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Why Businesses Need Marketing Qualified Leads


In marketing and sales, we’re always on the lookout for leads. However, not all leads are created equal. Leads that have the biggest impact on your bottom line are Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs). What is a Marketing Qualified Lead? Every business has their own criteria for determining the quality of a lead.

3 Ways to know your prospects as well as they know you!

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How do you get to know your prospects? Or maybe a better question is, are you getting to know your prospects? Today I’ll go through three ways you can get to know your prospects in 2016. What Is A Prospect? First, the marketing jargon. Some companies get all fancy and use terms like MQL (marketing qualified lead) and SQL (sales qualified lead).

SAL is the Glue that Binds Sales and Marketing in Lead Generation

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A lead is a lead, right? Depends – are you in marketing or in sales? SAL – Sales Accepted Leads is the bridge between Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQL). Clearly defining and understanding the implications of MQL, SAL and SQL are critical to the success of B2B lead generation.

Why You're Thinking About Digital Marketing Analytics All Wrong


Measuring the effectiveness of digital marketing is one of the greatest challenges facing organizations. According to HubSpot’s 2016 State of Inbound report , 46% of marketers cited "proving the ROI of our marketing activities" as one of the biggest challenge they face within their company. Looking at top-level web analytics metrics like traffic is only part of the puzzle.

Why You Need Marketing Analytics, Not Web Analytics


Measuring marketing effectiveness has always been a challenge. According to Unica's State of Marketing in 2011 report , 57% of marketers cited "measurement, analysis, and learning" as the biggest bottleneck they face within their organizations. Enter marketing analytics. The Difference Between Web Analytics and Marketing Analytics. In search?

How to Score Your Leads So Sales Works the Hottest Prospects


The good news about inbound marketing is that it can help you attract high volumes of leads. The challenge then becomes, how do you separate the good, quality leads from the people who are just starting to look around? That’s where lead management , and specifically, lead scoring comes in. Decide if Your Business Needs Lead Scoring. Maybe not.

My Secret Methods for Turning Marketing Leads into Qualified Sales Leads

Modern B2B Marketing

by Jon Miller The Definitive Guide to Sales Lead Qualification and Sales Development. Some of these best practices include common definitions for a qualified lead between marketing and sales; lead scoring to identify suspected quality leads; a strong lead management process to manage the handoffs; and the use of marketing automation to power the whole thing.

Intro to Lead Generation: How to determine if a lead is qualified

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Just one thing: may you give me some objective parameters to define a lead as qualified? Felix Mathew, marketing director, Rome, Italy. Felix had earlier asked me some questions about cost per lead, which I won’t share here, since the information is private to his company. Lead qualification is …. The best place to start is with a universal lead definition.

Customer Lifecycle Metrics, Part 2: Capture Interest, Gather Insight


Once you’ve managed to attract the attention of your prospects, it’s time to capture their information and convert them into leads. In part two of this series on customer lifecycle metrics, we’ll focus on the metrics that measure how well you’re capturing prospects, building their profiles, and getting them ready to buy. According to  Marketing Automation Trends Report 2014  from Pepper Global, B2B marketers indicate that the most important benefit of marketing automation is the ability to generate more and better leads. Capture Metrics.

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The B2B Content Marketing ROI You Should Care About.

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Measuring content marketing’s return on investment in B2B companies can be a complex calculation, especially if your solution is expensive, requires committee-based decisions, and has long and unpredictable sales cycles. Determining that the prospect was qualified and motivated, it turned into an opportunity that was funneled through the sales process and closed.

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3 Reasons to Adopt a Scalable Marketing Automation Platform

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While our demand generation team celebrated this victory, we knew that with a lead database swelling to 70,000 entries and counting, we needed to embrace a more sophisticated, enterprise-grade marketing automation platform. Markets are exploding, so why go one-to-one when you can go one-to-many? The ability to connect with thousands of leads without all the grunt work?

Want to Grow Your SaaS Company? Track These 12 Marketing Metrics


Clearly defined and closely monitored marketing metrics are critical to the success of any SaaS company. N ot only do they help measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, but they also help diagnose risk and identify opportunities to accelerate growth. In doing so, I've found that these metrics function much like a scorecard for marketing. This quarter? This year?

Stop the Insanity; A View on Social Media ROI for Lead Generation


If you’re going to count the time and rates to engage, listen, and monitor social media as part of your ROI calculations, then you’d better start applying that same logic to your paid search agency, your digital agency, your ad agency, internal marketing staff, and any marketing consultants.  To go further, do you calculate the ROI of networking? So before we look at calculating ROI of social media let’s understand the following: Social media marketing IS marketing; and that means the goal is leads and sales; no argument there. Lead/Conversion Metrics.

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Content Marketing is More than a Branding Exercise

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Once upon a time, branding was the main focus of marketing departments. As marketers, we spent our budgets on bold logos, memorable slogans, pricy sponsorships, advertising, and PR campaigns designed to get us in the Wall Street Journal. Even though companies are increasing their expenditures on content marketing, they’re still unhappy with the results. Sales Enablement

Are You Leveraging Your Content for Sales Enablement?


You probably have an amazing marketing department that is constantly creating interesting, value-packed content that moves leads down the sales funnel, right? But it’s possible that you may be undervaluing the impact your content can have when it’s more integrated with your sales team’s actions – and that has to change. What Is Content for Sales Enablement?

Predictive Acquisition: Get Up To Speed, Then Go After Those Promising Prospects


Once upon a time, marketers got their prospects the low-tech way, buying quickly outdated lists, running expensive, scattershot campaigns, and sending generic messaging to prospects who could have been won with thoughtful personalization. Predictive acquisition can also help you identify promising current prospects within your CRM. Those days are over. businesses.

6 Key Metrics to Measure Success from Your Retargeting Programs

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Editor's Note: Today's post comes courtesy of Liz Mallett, Marketing & Customer Success at Kwanzoo Inc. Today many companies are running site and email retargeting programs to capture net new prospects and nurture existing leads. Site retargeting allows you to convert the 95%+ of prospects who leave your site on their first visit without filling out a form.

Marketing 101: How to get started in lead generation

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Tweet I was recently reading your blog “ Lead Generation: Who knows the customer better – Marketing or Sales? It’s been really fascinating to me to try and figure all this sales and qualifying a lead thing out. I’ve been employed to do a tough task in a small composite company that doesn’t have the finances to employ specialists. Do you have any advice or books on how to effectively get leads and qualify them and the processes involved in doing so? Experienced lead gen marketers reading this: What did I overlook?

Customer Lifecycle Metrics, Part 3: Nurture, Score, Repeat

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So, you’ve attracted the attention of your prospects and captured their information. Now it’s time to nurture those prospects and turn them into qualified leads.  In part three of this series on customer lifecycle metrics, we’ll focus on the metrics that measure how well you’re nurturing leads, building their trust, and bringing them along on the journey to buy.

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Customer Lifecycle Metrics, Part 2: Capture Interest, Gather Insight

Marketing Action

Once you’ve managed to attract the attention of your prospects, it’s time to capture their information and convert them into leads. In part two of this series on customer lifecycle metrics, we’ll focus on the metrics that measure how well you’re capturing prospects, building their profiles, and getting them ready to buy. Lead capture forms: Cost per lead.

My Favourite Marketing Metric

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As the amount of computing power and number of solutions targeted at the front office increases, so too has the appetite to measure sales and marketing productivity and effectiveness. Traditionally, the Sales team is a little ahead of marketing in terms of their comfort level when talking with management about conversion rates, win-loss ratios, pipe-to-close, sales velocity etc.

From Branding to Demand Generation

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We needed a strategy that would allow us to build better prospect engagement and create client relationships that told the story of our subject matter expertise,” said First Rate President Craig Wietz. Once the rebrand of the website was complete, First Rate implemented their content strategy in conjunction with Sales Engine and experienced immediate positive results.

On the Road to Marketing Accountability: Five KPIs You Should Start Tracking Today

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Marketing departments take pride in coming up with clever campaign ideas, exciting images, and compelling messages – and rightly so.  However, these matter little to the executive team if the following concern is not addressed: Are our marketing investments bringing enough return? You will notice that the five KPIs listed above represent the key stages of your marketing funnel.

Act-On’s a Leader in the Forrester Wave™ and What That Means to You


Act-On Software is a marketing automation company delivering innovation that empowers marketers to do the best work of their careers. The sentence above is more than just boilerplate “marketing jargon” Act-On slaps onto its press releases and other collateral. As a company built by marketers for marketers, we are – from CEO to summer intern – focused on the needs of the CMO and their marketing teams. Well, we all know that B2B marketers are more sophisticated than ever. It is about analytics, and about predictive analytics. WIIFY?

Widen Top of Funnel Marketing and Generate More MQLs

CMO Essentials

As marketers, we are in constant pursuit of an increase in the number of marketing qualified leads (MQLs). The programs we initiate need to produce leads from an audience that can be nurtured into a pool of viable MQLs. The account-based model is focused on simply generating leads and revenue from a pre-defined company list.  Contact Gap Analysis. Summary.

How to Define The Content Marketing Metrics that Matter

It's All About Revenue

These are the common refrains heard at every marketing conference and around the table in any marketing department that has adopted a content strategy. Paul Roetzer of PR 20/20 presented a session on this very topic at Content Marketing World. He provided a simple framework for thinking about content marketing metrics. Content MarketingCreate more content.

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42 B2B Marketing Acronyms and Abbreviations

Digital B2B Marketing

Some days B2B marketing discussions seem more like a reading of alphabet soup. With lines like “we need SME commitment before developing DDMs for the ABM program”, it is no wonder marketers often struggle to communicate internally. If you are new to B2B marketing, or just have to work with a B2B marketer, these acronyms and abbreviations may help decode the conversation.

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Why Perfect Branding Isn’t Enough to Connect with Buyers

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Once upon a time, branding was an indispensable part of a company’s success in B2B sales. Marketing budgets spent on bold logos, memorable slogans, pricey sponsorships and colorful presentations were all devised for a simple overarching purpose: to get sales in the door. This relationship was not always about the sale. Did it translate into a lead?

Improving Sales Efficiency and Productivity Crucial to Driving Revenue Growth

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Now more than ever, business leaders are turning to new ideas, products and markets to fuel growth, drive innovation, and remain competitive on the global stage.”. As Mr. Spector states, innovative ideas and products, and new markets , are all key ingredients that senior executives are baking into their strategic growth plans.

What You Gain (and Lose) With Ungated Content


also found out that you can learn a lot about marketing while working on the front lines for a big retailer. They know that if they enter their email address, they’re going to end up in a drip feed (or, worse, a sales call queue) for a product they may not need. But can you really blame marketers? Can they reliably hit their goals without lead forms? The problem.

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How To Estimate Inbound Marketing ROI [Calculator]

The Forward Observer

Are you wondering if the marketing investment to get more traffic, leads and sales will pay off? Businesses have wanted to know about their marketing return on investment (ROI) long before retailing pioneer John Wanamaker famously proclaimed “ Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.”. Lead Generation - (25%).

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Revenue Performance Management

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Sales and marketing leaders still struggle with wrapping their arms around these challenges and effectively leveraging the right tools, tactics, and strategies.  We need an Emerald City, a tangible, attainable destination for our sales and marketing journey; we need Revenue Performance Management. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this. Ian Michiels of Gleanster. Share email.

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Infer Launches New Predictive Behavior Scoring for Pardot; Expands Sales Intelligence Capabilities


MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA – December 7, 2016 – Infer Inc. , a leading predictive sales and marketing platform that helps companies win more customers, today announced several enhancements to its product portfolio. Infer Glance Sales Intelligence Powers More Productive Conversations. Infer Behavior Scoring for Pardot Dramatically Increases Sales and Marketing Impact  .

How Important is Lead Scoring?

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A lot of marketing teams still guess about when the right time is to pass a lead to sales. Is it after the prospect downloads that 17-page eBook? Without a consistent framework in place, your MQLs (marketing qualified leads) will be hit or miss, and your sales team will waste a lot of time pursuing leads that don’t convert. Right?

B2B Content Marketing Needed to Support Account-Based Marketing

Social Media B2B

Marketing for B2B companies always seems to go through cycles where there is a trend that takes over everyone’s life for a while, until it is replaced by something else. It often involves content marketing, which seems to be the trend that replaced social media. And again, just like with social media, account-based marketing can’t really exist without content marketing.

12 Critical Building Blocks to a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign


Think back to the last digital marketing campaign that blew you off your feet. The fact of the matter is that running a successful digital marketing campaign takes a lot of time and energy, not only during its implementation but also during the build up to go-live. If you don’t know your target market and the key players within it intimately, you’re not going to have a good time!

Stage by Stage: Revenue Cycle Analytics Best Practices

Modern B2B Marketing

In an earlier post, I discussed the methodology behind revenue cycle analytics. Here at Marketo, we have a revenue stage modeler that is formally defined, starting with awareness and moving through marketing and sales to closed business and beyond. No matter what specific stages you choose, there are only three categories of stages: Inventory Stages: This stage is a place where leads and accounts can reside until they are ready to move to another stage. For example, your company wants leads from companies with more than $100 million in revenue.

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The Evolution of HubSpot's Email Marketing Strategy: An Insider's Story


Over the last eight years, lots of things have changed in HubSpot''s marketing. When I first joined, we had two marketers; now, we have seventy. And our monthly lead numbers? Here''s the inside story of how our email marketing strategy evolved as our company and database grew. At this time, many marketers were relying on purchased email lists. Email Metrics.

Marketing Automation- Keep Them Coming Back For More

Modern B2B Marketing

Now imagine your marketing department as the doughnut store, where leads are the doughnuts and your sales reps are your customers. Despite using a marketing automation system, many marketers continue to gather names and business cards at trade shows and conferences then give them to their sales reps.  They are “qualified” based on our scoring rules.

Marketing Automation: Four Ways to Cure the Ailments of MOFU

Modern B2B Marketing

But left untreated MOFU is a serious condition that is proven to make thousands of advanced marketers very sick.  MOFU is the M iddle O f the FU nnel stage in a marketer’s lead funnel or revenue cycle. Far too often, a blockage develops in the MOFU stage where sales leads stagnate, wither, and die.  Feed and nurture your leads.