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Defining Corporate Listening In the Online Age


Photo credit: Wikipedia. If you have been paying attention there is a pattern to my posts here at Biznology in the recent past. It’s quite simple. I am writing about listening in the corporate world. It’s not a new concept. Well, maybe it is.

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Why Your Memory Sucks: The Science of Remembering in the Internet Age


Ever found yourself in one of those Wikipedia black holes, where you go in looking up the name of a Russian prime minister and emerge, hours later, having read through the entire history of the Russian Revolution? Take a second and think about the three most important people in your life.

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Enterprise gamification is a spoon full of sugar


According to Wikipedia, “Gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts to engage users in solving problems and increase users’ contributions.” “Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.

How Important Is a B2B Brand?

B2B Ideas @ Work

According to Wikipedia, the word “brand” is derived from the old Norse word “brandr” meaning “to burn” referring to the practice of burning your mark onto a product. No marketing practice has stood the test of time like branding.

Editing: Is social media realtime or permanent?


Image via Wikipedia. Some kinds of social media (Wikipedia) couldn’t exist without editing while others (Twitter) do not even allow editing. As social media has (somewhat) matured, an interesting culture has grown up around the idea of editing social media content.

Will social media listening replace market research?


Image via Wikipedia. Advertising Age had an interesting story last week brought to my attention by a colleague, where a Procter & Gamble exec speculates that social media is already changing the world of market research.

Sign-Up Forms Can Be An Important Piece of Your Email Marketing Program

Vertical Response

According to Wikipedia , email marketing is a ‘direct channel used to market commercial messages to groups of people through email.’ ’ The key phrase says it all here: ‘Groups of People.’

5 Tools to Measure Digital Influence


English: Jack Dorsey and Barack Obama at Twitter Town Hall in July 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia). The age that we live in is dictated by multiple forms of digital communication. We are always connected to the world around us through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Why the economics of blogging are diminishing

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

I’ve once written that since 2014, style matters more than substance, because algorithm and wikipedia can give you all the information you need, but they have zero emotional pulling power. A wikipedia page gives you info, but I can make you feel something.

Social Buyerology: Listening to the Social Buyer

Tony Zambito

Image via Wikipedia.   The first article, Social Buyerology: Understanding Buyers in the Social Age reflected on the need for a new science of examining buyers in the social age.  Social Buyerology: Understanding Buyers in the Social Age (

7 of the Greatest Creative Collaborations of All Time


Source: Wikipedia. Source: Wikipedia. For a detailed breakdown on what made the advertisement so genius, we recommend you read Ad Age’s countdown of the top 100 campaigns of the 20 th century, where Think Small tops the list. Source: Ad Age.

The 24 Best Visual Content Creation Tools


Per the website, “From prominent historical figures to heroes of the modern age, our database of quotes is as comprehensive as diverse.” More than 90% of B2B marketers already use content marketing in some form, and spending on content marketing is projected to double by 2019.

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A Digital Marketer's Christmas Wish List


Ah, it’s that time of year again, Christmas—a time when children of all ages and dispositions take a moment to count their blessings and pencil out all the things they want from dear old Santa Claus. After all, according to Wikipedia , Branson’s nickname is “Old Beardie”—talk about a layup!

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Higher Education Faculty Continue to Use Social Media


Photo credit: Wikipedia. Age matters. Maybe that is not a surprise, but what did surprise is that middle-aged faculty complain about more barriers than those older or younger.

How to Find Accurate and Compelling Data


If you come across an interesting data set on Wikipedia or in a magazine article, track down the original data. friends don’t let friends cite Wikipedia. Therefore, as with the case of aged data, use discretion.

It’s not your house to pwn so remember your place


On reddit, on Wikipedia, on message boards , in emails, on reviews, and even on Facebook, Twitter , and Google+ , to the best of your ability.

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The Ascent of the Social Buyer

Tony Zambito

Image via Wikipedia.   As the constant motion of the social age evolves, offline and online buying activities are blending into a myriad of new buying behaviors that are yet to be defined clearly. 

Are Your Lead Generation Tactics Targeting The Wrong Buyer? 4 Steps You Can Take.

Tony Zambito

Target (Photo credit: Wikipedia). With the age old battle of sales feeling that they are getting bad leads. I am a big baseball fan and a one-time want to be pitcher.

Understand Your Target Market: 3 Steps to Creating Customer Personas

Vertical Response

According to Wikipedia , personas are defined as fictional characters created to represent the different user types that might use a site, brand, or product in a similar way. Demographic information (age, gender, household income, etc.).

The New Social Buyer Ecosystem

Tony Zambito

Image via Wikipedia.   This is also radically changing the concept of public relations in the social age. From a B2B market view, the new social buyer ecosystem continues to undergo a rapid evolution.    The pace in 2011 has noticeably quickened. 

The Future of Buyer Relationships

Tony Zambito

Image via Wikipedia. This decade, we are beginning to see the continuing impact of the advent of the digital and social age and the robust evolution of the new buyer experience economy. 

The Harsh Realities of SEO That No One Tells You


Your Domain Age Matters. Regardless of the degree to which it matters, there’s enough evidence to suggest that the age of your website domain does have an effect on how quickly it ranks. He says “not to worry that much” regarding the age of your domain.

The Ripple Effect of Blogging: Inbound Marketing is Not Enough to Exist


Often, inbound marketing, one of those new terms we have invented in the ‘social media age’, is defined as a combination of marketing strategies that focus on “being found” by people in the online space.

Highlights from SXSW 2016

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His latest company, Viv , is creating a global brain where we “teach it” like we would contribute to Wikipedia. More than half the people there were under the age of 15. If you have never been to SXSW before, it is truly impossible to describe how epic this event is.

Importance of Context to Understanding the New Social Buyer Persona

Tony Zambito

Image via Wikipedia. One of the major outcomes of the recent advances in the social age is the resurgence of contextually-based persona development and its’ role in helping to inform as well as shape strategy. 

Plan for the Social Buyer Before It’s Too Late

Tony Zambito

Image via Wikipedia. In today’s social age, organizations that will put themselves on an evolutionary path that puts them in alignment with their new social buyer persona will have the best chance of succeeding in the future.  To say things are changing is an understatement. 

Reinvent B2B Sales With Buyer Personas

Tony Zambito

Image via Wikipedia.   Understanding the archetypes of buyers and their relevant goals can provide the powerful insights B2B Sales needs to engage with buyers in this new social age

The Fixed vs. Growth Mindset – to Which Do You Believe?

Fearless Competitor

I believe that people at any age are capable of growth and development. Let’s look at what Wikipedia says about Relationships and Personal Change: Relationships. Do you believe that change is possible or do you believe that, no matter how hard one tries, change is impossible?

The Influence of the Social Buyer on B2B Business

Tony Zambito

Image via Wikipedia. Social Buyerology: Understanding Buyers in the Social Age ( In the B2B world, the emergence of the Social Buyer is causing organizations to search for better ways to reach its’ base of buyers. 

48 Phenomenal SEO Guides, Tips & Tactics


As Geddy Lee of Rush sang in the band’s 1981 hit Tom Sawyer , “changes aren’t permanent. But change is.” ” While he wasn’t referring to SEO (which wouldn’t really exist for another 16 years), the lyrics certainly apply. Image credit: Stone Temple Consulting.

Why Should You Bother Sharing Content on Twitter?


But like it or not, it''s the age of Google stalking. Think of all the times Twitter can make your life easier: When you have an industry questions and don''t have time for the Google or Wikipedia black hole. Are you shy on Twitter? Hesitant to tweet something "wrong"?

Get Into Your Buyer’s Psyche To Create Relevant Digital Marketing


Photo credit: Wikipedia. One of my current projects is to develop and market a product to college-educated women between the ages of 40 and 60. Tokyo, Guangzhou, and Seoul, per Wikipedia.

The Best Promotional Product Videos Ever (And Why They Make You Buy)


The company even has its own Wikipedia page dedicated to the series. has been named as the number one viral marketing campaign of all time [by Ad Age].". One of the wisest things I've ever read about product marketing came from the writer of a children's book. "If

A Shortish History of Online Video


MySpace, Wikipedia, YouTube, and a host of other collaborative sites led to Time Magazine publishing the controversial Person of the Year as simply “You” , representing the people who used these tools every day to redefine the web.

Listening Online Isn’t A Lost Art, You Must Find It


Photo credit: Wikipedia. If you are even a casual reader of my posts here at Biznology you will see that one of my hobbies is to observe what might called the “conventional wisdom” of the Internet space and then call b t on it if I think it’s a fair assessment.

Four Challenges Market Research Faces Today

Tony Zambito

Image via Wikipedia. The fourth challenge we can liken to the nomenclature of the "silent majoirty" in the digital age.  Market research today finds itself in somewhat of a quandary.

Why Every Social Media Team Needs Millennials AND Boomers


Photo credit: Wikipedia. Sloane argues that her generation has been “around long enough to see how life worked without it but had it thrown upon us at an age where the ways to make the best/correct use of it came most naturally to us.”.