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Video Tech Company Leverages SEM to Drive Enterprise Leads

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In 2015, JW Player piloted a small-scale, in-house SEM program on Google AdWords to gauge the potential efficacy of using search advertising to drive qualified leads for its enterprise video platform. JW Player contacted Spear Marketing Group , a leading B2B demand generation agency , for help. billion unique monthly views. Aggressive testing of ad copy.

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Expand your Offer Strategy to Increase SEM Performance

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Smart technology marketers look to capture buyers early on in the sales cycle, then engage them in a consistent nurture campaign to build credibility, trust, and to position their solution favorably for when the buyers are ready to engage with sales. It’s puzzling, therefore, why so many SEM campaigns in the high tech space focus exclusively on late-stage offers, namely trials and demos. One reason is a general (short-sighted, in my view) opinion of SEM as merely a tool to find prospects who are ready to buy. Actually, I know why it is.

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Drive More Revenue With AdWords: Everything B2B Marketers Need To Know


(Finally, a past-due update for our AdWords For Lead Gen guide -- everything you need to know about AdWords to successfully generate leads AND drive more revenue.). When it comes to marketing for B2B companies with a sales team, search engine marketing (SEM) is particularly important. If the term pipeline marketing is new to you, learn more here ).

Seven Common AdWords Mistakes to Avoid


That makes AdWords a critical component for any company seeking to dominate the first page of search results. Yet I often hear from prospective or new clients that they have used Google AdWords in the past and stopped because it “didn’t work” for their business. Here then are seven common mistakes to avoid when setting up and optimizing an AdWords campaign.

B2B Display Ads with Demographic Targeting: Why Doesn’t Google Do This?

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Madison Logic , a provider of “data powered lead solutions” based in New York, also announced a similar offering this fall with their Data Match Lead Retargeting service. Coming in quick succession, all these announcements represent a potentially dramatic shift in the use of display advertising as a demand generation tool for B2B advertisers. Technically, it should be possible.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Best Practices


Search engine marketing (SEM) can be a powerful lead generation source, or a complete waste of money. B2B marketers often get less from their SEM programs than possible by overlooking basic but critical steps. Here are some best practices to optimize your results from SEM campaigns: 1. Cool” leads (e.g., Higher goals require a larger budget. Write your ads.

How PeopleHR Went From Lead Overload to Record-Setting Revenue

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In fact, they have over 1,000 customers, ranging from small companies to big organizations, But rapid expansion has caused their sales and marketing teams to experience some significant challenges. Lead Overload. The marketing team at PeopleHR has rarely had a problem when it comes to generating inbound leads. Well, their cost per lead (CPL) was averaging around $60.

3 More Tips for Optimizing SEM Campaigns


The previous post on this topic advised search engine marketers to bid on their own company name and branded terms, keep keyword lists clean and cross-pollinate SEO and SEM efforts. Here are three more tips for optimizing results from SEM programs such as Google AdWords. Used properly, content networks can add significantly to paid search lead generation.

Best of 2008: SEM Landing Pages


Once you've optimized the list of keywords in your search engine marketing campaign, tweaked the bids and crafted stellar ad text to bring visitors to your site, landing page design is critical to converting those visitors into sales or leads. Here are a few of the best posts about SEM landing page design from last year.

102 Compelling Social Media and Online Marketing Stats and Facts for 2012 (and 2013)


What’s the key to generating more inbound marketing leads? 79% of marketers measure website traffic from social media, and 68% track engagement metrics on social networks, but just 26% measure the relationship of social media activity to leads and sales. companies have integrated social media with their customer service, sales, or product development processes.

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The Top 3 Priorities for 2010 Marketing Budgets

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About | Advertise | Submissions | Write for Us CrowdsourcedFRD Home Advertising Branding Design PR SEO-SEM Social Media Strategy More testchannel AdROCK eBooks Educational Facebook Guest Posts Twitter The Top 3 Priorities for 2010 Marketing Budgets November 2nd, 2009 | By guestblogger By Tom Pick | Online Marketing Executive | KC Associates With a lingering recession, the U.S. Keep up with the leading b2b bloggers by subscribing to the B2B Marketing Zone and regularly visiting this new site, Online visibility, lead generation and brand-building are all important.

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KEO Marketing Captures Top Honor for Search Engine Marketing in Business MARKETING Association 2015 B2 Awards

KEO Marketing

Full Service B2B marketing agency wins for dramatically increasing lead generation while decreasing cost per lead for global talent management solutions company. a leading full-service business-to-business (B2B) marketing agency, today announced that it won the top award in the category of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in the 2015 Business Marketing Association (BMA) B2 Awards. This prestigious award is especially gratifying because it demonstrates that we can target our client’s most desired leads while keeping costs in check. PHOENIX, Ariz.,


10 Examples of Facebook Ads That Actually Work (And Why)


Typically, ads are measured based on click-through rates , although advanced ad tracking can also allow you to measure ads by leads or sales. So before we look at some Facebook ads we think are effective, let's quickly examine best practices on AdWords, as it's been the standard for so many years, and then we'll compare and contrast against Facebook. Facebook ads. 1) Bing.

How Even YOU Can Master PPC Campaign Management [TEMPLATE]


But in the world of search engine marketing (SEM), using paid search (PPC) to rank on a search engine results page (SERP) for a given term comes pretty close. The problem is, many marketers suffer from poor PPC campaign management, which ends up costing them way more money than they need to spend and delivering underwhelming lead generation results. You use a template.

Digital Marketing Glossary, Part 1

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I read not long ago that a lot of folks confuse or conflate “lead generation” with “demand generation.” Just as we talk about the importance of sales and marketing agreeing on the terms they use for the processes they share, it’s important for marketers to agree on the meaning of the basic terms we use to talk about everyday marketing activities. Guilty as charged.


Best Social Media Stats, Facts and Marketing Research of 2010


However, that figure rises if you work for a company generating at least $10 million in annual revenue, or you’re in management (in which case it’s $109,000). and 30% said it was to get updates on upcoming sales. Social Media Facts & Figures for B2B Sales by Inside View. B2B Marketing: Red-Headed Step-Child of SEM World? Social Media Facts and Stats.

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Best Search Engine Marketing Tips of 2009, Part 1


What’s the real optimal cost per lead for your SEM program? Finding The Optimal Cost-Per-Lead by Search Engine Land. Patricia Hursh makes the case that the lowest cost per lead isn’t always best, as this pursuit can cause marketers to leave leads on the table, so to speak. The goal, as she states it, should be rather on “maximizing lead volume at an acceptable (profitable) cost/lead.&#. 5 ways to boost your lead conversion rate by iMedia Connection. How can you improve conversion rates? Share this on

The 5 Top Media for Cold Prospecting


Ruth is also author of Maximizing Lead Generation: The Complete Guide for B2B Marketers. Let me go out on a limb and propose the top five media for your lead generation toolkit. According to the Direct Marketing Association’s Power of Direct Marketing study, B-to-B marketers spent $14 billion in 2011 on telephone marketing for lead generation in the U.S.

6 Tactics For Overcoming The High Cost Of Clicks In B2B PPC

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Home Members Only News Features Columns SEM SEO PPC Social Media How To Google & Search First Time Here? In the last MarketingSherpa Search Marketing Benchmark Guide (2009), data indicated that the average CPC for B2B lead generation efforts was $3.33, vs. $0.78 for B2C lead generators. We do everything we can to minimize CPC levels (attack Quality Scores) and maximize conversion rates (Landing Pages & Offers), but in the end we are usually still faced with high costs per click that hamstring our efforts to generate significant numbers of leads.

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19 New Featured Sources on the B2B Marketing Zone


the BMZ) was officially launched a year ago as the first content aggregation hub for leading business-to-business bloggers. B2B Voices ( Trade Youtube Twitter Leads Sales ). Follow the Lead ( Gatekeeper Cold Calling Sales Social ). Inbound Marketing Automation Blog ( Inbound Marketing Marketing Automation Efficiency Measurement Sales Process ). Adwords.

The 8 Layers of a B2B Web Marketing Plan


Small companies and start-ups with modest budgets will focus most of their efforts on the inner layers or rings, which are primarily designed for lead generation. As the company and its marketing budget grow, efforts can be expanded to the outer layers, which are aimed more at branding but support lead generation efforts. Level 3. Level 4.

Best of 2009 (So Far): Search Engine Marketing


What's the real the optimal cost per lead for your SEM program? Finding The Optimal Cost-Per-Lead by Search Engine Land Patricia Hursh makes the case that the lowest cost per lead isn't always best, as this pursuit can cause marketers to leave leads on the table, so to speak. How can you improve conversion rates? Keep your search marketing program growing?


Best of 2008 (So Far) - Search Engine Marketing, Part 1


SEO and SEM Shortcuts, Spying and Stats to Dominate Google! by SiteProNews Writer Michael Small supplies some now-slightly-out-of-date but still useful statistics on usage of the leading search engines as well as advice on tools to help improve both SEO and search marketing results. This post walks readers through the conversion tracking process on AdWords, Yahoo!


Best of 2008: Strategy and Branding, Part 2


Resources for starting a new business, ideas for naming that business, mistakes to avoid, lead generation strategies to embrace, how to apply some of Warren Buffet's wisdom to online marketing efforts.find all of that and more here in this final collection of the best posts on strategy and branding from the past year. What's in A Name? Jivox, xy3).

B2B Marketing Fast Fixes


With that in mind, MarketingSherpa last week presented their Top 10 B-to-B Marketing FastFixes: How to Generate & Nurture More Qualified Leads. In addition, since those phrases resonate with your prospects, make sure to incorporate them in your copywriting and SEM programs as well. Speak Up Speaking engagements are an excellent source of high-quality leads.

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Interview with The Funnelholic

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In many ways, for that generation, Facebook is more important than Google. Steve: As marketers continue to refine their ways of measuring their success at the top of the funnel, will we see more standard CMO reporting on their successes (similar to the standard reporting that sales, finance, and operations usually does)? I think trade shows should come out of the sales budget.


Best of 2008: Social Media Optimization, Part 5


Turn your social media contacts into leads, and ultimately customers? How can you make a big splash in social media without a huge budget? Use Facebook fan pages to help with SEO? Attract lots of targeted Twitter followers in a short time? Take advantage of new tools to raise your own profile by commenting on existing content? How I attracted 8000 Twitter followers in 14 weeks!