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Too often companies begin their journey to build an online community or professional network, work through the strategy to create a fantastic plan, talk to their users, refine a straw model for a feature set and then *thud* are hit with the reality that there are more community and social networking tools than they can count. The vendor landscape for consumer communities is pretty well known, but for enterprise… there is a lack of coverage and guidance. communities. Community Server is built on Microsoft.NET 2.0 Where should they look? Who is out there?

Open Research: A Framework for Social Analytics

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Why not just establish some sort of conversion goal from the web on your own site (blog or www) as hub and create a social segmentation, establish process to campaign tag special links / promos and set everything else as a KPI (community size, engagement events). Why are social analytics so important? This is a new medium, and proof over re allocation of investment is key. Wowza! Wowza!

Advice on starting and growing an SNS


The main reason why SNS’s are so appealing is not because people are exhibitionists but because people crave connection and community. So, creating a space for your members to “show off” or “express themselves” is less important than giving members to interact. Fantasy football is popular; Oscar pools, college basketball pools, etc, are very powerful ways of bringing people together and allowing them to “ski” together, allowing them to interact in a very powerful, visceral, way. Virtual online communities are neither virtual nor are they exclusively online. Enjoy!

5 Social Media Savvy Nonprofits

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With nearly 50,000 followers, the NWF has an active community. Nature lovers can contribute their animal sightings, including links to photos, simply by tagging their tweet with the #NWF hashtag. Get Schooled regularly posts photos, video and interactive kids. The museum leveraged Foursquare’s API to create a vibrant community page. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this.

What Do We Need to Teach About Knowledge Work? | Computer Writing and Research Lab

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These connections lead to more flexibility and collaboration within networked organizations, but also more communication problems: workers from historically separated activities suddenly must interact, collaborate, and learn enough of each others social languages and genres to work together. APIs,â?? APIs in knowledge work might include genres and other boundary objects. Letâ??s

Toward a New Knowledge Society

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Community. Virtual Communities. Like tagging and Digg andâ?¦ It looks like Web 2.0 Stallman Slide 28: Harder Answers From the inside, you see the tubes Look for connections, interactions (or more concretely, XML and APIs) Its not a truck. Classifications (tagging) â?? in communities of experts, communities of practice Thatâ??s Developers & API. (beta). My Slidespace. Upload. Widgets. Latest. |. Most Viewed. |. Most Embedded. |. Featured. |. Most Favorited. |. Most Downloaded. |. Slidecasts. Uploading. Embed Video?


Blogs and educating the eflective practitioner

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Community. This is a space to build a community of practice, where the processes of problem solving, experimentation, coaching and building a professional repertoire of experiences can be undertaken. The key reasons for this are that they map the learning journey in real time; they are deeply personal, giving a whole person view; they use rich media that becomes searchable and reconfigurable using tagging; they are portable and easy to access; they encourage dialogue, interaction with an audience and peer group feedback; and they are emotional and playful too. close.


Social Media U: Take a Class in Social Media - ReadWriteWeb

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One of the interesting things they did in this lesson was to learn about tagging and how other peoples opinion can shape our perception of both individuals and brands. Since then, the students have formed their own vibrant community on Twitter. ReadWriteWeb. RWW Network. ReadWriteWeb. ReadWriteTalk. Last100. AltSearchEngines. About. Subscribe. Contact. Advertise. RWW Daily by Email.

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Integrate Social Networks with your Corporate Website with ‘Social Sign On’

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Managing these multiple login systems from all these social networks is cumbersome due to changing APIs, protocols. Opportunity for increased engagemen t as users can quickly identify which one of their friends has also visited that same website and interact with them. Social Sign On is a subset of Social CRM’s 5Ms, read the report to understand the greater strategy required.

Youcalc: On-Demand Analytics Without Stored Data

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In fact, youcalc extends this to related community concepts such as user-contributed enhancements, forums, tagging and rating of popular applications. I’m intrigued by the youcalc approach but do see some disadvantages. Parameters of each function can be edited during the set-up or connected to objects like drop-down menus for end-user interaction. through their APIs, which often limit the number of records that can be pulled at once. Summary: Youcalc is an on-demand analytics vendor with 130 prepackaged applications primarily for sales and marketing reporting.