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77 (of the) Best SEO Blog Posts and Articles of 2009


This is particularly so for those on Twitter, which is infested with scammers and spammers: “Buy my miracle internet marketing kit and get thousands of clicks overnight!&# Ugh. The posts and articles are divided into six categories: SEO Guides, Tips and Tactics; SEO Tools; SEO Link Building; SEO Keyword Research; SEO Keyword Tools; and Local Search Tips, Tactics and Tools. 25 Link Building Tactics to Improve Blog Search Engine Rankings by TopRank Online Marketing Blog. Xenu’s Link Sleuth – Find broken links on web sites.

48 Phenomenal SEO Guides, Tips & Tactics


What’s most important–on-page optimization, link building, or technical SEO? Among his 15 steps are title tags, on-page content (keywords used naturally, not stuffed), video, site audits, and otpimized photos (“use alt tags to help describe your image. Then you need to internally link effectively”) among other topics. But change is.”

4 Ideas to Generate Blog Topics

Writing on the Web

Part of your writing process should include keyword research , and nothing can help you accomplish this like Google SERP (search engine results page) analytical tools. Narrow down blog post ideas with Google AdWords Keyword Planner. He is specialized in link building and other SEO related activities. You can also find him on Twitter , Google+ and his personal blog.


31 Expert Guides to Maximizing Online Brand Visibility – WPO


Given all of the changes Google has made affecting organic ranking factors (asking webmasters to disavow low-quality links, reducing the value of guest blogging , ignoring links in press releases , etc.),  the practice of SEO—optimizing owned content for search—is no longer sufficient for maximizing a brand’s online visibility. email marketing. They’re doing a lot.

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24 Favorite Inbound Marketing & Digital Media Buying Tools That Don’t Include Google


As a digital marketing lead generation strategist and online media buyer, you just can’t have enough tools to help manage my clients’ online activities.  For this post, I decided to avoid Google properties, because obviously Google Adwords and Google Analytics would be at the top of the list. Open Site Explorer is a robust link tracker from MOZ, and it gives me insight on how many links my clients have, and how much authority those links have.  A sound SEO strategy includes achieving links from high quality sites. Twitter Ads. look it up.  Zerys.

17 Lead Generation- Demand Generation 2015 New Year’s Resolutions


Be helpful and compelling.   Continue to be helpful to prospects.  It’s not about quantity but quality of thought leadership.  Link Building becomes Relationship Building.  We will be enhancing our outreach with more influential bloggers and editors.  Sharing our own unique blogs can help connect our content with new audiences, and tell good stories that contribute to problem solving.  By building a robust guest blog outreach program, and being genuine, links will increase as will referral traffic. . Content Marketing. Get to it! .

The Top 10 Free Content Analytics Tools

Contently may be best known as a free link shortener, but its features do more than just save space. Once you’ve shortened links—and possibly even added a vanity URL shortener— gives you the tools to efficiently share those links and analyze their performances. reports how many clicks each link generated and when people clicked, down to the hour. Piwik.

Our Favorite Online Marketing Posts of 2013

KoMarketing Associates

This post would be extremely helpful in answering those questions as 40 industry professionals offer up brief “What is Content” descriptions. You can see more of the posts, articles, and information Ryan likes on Twitter , LinkedIn , and read his blog posts here. Five Strategy Changes To Help You Cope with Google’s Ad Rank Change – Kevin Lee, ClickZ.

4 Content Strategies for B2B Corporate Blogging

delicious b2bmarketing

Besides Google Adwords and Bing, what other major PPC sevices are. I am doing PPC for a franchised company with several locations. E. Here are four ideas and supporting examples for B2B corporate blog writing, designed to target specific audiences, help achieve Internet marketing goals, and build links for search engine optimization campaigns. Newsletter problems?

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KoMarketing Year in Review: Our Top Posts from 2014

KoMarketing Associates

Kudus to Catalyst B2B and Cre8d Design in helping achieve this important milestone. ValueTrack Parameters For Better AdWords Campaign Data – Joe Vivolo offers a list of important ValueTrack parameters that all B2B advertisers should consider using in their PPC campaigns, and why they are important. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile With These 10 Key Elements – My post outlining ten key elements that every LinkedIn member should consider, whether you’re using LinkedIn for B2B link building, professional networking, or looking for your next job opportunity.

26 Content Marketing Tools to Use in 2013 | OMI Blog

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Here are 26 of my favorite content marketing tools that can help you with everything from generating ideas down to distributing your content: Content Ideas. TrendSpottr – TrendSpottr helps users discover the most timely and relevant information about any topic from across the real-time Web. Listly helps you curate items into lists you can then embed into a blog post.

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Google unmasks the anonymous with Google Authorship


It all comes down to revenue generation: AdWords, ad networks, and back-office partnerships and deals with other ad networks and revenue-generating schemes. And, in their growth, they’ve also influenced and effected “proper” and “legitimate” content through text-link advertising and through SEO strategies that very effectively hook in to this giant SEO-optimized flotilla for quite a few very profitable SEO benefits (that can make or break a publication, store, nonprofit, or brand). ANONYMOUS (Photo credit: Andrewww26). Google’s conflicted.

5 Steps for Crafting an Effective B2B SEO Blogging Strategy

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Besides Google Adwords and Bing, what other major PPC sevices are. I am doing PPC for a franchised company with several locations. E. Consider what is taking the place of the blog: social sites like Facebook and Twitter. Here are five organizational methods that help B2B companies achieve success with their blogging strategies. 1. Objectives differ. Industry thought leadership.

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8 Ready-Made Job Descriptions to Recruit an All-Star Marketing Team


Are you ready to build your dream team of inbound marketers? According to the 2012 State of Inbound Marketing , 43% of B2B companies and 77% of B2C companies have acquired a customer Facebook, and 40% of B2B companies and 55% of B2C companies have acquired a customer through Twitter. I f you aren't one of those businesses, it's time to ramp up your social media efforts. Definitely!

A Lead Generation Plan Begins With Content Marketing Strategy


NuSpark Marketing is proud to offer you this scope-of-work proposal.  We aim to be true partners with you, as we take pride on our commitment to build your business.  Your blog should have a unique point of view, address your audience’s problems, answer their questions, and reflect what you stand for.  We’ll help you generate ideas, structure your posts, organize them for readability, and make sure the posts make it easy for users to comment and call to action. Right now you’re using Twitter and LinkedIn to broadcast your messages rather than engagement. Link Building

A Lead Generation Plan Begins With Content Marketing Strategy


NuSpark Marketing is proud to offer you this scope-of-work proposal.  We aim to be true partners with you, as we take pride on our commitment to build your business.  Your blog should have a unique point of view, address your audience’s problems, answer their questions, and reflect what you stand for.  We’ll help you generate ideas, structure your posts, organize them for readability, and make sure the posts make it easy for users to comment and call to action. Right now you’re using Twitter and LinkedIn to broadcast your messages rather than engagement. Link Building

73 Experts Reveal B2B Marketing Trends to Leverage in 2017


You can use the links below to jump straight to your favorite expert, or just dive straight in! link] | link] | link] | link] | For help, see What Makes People Share Content? link] |

Top 10 B2B Inbound Marketing Predictions for 2015

KEO Marketing

There are many new opportunities on the horizon, and a wealth of sophisticated tools and resources to help marketers capitalize on those opportunities. To help with your planning and strategy brainstorming, we wanted to share our top inbound marketing predictions for the upcoming year. 1. Emphasis on Engaging Content—and How Personas Can Help. Now, it is just the opposite.

Creating Killer Content with Data: Pubcon Austin 2016

KoMarketing Associates

Yes, having more content can help you be successful, but it has to be the right content. After all, if a page is generating traffic because it’s being linked from other sites, you can determine the types of pieces to create to drive more links. Linked Pages  . talk about it in presentations, in blog posts, on Twitter, etc., Why do I love this topic? Let’s be real.

The Evolution of Content Marketing – An SEO View: The US Edition (Part 2)

Modern B2B Marketing

Follow him on Twitter. Nick Eubanks: Nick has been helping companies with their digital marketing since 2004. Follow him on Twitter. Previously, Paul was the first employee at, helping grow the company through its IPO. Paul also helped build products and grow revenue at BMC, Tonic, Alterpoint, Wavebender, and Pluck. Follow him on Twitter.

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40 Essential SEO Terms Marketers Should Know [Glossary]


This is a list of the 40 most essential search engine optimization (SEO) terms to help marketers communicate with developers and understand how to optimize their websites. This ensures that people who have linked to or bookmarked the old address will automatically get to the new one, and search engines can update their index. A. Anchor Text - The actual text of a link to a web page.

8 Insanely Simple Tips for Marketing your Blog and Increasing Subscribers

WindMill Networking

Use keyword tools ( Google AdWords Keyword Tool is often recommended but I often simply use Google Suggest ) to research niche key phrases and check out the competition. Don’t make your visitors think Keep it clean and simple, and include a sitemap and friendly help pages to guide visitors around your blog. Don’t spam or post links on other people’s blogs.

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Google Introduces +1 Button for Websites


A couple of months ago, we reported on the launch of Google's +1 button for Google search engine results and AdWords ads. Google offers helpful instructions and a code generator to enable site owners to add the new +1 Buttons to their websites. The power of social sharing is phenomenal, and Google's new addition helps marketers to more easily and effectively harness that power.

Best of 2009 (So Far): Blogging for Business, Part 2


Build links and traffic? How to Build Your Blog Using Good Old-Fashioned E-mail by Copyblogger Dean Rieck details several methods for utilizing email to promote your blog posts, as well as helpful techniques for encouraging email subscriptions and properly managing your blog email list. How can you keep generating fresh ideas for blog posts?

Inbound Marketing & Marketing Automation


But Inbound Marketing focuses primarily on organic search, not pay-per-click (like AdWords). I’ve personally often used Google AdWords to drive traffic to websites: it’s instantanious and you can fine-tune campaigns to target a specific audience. SEO has not exactly been a science: you have to optimize your site’s structure and content, and you ask other sites to link to you. It also includes Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), But that doesn’t help with getting more visitors to your site. But it can quickly get expensive. 

7 Ways NOT to Select an SEO Consultant


The importance of search engine optimization—helping websites stand out in an increasingly cluttered online world amid rapid growth in global search volume —combined with the fact that search is one of the few growing areas in an otherwise brutal economy has led to an influx of new providers in the space. Number of Twitter followers. Nothing wrong with that, competition is good!

Best of 2008: Social Media Optimization, Part 5


Use Facebook fan pages to help with SEO? Attract lots of targeted Twitter followers in a short time? How I attracted 8000 Twitter followers in 14 weeks! Instead, he offers a positive philosophy and thoughtful approach to attracting worthwhile, like-minded Twitter "associates" (like many Twitters, Jim finds the term "followers" a little creepy). Social Tagging

How NOT to pitch a blog | Online Marketing Blog

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If you are interested in my offer; please contact me via ——— help page. The crew at SEOmoz actually covered our pitch strategy in post: [link] If you read the thread, there are details on how we did the blogger outreach campaign. receive dozens of scripted link requests daily all promising the tremendous benefits achieved from reciprocal linking despite the abundance of information available today touting the dangers of excessive linking from Google’s point of view. The gratuitous link drops in the comment are a bit over the top though.

Best of 2008: Social Media Optimization, Part 3


How can you optimize your use of social networking tools like Twitter and LinkedIn? List of Social Media Marketing Examples by Being Peter Kim In this truly amazing resource, Peter Kim lists and links to examples of how more than 300 brands are using social media, from Abbott Labs on Facebook to Zappos on Twitter. How can you make more efficient use of social media?

The 3-Pronged Approach to Keyword Research for Global Marketers


Follow Christian ( @l24ca ) and Lingo24 ( @Lingo24 ) on Twitter. To help overcome both cultural and linguistic differences, consider drafting keywords with the help of native speakers from your target country. Download this free eBook for tutorials on keyword research, on-page SEO, link-building, and tips for ongoing SEO improvement! Keyword research is tough.

Best of 2008: Cool Web Tools, Part 2


Helpful Firefox plugins and SEO analytics tools. Unlike Google Analytics (the application it's most likely to be compared to), Clicky provides real-time stats, Twitter analytics, separate mobile visitor tracking, visitor details , WordPress integration and more. A low-cost web analytics package with features that can't be matched by that free one everybody uses.

Best of 2009 (So Far): SEO Guidance, Part 3


How can you help SEO clients, whether internal or external, understand what SEO (and isn't) and set proper expectations for an SEO project? Eric Enge notes that "social media will be a major source of ranking signals for the search engines in the future," both due to its link-building potential and the emergence of real-time search. Among his conclusions: more content helps.

Best of 2008: Social Media Optimization, Part 2


In another helpful guest post on the topic of business video, Kate Morris offers tactics for "produce quality videos that spread," such as producing content that is relevant to your product or service and using a broad variety of media (not just online) to promote your content. How should you measure the impact of social media? How can you create effective online video content on a budget?

Best of 2008: Interactive PR, Part 2


How do PR, SEO and social media work together to build name recognition and credibility for a company? Included on his list are Twitter, Peter Shankman's Help a Reporter Out (HARO), and online social media release service PitchEngine. PR Firms: Spend your Money on SEO by Orange Soda A helpful, if perhaps somewhat controversial, post about what's dead in PR (e.g.,


Top 37 B2B Marketing Posts and Hot Topics August 2010

B2B Marketing Zone Posts

Socialize Gmail with Rapportive - Sazbean , August 5, 2010 Rapportive is a free-plugin for Firefix, Safari, Mailplane or Chrome which shows you information about a contact — their job, company and LinkedIn profile, their latest tweets, links to their Facebook and Skype accounts and more. If you have any other interesting stats, please add them in the comments and include the source with link. Here are five ways to approach B2B Twitter engagement: 1. Nine months after the creation of the service in March 2006, Twitter only had a few thousand users. Link Building (13).

62 Experts Share Their #1 Actionable SEO Technique


With all of this in place, it will make it much easier and more effective when trying to build backlinks and references back to the site. He has made millions online, and he blogs about how you can do the same at [link]. Build a relationship with them, and leverage this relationship to get content published on their blog and pushed out on their email list and social media channels.