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Multi-Touch Attribution, A Full User Debrief


When users land on the website, that javascript code tracks their movement and actions from page to page. This is a critical element of the tracking mix because a company’s website acts as the hub for most other marketing activities (paid media, paid search, organic, display, content, webinars, referrals, WOM, events, direct mail, etc). Optimizations & A/B testing.

The Ultimate Dictionary of Marketing Terms You Should Know


99 Marketing Terms to Improve Your Marketing Vocabulary. A. 1) A/B Testing. This is often done in email marketing (with variations in the subject line or copy), calls-to-action (variations in colors or verbiage), and landing pages (variations in content). Learn how to run A/B tests here.). 2) Analytics. 48) Landing Page. 67) On-Page Optimization.

60 Marketing Acronyms Every Industry Pro Should Know


API: Application Programming Interface. APIs allow an application to extract information from a service and use that information in their own application, or sometimes for data analysis. It''s kind of like a phone for applications to have conversations -- an API literally "calls" one application and gets information to bring to you to use in your software. PV: Page View.

35 Tech Terms Translated Into Plain English


They''re also used to redirect web traffic from those old web pages to the new ones that have replaced them. Web visitors see 404 error pages when they try to reach a web page that doesn''t exist. This usually happens when the web page has been deleted or the visitor mistyped the URL. Check out HubSpot''s 404 page here. 301 Redirect. Alt Text. Browser Cache.