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Top 12 Industrial Marketing Posts of 2014

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It’s time to look back at the most read industrial marketing posts that I published in 2014. I’ve culled the list down to 12 based on the data from my Google Analytics. These industrial marketing posts are listed in the order of published dates –oldest to the newest. #1: What’s Hot and What’s Not in [.] The post Top 12 Industrial Marketing Posts of 2014 by Achinta Mitra appeared first on Industrial Marketing Today. This is only a content summary. Please click on the headline to read the full article. Visit my website for more content on industrial marketing.].

Industrial Marketing, Lead Generation and Sales: It’s Complicated

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Content Marketing Industrial Marketing Sales Strategies Analytics Industrial sales Industrial sales strategies Measurement and tracking Remember this rom-com from 2009? Despite the critics giving it mixed reviews, it went on to gross $219.1 million worldwide. A hit movie for sure. Sometimes I feel the same way [.]. This is only a content summary. Please click on the headline to read the full article. Visit my website for more content on industrial marketing.].

Sabotaging Industrial Marketing Hurts Sales

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Content Marketing Measurement & Tracking Sales Strategies Analytics industrial lead generation Industrial Marketing Industrial sales What is the real purpose of industrial marketing? One can come up with a list of at least half a dozen or more excellent goals. IMO, the single most important [.]. This is only a content summary. Please click on the headline to read the full article. Visit my website for more content on industrial marketing.].

SAL is the Glue that Binds Sales and Marketing in Lead Generation

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which Sales knows best and visitor engagement (site activities) for which Marketing has access to analytics and reports. A lead is a lead, right? Depends – are you in marketing or in sales? SAL – Sales Accepted Leads is the bridge between Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQL). No, I am not splitting hairs nor am I indulging in semantics. Defining qualified leads.

Stop Killing Your Content: 3 Reasons Your Content Falls Flat

derive insights with holistic content analytics? Stop Killing Your Content: 3 Reasons Your Content Falls Flat. Content has proven to be a highly effective driver of revenue, both directly and indirectly. Each year B2B organizations spend more than $5.2B on content creation and distribution. Additionally, 77% of marketers say content is core to business success. and value. post-production.

Manufacturers: Don’t Start a Lead Generation Campaign Without Sales

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During an internal discovery meeting with the client’s Director of Marketing and the Marcom Manager, we spent considerable amount of time reviewing their clickthru reports, traffic, pageviews behavior and engagement stats from Google Analytics. Every manufacturing or industrial company that I talk to wants more leads. However, there is a serious disconnect between sales and marketing when it comes to defining a qualified lead. This is not a new problem. Recently, a manufacturing client retained me to help them improve their industrial lead generation program.

You’ve Got Traffic. Now What?

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That’s because no one has taken the time to explain to these people about the value of looking at their Google Analytics. It truly is an “a-ha moment” for them when I go over their Google Analytics and explain some of those key site statistics. You’ve done all the hard work of optimizing (SEO) your industrial website and now you have a steady stream of traffic to your site. Congratulations! Sorry to rain on your parade but that is only half the equation. The other half is all about converting that traffic into leads and customers. Really?

The Real Value of Content Marketing for Industrial Companies

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For the moment, I am going to set aside analytics and ROI measurements and focus on the real value of content marketing as it relates to industrial sales. In today’s uncertain economy, manufacturing and industrial companies are taking more than a hard look at their marketing spends. These companies have always thought of marketing as sales support, so it requires a lot of convincing to change that mind-set. Upper management and key decision makers are skeptical about inbound marketing with content being able to generate qualified leads and set the table for sales.

Is Your Industrial Website Leaking Leads?

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Look at your Google Analytics, one quick indicator of a leaky Website is your bounce rate. If you are sophisticated enough with analytics, you can set up conversion tracking within Google Analytics to get a better handle on where the leads are leaking from your Website. One persistent problem for many manufacturers and industrial companies is the small number of leads generated from their Websites. By default, they assume that the issue is the lack of traffic because of poor SEO. In short, you may have a leaky industrial Website. See my earlier post, You’ve Got Traffic.

Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report

Use web analytics to examine which channels. Which content analytics tools do you have in place to measure the effectiveness of. resources Blog, social, email Google Analytics, biannual. editor) Blog, social, email, paid distribution Google Analytics, engagement. depth analytics, conversion. on social Google Analytics, engagement. Content. Definition II.

Website Evaluation Comes Before Site Redesign

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However, you should insist that your industrial website redesign include at least the basic SEO features such as optimized <Title> and <Description> tags, keyword rich H1 and H2 tags, XML and HTML site maps, code for Google Analytics and social sharing options. Many manufacturers and industrial companies consider a website redesign during Q1. The two main reasons are 1) Not showing up in Google search results ( SEO – Organic Search Engine Optimization ) and/or 2) Not getting enough qualified leads from the website (Traffic and Conversion). Share your experiences here.

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Inbound Marketing Alone May Not Be Enough for Industrial Companies

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Borrow some of inbound marketing’s analytical tools to provide more granular information to your sales force before they make the calls so they can engage with prospects in a more consultative manner rather than posturing and prospecting. Inbound marketing with content has been getting all the attention lately. Consultants and practitioners of “pull” marketing want marketers to abandon “push” marketing because they say it is old school and no longer effective. I too have read all those studies about the how the Internet has permanently changed the industrial buyer’s behavior.

Build Industrial Websites as Dynamic Blog Sites

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Monitoring, tracking and measuring is a lot easier when you use one set of Web analytics for both the site and the blog. For most industrial companies and manufacturers, a Website is the centerpiece of their online presence. By now, most industrial marketers are aware of the power of inbound marketing for lead generation. blog is considered the cornerstone of an effective inbound marketing strategy. What if you could combine the best of both these marketing tactics? I’m talking about creating a blog site with dynamic content instead of a static digital marketing asset.

How Landing Pages Can Make or Break Lead Generation Campaigns

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Your landing pages (registration form fields) may be the source of the problem if your Web analytics show good volume of traffic to those pages but you are not receiving as many sign ups or downloads. Your landing page may be the culprit if your lead generation campaign is performing poorly. poorly designed (layout and content) landing page can kill your lead conversion rate. Think again.

Study: How Much of Your Content Marketing Is Effective?

include time, money, and analytics. can open access to the necessary analytic tools and resources, and the right analytics help content marketers devote their time. likely need some of the resources afforded to those best-in-class brands—a stable supply of time, money, and analytics that take the guesswork out of their jobs. Copyright © 2015 Contently. Introduction 4 II.

Industrial E-mail Marketing: Use Application Notes to Engage Engineers

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Consider integrating Web analytics into your email marketing. See my earlier post, “Add Google Analytics to Emails and Gain B2B Lead Generation Intelligence.”. E-mail marketing to in-house lists is the most popular marketing channel for reaching engineers and industrial professionals. This was one of the findings in a recent study published by GlobalSpec. Email marketing metrics.

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Top 10 Industrial Marketing Posts of 2011

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looked at my Google Analytics for the entire year and have selected the top ten blog posts using a combination of Pageviews, Engagement and Social Sharing data to determine the ranking. As we wind down 2011, this is a good time to review all the industrial marketing posts that I have published here and been viewed by you, my readers, during the year. Not all the posts were written in 2011, one was way back from 2008. If there is one important takeaway from this exercise, it is that blog posts live forever and continue to attract traffic long after they have been posted.

Content is the Foundation of Good Relationship Marketing

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Visibility into complete repair history and analytical tools for spotting trends. Building strong customer relationships is probably a close second only to lead generation for most manufacturers and industrial companies. Many of them will also tell you that the bulk of their new business comes from repeat customers. It makes perfect sense then to put a good deal of effort into nurturing new leads and building strong relationships in order to convert them into loyal customers. Here’s a quote from billionaire industrialist H. Finally, business is a cobweb of human relationships. ”.

Subscribers to Free Content are NOT Leads

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Sales knows best about demographics and marketing has insights into visitor engagement through web analytics. Depending on your situation, you may need a full-blown Marketing Automation (MA) package or you could get by with a manual system using Excel spreadsheets, Google Analytics and auto responders from your email service provider (ESP). I’ve heard some of my manufacturing clients call their subscribers free content leads. I’ve also read articles by other industrial marketers where they recommend using free content to generate new leads. They are prospects by my definition.


Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness

approval workflows, email automation, analytics. for more sophisticated engagement analytics like. marketers think about analytics in relation to ROI. Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. contently.comBy Jordan Teicher Content. Marketing. 2016 STAFFING, MEASUREMENT, AND. Introduction II. Methodology III. Key Findings IV. Results and Analysis V. But in 2015, a.

B2B Websites: To Publish Prices, Or Not To Publish…That Is The.

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My web analytics indicate that not all visitors that land on the pricing page also click on  Web design RFQ or Contact Us links. Have you struggled to answer that question? You are not alone, most business purchases, especially industrial products don’t lend themselves to a simple Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). Why do we need prices on B2B websites? There is no secrecy.

Is Mobile Marketing Right for Industrial Companies?

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You can easily get good data from your Google Analytics. Here’s how: Log into your Google Analytics. The current buzz about mobile marketing is probably second only to the hype surrounding social media. There is a good reason for industrial marketers to seriously consider and/or revisit their mobile marketing strategies. Consider these research findings: International Data Corp (IDC) predicts that the global mobile workforce will increase to over 1 billion workers in 2011, totaling 30% of the workforce worldwide. In the United States, numbers are still higher. Voilà!

Making Industrial E-mail Marketing More Relevant

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You need to tie together web analytics and your e-mail marketing in order to get a complete picture about subscriber behavior. See my earlier post, “Add Google Analytics to Emails and Gain B2B Lead Generation Intelligence” ). E-mail marketing to a house list continues to be the top marketing channel for many industrial companies and manufacturers according to Trends in Industrial Marketing 2011 from GlobalSpec. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that industrial marketers are very happy with the results. mail List Hygiene. Check any rented list against your house list.

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Boost Email Relevancy With Dynamic Content

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You can also create segments based on behavioral patterns from past emails and Web analytics. Email marketing has been a staple of industrial marketing for a long time. However, many of these marketers are now experiencing declining open and click through rates. With all the buzz about social media, blogs and RSS feeds, are email marketing and eNewsletters dead? Not so fast! IMO, they are and will continue to be very useful provided your content is relevant. That’s the standard advice you are likely to get from most marketing consultants. What is dynamic content in emails?

Content Strategy for Marketing

conducts suveys and collects analytics automatically each month so you know what. Content. Strategy for. Marketing: Sustainable, Scalable, and Sale-able As the web weaves into every aspect of your customers’ lives, they expect the. right content in the right place at the right time. Content as an afterthought or. even as a one-time campaign no longer works. Today, marketing is digital, so.

Using E-mail Marketing for Lead Generation

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In short, you need to marry emails and website analytics. Nor does it require an expensive site analytics package. For step by step instructions on how to add Google Analytics (Free) to your emails, head over to my post, “Add Google Analytics to Emails and Gain B2B Lead Generation Intelligence.”. Most manufacturers and industrial companies use email marketing as a way to keep in touch with new leads and existing customers. This usually means sending out a bi-weekly or a monthly email newsletter. To me, those contacts are prospects and not leads. How about free?

3 DiY SEO Mistakes to Avoid When Optimizing Industrial Websites

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Achieving top rankings and maintaining them consistently require constant monitoring of your site analytics, tweaking, keeping up with and adapting to the ever-changing landscape of SEO. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend (here in the U.S.) with your family. Now, back to work. Can DiY SEO be just as effective as hiring an outside expert? Should IT be handling this task?

Industrial and B2B Customer Engagement Simplified

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To add a new twist to a thorny problem, I read a very interesting quote from Avinash Kaushik, the man who literally wrote the book on Web Analytics 2.0 , he said, “Engagement is not a metric, it’s an excuse.” The good news is that you can use a free tool like Google Analytics to get a very good handle on your customer engagement. You can read his entire blog post here.

High-Performance Email Marketing for Attracting and Engaging.

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Develop your email marketing strategy first Before you begin developing customized content and using sophisticated analytics, the first order of business is to develop a sound and sustainable email marketing strategy. According to SirrusDecisions research, the B2B buyer receives 20.3 email campaigns per week, up from 15.4 per week in 2006. WHAT : What do you expect your list to do?

Marketing Optimization Toolkit: The Science behind Marketing Analytics

Marketers are well-versed in the art and science of optimization

?Tis the Season for Website Redesigns: 7 Lessons Learned from Redesigning Industrial Websites

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Web analytics – no industrial website should be launched without one. Every industrial website must include some form of web analytics. At the very minimum, the free Google Analytics code should be installed on your web pages. Don’t be fooled into thinking that Google Analytics is not very capable just because it is free. See Add Google Analytics to Emails and Gain B2B Lead Generation Intelligence. This is not the same as web analytics. A New Year and a new website mean new leads and sales opportunities. Content comes before design.

Add Google Analytics to Emails and Gain B2B Lead Generation Intelligence

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While working on an email campaign for a client who markets to manufacturers in the Process Controls and Automation industry, I was asked if there was an easy way to combine web analytics with email marketing. He was already using Google Analytics (GA) to monitor his Web site. While researching the problem, I found that there was a real need for easy integration of web analytics with email marketing. The solution that I felt would best suit my client’s needs required adding Google Analytics to his emails. How to add Google Analytics to Benchmark emails.

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5 Most Popular Industrial Marketing Blog Posts from 2010

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from my Google Analytics, the number of inbound links received, retweets and other social sharing. We’re almost at the end of the year and you made it. Congratulations! 2010 has been another tough year for the industrial sector but I’m encouraged by all the good news that I’ve heard throughout the year about a modest rebound in U.S. manufacturing. This is the time of the year when most of us tend to reflect upon the year that is coming to an end and look forward to the coming year with renewed hope. hope you’ll get some value and practical help from reading or rereading these articles.

Is Your Industrial Website Still Just a Business Card?

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Install site analytics, the free Google Analytics is a good start. Home Marketing Matters About Contact B2B Marketing Store Company Website Is Your Industrial Website Still Just a Business Card? Why should you care about your company’s website? Probably the best reason I’ve read is by Linda Rigano, Executive Director of Strategic Services at ThomasNet. Audit your existing content.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

Embrace new technology: tools like predictive analytics and "marketing stacks" hold great promise but need to be better utilized. B2B Marketing Trends for 2016 28 Embrace New Technology Use Data to Plan Ahead, Not Just Assess Past Activities Thirty percent of B2B marketers use data analytics to evaluate prior. leaders expected to use predictive analytics in the next year, B2B.

How Relevant Marketing Content Helps B2B Branding

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Analytics is the new marketing creative! Most CEOs of manufacturing, engineering and technical companies do not believe in the value of brand building and consider it the domain of consumer marketing (B2C). Branding is an expense item like the rest of marketing. Yes, GE and Microsoft sell directly to end-users but they are primarily B2B companies. Definitely not.” All Rights Reserved.

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