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Tools I use to amplify social campaigns


SOCi is a platform that allows you and your team to sort through piles and piles of content from across the social mediaphere, including content on Facebook using keywords and categories in order to collect the best, most relevant, news and content that is as close to bespoke to their needs short of writing it all yourself. What is it called when you stoke your followers into a dance frenzy?

10 Examples of Facebook Ads That Actually Work (And Why)


One average, Facebook is home to 1.18 For brands, posting on Facebook alone isn't enough anymore -- especially for ones just starting out. Sure, you can throw money at your efforts to drive people to your Facebook Page and send them to your website, but that only works if you're smart about it. So, what does optimized Facebook advertising actually look like? The cons?

13 Essential Features for Taking Payments on Your Website


13 Essential Features for Taking Payments on Your Website. 1) Multiple Login Options. You should also think about offering shoppers the option of logging in with one of their social media profiles, like Facebook or Twitter. There are a lot of things I used to buy in person that I now buy online. And I'm not alone. Image Credit: VWO. The caveat of allowing a social login?

Build your brand (for free)


Bonus: I have new content for my YouTube Channel and Slideshare collection  every single time (and Slideshare is  LinkedIn and YouTube is  Google, right?). Other than that, Amazon has a lot of books on how to podcast. Personal Brand Christmas Digital distribution Doctor Moon Facebook Facebook features Google Search engine optimization Television channel twitter YouTube

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A cautionary tale: Putting your business in the hands of Facebook

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

The other aspect of their success, and frankly the more interesting part for us, is their Facebook presence. But when I asked them about their business website, they just shrugged their shoulders and laughed.  “Why waste time and money on building a website when you can do everything for free on Facebook ?”. cough* Facebook *cough). sorry Google). Mmmmmm. Wowzee.

The Seven Best File Sharing Tools


Different tools do vary though in terms of additional features, pricing, and storage capacity. As with all posts in this series, tools are shown with the number of results returned by Google on a search for reviews of that tool (not necessarily the actual number of reviews) and example showcase reviews. Google Review Count:  699,000. Google Review Count:  574,000.

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Inside The Washington Post’s Quest to Fix Ad Tech


Giants like Facebook and Google currently vacuum up 74 percent of new ad spend. Why would Bezos, the founder of Amazon and one of the wealthiest people in the world, invest in the volatile news business? ” While Google and Facebook take in about three-quarters of new digital ad revenue , publishers are not keeping up, according to Dicker.

Beyond the Blog


Last spring, the company launched @thecocacolaco, a corporate Instagram, and started natively publishing stories like a feature on Matt Smith, a Coca-Cola fan with cystic fibrosis who dreamed of driving the Coca-Cola Christmas truck. As soon as Facebook opens up its Instant Articles technology to brands this spring, Coca-Cola will be on there as well. Media Social Blog Featured

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5 Things You Should Know About Google+ Business Pages

Modern B2B Marketing

by Jason Miller Google Plus has garnered more than 40 million users since launching in June. Earlier this week the much anticipated Google+ pages for business was released. If you don’t have a Google+ profile, start by creating one. With the Direct Connect function you can now search using the “+” prefix to search for an existing Google+ page.

Facebook Rolling Out Video Ads to News Feeds, and Other Marketing Stories of the Week


From Facebook''s new video advertising offering to Q&As with industry experts on Klout, this week''s roundup will fill you in on all things content-related on the web. Facebook Rolling Out Video Ads to News Feeds, From AdWeek. Over the past few months, Facebook has been making some major moves with its social advertising platform. Oh, and Happy Mother''s Day! ;-).

Ask the Author Series: Featuring Joanne Black, Author of No More Cold Calling (Part 2 of 2)

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Some people accept every request to connect, so just because they’re “friends” on Facebook doesn’t mean they actually have a relationship. Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google, told the 2012 graduating class of Boston University: “Take one hour a day and turn that thing off. How People, Not Technology, Seal the Deal on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble. Absolutely!

Why You Won't Recognize SEO in Five Years


More precisely, it's been linked directly to Google. App stores, by both Google and Apple, are still the primary mechanism for finding new apps and content. Often thought of as a quick search tool for the contents of your iPhone, Spotlight can actually search within apps and even bypass Google to bring you some web results. billion daily searches , gaining on Google's 3.5

Will Ad-Blocking Software Destroy Mobile Advertising?


The main reason many of us have been unaware of this relates to the inherently logical if not awkward action taken by Google of booting the app out of its Google Play store over two years ago, in Mid-March of 2013, to be precise. Here’s how the folks at Adblock Plus characterized the action at the time: “In a rather surprising move, Google removed Adblock Plus and other ad blocking apps from the Google Play store due to ‘interference with another service or product in an unauthorized manner.’”. The Impact on Google and Others. Is there an app for that?

The Psychology of Color in Marketing


Along with financial companies, major social media brands – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – are using blue to build trust and openness. Facebook is “giving people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.” You can see this in their logo, which features a crown. In fact, some of the most popular brands in the world (Google!) Patrick’s Day bottling).

Test Your Digital IQ with Mark Schaefer’s Social Media Quiz

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According to 2014 research, the number one subject featured in Instgram photos is: a) selfies. b) activities/travel. c) food. d) pets. 5. Many content creators are taking advantage of a new Google+ feature called HOA. Which of the following platforms was founded first? a) YouTube. b) Facebook. c) Google+. d) LinkedIn. We all know Facebook use is declining, right?

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19 New Featured Sources on the B2B Marketing Zone


Why Use Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn for Content Marketing? Dianna Huff – B2B Marcom ( Small Business Newsletter Email Campaign Facebook SEO Budget Writing ). What’s a Facebook fan worth? CeeKue ( Promotion Word of Mouth B2C CRM Google Content Tips ). Facebook For CRM , Monday, July 19, 2010. Google’s Next Big Thing , April 24, 2010. Google.

20 Examples of Social Proof in Action


Below you'll find some noteworthy statistics from their research about the types of social proof that perform best, and what you need to know about convincing your prospective customers: Testimonials featuring photos perform best. Readers remember press mentions featuring company logos more than press mentions featuring quotes. 12) Amazon. 18 ) Facebook. Score.).

Why Your B2B Marketing Needs More Video [And How to Add It]


Wanna do more with videos on Facebook? They did a study recently that found Facebook posts with videos get significantly more engagement than any other format. Even more interesting – they found that a mere 3.2% of Facebook posts are videos. Jon Loomer  is a first-rate Facebook advertising consultant who maximized this approach to the hilt. How’s your video marketing?

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How Content Marketing Works on Pinterest

Writing on the Web

study done by Shopify , shows the growth of this site is better than Facebook and Twitter at the same point in their history. Orders from Pinterest are double those of Facebook and the site is the leader in average dollar amount per order , over sites such as Google, Amazon and Bing. Pinterest is one show-stopping sharing site that has taken the Web world by storm.

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Microsoft buys LinkedIn: the largest martech acquisition in history?


Now, you might argue that this doesn’t make LinkedIn significantly different than Facebook or Google, who also offer their own variations of the above to marketers too (although LinkedIn unquestionably dominates in the context of professional social media). In vertical competition, Adobe competes with Facebook, and Google Search competes with Apple iPhones.

Digital Does Not Mean "Just Build a Website"


You can use Google Analytics to measure bounce rate if you are not doing so already. On this theme, Amazon found increased revenue of 1% for every 100 milliseconds improvement to their site speed. Facebook and Google capitalize on user impatience with their Instant Articles and Accelerated Mobile Pages products. Data support this. The mindset needs to shift. Media

Facebook’s Like Button adds Life to your Content

Buzz Marketing for Technology

At last count well over 100,000 websites integrate some form of Facebook’s social plugins (including my site!). They’ve integrated the new Like feature with every product on the site so at a quick view, you can see the number of “Facebookers” who Like the item and maybe even cast your own vote. Share this on Facebook. Could Facebook become a Lead Nurturing platform?

The Ultimate List of The Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins


” The plugins below provide various levels of functionality, customizability, price, popularity and other features. “This is a fully feature-rich plugin that is free of cost. “eShop (free) has most of the features that put it in direct competition with the top three plugins…Yet, it is completely free.” Unless you need special features that this plugin doesn’t include, it is possibly the best of the bunch. Jigoshop provides you with the features necessary to set up an eCommerce web site lickety-split. Lbak Google Checkout.

Why Marketing Needs to Fix the Customer Experience

B2B Marketing Unplugged

When we aren’t on the defensive, we can ask for ideas about making our products better and we can test messages and features and pricing. It’s far better to have people chatting happily about you on LinkedIn and Facebook than building online monuments to your terrible customer service.  It’s worth noting that I didn’t look very hard, so if you have something, I’d love to see it.

20+ Amazing Examples Of Content I Wish We Created

B2B Marketing Insider

Maersk on Facebook. Here’s Where Teens Are Going Instead of Facebook  ~ by By Forbes Contributor Parmy Olson. 19 Tweets That Will Make You Think Differently About Amazon’s Drones ~ Mashable. Want more, check out Slideshare’s , YouTube’s  Popular feature, the Flickr blog  and any other of your favorite sites for their popular content. Amazing! Right? And 1.8

Four Responsive Email Layouts

delicious b2bmarketing

Lastly, I want to quickly revisit an Amazon email I shared last time and take a closer look at how the layout responds. Features. New Twitter Mobile App Aims To Enhance Tweets & Events If The AFA Boycotts Google Over Gay Rights, Will It Remove Itself From Google? Million "Cookiegate" Fine Airlines & Telecom Companies Are Best At Facebook Page Customer Service.

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Social Consumers and the Science of Sharing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Fearless Competitor

Reviews at Amazon are dominated by a few.). If you’re buying a car, do you check  Facebook ? What about music — do you check Top 40 radio charts or scope out what your Facebook friends are  actually listening to on Spotify ? Depending on the decision, sometimes you turn to your social graph, and sometimes you turn to Google. The infographic below, featuring data from  M Booth  and  Beyond , analyzes the differences between high and low sharers and various purchasing decisions, helping brands to understand how should be targeting consumers. Find New Customers

Why Buy Buttons Won’t Help Your Social Media Strategy (At Least for Now)

Content Standard

Buy buttons are still relatively new: Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook all either launched or expanded their buy button programs in 2015. Given the amount of time people spend on social media sites—users spend 50 minutes every day on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger alone—buy buttons would seem like an ideal way to meet consumers where they’re at. Limited Appeal.

12 Internet Trends You Need To Know From Mary Meeker

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If you don’t know Kleiner Perkins, they’ve invested in some companies you may have heard of…like Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, LegalZoom and Groupon. Apple, Facebook, Google and Amazon take the top spots in market capitalization but China’s Baidu and Tencent and Yahoo! Summit. Globalization Continues. While U.S. Japan have all cracked the top 10.

Should You Outsource Your Social Media Efforts?

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Top Stories Photo & Video Galleries Top Lists Trending Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video More Topics. World Videos Featured: Facebook. “I have a young clientele that utilizes Facebook all day, every day,” says Yezak. ”When ”When updating between my Facebook, online store or e-mail list, Facebook is always first!”

10 Handy Backup Tools for Your New Mobile Device


The app costs $4.99 on Google Play. 5) Titanium Backup. Created by a developer called Genie9 for the Google Play store, G Cloud Backup backs up your files, folders, photos/videos, music, SMS messages, contacts, external SD cards, call logs, and more using Amazon''s S3 cloud storage locker, which is secured with 256-bit AES encryption. Data Backup For Apple Devices. 1) iCloud.

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Social Search at LinkedIn Beats Google - ReadWriteWeb

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Google. Facebook. Social Search at LinkedIn Beats Google. just found a more useful way to search than Google. Sort of.) It only works for a defined use case, but, in a search market that is 85% going on 90% Google-dominated, this can still be significant. The site that provides a better search experience than Google? LinkedIns 361% year-over-year growth handily beats Facebooks 56% growth in the same period, according to the latest stats from Nielsen: However many people have pointed out to me that my case is unusual. google. facebook.

The Nifty 50 Top Women of Twitter for 2011


Allison lives in the New York City area and works with the Marketing team at Google to explore the changing face of media, mobile and consumer behavior, drive new thinking internally, and communicate Google’s visionary concepts to wider audiences. Paul Pioneer Press as well as the Features/Travel editor for the newspaper. What is it? Jennifer Aaker. aaker. Diana Adams. Ambal.

Instagram Responds to Privacy Policy Backlash, and Other Marketing Stories of the Week


Instagram Updates Privacy Policy, Begins Sharing Data With Facebook, From Marketing Land. This week, Instagram updated its privacy policy, officially allowing Facebook to share information with Instagram, and vice versa. As a marketer, make sure you’re paying attention to Instagram’s new updates regarding advertising and its connection with Facebook. So Come All Ye Bloggers !

Content Personalization: How Much Is Too Much?


Google, Bing, and other search engines tailor results to reflect our social influences, our past interests, and even the devices we''re on. Facebook prioritizes newsfeed content based on our past engagement. We were excited about it and wanted to give it the featured spot on our homepage. Amazon is the paramount example when it comes to personalized content. We research.

How to Take Your Own Professional Headshot: A Budget-Friendly Guide


If you can't find a solid colored wall, you could purchase a backdrop online for relatively cheap, like one of these on Google Shopping. 3) Invest in additional lighting (if you're indoors). On his blog, Dan Shure suggests buying studio lights online in places like Amazon. It also has a few unique features, like its Highlight Tool that brings the blue hues up. good headshot.

Live Blog: Lotusphere 2012 Opening Session

Paul Gillin

IBM’s Jeff Schick introduces a demo of the new Lotus social business platform, which borrows liberally from Facebook, Hootsuite and The user interface is a Facebook/Google+-like internal social network. ” There’s also a cool, quick demo of a coming group video feature (technology provided via Polycom). Looks just like Google Hangouts.

Why Human Competition is the Least You Have to Fear

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

Let’s look at where technology is today: Google launched the driverless car. eBooks to Amazon. The short feature includes two renowned MIT professors who predict that robots will completely replace every job known to mankind by the beginning of the next century. By Mars Dorian, Contributing {grow} Columnist. This headline may seem like a hoax, but I assure you, it’s not. Noooo.

10 Ideas for Personalizing Your Content

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We recently published a stackie for the MarTech Conference that features a device specific design. Optimize Content Based on Referral If your user is coming from a social network such as Facebook, consider providing a different experience than users visiting from paid search or blog site. Both B2B and B2C marketers can leverage this feature when creating content for their users.

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‘Beyond the iPhone,’ And 6 Other Stories You Should Read


Bloomberg: Will Amazon Kill FedEx? enjoy going to the independent store a few blocks from my place and do it as much as I can, but Amazon is too attractive with its prices and shipping. Here’s a sneak preview: “‘It’s just one giant math exercise,” Deutsche Bank wrote, adding that Amazon has ‘hundreds of Ph.D. assume this experience is universal.