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Get These B2B Video Secrets – Before They Self-Destruct!


swear, they’ll even buy things on the Internet. But according to Forrester Research, adding a video to an email marketing campaign lifts click-through rates 200-300%. In a recent Amazon @deals promotion, one electronics manufacturer added a video to their previously text-only tweet, and unit sales of the promoted product shot up 297%. Buying is a journey, not an act.

What the 2015 Holiday Shopping Season Can Teach Us about the New Buyer’s Journey


The online onslaught led to outages and snafus for some retail websites, including Target, Neiman Marcus, and Amazon. Singles’ Day, which started in the 1990s with the fun intent to celebrate singlehood, has been embraced by Alibaba as a day to buy something nice for yourself. The Buyer’s Journey typically flows along what marketers also call the sales or marketing funnel.

The Yelpification of B2B Enterprise Tech: Why All Reviews Are Good Reviews

Modern B2B Marketing

Whether it’s Yelp for restaurants, TripAdvisor for hotels, or Amazon for knick-knacks, reading product reviews help me make better buying decisions. The funnel is dead, says May Petry, VP of Digital Marketing at HP, and social buying reigns instead. Business technology purchases are no less important. What is B2B Tech Yelpification? How Can Yelpification Help You?

AGILE SELLING: Jill Konrath and Shawn Naggiar Discuss New Book on Rapid Learning and Sales

Marketing Action

She is the bestselling author of Selling to Big Comp anies (one of Fortune’s “Must Reads” for sellers), and SNAP Selling, which jumped to number one on Amazon within a few hours of release. Until the salesperson has both parts of that context, the status quo and the buyer, the reason to buy the product or service doesn’t make sense. An Act-On Conversation. JILL :               Sure.