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Frugalnomics in Effect - Gartner predicts low IT spending growth for 2016

The ROI Guy

Gartner recently published their latest worldwide IT spending forecasts, and with a likely economic slowdown on the horizon, are projecting an anemic 0.6% YoY increase from 2015. According to Forrester, prospects indicate that less than 12% of sales engagements are focused on outcomes and customer value. Sources: Gartner Says Worldwide IT Spending is Forecast to Grow 0.6

Frugalnomics in Effect - Gartner predicts 5.5% decline in IT spending for 2015

The ROI Guy

Gartner recently published their latest worldwide IT spending forecasts with a sharp downward revision, now projecting a 5.5% YoY decline from 2014 levels. This latest estimate from Gartner is a further downward revision of the overly optimistic forecast published to kickoff the New Year, where Gartner was anticipating a 2.4% Percent in 2014 Gartner Forecasts 3.1%

Mi6 Agency’s Top Charts for July 2016

MI6 Marketing Agency

Only 37% of developers surveyed measure their success in the sector by revenue or user experience, with the balance playing at it for fun, as a hobby or to try to stay ahead of the curve. Forrester’s predictions on the trajectory of success for the Internet of Things (IoT) in this chart show some interesting trends around what are still immature technologies. Week of July 4th.

Test Your Digital IQ with Mark Schaefer’s Social Media Quiz

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

What is the largest Internet-based company in the world? a) Google. b) Amazon. c) eBay. d) Tencent. Source 2014 Millward Brown study. 6. (D) According to a 2014 Forrester study, 44% use the second screen of social media while watching TV. 7. (B) Hangouts On Air allow users to broadcast and record live stream video. 8. (B) Automatic Kismet. Who was the first U.S. Italian. Spanish 8.7%.

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Five Areas Where B2B Marketers Can Leverage Big Data

Marketing Action

With the availability of cheap cloud storage utilities like Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services, some companies may be inclined to store data in large quantities without any game plan on how to make use of it. Big data is now the “New New Thing” in marketing and companies big and small are scrambling on what to make out of this emerging hot subject. What is Big Data?