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Report: Blogs Are An Important Part Of The Marketing Mix

B2B Marketing Insider

And even though bloggers stated feeling that they aren’t treated with the same respect as traditional media representatives, it’s the buyers who had the final say. They reported in a separate study by Technorati that blogs are right up there with many traditional media in terms of importance and influence on their buying behavior. Overall great article. Who Blogs?

Fulfill your resolution to blog in 11 steps


And, YouTube is the second most popular search engine right under Google Search. If you start seeing more consistent readership and deeper popularity as manifest my consistently-increased social sharing (by people other than you and your best friends) then you’ll start seeing your metrics move more reliably. Related articles. Good for you. Mark my words.

Starting a Blog: 20 Attainable Steps to Epic Success


While you can utilize a free-standing BlogSpot, WordPress, or Tumblr account for publishing, you won’t receive the same SEO benefits you will if you host your blog directly on your website. Learn more in our article Creating an Epic Buyer Persona Profile: a Totally Comprehensive Guide. Add Social Sharing Buttons. Create Social Media Profiles. Research Your Niche.

Your Website Is More Than Great Design


The marketer on the call for each of review walked away with ideas for increasing their Search Engine presence, their Social Media efforts, and Lead Generation. Right now, her pictures of wedding cake designs are giving Blogspot traffic and search rankings that should be the website's. Baloney! Is that a smart marketing move? Lots of low-hanging fruit here.