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suitecx Offers Industrial-Strength Customer Journey Maps and More

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suitecx is to static customer journey diagrams as Google Maps is to the Rand McNally Road Atlas: an interactive alternative with almost boundless functionality. This would start in diagnosticcx, which collects information about a company’s business, customers, and processes using customer and employee surveys, interviews, and direct experience.

60 Marketing Acronyms Every Industry Pro Should Know


But some acronyms have multiple meanings, even industry-specific ones, and sometimes Wikipedia doesn''t do them justice. API: Application Programming Interface. APIs allow an application to extract information from a service and use that information in their own application, or sometimes for data analysis. Learn more about how marketers can use APIs here. See SaaS.).

Fathom SEO Pulse #47: Google’s Own Search Ranking Guidelines, Streaming Apps without Installing & More


Here’s the latest SEO news: “Google’s John Mueller: Expert Product Descriptions Not Critical For Rankings?”. Google’s John Mueller says that it is not critical to rewrite product descriptions to avoid duplicating content from the manufacturer’s website. How Google May Rank Apps & App-Only Content”. But, how does Google rank app content differently than web content?

11 Pro Tips for Better Business Blogging

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Mashable | The Social Media Guide Viral Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video About Mashable Company About Us Advertise Submit News Contact Us Announcements Resources Guidebooks Lists How To Trending Mashable Awards Subscriptions Partners W3 EDGE Rackspace Concentric Sky Dynect DNS Intridea Welcome to Mashable! Have an account? We ‘Heart’ It! It might never be.

The State of Digital Media, in 5 Charts


‘Tis the season of reports in the digital content industry. already summed up the major takeaways from Mary Meeker’s internet trends report here , and I’ll quickly sum up the PageFair and IAB revenue updates in one sentence: Ad blocking is accelerating and going mobile, and digital ad revenue is growing quickly but it’s all going to Facebook and Google.

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The Marketing Power of Pokemon Go and Other New, Unsaturated Marketing Channels


This means savvy businesses are going to be buying ads to bring hundreds of these 'zombies' to their stores. For local businesses, from large cities to small communities, spending on Pokemon Go ads is a new and exciting way to get more customers. Only recently have businesses been discovering the marketing possibilities with Snapchat. The local businesses. Business

The Ultimate Dictionary of Marketing Terms You Should Know


Here a list of nine great sources to get you started.). 3) Application Programming Interface (API). APIs are a series of rules in computer programming, which allow an application to extract information from a service and use that information either in their own application or in data analyses. APIs facilitate the data needed to provide solutions to customer problems. 13) CASL.

More New Systems Challenge the Marketing Automation Status Quo

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Last week’s post looked at newer marketing automation systems that focused on small businesses. The general notion is that small businesses are finding existing marketing automation products too hard to use and would be happy with something simpler, especially if it costs less. Although this approach is popular, there are others. Here are a few options.

Bizible’s Ultimate List of Paid Media Resources


Paid media plays a role in almost every business. Whether it’s Google Adwords, sponsored updates on social platforms, or hiring an agency to manage campaigns for your company, paid media is a great way for B2B marketers to find and close customers. The articles are broken into three categories: Paid Search, LinkedIn Advertising and Google Adwords specifically. Paid Search. 1.

Google Takes Social Search to the Next Level with +1


Today, Google came out with a counter punch to Facebook's Like button. How Google +1 Works. How does Google's new +1 work? First of all, +1 is currently being rolled out as an experiment and you need to opt in with Google to have access to it in the short term. Check out a quick video from Google introducing +1: A Real Step Towards Social Search.

What is Predictive Marketing?


zero search interest on Google. In other words, using what we know about our current customers, lost business, and sales prospects and combining that with outside data, such as market and global trends, to identify which leads and accounts are most likely to become customers. Stock exchange or other business filings. Prior to 2011, the term "predictive marketing" had almost.

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5 Underutilized LinkedIn Features B2B Marketers May Be Missing Out On

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Thus, it makes sense for those involved in the B2B industry to remain active on LinkedIn, especially because it’s wealth of places to generate content and engagement continues to grow. Having a few long pieces of content that showcase your expertise can help you build better relationships within your industry and target market. Find the Perfect Job Candidates. Make Yourself a Blogger.

Predictions for B2B Marketing in 2011

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Companies that aggressively seek help in improving their skills will succeed; those who try to learn everything for themselves by trial-and-error will increasingly fall behind the industry. Marketing automation vendors will move beyond current efforts at generic industry education to provide one-on-one assistance to their clients via their own staff, partners, and built-in system features that automatically review client work, recommend changes and sometimes implement them automatically. 2011 predictions demand generation marketing automation industry trends

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You can do some amazing things with Blogger

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Because Blogger is a Google product, you can also easily integrate with other Google services such as: Google Analytics, Google Docs, AdSense, Picasa and more. All of this is available free of charge while providing a simple, easy authoring environment for the small business owner. into your blog, and Google even provides them via the Google Libraries API!

7 LinkedIn Marketing Tactics Designed To Boost B2B SEO Performance

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But as Google refines and rebuilds its search engine algorithm, relationships become a more important factor in building the links that develop relevance for keyword results. While the simplest publisher option is the traditional share button , B2B marketers can also integrate LinkedIn sign-in authentication or more a customized experience based on the LinkedIn Share API.

17 Data Visualization Tools & Resources You Should Bookmark


Meant for businesses and academics, Statista makes it easy to find reliable market data based on industry, topic, or country. You can easily download statistics and charts you find to PDF,PNG, or Office files to customize and use them accordingly. 2) Google Trends. If you haven’t already discovered it, Google Trends will be your new favorite resource. Check 'em out.

The 28 Best Influencer Marketing Tools


After bumping along at a low level for several years, searches for the term increased by a factor of seven over the past 18 months according to Google Trends. Google Review Count:  217,000. Pricing:  free, or API data by quote. Google Review Count:  55,200. Google Review Count:  46,800. Google Review Count:  26,200. Google Review Count:  22,400.

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Why Marketing Automation is the Key to Sharing Strategic Insights with Sales

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They want visibility into their return on investment, and as a result, sales looks to marketing to connect the dots surrounding the buyer journey and provide insights that will help them prioritize and act on the hottest targets for business. Author: Patrick Groover Have you been approached by your sales team within recent months asking for more leads or, in many cases, higher quality leads?

If You Want to Move from Content Marketing Strategy Novice to Expert, Let Go of Complexity

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Instead, I resolved that the next project I took on would make a sustained change that would benefit the business for years to come. In choosing to come to Skyword, I chose the opportunity that would help me accomplish a few top priorities I had at the time: Become a subject matter expert in an industry and establish credibility and authority. calendar reminder went off on my iPhone.

35 Tech Terms Translated Into Plain English


For a few of these, we drew on these 60 marketing acronyms every industry pro should know.). It''s important for all the images on your website to have alt text because it''s the only way search engines like Google can understand what an image is about, which helps you optimize your website for search. APIs facilitate the data needed to provide solutions to customer problems.

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Hive9 Marketing Performance Management Includes Customer Journey Optimization

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Tactics have owners, budgets, start and end dates, revenue targets, types (usually a channel or asset) and other attributes such as journey stage, audience, business unit, geography, and language. Standard integrations are available for, Oracle Eloqua, Marketo , Google Analytics , Adobe Marketing Analytics , and other systems. What the heck does that last sentence mean?

Image Recognition technology is a goldmine for marketers

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Using sophisticated application programming interfaces (APIs), developers have made it possible for users to take a picture of an object or person, and immediately learn where to buy the object shown, or where to connect with the person photographed. But seamlessly integrating facial recognition with mobile technology, especially wearables like Google Glass, has hit a few speed bumps.

50 (of the) Best Twitter Guides, Stats, Tips and Tools of 2010 (So Far)


While a dwindling number of business executives still dismiss Twitter as a waste of time, recent research suggests it is one of the most valuable social networks for business. Twitter users frequently exchange information about products and services.” 71% of business users now say Twitter is a useful tool, up from 59% a year ago. 62 Ways to Use Twitter for Business by GigaOM.

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Ontraport Revamps Its Small Business Marketing Automation System

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It’s five long years since I wrote a detailed review of OfficeAutoPilot (now Ontraport ), which is a lifetime in industry terms. This is somewhat simplistic but adequate for most small businesses. The new version also allows users to store incomplete steps while building a sequence, to assign actions to different task outcomes, and to track response using Google Analytics tags.

Will Your Social Media Service Tell You When It Hits The Iceberg?

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Social Media and Business: Will your social media service provider sink and disappear? Unless a venture succeeds, in the business of social media we are probably obliged to only one of Ben Franklin’s certainties.  Google+ is not going away.  It’s Google, after all.  The FeedBurner API is set to be decommissioned this month. Benjamin Franklin. Global reach. 

5 Steps to True (Data) Love: From Big Data to Smart Data

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Big Data has become one of the key buzzwords for businesses everywhere over the last few years. With data of all kinds being produced in record amounts every year, collating and analyzing this information will give businesses more insights than ever before into their customers, their industries as a whole and perhaps even let them predict what might happen in the future.

Best LinkedIn Guides, Tips and Tactics of 2011


LinkedIn now has more than 100 million 150 million members including executives from every one of the Fortune 500 companies; 80% of them influence their companies’ purchasing decisions , and those professionals have a significantly higher level of trust in the business-related information they see on LinkedIn than on other popular social networks. How Are People Really Using LinkedIn?

How to be Twitterific – 39 Expert Twitter Guides and Tips


” Infographic: Dr. Seuss’ Guide to Twitter for Busy Executives by The Sword and the Script. She walks through choosing your subject matter, using hashtags, finding industry experts, and growing a following (for example, by attending relevant tweet chats). ” 5 Tools to Research the Demographics of Your Twitter Followers by Small Business Trends. Image credit: Buffer.

Is the web dis-integrating your value chain?


Now Google is trying to eat Expedia’s and TripAdvisor’s lunch by allowing booking directly from the search results. All of these changes have come about because the web can dynamically integrate value chains across companies, through complex APIs and simple links to other sites. Legislated and lawyered right out of business. What about your industry?

How to be the Best Answer to Customer Questions: Insights from 600,000 Posts


Or, assuming there are not too many mountains nearby, do you turn to Google, your team or your social networks? That gives it authority and a high ranking on Google. ’ on Google. Is there a question where you can provide the best answer in your industry as CMI have done with content marketing? b) The winner takes it all. the 10 key elements of a ‘best answer’ post.

The Ultimate Glossary: 120 Social Media Marketing Terms Explained


Just this year we witnessed the debut of Google+ and the introduction of Facebook Timeline. This is important in the social sphere as the algorithms sites like Facebook and Google use are critical for developing content-sharing strategies. An example of this is the Twitter API. Google+ - Google+ is Google's new social network. ” Example: #yourhashtag.

The Future of Media and The Role I Want to Play

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In business, big data means far more than that. Each piece of industry data. Today, businesses are creating the technology infrastructure and business intelligence applications that allow them to capture and draw insight out of big data. Modern media buying is giving businesses a way to act on all of this data, not just marketing data, in real time. A New Economic Model Publishers and agencies both missed the opportunity in the early 2000′s to redefine the economic model in digital media. The digital media landscape is changing rapidly. Every sale.

How To Extend B2B Marketing With Better Social Media Measurement Tools

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As social media platforms begin to provide more direct insight into activity metrics related to business activity, B2B marketers have a greater opportunity to connect the dots within business analytics tools to establish true marketing performance measurement. Google Authorship. Well a while back, Google  announced support  of Google Authorship statistics via Webmaster Tools.

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Social Search at LinkedIn Beats Google - ReadWriteWeb

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Google. Social Search at LinkedIn Beats Google. just found a more useful way to search than Google. Sort of.) It only works for a defined use case, but, in a search market that is 85% going on 90% Google-dominated, this can still be significant. The site that provides a better search experience than Google? Business social network LinkedIn. Long time readers of this blog know that I have already chronicled my success at using LinkedIn for both business development and recruiting. Before using LinkedIn, I tried Google. google. About.