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The Only Analytics That Matter Are Your Own


As a marketer, I have heard and read all sorts of tips for marketing automation success and campaign effectiveness. I am well aware that Tuesday at 11 a.m. There is access to endless discussion groups and “best practices” that encourage us to follow what works for other marketers in terms of effective demand generation planning. Your analytics. Every Tuesday at 11 a.m.

What “test and learn” looks like in practice


One of the core attributes of an effective digital team is a focus on creating a “test and learn” culture. But there are really only a small handful of questions you need to answer, that you must have the data for, to ensure you’re well positioned to effectively test your digital marketing activities and learn from those tests. And learn for yourself.

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The A/B Testing Checklist You'll Want to Bookmark


Rather than relying on guesses or assumptions to make these decisions, you're much better off running conversion rate optimization (CRO) tests. CRO testing can be valuable because different audiences behave, well, differently. But these tests can also be complex. One of the easier (and most common) types of CRO tests is called an A/B test. How A/B Tests Work.

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24 Conversion Rate Optimization Tools for Research, Feedback, Analytics & More


To help you understand which tools are used for what, we’ve also broken this list into a few major categories: lead capture tools, research tools, analytics tools, mouse tracking and heat maps, feedback tools, and experiment tools. Along with their Google Analytics research tools, the SumoMe suite helps you gain on-page insights and increase your email list. 3) Leadin. Ready?

Testing Event Technologies at EventLab

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To test and explore what’s cutting edge in the event world to the benefit of organisers and attendees a like. Such a simple yet effective idea, ‘ Catchbox is the world’s first throwable microphone’, coming in a host of colours and sizes. It also provides the event organiser with analytics behind the online conversations on the day – meaning they can follow up after the show.

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The Best Content Analytics Tools: A Beginner's Guide


To meet this need, content analytics companies have been springing up left and right, ready to help marketers prove their value by tracking content better and constantly improving and converting leads most effectively while tracking ROI. To help you sort through the high volume of content analytics tools, we’ve compiled a list of a few of the best in each category: 1. Wistia.

How to Run an A/B Test [FAQs]


One of the best ways to get out of that conversion rut is to embrace your mathematical side and run an A/B test. Bonus: You can use A/B tests in a ton of different ways in your marketing, and they''re relatively simple to execute.). Want to follow along to help get your own A/B test up and running by the end of this post? Ready to run an A/B test? Wait a few more days.

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19 Things We Can Learn From Numerous Heatmap Tests

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The big majority of companies use mousetracking heatmaps because of it’s price effectiveness. Let’s look into key findings from different heatmap tests. On the other side, using eyetracking will give you results with close to 100% accuracy about the testing subjects, while the accuracy of mousetracking is around 85-90%. Tools for your own heatmap tests. Image source.

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Get Over Your Fear of Marketing Automation Software


Modern marketing automation software (MAS) no longer suffers the stigma of being too complicated for anyone but a large enterprise technology company to adopt. And, they’re faster, better and smarter with much more sophisticated testing scenarios. What’s the opportunity cost of onboarding marketing automation software? There’s really no reason any more. The price!

Beyond Buyer Profiling To Buyer Personification

Tony Zambito

We saw the influence of the Meyers-Briggs Testing philosophy extended into the business world. Predominantly, the majority of these efforts to understand the individual buyer were taking place to improve sales effectiveness. The irony is marketing has, in effect, been repeating the same cycle as sales did in the 1990’s. by Evan Shuster.

Marketing Analytics Deep Dive: Bounce Rates and Why They Matter

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Follow this primer on what bounce rates are and how you can use marketing analytics to see how low you can go. This is where marketing analytics comes in. This information can and should be tested to see if it holds true across other visitor segments. Optimizing your keywords more effectively by measuring the number of visitors driven to your site through specific words.

How to Use Marketing Analytics to Get C-Suite Buy-In for Content Marketing

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Using Google Analytics or another analytics tracking system, you can show your C-suite exactly how many conversions your organization is getting each month. As a long-tail strategy, you can track prospects along the buying cycle and eventually even show how many of those contacts converted into opportunities and then paying clients. A/B Test Results. Test, test, test.

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Myth Busting: Understanding Profile-Based Segmentation Analytics vs. Intent-Based Predictive Intelligence


So let’s say you are a company that sells cloud-based security software. Every marketer at this point will tell you that you have to ‘nurture’ the account that shows the best firmographic characteristics via marketing campaigns to test for need and interest. Takeaway: Segmentation analytics are NOT predictions. Now Acme Inc. Bingo! Or Or is it? Well, it depends. True, right?”

[Infographic] Data on What Makes an Effective Sales Process


More importantly, professionals are being asked to develop analytical skills so they can interpret and act on the data they have access to. With CRM software and marketing automation platforms, we have access to endless data streams. So, I wanted to share it with you here: ++ Click Image to Enlarge ++ Source: The Data Behind What Makes an Effective Sales Process – Infographic.

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Swyft Offers Low-Cost Interaction Management Software as a Service

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Summary: Swyft offers a Software-as-a-Service real-time interaction manager. Indeed, effective interaction management requires a sophisticated mix of predictive modeling, business rules, flow management, response capture, data integration, real-time processing, simulation, and analytics. The system will automatically adjust offer frequencies based on test results.

5 Ugly (But Effective) Pieces of Marketing Collateral


Ugly marketing is often just as effective as its beautiful counterparts. CrazyEgg is one of the most valuable marketing analytics tools out there. The company produces heat-mapping software to help website owners understand their visitors'' behavior. Years ago, Performable ran an A/B test with two different-colored CTAs. Perfectionism is a marketer’s worst enemy.

Mautic Offers Free, Open Source Marketing Automation

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Open source has been successful in related applications including analytics (R, Jaspersoft, Pentaho), CRM (SugarCRM, vTiger) and Web content management (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal). suspect that’s true but still wonder whether those buyers will know how to use a system effectively once they get it. all in one systems marketing automation small business marketing software

A new process to quantify content marketing success

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

The result of two years of research and nine months of testing and development by my team, our process actually quantifies your content marketing effort and compares your success to your closest competitors. The assessment we provide will summarize the results of more than 50 specific tests and software platforms that have been assembled over the last two years. Traffic? Sales?

Answers to the 19 Most Frequently Asked Questions About A/B Testing


A/B testing, also known as "split testing," is one of the most effective ways to make measurable (and scientific) improvements to your online presence. Questions on how to run A/B tests properly , however, seem to abound across the internet. So here it is, your FAQ to A/B testing. dive in! 1) When is A/B testing a good idea? The test starts.

Can Marketers Predict and Measure Influence, Down to the Dollar?

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

” The Crowded Landscape The options abound for enterprises interested in a predictive analytics tool: with so many vendors in the space, it’s easy to find comprehensive articles like this one that compare the features and limitations of each possibility. But any tool is of questionable benefit unless its predictions can be tested against actual results. How does it work?

Using a Cannon to Kill a Mosquito? — 7 Reasons Your Marketing Automation is Failing


Still others have invested top dollars in automation software and are sitting with their shiny new cannons, waiting to kill a mosquito! Nearly one in four respondents found marketing automation systems too complex to be used effectively. ( B2B Online ). Does your marketing automation software follow a zero-tolerance approach to security breaches? SiriusDecisions , 2014).

You’re Telling Me You Don’t Use Analytics to Prove Your ROI?


Every time I’m on a sales call, I ask the prospect how they measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. If you’re not using data analytics, tracking, or marketing automation software, you need to wake up and get your head in the game. Analytics aren’t only for your Fortune 500 companies anymore. Analytics should be your best friend. Game Over.

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The buzz around account-based marketing at MarTech


Across software categories like predictive analytics, sales & marketing intelligence, and ad serving & retargeting, ABM is impacting vendor positioning, marketing campaigns, and even product roadmaps. Predictive analytics vendors, which use machine learning to determine a company’s “ideal customer profile,” are surfacing best-fit accounts in addition to contacts.

Microsoft buys LinkedIn: the largest martech acquisition in history?


As shown in the illustration at the top of this post ( click for a larger version ), there is a “channel” of multiple different software stages (or layers) that marketers must work through to engage their audience: Marketing Software — the on-premise and SaaS applications that marketers buy and use to internally create and manage their campaigns, programs, and capabilities.

The 14 Best Marketing Automation Tools


Marketing automation software tools can be very helpful in making lead nurturing and sales acceleration efforts more effective—even if the category is badly misnamed. An enterprise-grade marketing automation and analytics platform with solutions for lead management, email marketing, consumer marketing, customer base marketing, and mobile marketing. Google Review Count: 93,900.

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Quality vs. Quantity: A 6-Month Analysis of the Age-Old Blogging Debate


Last year, we ran several tests on HubSpot's Marketing blog and determined that our sweet spot hovered around four posts a day (the articles themselves varied in terms of comprehensiveness). But lots had changed on the Marketing blog since that test was run. The Marketing blog is measured on views, net new leads, and subscribers -- so those are the numbers we wanted to test.

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Get Over Your Fear of Marketing Automation Software


Modern marketing automation software (MAS) no longer suffers the stigma of being too complicated for anyone but a large enterprise technology company to adopt. And, they’re faster, better and smarter with much more sophisticated testing scenarios. What’s the opportunity cost of onboarding marketing automation software? There’s really no reason any more. The price!

Vocus Purchased by Private Equity Firm GTCR: This Could Be Interesting

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It’s still a modest multiple of 2.4 x revenue, compared with the 6 to 7 x multiples paid for ExactTarget and Responsys by and Oracle and the 14 x that Marketo commands in the stock market. I can think of several reasons for the discrepancy: GTCR isn’t a big software company looking to fill out an existing marketing suite; Vocus sells mostly to small business, not enterprises; Vocus hasn''t created enough buzz. marketing automation industry marketing software marketing suites vocus million in cash, a premium of 48% over their stock market price.

Want to Grow Your SaaS Company? Track These 12 Marketing Metrics


Clearly defined and closely monitored marketing metrics are critical to the success of any SaaS company. N ot only do they help measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, but they also help diagnose risk and identify opportunities to accelerate growth. Once you know this number, you can use A/B testing software to run experiments that can influence your conversion rate.

Big Data is Buzzing, But Small Data Packs a Punch [Q&A]

Sales Intelligence View

But as both sales and marketing organizations recognize a clear need to understand their prospects at a deeper, more analytical level, these teams are starting to employ a holistic data strategy. He was founder and CEO of one of the first SaaS-based web-analytics companies, Keylime Software (Yahoo!), and he led products and strategy at Webtrends. But it is now. Yelp, Jigsaw).

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Peter Mahoney, Nuance Communications CMO: People Still Buy Things— the Human Side of Marketing Technology

Crimson Marketing

“Businesses don’t buy things, people do,” says Peter Mahoney, CMO of voice and natural language software maker Nuance Communications. Effective marketing analytics, Mahoney says, is the key to doing just that. Highlights include: Knowledge is Power: Peter stresses that the place to start using data effectively is simply knowing the problem you are trying to solve.

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10 secrets to research the best SEO keywords


In order to determine the best SEO keywords for your online strategy, take a more in-depth look at what makes effective keywords. When choosing your keywords, pay close attention to “competitiveness.” In most big data analytics softwares and SEO tools like Moz , there should be an option for checking the competition on a specific keyword. Check the Backend via Analytics.

4 Steps to Get Started with Marketing Automation


Getting new software up and running can be intimidating. To reach this goal, you might try improving the SEO on your webpages, or test an advertising program, or try to get more press, or ramp up your social media marketing. All marketing automation companies should have people dedicated to helping you use their tools most effectively. Analytics tools? SET YOUR GOALS.

5 Ways to Immediately Boost Account Based Marketing (ABM)

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The fourth thing is being able to nurture your customers more effectively and instead is using your empathy to put yourself really in the buyer’s shoes. And third I am researching a new book which is going to be around empathetic marketing, and so I am in the process of running field test and experiments with companies both B2B and then also we are testing in nonprofits. Brian?

How to Integrate Inbound Call Tracking With Online Analytics


The wall is coming down! A new class of software tools allows you to actually track incoming calls almost the same way as you track clicks. Here are some ways marketers can effectively leverage call tracking: 1) Get alerted when a phone lead returns to your site. But when you set up call tracking, you can set up tests to measure the effectiveness of different sources.

Understanding the 4 Pillars of Content Marketing


Content marketing is hard — and, arguably, the explosion of software solutions that are designed to make content marketing easier for B2B organizations isn’t exactly helping. The struggle with creating content at scale, however, is that creativity (and often productivity) can be limited resources, which is why tactics like content atomization have become so effective. Creation.

8 Tips and a Few More Resources for Holiday Marketing


Gather as much historical data as you can from website analytics, vendors, Search Console, etc. Examine visitor flow reports in analytics, understanding the path that users took most frequently to get to conversion. An often-overlooked report in analytics is the data for your own search on your site. Landing Page Optimization & Testing. Test HTML text elements.

How Critical Are Technical Skills in Marketing? 13 Leaders Weigh In

CMO Essentials

Waring, Co-Founder, : While I believe that technical/analytical acumen can be a benefit in modern marketing, I do not believe that it is necessary. In fact I think technical/analytical ability is becoming less important over time instead of more important. Technology and analytics refine that process. Marketing is about testing. Of course they are.

Content Marketing: How do you know if it???s working?

Writing on the Web

” Maybe it’s because I’m not an analytical type, I prefer big picture thinking and gut feelings and intuition. But if I had a metric I could look at and be able to tell if my content is working, i.e. having an impact on readers, then maybe I’d become more analytical. How do you know if your content is working for you? Or for e-newsletters? newsletter 75%.

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10 Marketing Reports Everyone Working Online Should Read


Through testing different approaches, marketers can get a sense of what works best for their demographics. For the sixth consecutive year, Marketing Profs and Content Marketing Institute have teamed up to produce this report that dives into the effectiveness of content marketing; goals, metrics and priorities; strategy and organization; and more! 2015 State of Marketing | Salesforce.

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