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The 23 Best Content Ideation Tools


Sample review:  “It’s a one-stop for gathering all of your thoughts, all of those articles you want to save for later, and so, so much more…The Evernote webclipper plugin allows you to save online articles and info to a notebook of your choice. Sample review:  “Turns your content creation into a magazine, while it can also be embedded on WordPress sites too.”

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The 14 Best Marketing Automation Tools


An enterprise-grade marketing automation and analytics platform with solutions for lead management, email marketing, consumer marketing, customer base marketing, and mobile marketing. Showcase reviews:  SnapApp. 2) HubSpot. Sample review: “The software, analytics, and support are amazing. HubSpot handles inbound holistically. Marketing can’t be automated.)

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9 Ways to Make Your Marketing Analytics Actionable


Tracking your marketing analytics can provide a ton of great insight into the performance of your marketing initiatives, show your boss how marketing is faring, and help you to prove that inbound marketing is really paying off. But that's only a small piece of why analytics are valuable. In fact, the true value of your analytics is what you can do with them. Have you ever?

The Five Best Infographic Creation Tools and Services


Sample review: You don’t “have to go to great expense to create (an) infographic. Sample review:  “Infogram is a visual content tool that focuses on helping you create infographics, charts, and data visualization. ” —  HubSpot. Sample review:  “Why tell when you can show? HubSpot. Infographic Creation Tools. 1) Piktochart.

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The Anatomy of a Shareable, Linkable & Popular Post: A Study of Our Marketing Blog


So when I recently joined HubSpot, I decided to use my love of data to help us understand what our "winning formula" is for content that is heavily shared on social media, earns lots of links, and brings in tons of organic traffic. So, here's what was done: We extracted each of the URLs of every blog post that we've ever published on the HubSpot Marketing Blog (a total of 6,192 blog posts).

Digital Does Not Mean "Just Build a Website"


Responsive design is the method of designing web pages that automatically appear in their optimized form on all devices ( click here for a more detailed definition from HubSpot ). You can use Google Analytics to measure bounce rate if you are not doing so already. Facebook and Google capitalize on user impatience with their Instant Articles and Accelerated Mobile Pages products.

How to Create a Holiday Marketing Campaign: A Step-by-Step Guide


Download more holiday marketing resources to help your business succeed this season from HubSpot's #HolidayHub. For HubSpot customers, it's easy to segment your database using a smart list in the Lists App. To give you a better sense of how to structure your email, refer to this sample email from my colleague's holiday calendar campaign: Blogging. or maybe that's just me.

8 Ready-Made Job Descriptions to Recruit an All-Star Marketing Team


According to the 2012 State of Inbound Marketing , 43% of B2B companies and 77% of B2C companies have acquired a customer Facebook, and 40% of B2B companies and 55% of B2C companies have acquired a customer through Twitter. I f you aren't one of those businesses, it's time to ramp up your social media efforts. Conducting analytical projects to improve blog strategies/tactics.

A Year in Review: The Biggest Social Media Updates of 2013


Yes, we''ve got big stories -- remember when Facebook tried to buy Snapchat for $3 billion ? -- but it''s the updates to our favorite platforms, the ones we use all the time for our marketing, that matter the most. The 3 Most Important Facebook Updates of 2013. 1) Facebook introduced social search with Graph Search. Can you believe 2013 is almost over? Pin ‘em! Ebooks?

26 Social Media Marketing Hidden Treasures You Never Knew Existed


For example, HubSpot might find lists of marketing thought leaders that we can follow! You know, the thing you see on Twitter and Facebook, those other social networks ;-) You can comment and like other people's check-ins, and your pictures appear more prominently than before. Things You Might Have Missed on Facebook. There is a lot of mystery behind the Facebook newsfeed.

Klout to Launch Brand Pages: Should Marketers Care?


Think about it -- when you're on a brand's Facebook page, there's no Twitter button that lets you find their username. What It Is: Think of it as Klout's version of the Facebook ticker. B2C companies could offer free samples of their products. Here at HubSpot, for example, we're preparing for our annual Inbound conference. So what do you do with these people?

11 Ways to Come Up with a Rocking Content Marketing Strategy


In fact, HubSpot’s Corey Eridon believes that fact checking is a key step towards achieving thought leadership. Social media analytics are becoming popular. Just look at the 3,000+ shares the following Facebook post earned:  . Check out 15 Call to Action Samples for Rocking Blog Posts that Convert. Image source. No more mediocrity. Are you with me? Image source.

Social Media Outsourcing Increases 128% in Two Years [New Report]


Social Media Examiner's Michael Stelzner is releasing his 2012 State of the Social Media Marketing Industry report today after his 1:00 PM EST webinar with HubSpot's Content Strategist Kipp Bodnar, where the two will review all the juicy data. Some of us are analytical, some are content creators, some are graphically inclined -- a lucky few are all three. Analytics. Go for it!

7 Expert Email Marketing Tips You're Probably Missing Out On


Below is an example of a dynamic list in the new HubSpot Email tool. Many email service providers, including HubSpot, enable you to create a plain-text version in just one click. To create a tracking link that can be picked up in Google Analytics or another analytics provider, add a question mark to the end of the URL you’re linking to, and then a few “UTM variables.”

13 Ways to Spice Up Your Marketing Content With Data


And while we usually talk about data in terms of using analytics to make better marketing decisions , there are definitely other areas of your marketing that can benefit from a little data here and there. HubSpot's own Dan Zarrella uses this technique in a lot of his own research. Being data-driven is a very valuable quality to have as an inbound marketer. well, something.

An Uncomplicated Approach to Conducting Solid Market Research


That means we can all conduct market research for less money, across a larger sample size, and with less time investment. For example, if HubSpot was gauging interest in an add-on service, we might only need feedback from customers that use the Professional package of our software , and eliminate those using the Basic or Enterprise levels of the software. do it. Hop on Social Media.

How to Choose the Right Online Channels for Your Marketing


The sample size was small, but some fascinating trends came to light: 51 percent of companies interviewed were using five or more channels. The question mark tells your analytics program that the following information carries information about where the traffic that clicked on that link came from. One is getting the word out through Facebook wall posts. Connect with HubSpot

3 Awesome Emails to Increase Customer Retention


Marketing analytics tend to focus on the point of conversion, and marketing budgets are often geared toward driving acquisition. Below is a view of the alert tool and sample email listing the products that Connie is about to run out of. That is the email you get that tells you that someone has tagged you and brings you back to Facebook.” Connect with HubSpot

3 Inbound Marketing Lessons I Wish I'd Known @


He was formerly an early employee at both Facebook and Mint. I did all of marketing at Mint until they launched and then they subsequently sold for $170,000,000. HubSpot helps you do this! Here’s a sample one from Mint we used. 4. Did the HubSpot growth technique. Copywriting for Startups, How to Actually use Google Analytics and more. 2. Act like HubSpot.