond?


B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

B2B Marketing. Trends for 2016 Edited by Tom Pick and Tony Karrer 25 Thought Leaders Weigh In 0 Executive Summary B2B marketing practices are in the midst of profound change, driven by three powerful trends: • Changing expectations of buyers: as Baby Boomers retire and Millennials move into and up within the ranks of B2B enterprises, buying. B2B marketers will focus.

Social Media Success Stories

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Back on December 21, 2008, I wrote the post “ 10 Tips for Using Twitter And Email Marketing for B2B ”. I get a few blank stares at times when I talk about social media technologies with friends and colleagues but I’m starting to win people over day by day. How am I doing this? With real stories! In a few short months, the group has 32 members without having done any advertising. Chad H.