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The Top 5 YouTube Analytics Every Marketer Should Know


OK, so you’re tracking the effectiveness of your website via Google Analytics or some of the excellent enterprise analytics solutions. But did you know that YouTube, which is part of Google, has an incredible analytics offering as well? In fact, YouTube Analytics probably gives users more ways to slice and dice their data than any video platform ever has.

4 Advanced Tips to Optimizing Your LinkedIn Company Page

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When was the last time you evaluated your company LinkedIn page? Many small businesses take the necessary steps to create a company LinkedIn page , but aren’t quite sure if their page is doing all it should. A Showcase Page is an offshoot of your company profile page. Plus, Showcase Pages have their own analytics, so you’ll be able to track visitor interest.

18 (of the) Best Web Analytics Guides of 2011


On the one hand, the data should allow companies to monitor every activity, every campaign, to evaluate based on solid data what’s working, what’s not, and where to expend budget, time and effort to improve results. ” How To Track Mobile Visitors In Google Analytics by Local SEO Guide. 35+ tips and tricks for sexier Google analytics reports by Webdistortion.

If you post it will they come?


If it doesn’t, I’ll crop the image to make sure it’s optimized for social (~ 1200X630 ). Sometimes, I will post the Biznology link by hand directly to my personal Twitter , Facebook , Google+ , and LinkedIn as well as Gerris’ Twitter , Facebook Page , LinkedIn Company Page , and Google+ Page. And so does everyone else, including mainstream media.

5 Simple SEO Tips To Optimize B2B Video

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If your business puts video online, make sure it’s optimized for search engines. Create a Company YouTube Page. The best thing you can do for your videos is to put them on YouTube. YouTube videos in particular show well in Google because Google owns the company. While there are many video sharing sites, YouTube is by far the most popular, even for B2B.

Best Web Presence Optimization Guides and Tips of 2010


Web presence optimization (WPO)—using tactics like SEO, PPC, online PR, social media, content marketing and reputation management in a coordinated fashion to maximize your online visibility and business results—is the core theme of this blog. Web Presence Optimization Tips and Tactics (Though They Don’t Call Them That). YouTube) to enhance your brand presence online.

YouTube Insights for B2B from the Frozen Food Master

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Gregory Ng is the CMO of Brooks Bell , an optimization firm focused on enterprise-level A/B split testing, targeting and optimization services. In that time he has learned quite a bit about YouTube. Combining that with his understanding of B2B marketing and optimization, he shared his insights for B2B companies in the interview below. For B2B it is a bit trickier.

Google Authorship brings your staff out from behind your brand


So, even the least likely to ever volunteer to blog or tweet on your company’s behalf staff member might very well be a Google Clout rockstar and never have written anything bloggish at all. And, maybe your company is not set up to have it’s own little newsroom and newspaper. Encourage your entire staff to link their Google+ profiles to your business site.

The 20 Best SEO Rank Tracker Tools


” Search engine optimization offers a broad array of measurable elements. Web analytics tools like Google Analytics or Clicky are great for the former. Which one is best suited for your company depends on your specific needs and what other tools you have in place. 16) STAT Search Analytics. rank checking or rank monitoring) tools. 1) SerpBook. 4) Serpfox.

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Your team is the best content source for search


You should do exactly the same thing with everyone in your company, too — and you don’t have to attend J-School at Berkeley to make it happen. It’s better to identify one or two people you’d really like to learn more about, maybe someone who’s been there forever or those impenetrable, unknowable coders who build the backbone of your company. Admit it.

How To Analyze and Grow Website Visits


If your responsibilities including managing and optimizing website results for a small to midsized organization, chances are you’re using Google Analytics to track website traffic. Google Analytics is used on more than half of all websites. And if it’s not installed, it should be: the Google Analytics (GA) tool is free, powerful, and easy to set up. All of them!

SEO for YouTube: How to Search Optimize Video for B2B Marketing


Publishing a lot of content and optimizing that content so it gets found in search engines is an important part of inbound marketing. Videos are an important part of content, and given that YouTube is by far the most popular video website, you should be publishing videos there -- even if you are a B2B company. Are your videos optimized for search ? Popularity/Views.

Search isn’t about search anymore, it’s about social


Site Optimization : This includes copy rewriting, internal linking, keyword research, Google Analytics/ and Google/Bing Webmaster Tools integration, integration of Sitemaps, structured data, title and description rewriting and organization, image ALT tag development, site submission, and content recommendation development strategies, etc. Instead of only producing one very expensive.

Drones, Bots and AI oh my. SXSW highlights

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” Big mistake — companies think they need to solve every single problem and address every consumer question with chatbots or it is a failure. Developers talked about creating a “bot experience” which includes a plan to drive traffic to the bot, optimize sales conversions, build fun into the conversations. YouTube and influence. By Mark Schaefer. Drones.

20 More of the Best Social Media Marketing Guides and Tips of 2013


Back in October, the post here 21 of the Best Social Media Marketing Guides of 2013 (So Far) noted that as social media marketing practices mature, the questions about it have evolved from simple “how do I do x ” queries to more complex investigation into how to optimize social marketing strategies and tactics. YouTube Marketing Guides and Tips. by Pitch Magazine.

Study: Video Marketing Most Effective When Measured with Advanced Analytics


Respondents who use advanced analytics are twice as likely to say their ROI is better and more likely to increase their video budgets year over year. Just 14% use advanced analytics, and that percentage has been constant for each year of the study. The use of advanced metrics has become imperative for organizations that produce higher volumes of videos annually, as these metrics enable optimizing performance and understanding the true ROI of their investment,” the report said. Large companies produce the most videos. Video expanding beyond marketing departments.

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This One Thing Has Become The New SEO Reputation Management Secret This Year


And, by linking your websites (pages) to established and populated social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Slideshare, YouTube, Pinterest, and more. By using Google Alerts, you get automatic email notices whenever your brand and/or company is being mentioned online. He also founded , a Fortune 500 search marketing company in Los Angeles, California.

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102 Compelling Social Media and Online Marketing Stats and Facts for 2012 (and 2013)


With 92% of companies now incorporating social media into their marketing efforts, it’s no longer sufficient to just “be there” on social networks. Today’s most effective marketers are optimizing content across channels, coordinating search and social marketing activities with traditional PR, and measuring their web presence and performance with sophistication.

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Marketing: New architects of the customer experience?

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I don’t usually use this space to promote individuals, companies or products but I would be remiss as your friend and as an educator if I didn’t point out a wonderful new book by Brian Solis: X: The Experience When Business Meets Design.This is a unique book packed with unusual and thought-provoking perspectives on “the tangle.” And that is pretty tangled. Now what?

48 Phenomenal SEO Guides, Tips & Tactics


What’s most important–on-page optimization, link building, or technical SEO? The practice of SEO has (of course) changed considerably over the past few years, and Courtney Seiter recognizes those changes in this noteworthy guide explaining what exactly SEO is today, how search engines rank content, and what SEO professionals do now to optimize websites for search.

Vidyard and Media One Creative Bring Video Personalization and Analytics to Businesses


New partnership delivers end-to-end video marketing solutions spanning content production, personalization, distribution, and analytics. Media One Creative will also offer a new service to help businesses create Personalized Video experiences that seamlessly weave the viewer’s name, company logo and other personally relevant content into the flow of the video to drive greater engagement, higher conversion rates and increased ROI. The post Vidyard and Media One Creative Bring Video Personalization and Analytics to Businesses appeared first on Vidyard. About Vidyard.

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Janet Thaeler & Maryanne Conlin on Influencer Marketing


Maryanne asked me, during our call, whether I have experienced Social Media Flight — the rush from blogs to social platforms like YouTube , Instagram , Pinterest , LinkedIn , Medium, Tumblr, and even Vine and Periscope in lieu of their first homes, blogs. While the traffic to their blogs may be only 500-2,000 visitors-a-month, their true fame burns bright on YouTube or Facebook.

87 More Vital Social Media Marketing Facts and Stats for 2012


Though social media marketing is now used in about 90% of companies, techniques, platforms and best practices continue to evolve. 90% of companies with 100 or more employees use social media in their marketing mix. Just 23% of Fortune 500 companies maintain an active blog, vs. 37% of Inc. The average Fortune 100 company is mentioned nearly 56,000 times per month On Twitter.

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8 Key Google Changes B2B Marketers Need To Know In The New Year

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This included no longer requiring YouTube commenters to use Google+ before they sign in, removing Google+ posts in the Knowledge Graph results, and eliminating the social extension in AdWords, as detailed previously. While I would still recommend maintaining a professional presence, with up-to-date company information, in your Google+ Page and associated profiles. Image Source.

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37 Big Data Case Studies with Big Results

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Here are 37 Big Data case studies where companies see big results. The company believes it can now identify 24% of accounts that will close within the next four months. DUETTO : Makes it easier for companies to personalize data to individuals searching online for hotels. GE’s analytics team crunches it, then rejiggers machines to be more efficient. Who’s using it?

How to Generate New Keyword Ideas

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Within Search Analytics, take a look at what phrases are garnering a fair amount of impressions and also have a high click through rate. What that means for marketers is how someone searches on Google may not be the same way they search on YouTube or even Google mobile. B2B Online Marketing Blog Content Marketing Search Engine OptimizationTo me, this is silly. FAQFox. SERPStat.

The 11 Best Social Media Campaign Builders and Ad Monitoring Tools


Social media has become a core element of marketing across businesses of all types and sizes: maintaining active, optimized profiles; sharing industry-related updates; amplifying their own content; and engaging with prospects, influencers, advocates, and customers. 2) Optimizely. Experiment with variations on pricing, product recommendations, and features to optimize ad spending.

Best LinkedIn Guides, Tips and Tactics of 2011


LinkedIn now has more than 100 million 150 million members including executives from every one of the Fortune 500 companies; 80% of them influence their companies’ purchasing decisions , and those professionals have a significantly higher level of trust in the business-related information they see on LinkedIn than on other popular social networks. INFOGRAPHIC] by Mashable.

Search and Social Lessons from the Zenith Social Media Marketing Conference


While there’s no video of his keynote available, his YouTube channel will give you some sense of how Neal can wake up an early-morning crowd in a packed ballroom. Among the first group of morning breakout sessions was “Using Social Media Analytics To Define ROI KPIs.” The conference, hosted by Marty Weintraub ‘s agency, aimClear, was an impressive affair.

48 Ways to Measure Social Media Success


Similarly, in social media marketing, there are numerous intermediate “process” measures that don’t fit into an ROI equation, but which are vital in optimizing social media efforts in order to minimize “I” and maximize “R.” These metrics don’t represent the goals of social media marketing in and of themselves, but are critical measures to help optimize processes to achieve the ultimate objectives. Here are 46 intermediate metrics (and two final measures) to help marketers evaluate the success of their social media programs and optimize their associated processes.

55 (of the) Best Social Media Tips, Tactics and Tools of 2010


500 companies now call social media “very&# or “somewhat&# important to their marketing or business strategy. Most valuable is his dissection of the best way to use the popular social sites, YouTube and blogging in an integrated manner that capitalizes on the strengths of each platform. 6 Basic Questions For Social-Optimizing Your Company Website by BlueGlass.

What Google Really Doesn’t Want You To Know About Search


It used to be that when you thought about search, you really thought more about a company—Google—that you thought about an activity. Review your web analytics to find other potential sources of traffic you can use to grow your brand’s awareness. YouTube—Google’s real shining star right now—remains a hugely compelling source of finding new customers. Read on and see.

B2B Content Marketing: Will Video Kill eBooks?

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“With the rise of content marketing, a lot of businesses get stuck in the eBook rut,” saysLinda West ( @ misslindawest ), Director of Digital Marketing at Act-On Software , a rapidly growing company that makes a marketing automation Software as a Service (SaaS). Like a lot of B2B companies, the Act-On team was using eBooks and live-casting webinar videos to drive a high volume of the leads.

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Rethinking CRO: How Remarketing Can Unlock Higher Conversion Rates


If you''re serious about improving more conversions, you need to start thinking of conversion rate optimization (CRO) differently. But if you''ve tried moving page elements around, tested variations of your copy, and optimized your form, but still aren''t seeing meaningful conversion gains, don''t worry -- all is not lost. Rethinking Conversion Rate Optimization. Crazy, right?

The 29 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools


That means if you are only monitoring your brand’s social media accounts, you’re missing most of the social conversation about your company, products, and services. Standard web analytics tools provide only a very narrow view of social media activity: clicks through to your brand website. ” — RazorSocial (Analytics). ” — RazorSocial (Analytics).

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Vidyard Brings Viewer Engagement Analytics and Personalized Video to Adobe Marketing Cloud Users


New solution brings Vidyard ’ s industry-leading video analytics, viewer engagement data and video personalization to Adobe Marketing Cloud . KITCHENER, Ontario – March 22, 2016 – Vidyard , the leading video marketing and video analytics platform for business, today announced a new suite of integrations with Adobe Marketing Cloud to help the companies’ shared customers expand their use of video content and audience engagement analytics to attract, engage, qualify and convert more customers. About Adobe Marketing Cloud. About Vidyard. Media Contact: Brad Hem.

3 Things Your Social Media Team Should Know About SEO

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As companies grow, and new people and departments are added, it’s easy to become segmented and communication can become more difficult than it once was. Company location data has become increasingly important as search results have become more localized and personalized. Your social team can help drive those connections and, in turn, help increase your company’s presence in search.