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Using Technology to Write about Technology


He’s in the process of raising funds and awareness for his fourth book, The Age of the Platform (Kickstarter link). This is the story of how he used technology to write about technology. I’ve been called many things in my life. In this post, I explain how writers can take control of their own destiny and circumvent traditional publishers. Patient is not one of them.

Starbucks: The Sleeping Giant in Mobile Payments

Manhattan Marketing Maven

Verizon fired the first shot in the battle for mobile payments by blocking Google Wallet from its new Galaxy Nexus smart phone. The initial posturing will focus on building exclusive audiences of users and by locking in payment functionality model-by-model and carrier by carrier. Similarly contenders will block out competitors in the race to reach a critical mass of mobile wallet/payments users. The contenders track record in each of these areas is a mixed bag. Getting mobile payments to market will be a 4-way fight.   Stay tuned.