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The B2B Lead Generation-Demand Generation Book “Hall of Fame”


B2B lead generation and lead management is a complicated process that can’t be detailed all in one book. If you’ve toured the NuSpark Marketing website, it’s evident that proper funnel optimization and lead management approaches must focus on the specific micro elements of the funnel in order for the entire lead generation process to work seamlessly.

“If we just do _, everything will be fine”

Fearless Competitor

“We don’t have time to bring in a leads generation consultant. If it were that easy to crank up B2B lead generation, savvy companies like Eloqua , Kinaxis , Amazon and Zappos would be a dime a dozen. You need to craft stories and build solid processes, like comprehensive lead nurturing programs. Quality leads matter. They are not.

Q&A with Ardath Albee: Driving Smart Marketing with Digital Relevance

It's All About Revenue

The content writers are developing the narrative of the story, the demand gen folks are overseeing execution and interaction development, and the web team is implementing or publishing the pieces of the story—along with the mechanics of the connections and calls to action. AB: You emphasize the importance of personas as the “foundation for relevance in marketing” While many organizations do have personas, they sometimes have difficulty properly executing on them. we put them into our nurture program for that persona). Do you have it? Do you have it?

8 Personalization Trends That Are Reinventing the Buyer's Journey


This has given rise to demand generation. Unlike lead generation, which only aims to collect as many leads as possible, demand generation is concerned with creating valuable touchpoints with each buyer throughout their journey, and catering to their wants and needs over time. But we’ll get to that …. It’s become much harder to connect with buyers.