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The 23 Best Content Ideation Tools


Sample review:  “It’s a one-stop for gathering all of your thoughts, all of those articles you want to save for later, and so, so much more…The Evernote webclipper plugin allows you to save online articles and info to a notebook of your choice. Sample review:  “Turns your content creation into a magazine, while it can also be embedded on WordPress sites too.”

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20 More of the Best Social Media Marketing Guides and Tips of 2013


He even provides sample outreach email text that’s been proven to drive significant response. The brilliant Mark Fidelman reports on seven top social media trends for the coming year identified by IBM, including taking social beyond collaboration; increased traction for brand journalism; and “the true convergence of Social, Mobile, Analytics and the Cloud.”

7 Expert Email Marketing Tips You're Probably Missing Out On


Each of these outreach efforts are sending traffic to the same page on your website. Tracking tokens added to your links help you distinguish what traffic came from which outreach effort, so you know which channels were most effective. For Facebook: [link] [link]. Choose a List Segment: Think of this as your sample size. You’ve conquered the click-through.

The Mi6 Chart Toppers, November 2010

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Article/Post: Twitter’s Official Analytics Product Has Arrived. Observations: Twitter analytics is top of mind for our readers and it is for us too. Article/Post: Could Brands Improve Their Outreach to Bloggers? Observation: There may be something to this however from a B2B perspective it’s difficult to know whether a Facebook fan is worth more or not. More reach?