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SAS by the Sip: SAS Viya Offers Open APIs to Individual Services in the Cloud

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This demanded a high initial investment but made expansion relatively easy – an approach that made sense when SAS's core analytical applications were pretty much essential to many clients. The new SaaS software has also been relatively easy to integrate with other systems through open APIs and standard scripting languages such as Python. SAS’s growth and financial performance have been just fine despite the new competition, thanks to technical leadership in its core analytical products and pry-it-from-my-cold-dead-hands loyalty of its core customers.

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The Top 10 Free Content Analytics Tools


Analytics tools are key to today’s marketing success, and of all the choices out there, 10 stand above the rest as particularly useful for content strategists. Google Analytics. Google Analytics is the go-to platform for many marketers, in large part because it’s totally free, chock-full of features, and comes with the clout of the Google brand name. Piwik.

How to Leverage Baidu Analytics to Grow Your Digital Presence in China

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Most B2B marketers are familiar with web analytics tools, such as Google Analytics. site will become very slow when there is Google Analytics code inserted on the page. For B2B companies heading into China, the answer is Baidu Tongji (also called Baidu Analytics). Baidu Analytics is a free tool for tracking and reporting traffic data of users visiting your site.

5 Essential Insights You Can Uncover Using Twitter Analytics


When it launched last year , Twitter Analytics marked a solid (if long overdue) move towards greater transparency and measurement abilities for users. And since then, Twitter has continued to make upgrades to the tool, most recently by adding analytics access in its mobile app. The most useful feature I''ve found is the ability to export data from the Twitter API as a CSV file.

What Mobile Buyers Are REALLY Doing on Your Website


Mobile phone reading is fast-paced, half-present, and usually done while doing something else. Let''s take a look at some of the clearer trends in buyer behavior on mobile. Mobile Browsing Is More Action Oriented. In an interview with Mashable , Andy Ching, director of mobile for Bing, stated that 70% of mobile searches are followed up by a consumer action within an hour.

Image Recognition technology is a goldmine for marketers

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Using sophisticated application programming interfaces (APIs), developers have made it possible for users to take a picture of an object or person, and immediately learn where to buy the object shown, or where to connect with the person photographed. Image recognition eliminates barriers between you and your target market, enabling frictionless mobile commerce and greater engagement.

The dashboard has finally been perfected


never remember to check Google Analytics, Webmaster tools, my AdSense revenue, and even what’s coming in to my help desk inbox as it happens. Have some structured data, XML, OPML, RSS, ATOM, or an API and you can create your own widgets that are purely suited to your own business needs. The app looks gorgeous in HTML5 on all my mobile devices via the web. Alexa.

Facebook and Google Rule Advertising, and 3 Other Takeaways From the IAB’s Latest Report


Last week, Facebook announced that it had reached 1 billion mobile-only monthly users. Meanwhile, October was the first month when mobile and tablet devices accounted for more pageviews than desktops, according to analytics firm StatCounter. There’s only so much time in a day, and mobile’s growth has come at the expense of other formats. Here’s how. 1.

Facebook's Miscalculated Metrics: What Marketers Need to Know


Exported and API reach data. The average time spent reading Instant Articles -- a method by which Facebook displays news articles at a rate 10X faster than a typical mobile web browser -- was reported to be 7-8% higher than the actual length of time per article. Social Media Marketing Data Analytics Daily TacticalThere was talk of numbers -- lots of them. What Happened?

Facebook Enhances Analytics to Enable Smarter Ad Targeting for Marketers


Now that Timeline for brand pages and Premium Advertising is all rolled out, they've stepped up their game yet again with some brand new -- extremely robust -- analytics that I'm sure they hope will encourage marketers and business owners to spend more (and better targeted) dollars on their ad platform. What if I'm Not Using the Facebook Ads API? Honestly? Page likes. Page post likes.

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Social Fresh CEO Jason Keath Talks Pinterest, Visual Content, and the Importance of Mobile in Social

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Jason: Mobile in social strategies is very interesting because most of the social networks aren’t really even getting it right yet. So marketers realize “Okay the platform doesn’t have it figured out: Facebook is still testing things, Twitter is based on mobile so they’ve got it down, Pinterest has got a new app out for iPad.” We automate a lot of stuff.

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How to Reduce Your Website's HTTP Requests


Mobile users will have a particularly bad experience, as most of them will have to wait until every asset on a webpage is downloaded before the page will even begin to appear in their mobile browser. For example, the API can tell you precisely when the HTTP request for an image started, and when the image's final byte was received. Analytics Design Daily Canonical

Sailthru Offers End-to-End Omnichannel Personalization for B2C Marketers

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The identity might be available because the customer is interacting with a mobile app for which she has registered, is responding to an email or text message that was already tied to her identity, has logged into an ecommerce Web site, or is known through a cookie that was previously linked to her identity. The identifiers would be linked through “hard” matches such as an email address provided when registering a mobile app or an ID number embedded in a Web link in an email. Mongo is also fast and scalable and good for analytical processing in general. customer profiles.

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Tealium Grows from Tag Manager to Customer Data Platform

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Tealium now offers connectors to gather data in other ways including APIs, batch file transfers, and system development kits (SDKs) for mobile apps. Users can connect with additional systems through Webhooks, SDKs, or APIs. But it doesn’t do multi-step campaigns, predictive analytics, offer tracking, and supporting functions like content management. lots of connectors.

Strikedeck Adds Automation to Customer Success Management

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On the other hand, several do use rules and/or predictive analytics to help manage the post-purchase portion of the customer relationship – making them possible Journey Orchestration Engines (JOEs). The system includes features to create and send emails, surveys, and in-app mobile messages. Most notably, it takes data from many sources: not just CRM and its own tracking codes, but also customer support, marketing automation, analytics tools, and any other system with a suitable API connector. This allows for standard treatments to be fully automated.

Best Social Media Management Tools for Small Business Owners

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Of course, if you want more versatility (additional profiles, analytics, etc.), Provides analytics for posts , so you can determine what kind of posts draw the best engagement from your audience, and when you should post to achieve the best reach. Platforms : Web application; Mobile apps for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry. By Kerry Gorgone, Contributing {grow} Columnist. Buffer.

Woopra Grows from Web Analytics to Multi-Source Customer Data, Insights and Actions

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In fact, the people most surprised by this news will probably be the folks at Woopra itself, which positions itself as “an insight company” and has deep roots in traditional Web analytics. On the other hand, Woopra does distinguish itself from conventional Web analytics vendors by stressing the fact that it tracks individuals, not Web pages.


The 24 Best Visual Content Creation Tools


Alredy, “nearly half of all B2B researchers are Millennials, and 42% of B2B searches are on mobile devices. cloud-based Visual Analytics Platform to create rapid visualization of business information and dynamic data sets. Maps can be printed at large sizes, shared publicly or with a selected group, and updated in real time using Maptive’s API. Pricing:  free.

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The Convergence of MarTech and AdTech Platforms


To ensure we have the same understanding of these concepts, it is useful to look at more traditional definitions of these terms: Marketing Technology – Platforms and tools used by marketing and sales organizations to manage and nurture leads, manage opportunities and customer contacts and funnel analytics and attribution. Display Advertising, Video Advertising.

Best Web Analytics Tools and Tips of 2009


There’s a great scene from the original Cannonball Run in which one of drivers hops into his Ferrari convertible, rips the rearview mirror off of the windshield, tosses it out and then says to his startled co-driver, “What is behind us—does not matter.&# In the world of analytics, all information is, by its nature, backward looking (you can’t measure what hasn’t happened yet). In short, to be valuable, analytics must be actionable ; they should provide hard data to clarify what you should keep doing, what you should stop doing, and what you should do differently.

17 of the Best WordPress Plugins for Marketers


From writing to SEO to analytics, these plugins will help you arrive at the solutions you're seeking while saving you a ton of time in the process. Jetpack is an all-in-one WordPress plugin that offers advanced features such as analytics, content tools, mobile themes, and more. 17) Google Analytics by Yoast. 40,296. That's the number of plugins on WordPress.

Marketo Conference: Small Changes, Big Picture

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They’ll have to keep their APIs simple enough that app developers can integrate with other marketing automation systems as well. the brain”), database (“marketing system of record”) and analytics. The third layer includes delivery in different channels (email, social, landing pages, sales, web/mobile personalization, search). My main reaction was, what’s new? Fair enough.

10 Valuable SEO Resources: Keyword Research, Tools, and Local SEO


Google Correlate , the Bing Keyword Tool ) to online research tools like Advanced Web Ranking to keyword suggestion tools, other desktop keyword tools, competitive analysis tools, browser add-ons and plugins, analytics tools, and “other ideas.” Image credit: Small Business Ideas Blog. But there’s more involved in generating high, and highly relevant, organic search traffic.

OneSpot Offers Automated Content Selection Targeted at Long Term Results

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Another is that it delivers the content through advertising on external Web sites as well as in email, a company’s own Web site, mobile and social. content analytics engine automatically classifies existing content without manual tagging. Email is personalized through API connections with email service providers. The content sequencing engine is a more recent addition.

Marketing data technology: making sense of the puzzle


Data) Discovery encompasses a wide range of human-driven functions, from predictive modeling to digital analytics. Social Analytics functions will, for instance, be best performed by tools specialized in the retrieval, storage, and processing of social feeds. Or the fact that all the metrics in the world cannot replace a strong piece of storytelling (“the API to the human brain”). 6.

Fathom SEO Pulse #41: Brand New Hacked Site Algorithm, 2015’s Local Ranking Factors & More


couple weeks ago, we covered Google’s new App Indexing API and how, if you utilize it, you could see a ranking increase in your App’s content. Google has followed up, announcing that if you implement the new API, you should start seeing increases by the end of October. Google Accelerated Mobile Pages Project: Will It Last?”. link]. link]. link]. link]. link] , [link]. link].

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Top Internet strategy, marketing and technology links for the week of February 23, 2013


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LinkedIn Now Testing Facebook-Style Mentions, and Other Marketing Stories of the Week


Google is even promising faster updates on data, analytics, and more. Nuance’s new Voice Ads will allow consumers to carry on spoken conversations with mobile advertisements. This is definitely a “different” direction for mobile advertising, but maybe it’s the future. Facebook’s New APIs Help Brands Monitor, Respond to Comment Replies, From Mashable. Enjoy.

Marketing Automation News from Dreamforce: B2B More Integrated, B2C Stays Separate

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The main theme of the conference was Salesforce1, a new set of technologies that make it vastly easier to deliver and integrate mobile versions of Salesforce-based applications. As near as I can tell, this is the same type of API-level integration available with any third-party system. For what it’s worth, the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud APIs are also part of Salesforce1, but don’t confuse that with sharing the same underlying platform.They don''t. I spent the early part of this week at ’s annual Dreamforce conference. Here are my observations.

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Your website must adapt based on data


While I believe going mobile was not a choice over the last couple years — because of Google — it seems to me that the same sort of A/B testing and segmentation that people have been using for their email newsletters is now becoming affordable and accessible not only on the email list level but even at the website level. remember, years ago, that Amazon was doing this. love it.

The Marketing Technology Landscape: An Interview with Scott Brinker

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Outside of those big companies—and there's a finite number of those—there are these more innovative niches of all the incredible things people are doing around things like more advanced customer analytics, content marketing management, really cool things with social media. " And I thought that was a lot when it was like 150 of them. It's quite overwhelming.

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Youcalc: On-Demand Analytics Without Stored Data

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Summary: Youcalc is an on-demand analytics vendor with 130 prepackaged applications primarily for sales and marketing reporting. Youcalc is fundamentally different from other on-demand analytics vendors like Birst , Cloud9 Analytics , Gooddata and Pivotlink : while those vendors all query data stored in their system, youcalc queries the source data directly. That is, youcalc provides analytical applications that read from an existing system, typically a Software-as-a-Service vendor like or Google AdWords. No free lunch here, folks.

The Ultimate Dictionary of Marketing Terms You Should Know


Learn how to run A/B tests here.). 2) Analytics. What I sometimes refer to as the “eyes” of inbound marketing, analytics is essentially the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data. Want to learn marketing analytics? Here a list of nine great sources to get you started.). 3) Application Programming Interface (API). 59) Mobile Marketing. 13) CASL.

No. 4 Trend: What Fringe Social Media Platforms Are Worth Your Time in 2016?

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Recently, Instagram opened its advertising API to every brand, subsequently increasing the volume and frequency of sponsored posts featured in the average users’ stream. Some of the bigger changes came to the company’s mobile apps, which were redesigned, to provide an even better experience to users. According to social analytics company Topsy , there have been 1.6

Lead Liaison Opens It’s Doors to Partners

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Past partnerships include print and mail API creator, Lob; Pipedrive CRM, Citrix’ GoToWebinar, Google AdWords/Analytics, Wistia, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. They boast a wealth of native integrations, as well as a full-featured API and Zap that offers additional ways to connect the system’s capabilities to other applications or create personalized integrations. Allen, TX – To kick off the new year, Lead Liaison has recently launched a Partner Program. This thirst for partnership is now reaching outside of their own client-base and into the marketplace.

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The 28 Best Influencer Marketing Tools


Pricing:  free, or API data by quote. Both the newsroom and the email are responsively designed to look great on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, and every email includes analytics to help you track response rate.” Control your social, email, and mobile contacts from one dashboard. Sample review:  “Looking to spy on competitors’ blog post analytics?

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7 Best Newsletter Builders for Creating Great Newsletters


Full featured API. Social media and Google Analytics integration. A/B testing. Mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android. GetResponse also includes powerful autoresponder capability, custom landing page and form builders, a strong spam checker, and in-depth reporting and analytics to help you make the most of your email marketing campaigns. Mobile-optimized designs.

[x+1] Origin Digital Marketing Hub Offers Cross-Channel Decision Management

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This was an early form of what now called a Data Management Platform (DMP), which one articulate blogger defined as “a very smart, very fast cookie warehouse with analytical firepower to crunch, de-duplicate, and integrate your data with any technology platform you desire.” Knowing this, you might suspect there are other real time decision management vendors with roots in Web marketing.

Lead Liaison Debuts Integrations Marketplace

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In addition to native integrations , their full-featured API and Zap offer additional ways to connect the system’s capabilities to other applications and create personalized integrations. GoToWebinar , Google AdWords , Google Analytics , ZoomInfo , and WordPress are some of the more well-known productivity tools that Lead Liaison connects to. One of the most vital parts of a marketing automation partner is their level of integration with other key platforms in the marketplace. Lead Liaison realizes the importance of this, and has built a robust list of integrations. Social.

Rise of the Marketing Platform

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Today’s buyer is everywhere — on the web, on social, on mobile, on email. Our mobile devices broadcast where we are and where we are going. Here’s what a marketing platform needs to deliver : UNDERSTAND : Track customer identity, contacts, and context across every digital, social, and mobile channel — then organize this information into a single, open data repository. Why Now?