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The 28 Best Influencer Marketing Tools


Sample review:  “Klout allows you to track the impact of your opinions, links, and recommendations across your social graph. Pricing:  free, or API data by quote. Sample review:  “BuzzStream enables you turn a website or blog post into a contact record in their database. Sample review:  “Impactana is the ultimate in content research with a focus on SEO.

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Monitoring vs Analytics [Infographic]

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Disclaimer – these are my opinions formed by my conversations with these firms). Heartbeat is the closest to Radian6 and Alterian is that its just the most recent news and social mentions, where as MAP can operate on a much larger sample of historical data on an unlimited basis (at a higher cost than Heartbeat). looked at dozens of dashboards, and reams of reports.

New Year’s Wrap-up: 16 Toast-worthy Social Apps Launched in 2012

WindMill Networking

hooked up my Facebook and Linkedin accounts and every time any of my connections gets covered in the news, I get notified.  At first, I thought this could be annoying, but they do a great job of putting notifications into a digest, and the e-mails aren’t overwhelming. In my opinion, anything that makes the Interweb’s value easier to find is going to become more and more useful.

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Make Your LinkedIn Profile Work for You |

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LinkedIn has an official opinion on connecting up with others. You’re welcome to take their opinion on that. I’ve chosen to accept with anyone who connects with me, and I’ve only had to drop one person ever for abusing that connection. Swing by [] for more posts in the series, and if you have topic ideas, feel free to share them, as this is a group project, and your opinion matters. made a choice of Linkedin over Facebook preferring it for its business perspective and it is paying off in terms of job contacts. Username: API Key ?

26 Social Media Marketing Hidden Treasures You Never Knew Existed


You know, the thing you see on Twitter and Facebook, those other social networks ;-) You can comment and like other people's check-ins, and your pictures appear more prominently than before. Things You Might Have Missed on Facebook. There is a lot of mystery behind the Facebook newsfeed. oh man, is there some cool stuff there for marketers! Use Advanced Search. Ask a Question.