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11 Key Factors In Building Landing Pages for B2B Search Engine Marketing Initiatives

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One of the most direct ways B2B marketers can improve SEO, PPC, and ultimately lead generation initiatives is through the development of landing pages, designed to showcase individual content marketing assets. As such, they need a unique place online, through the B2B organization’s website, to serve as a “home base” for lead generation and search visibility.

The Secret to B2B Landing Page Construction: Foundation and Framing

The Forward Observer

Artillery B2B Marketing Blog > The Forward Observer With the right supporting infrastructure and framework, landing pages can help B2B marketers increase the number and quality of leads. landing page is a website page specifically designed to convert visitors to leads. Landing pages are instrumental in B2B lead generation today.

Before and After: 3 Real-Life Landing Page Makeovers


Landing pages are the secret sauce to lead generation. But just having landing pages alone isn’t enough. They need to have all the right elements in order to generate high conversion rates. In fact, that’s why we recently wrote about " 11 Simple (But Critical) Tips for Creating Better Landing Pages.". Landing Page #1: Health Dialog.

Optimizing Your Landing Pages with Video


In the world of inbound marketing , landing pages are essentially the equivalent of your sales team. To make landing pages more effective at generating leads, you optimize. Video is a great way to expand on landing pages that are primarily text based to turn more visitors into customers. Why Video is Effective. Read on. Make It Easily Visible.

An Overview of Google Analytics Goals & Conversion Metrics


There’s sometimes some confusion with regard to conversions and goals, and how they relate to each other, especially when determining campaign success or failure.  If you’re running a pay-per-click campaign, you measure conversions.  It you’re monitoring Google analytics, you’re measuring goals.  Google analytics measures website activity, with the goal to track visitor behavior. 

24 Conversion Rate Optimization Tools for Research, Feedback, Analytics & More


To help you understand which tools are used for what, we’ve also broken this list into a few major categories: lead capture tools, research tools, analytics tools, mouse tracking and heat maps, feedback tools, and experiment tools. Along with their Google Analytics research tools, the SumoMe suite helps you gain on-page insights and increase your email list. 3) Leadin. Ready?

17 Lead Generation- Demand Generation 2015 New Year’s Resolutions


Happy New Year!   I know it’s that time of the year that every blogger tries to put out a holiday-themed blog; well this is mine.   As we head into mid-decade, the state of online advertising and communication continues to be constantly evolving.   As a demand generation firm, we are consistently reading about new technology, strategy, and tactics that contribute to a client’s lead generation efforts.  have an RSS reader with 150 or so blogs to stay up to speed on the ever changing world of demand and lead generation. White papers and eBooks are excellent lead generators.

The Truth About Lead Generation: Busting 5 Common Conversion Myths


It''s amazing how after just a few months of regularly producing content and engaging with people online, your analytics software can show you definitively that inbound marketing is having a positive effect. That''s where the "Convert" or lead generation phase of the inbound methodology comes into play. Creating unique landing pages (i.e. Lead Generation BUSTED].

18 Ways to Promote Your White Paper for Lead Generation


quality white paper can one of the most important content marketing vehicles to generate leads within your internet marketing plan. Generate new leads. There are a myriad of methods to promote your white paper, generate interest, and get Google to index them for SEO.  Put a link to your new white paper on your home page. Now what?   How do you promote it? Company Blog.

Paper 101

Want to Generate More Leads? Try These 6 Tips


As we continue to see improvements in marketing automation, demand generation, and analytics, marketers are being held more and more accountable for generating leads. If you need to generate more leads in a true and tested way, here are a few tips on what you might be missing (or could be optimizing): 1. But how do you land a good guest blogger? go crazy!

B2B Online Video Marketing; Planning to Execution Best Practices for Lead Generation


Determine offers: downloads, demos, trials, etc.  Determine format: animated, whiteboard, talking head, interview, presentation, demo, case study. Distribution strategy: website for engagement; landing page for conversion; YouTube channel; Vimeo and video syndication, Brightcove, email. Analytics, hosting, and feature add-ons:  Viewbix , Wistia , to name two I like.

Is Your Website Working for Lead Generation and Inbound Marketing?


Landing pages and microsites are designed to generate leads.  Below is a matrix of what makes up good content, and a good website story: Are you key pages being seen? Take a look at your analytics’ engagement measures.  Clues to the missing pages of the story can be found when looking at the content section of your analytics tool.  Measuring ROI?

How B2B Vendors Can Generate Trust and Credibility With Their Website


Design your website page templates with a built-in header and footer to feature your company’s physical address, contact information, quick links to your products and services page, and a summary of your About section. Hire a professional photographer for a day, but don’t stop at head shots for your about page. Are you offering your prospect a free demo or a quote?

SAL is the Glue that Binds Sales and Marketing in Lead Generation

Industrial Marketing Today

Clearly defining and understanding the implications of MQL, SAL and SQL are critical to the success of B2B lead generation. This is more so for industrial marketers because generating a steady stream of high-quality sales leads plays a far more important role than other B2B marketing objectives such as branding, thought leadership and/or community building. A lead is a lead, right?

A Primer on Website Visitor ID and Smart Form Technology for Lead Generation


There’s a technology available that identifies company and prospect visitors to your websites, landing pages, and forms.  Analytics packages do this all the time to measure website performance.  DemandBase integrates with Analytics packages and Salesforce as well, allowing you to track website activity of classifications of companies.  Here’s ReachForce. 

A Lead Generation Plan Begins With Content Marketing Strategy


Here’s a sample excerpt of a  digital marketing/ lead generation proposal we did recently I thought I’d share because it really is a compilation of recent blog posts in a way. Our approach to lead generation beings with a message strategy. From there, the lead generation plan is developed, followed by lead nurturing. Generate increased digital visits to your website. Increase conversions; a defined action on your website/landing pages. Provide ongoing marketing ideas to engage target audiences and generate leads. Introduction.

B2B Websites: How To Generate More Leads

The Forward Observer

Breaking News : A lot of B2B companies are not generating leads from their websites. For many B2B companies, lead generation is still rooted in more traditional methods such as referrals, advertising, direct mail and cold calling. The idea of generating leads from a website is less familiar to an enormous swath of the business-to-business world. Don''t be. But there’s a catch.

A Lead Generation Plan Begins With Content Marketing Strategy


Here’s a sample excerpt of a  digital marketing/ lead generation proposal we did recently I thought I’d share because it really is a compilation of recent blog posts in a way. Our approach to lead generation beings with a message strategy. From there, the lead generation plan is developed, followed by lead nurturing. Generate increased digital visits to your website. Increase conversions; a defined action on your website/landing pages. Provide ongoing marketing ideas to engage target audiences and generate leads. Introduction.

B2B Lead Generation: Help Your Prospects Climb the Sales and Marketing Pyramid


Almost half of marketers create highly specialized landing pages for each campaign, offering valuable content, demos, trials and consultations. Measure and Optimize Analytics and marketing automation tools have revolutionized our ability to understand the sales and marketing process. Lead GenerationWe all love the sales funnel…at least in concept. Or do they?

80% Of Our Visitors Take Our Desired Content Path: Using Form URL (Form Page) Data to Inform Our Content Marketing


It has to build trust, generate leads that are good fits for our business, nurture prospects, and ultimately, it has to generate revenue. If someone reads our blog post and then navigates to another page or two, and then eventually downloads something, we want to know that. Looking at either revenue or pipeline generated can be misleading on their own. Analytics

URL 66

How To Decide Whether Marketo RCA Is Right For You


In this article we’ll clarify some of the details around Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics, i.e. Marketo RCA, so you can understand whether it is perfect for your needs, or whether a specialized marketing attribution solution fits the bill. What Is Revenue Cycle Analytics (i.e. Marketo RCA reporting uses data generated from Marketo’s Javascript tracking technology, called Munchkin.

Traditional vs. Predictive Lead Scoring: Hard Math


Lead scoring is a relevant filter through which to approach growth at your company.  As your business develops and you generate more leads, reaching out to every lead will not longer make sense. Ask demographic questions in the forms on your landing pages and you can use the leads’ answer to assess if they fall within your target audience. So what is it? Retweet? Takeaway.

A CMO’s Guide to Conversion Metrics with Google Adwords


Google AdWords continues to expand and improve conversion tracking metrics, and without a full understanding of the data provided, your firm may not be optimized with regard to generating efficient quality leads and sales.  Ads should communicate a value proposition with demos, trials, or other offers. Not all clicks lead to a conversion during that landing page or website session. 

Lead Scoring 101: How to Use Data to Calculate a Basic Lead Score


Are you only selling to people of a certain demographic, like parents of young children or CIOs? A sk demographic questions in the forms on your landing pages , and you can use your leads' answers to see how well they fit in with your target audience. Which pages -- and how many pages -- did they visit on your site before becoming a customer? Turn to the analytics.

Seven Habits of Highly Effective B2B Websites

PWB Marketing Blog

Things like keyword stuffing, redundant copy, lots of hyperlinks, and long-winded articles may be good for SEO, but they’re bad for people (plus, some SEO tactics can get you demoted in search rankings, like duplicate copy, cloaked pages, and link farms). 2.     Optimize for Search Engines. Then, determine which sources of traffic generate the most leads. Don’t make a mess out of it.

Core Competencies of the Marketing Operations Leader: Setting Up The Marketing & Sales Technology Core [PART 1 of 4]


While they’re not the ones writing the lead nurturing sequences or designing landing pages and lead forms, they’re the behind-the-scenes operators who have mastered the setup, organization, and flow around marketing lead data. Build strong relationships with leadership team through the delivery of metrics and governance of analytic processes. Website / Web Analytics.

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5 Steps To Emails That Get You New Customers

B2B Marketing Insider

This usually requires some prior analytics or understanding of your target audience. The Landing Page is informative.  People are prepared to spend more time on a Landing Page so this is your chance to give them the “WOW Factor”. Director of Global Inside Sales and Demand Generation for SAP. . Demand GenerationThe Email should be simple and concise. 

What You Gain (and Lose) With Ungated Content


Eighty-five percent of B2B content marketers report> that lead generation is the most important KPI for their organization. This could be seen on the front pages of discussion sites like and Growth Hackers, where hundreds of articles bragged about how marketers could growth-hack their way to thousands of email subscribers in a matter of weeks. The problem.

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The 4 Basic Elements of Inbound Marketing


Goal 1: Generate Qualified Website Traffic Associated Services: Content Marketing (Blogging!), Associated Services: Call-to-action (CTA) buttons, Landing Pages, Forms. To do this, you need to use premium content pieces, calls to action , and landing pages. Analytics Tools. We’re going back to basics! Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Sharing.

3 Reasons to Adopt a Scalable Marketing Automation Platform

Modern B2B Marketing

While our demand generation team celebrated this victory, we knew that with a lead database swelling to 70,000 entries and counting, we needed to embrace a more sophisticated, enterprise-grade marketing automation platform. We can also keep track of behavior, such as when a recipient opens an email, clicks links on landing pages, and more. Analytics, or It Didn’t Happen.

Unveiling The Pipeline Marketing Technology Stack


However, because you’ve dropped a tracking cookie or two (Facebook, Google Analytics, third-party vendors, and more use cookies to track conversions and for retargeting) on their first visit, you now have more tools to bring them back, mainly through paid retargeting campaigns on social, search, and display. Each marketing channel also comes with its own channel analytics.

How do I Generate More Leads from my Website?

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How can we further optimize our practices to increase the amount of leads we generate? Here is a summary of the key points: While both marketers and users agree that registering for white papers, analyst reports and demos is acceptable, 45% of users are OK with registering to download product information. Don't just put the title of the webinar on your landing page with a "Download now!" What does this mean for marketers and online lead generation? hope these tips serve you well and good luck in your lead generation campaigns! What does this mean?

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7 Video Marketing Best Practices Worth Fighting For


It boosts email click-through rates and on-page conversions. Is it intended to generate brand awareness? Or is it a lead generation campaign? Some types of videos specialize in gaining viewer interest and engagement, like explainer-style videos; while others help to educate viewers who are further through the funnel, like webinars or product demos. Video called.

Online Display Advertising, Targeting, and Capturing Leads


A Look at Online Display Advertising for Lead Generation. Lead generation and lead nurturing both can be done via a targeted display campaign. When audiences visit your website or landing pages, there’s a huge opportunity to send display banners to prospects that abandon carts or fail to convert with another enticing message. Many I have used myself for clients. Summary.

B2B Call Tracking: Get Credit for All B2B Leads By Caring About Phone Calls

KoMarketing Associates

According to a study sponsored by Eloqua, the biggest challenge for B2B marketers is generating enough high quality leads. Generating Enough High Quality B2B Leads. Last Fall we crunched some numbers involving our own B2B landing pages and the landing pages of several B2B clients. These landing pages offered things like White Papers, eBooks, and webinars.

15 Metrics Every Marketing Manager Should Be Tracking


It'll help you strengthen your analytical tool belt, and run marketing programs that work smarter -- not harder -- for your business. The first few sets of metrics and measuring methods are to help you (you fearless marketer, you), stay ahead of your lead generation goals so you can have a solid month. 1) Leads Waterfall. how do potential leads get to your landing pages again?

MQL 59

If you don’t stop sending unsolicited emails, then you won’t be successful

Fearless Competitor

profile , a company page on Linkedin , over 4,400 Twitter followers , a YouTube channel , a Slideshare channel and a Facebook company page.  He’s also a professional writer and speaker for the Business Marketing Association. Adjust your campaigns on the fly with real-time analytics reports. Determine which words and images drive hits to your landing page.