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Four ways Facebook Instant Articles will dramatically impact marketing

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Facebook announced it would open up Instant Articles -– formatted and optimized to load almost immediately -– to any publisher without a special approval process. To make it effortless for even small bloggers, Facebook announced in a post this week that it is teaming up with WordPress for a plugin that allows us to publish from our blog directly to Facebook. A shift in distribution.

Trying GroupHigh for Blogger Outreach Campaigns


I am hereby making the jump from humans to robots for all my blogger research. And what was I comparing all of these social CRMs, influencer-identification services, and blogger databases to? I don’t reach out to 40 bloggers over time, I reach out to upwards of 2000 bloggers all-at-once. Related articles. Tricky. And I need a lot of them.

The bloggers are the victims of bad blogger outreach


I just wrote an article , Blogger outreach is earned media PR, isn’t it? wherein I suggested that some bloggers are kinda jerks because they lead any blogger outreach with “here’s my advertising packet.” Bloggers, in fact, are the victims and we digital and PR agencies are the perps. That said, these bloggers are the victims. Totally!

Blogger outreach is more PR than social media


Back in 2006 I developed a strategy of blogger outreach that allowed my to reach out to more than just 25 top-tier bloggers by hand over time but to 2,500-5,000 bloggers. While I agree that the top-25-50 bloggers do deserve deep, long-term, and personal engagement, spending that sort of time, over time, on “everyone else” would take all the time in the universe.

7 Tools for Finding & Connecting With Influential Bloggers


Bloggers are trusted voices who can bring in customers and help you build your community. Reaching out to potential blogger is a more intricate process nowadays than it was even five years ago. Great bloggers are constantly getting pitched by marketers, making it all the more important for you to stand out from the crowd if you want them to pay attention. 1) BirdSong Analytics.

The Top 20 LinkedIn Pulse Articles of All Time


And luckily for me, they also make it pretty easy to sort through the entire archive of Pulse articles based on their popularity. How convenient for a blogger writing about the top Pulse articles of all time. So, here are the top 20 LinkedIn Pulse articles "of all time" as ranked by LinkedIn Pulse, themselves. #1: "All time" here is like a year or so.

7 Must Read Blogging Articles

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Dave is the cofounder of NinjaOutreach, an innovative new blogger outreach software for marketers based in Boston, Massachusetts. 7 Must Read Blogging Articles by Dave Schneider - Maximize Social Business. The number of blogging resources on the web is astounding. A quick search for blogging returns 120 million results in Google. So where do you begin? It’s a tough question, and one I get all the time. You want to start a blog, but you don’t know where and how to begin. And even if […]. Author information. Dave Schneider. Twitter | Facebook |. Blogging

The Ultimate List of Websites Every Blogger Should Bookmark


All bloggers have a number of websites that they visit every single day. What are some of the best websites that all bloggers should add to their bookmark bar? 22 Websites Every Blogger Should Bookmark. What are your favorite websites to bookmark that help you be a more efficient blogger? That's exactly what bookmarks are for. But trust me, it's easy. Safari. Firefox.

The Top 100 Bloggers On Triberr

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For a couple of years I have been using Triberr as a way to connect and share some of my favorite blogger’s content in one easy-to-use dashboard. Triberr is an influencer platform that connects you with other bloggers in “Tribes” usually based on the topics you are interested in and write about. The post The Top 100 Bloggers On Triberr appeared first on B2B Marketing Insider.

How to Become the Best Blogger in Your Niche


So here’s my thesis: If you are the best blogger in your niche, you can be the most successful in your niche. If blogging is the core of content marketing, and content marketing is the path to success, then we must conclude that being a kickass blogger is the path to marketing success. And here’s the really good news: You can become the best blogger in your niche.

32 Blog Post Ideas for Your Next Article


Feeling a little stumped about your next article? Even the world’s most creative bloggers find themselves in need of blog post ideas every once in a while. Create a resource list of your website’s articles on a given topic. Or better yet, use blogger Amanda Nelson’s suggestion, and get permission to publish part of a new release. Blogger Awards.

You can do some amazing things with Blogger

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Confluent Forms LLC specializes in creating gorgeous, engaging websites with custom content management systems (CMS, software that enables easy management of your website content without a web developer), but we’ve found that Blogger can be a great platform for web development when a custom CMS isn’t needed. As a web development firm, Blogger provides us with a different value proposition.

9 Tips to Spot Amazing Article Writers


Article writers – truly amazing ones who create content that will knock your visitors’ socks off – can sometimes be hard to come by, depending on your niche. Here’s a list of 9 quick tips to help you spot amazing article writers. When trying to find article writers, Google can be your best friend. Contact Your Favorite Bloggers. Frequent Multi-Author Blogs.

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9 Content Marketing Articles You Shouldn’t Miss

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But before I do, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the best articles this year on the topic. Last week I covered the 8 Marketing Strategy articles you missed when you were too busy. And 6 Social Media and Search articles you missed when life was too hectic. It’s a big week here in the world of content marketing. It used to be so easy.

Blogger outreach is earned media PR, isn’t it?


My definition of blogger outreach has always been about acquiring earned media coverage from bloggers and online influencers. My definition–and my assumption–has always been that blogger outreach is public relations and not paid media. We agreed on everything except on whether blogger outreach was pay-per-post or earned, what bloggers wanted from a marketing pitch.

Why Bloggers Abandon Their Blogs Too Early [Video]


This phenomenon must be frustrating, if not demoralizing, for corporate bloggers who need to prove they are driving results, and prove it quickly. As you can see in the video, it’s easy to see why bloggers who rely on daily traffic as their sole performance indicator would abandon their blogs quickly. Occasionally, one stumbles upon a stop-you-in-your-tracks statistic. Literally.

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How NOT to pitch a blogger


Last week, I talked about how blogger outreach is scary , and I talked about why this fear exists for most people before they start talking to bloggers. In the five years that we’ve been reaching out to bloggers, we’ve learned just as much about how NOT to pitch as we’ve learned about the right ways. Bloggers did not fall of a turnip truck.

How PR and Social Media Can Work Together


The social media release is used for blogger outreach. bloggers are overwhelmed with pitches and unlikely to write about the company’s press release, the company uses the press release as a hook and offers to write a (informational, non-promotional) guest post on the topic. These links send more traffic to the blog (which the blogger likes) and spread the company’s fame.

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Content Marketing Tip: Use Ready-to-Publish Articles

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A great way to short-cut the time needed to research, write and publish quality online content is to find a good writer to supply articles. I get frustrated because people use canned articles ‘as is’ They don’t take the time to add their own stories, to explain how it is for them in the work they do. Tell them why this article and these ideas are important to them.

The Business Blogger's Ultimate Guide to Mastering Lead Generation


link] ) or checking out the permalink of an individual blog article (e.g. Because these types of CTAs will be shown to visitors no matter what article they're reading, it's very important to either feature offers that you know are successful among a broader audience of visitors, or offer a variety of offers that most visitors would find at least one or two appealing. But have no fear!

Creativity with Blogger; using it to make quality websites beyond the Blog

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Pinch Gallery website For some time now, we've been documenting how people can take advantage of Google's Blogger service to make blogs that really showcase their incredible content by using the flexibility provided by this free hosted service. Pinch Gallery 's website redesign project gave us the opportunity to take Blogger even further. Why did we do it? How did we do it?

SEO: 3 Things Journalists and Bloggers Can Learn

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From what I see, many bloggers aren’t using hyperlinks when they publish blog posts. Here’s the thing: when you follow the basic common sense rules for getting your article found online, it’s also good structure for making sense to the readers. What’s this article about? No More Geek-Speak: SEO for Smart Bloggers.

Bloggers Block? How to Get Your Creative Writing Mojo Back

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Ever get stuck with blogger’s block? Writer’s and blogger’s block is a completely natural event experienced by writers , usually as a side-effect of writing for a deadline. Think about what you like about the article, and what you dislike. Can’t get a spark of creativity going? Finding yourself in the horror of a creation-less void is never good. Take a Walk.

23 Outstanding Social PR Guides


Foremost among these developments is the shift from communicating primarily to a closely-guarded list of traditional “media’ contacts (editors and paid journalists) to working with an amorphous and expanding pool of influencers in specific industries and specialties: vendors, buyers, brand advocates, bloggers, freelance writer, peers, and others. Image credit: PRNews.

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Nominate Now 2013 #Nifty50 Top Twitter Bloggers, Authors, PR, Journalists Award

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2013 #Nifty50 Top Twitter Women and Men Bloggers, Authors, PR, Journalists Award. For 2013, specific eligibility criteria for #Nifty50 honorees include: Must regularly produce some form of business-related online content (blog posts, news articles, etc.)- Know someone who deserves to be considered? Then click the “Nominate” button below the entry form. About the Award.

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7 Social Media And Content Marketing Articles You May Have Missed


While there are probably thousands of articles answering that question from an editorial perspective, the amount of information that exists from an operational perspective pales in comparison. Enjoy the rest of the article at the Content Marketing Institute. Get all the articles via email. Unleashing Your Revenue Engine – Eloqua Experience Keynote Recent Guest Bloggers 1.

Thrilled to be Mentioned in the Company of These Phenomenal B2B Bloggers

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I was stunned and thrilled to be included with phenomenal bloggers like Jeremiah Owyang , Seth Godin , Ann Handley and Brian Solis. I keep a list of all my posts and articles on Delicious in more-or-less reverse chronological order. DNN (formerly DotNetNuke) has posted a listing infographic of the Top 10 Blogs Every B2B Marketer Should Read. I’m assuming my position at the top of this infographic is a happy accident, because I don’t hold a candle to most of these people. In reality, I don’t blog very much at anymore. Here’s the infographic.

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Now connecting with the sexiest bloggers is easy

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A year ago in the first article I wrote about Klout ( Get Ready. Klout just got sexy. And I called this one … Unfortunately. Wouldn’t it make sense to assign numbers for single people on the dating scene based on user ratings?” ” Well, it is happening. CrushBlvd solves this problem by creating a beautiful community that encourages social interaction.” Excuse me.

How to Make Your Content, Messages and Ideas Stick

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Related Stories Embrace the “One to One to Many” Approach by Working with Bloggers Boost Credibility on Social Media with Customer Stories Blog + Social Media: Not Your Mom’s Donor Acquisition / Retention Plan. Content Marketing articles Blog blogger content Facebook invites marketing Mashable messages neal neal schaffer News Photo sales schaffer start strategy time updates video It’s a frenzied environment in social media these days. Publishers, brands (anyone, really, who wants to share info, vent or get attention) spew content and updates.

28 (of the) Best Business Blogging Guides and Tips of 2013


Adam Connell compiles advice from nearly three dozen seasoned bloggers on increasing reader engagement, including tips from Seth Godin (“The only thing I do to increase reader engagement is to write things worth sharing”), frequent Webbiquity best-of contributor Neil Patel , Dino Dogan, Anita Campbell, Ted Rubin, Lisa Buben, Joel Comm and more. Best Tips for Beginning Bloggers.

Common Mistakes Made by Beginning Bloggers …and 5 Tips to Fix Them

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Seasoned bloggers are wise to take note of these tips as well; even the most professional of us can use a reminder every now and then! This is particularly true of things like news articles or announcements. Seasoned bloggers are wise to evaluate their visual interest occasionally as well. Using recycled content. Many blogs do use the content of others, with due credit given.

Rick Short Explains How to Turn Staff Into Prolific Bloggers

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My real challenge was getting my staff to warm to the concept of being a blogger. That was the voice of many of my bloggers at one time or another. However, would it be just as successful if instead of a "blog" they just posted the content as an article? Bloggers are concerned that they can not handle the volume of work required. Wrong. They quickly get it.

Confessions of a Former Journalist: What I Learned From Becoming a Corporate Blogger


Being a journalist vs. being a blogger? While good bloggers should also be concerned with the truth, uncovering things isn’t necessary their driving motive. What blog posts lack in exclusivity or depth compared to the average journalistic article, they make up for in practicality. 3) Bloggers highlight experts'' opinions and perspectives so readers can learn from them.

10 Tools to Help Get More Social Media Traffic

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Related Stories Embrace the “One to One to Many” Approach by Working with Bloggers Boost Credibility on Social Media with Customer Stories Blog + Social Media: Not Your Mom’s Donor Acquisition / Retention Plan. Social Media Traffic Generation articles Blog bloggers Business content Facebook followers LinkedIn LinkedIn Groups Locations Photo shares start strategy StumbleUpon tips Twitter video Website YouTube Triberr If you keep a regular blog, I recommend … Continue Reading.

PR and Marketing: Are Bloggers the New Journalists?

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Corporate bloggers have a marketing agenda, for example. Along the way these bloggers deliver valuable content that educates audiences on issues and topics – a great way to showcase their expertise and build credibility. However, corporate bloggers won’t blog about their company problems the same way a journalist would. “We need PR and marketing.”

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11.5 Amazing Content Creation Tools for Becoming a Super Blogger


Effective newsjacking requires agility, which means your content calendar should have at least a few extra articles in store, and you should have the ability to collaborate with a coworker on spelling and grammar. Excellent content marketers have learned how to balance quantity with quality, and create blog articles quickly. Your content is really only as good as its context. Reddit.

17 Foolish Mistakes to Avoid as a Guest Blogger


As a guest blogger, you need to have the skill sets of an SEO expert, a public relations professional, and obviously, a blogger , in order to be successful. Most guest bloggers do this as a result of having no (or a poorly crafted) guest blogging strategy. reached out, not interested, ready for article, sent article, published). Talk about a jack of all trades!