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    [Adwords] Is Google+ a good bet for your business?
    When Google+ was launched some people had the opinion that it will destroy Facebook in a short time period. Within the first weeks which have been running under invitation only to get an Google+ account, Google+ as been able to register more than ten million users. But this has not happen. That’s for sure! Go to Google and register a G+. 2.
    [Adwords] New Features in Google AdWords: Bid Management, Offline Conversion Import, Powerful Reporting
    Google recently made their official announcement of long-anticipated new features within the AdWords platform. Google’s Google’s “Step Inside AdWords” had paid search marketers buzzing for weeks over what the changes would bring. Tracking Mobile Click-to-Calls in AdWords. You can now track these calls as clicks in AdWords.
    [Adwords] Social Media is Like Riding a Bike
    Slider Social Media Marketing Google AdWords Hootsuite MailChimp Microsoft Motorcycle Motorcycle safety Motorcycle Safety Foundation MSF Northern Virginia Community College Portland socialoomph In only two years, I have owned two bikes, a very cool 650cc dirt bike and a very capable tourer. Oh, and purple. Take A Safety Course. No armor.
    [Adwords] Top 10 Demand Generation Resolutions for 2014
    It’s a new year, so what better time to get your demand generation strategy “in shape” for improved performance? Here are my candidates for 10 strategies that offer real potential for low risk/high reward: 1. Improve campaign measurement. Test more. How else do you know what worked and what didn’t? This year, test something in every campaign.
    [Adwords] Benchmark AdWords Campaigns Against PPC Best Practices with WordStream’s New Free Tool
    WordStream’s new AdWords Performance Grader helps marketers evaluate how their AdWords campaigns are performing and identify where to make improvements. WordStream’s AdWords Performance Grader is available to use free at: [link]. The Grader examines key campaign features including: Effective use of negative keywords.
    [Adwords] 19 Reasons to Use Google Analytics for Your Business
    AdWords Integration If your company advertises through Google AdWords, Google Analytics will provide you with data according to keyword, group or campaign. Other useful features and metrics, such as search keywords, top landing pages and AdWords overview, must be accessed manually. Let’s get down to business! 1.
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    [Adwords] Introducing Google ‘Location Groups’ in AdWords
    The post Introducing Google ‘Location Groups’ in AdWords appeared first on Fathom. Online Advertising / SEM / Display AdWords Google Location Groups ppc SEM Companies try to either focus on being a low-cost leader (i.e. Wal-Mart) or on differentiation (i.e. Ferrari) to gain a competitive advantage. Here are some examples (i.e.
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    [Adwords] The Secret Trick to Generating Better AdWords Leads
    In a recent study, most marketers admitted that they are not entirely satisifed with Adwords leads. They do Adwords because they are obsessed with the traffic. They do Adwords because you''re simply supposed to do Adwords. In a previous blog post we discussed how to figure out when/if you should stop Adwords.
    [Adwords] How to Take Advantage from Mobile Marketing & Location Based Marketing
    Is mobile marketing recently a part of your inbound marketing strategy? More and more people worldwide use mobile devices daily to access the web, to shop and to network on social media sites. Social sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have apps out there to make it dump easy to communicate and update the network from the run. In March, 27.3%
    [Adwords] Social PPC: 17 Tips for Successful Ads on Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook
    It seems only yesterday that “PPC advertising” was synonymous with Google AdWords. Almost all ad-serving platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Google AdWords) run their auctions based on estimated yield to their network, not simply on bid level. Its top 25 US-based search advertisers alone spent more than $1.3 Billion with Google in 2013.
    [Adwords] Are You Making These PPC Mistakes? 10+ Bizible PPC Fails… And How We Fixed Them
    We realized that we were using the same targeting for our Bizible brand campaign for both search and display through AdWords. In our AdWords retargeting campaign, we have ad groups set up for specific audiences as well as an always-on broader ad group for our general audience (all site visitors). adwords ppc paid media semRight?
    [Adwords] Playing the online reputation shell game
    Reputation Management abraham chris abraham lincoln Brent Franson Google Google AdWords mtv video music award polly wood Search engine optimization Two brilliant strategies, one of which is taken from magic, the other taken from the Internet. My name is Chris Abraham. Secondly, misspellings. Also, Abraham Chris. Really mix it up.
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    [Adwords] How Much Do Hospitals Spend on Google AdWords?
    health systems and hospitals that conducted Google AdWords advertising with Fathom in 2014. The post How Much Do Hospitals Spend on Google AdWords? As a follow-up from my previous post “ How Much Should Health Systems Spend on Search Advertising ? All data points in this report are from U.S. What’s included?
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    [Adwords] Craft a Compelling Offer for Paid Search Marketing
    But when it comes to search engine advertising, like Google AdWords, you need to think about your offer and call to action a bit differently.  Paid Search AdWords Google Google AdWords offer development Search Engine MarketingImage via CrunchBase. This is not news to Internet marketers.  Free trial. Free gift with purchase.
    [Adwords] The Complete Display Ads Overview For B2B Marketers
    At the most basic level are marketers who use only Google AdWords to measure performance. AdWords alone is sufficient for marketers who only want to know whether their ads are being seen and if they are generating clicks and form fill outs. AdWords Only Tactic. The dual-tool approach uses marketing automation and AdWords.
    [Adwords] SHOCKING: How to Destroy your Business Reputation? BUY leads!
    Today as I went through LinkedIn a group got my attention. It was the group about Online Lead Generation which I am a member of and where I contribute if there is a topic where I can help? But today I went through the posts and I thought OMG, they are talking about buying leads. The word “Business Suicide” went through my brain. Disussion Update.
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    [Adwords] Google has carnal knowledge of social
    Search Engine Optimization Search Marketing Social Media Marketing Web Metrics AdWords Application programming interface best practice Color scheme Column Cross-site request forgery Google Google Analytics RSS Uniform Resource LocatorTwitter and Google have made amends. In the past, this was not the case. This is no longer the case.
    [Adwords] Ego Bidding: Why Paying for #1 Position on Google Costs You More Than You Think
    B2B Marketing Google AdWords Search Engines search marketing SEM SEO Uncategorized paid search search engine marketing sem best practicesIn the process of managing search marketing campaigns for clients, we occasionally run into situations where client management is dictating that their company “own” certain key search terms on Google.
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    [Adwords] Broad Match is Not Your Friend: Using Match Types to Get More from Your PPC Campaign
    Selective and proactive use of match types (broad, phrase, exact) is a key technique in optimizing the performance of Google AdWords™ campaigns. Adapted from the white paper, “Top 10 B2B Paid Search Mistakes – Why Your Google AdWords Campaign Isn’t Working & What to Do About It”. This is referred to as phrase match.
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    [Adwords] 6 Facebook Page Business Advantages to support your social media marketing strategies
    Facebook has surpassed Google with search requests and is now the most trafficked site on the web. With its 700+ million users, Facebook is reaching a worldwide audience. study conducted with 180 businesses discovered that 67% of the B2C and 41% of the B2B companies have been able to win new customers through Facebook. Facebook.
    [Adwords] How to Launch a Google AdWords Campaign the RIGHT Way
    But let’s be honest here – Google AdWords can be a little intimidating when you’re just starting out. Once you've compiled your keyword list, you’re ready to create your AdWords account. The structure of your account in Google AdWords is critical to the efficiency and success of your paid search campaign.
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    [Adwords] Hotel Industry increase revenue the smart way. Participate in Social Media!
    The use of social media for business is a great way to get seen from your target audience. The most important part before engaging in social media marketing on social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn is to know where the target audience is, what about they communicate, which challenges they have and what they expect from your industry!
    [Adwords] The Social Media Monitoring Metric We Need, But Can’t Get
    When a company places a search ad through Google AdWords or another search engine, it wants the audience to take a specific action, normally to convert to either a sale or a lead. Social media monitoring tools continue to proliferate in number and advance in functionality. But there’s one critical metric that remains elusive to measure.
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    [Adwords] Social Media Recruiting for Businesses Made Easy!
    As social media popularity is growing, the business opportunities for companies grow also. Social media has become a powerful communication channel for businesses to gain attraction, to educate their target audience, to offer support and service or simply to stay in touch with recent and future customers worldwide. But not about them self!
    [Adwords] Finding Keywords for Social Media Content & Monitoring
    Also run them (and your list of other sites) through Google AdWords Keyword Tool (which you can use without an AdWords account) to find possible keywords (their suggestions can be very useful). Keywords are how search engines provide results and keywords are how we find what we’re looking for. photo by Bruce ).
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    [Adwords] 6 Smart ways for local inbound marketing for restaurants
    Local directory listings, GOOGLE’s: shopping, places, recipes and Google AdWords. Restaurants are mostly dependent on local clients. As any other business it is important for them to get found and to get visited in the second step. How can local internet marketing help to increase customers and revenue for restaurant? Video. Coupons.
    [Adwords] 5 Simple PPC Landing Page Changes that May Improve Your Quality Score
    You can determine whether or not a particular landing page needs help by going to the Keywords tab in your AdWords campaign and placing the cursor over the speech bubble next to the status of any keyword. As most PPC advertisers already know, Google’s Quality Score measures what Google perceives to be the quality of your keyword ads.
    [Adwords] 3 Ways how to use Online Video for Business Lead Generation
    The average internet user is watching 30 minutes of video online daily! These people mostly lookout for entertainment. This opens wide opportunities for your business to get your products and services in front of potential future buyers when they are looking. Videos made as product pitches are not a good bet to attract interested people.
    [Adwords] (not provided): Google Locks Up 100% Keyword Data
    Obviously keyword data is a huge KPI for many companies and now the only way to get it is with Google Adwords, so some people have put two and two together. With the flip of a switch, Google has taken away all (free) keyword data, except for clicks on ads. Hard to say that we didn’t see it coming. Why did they do this? Privacy.
    [Adwords] Google’s Enhanced Search Campaigns: What You Need to Know
    Designed to integrate mobile campaigns into AdWords more completely, the change has been met with a number of questions and concerns. The It’s fantastic that AdWords now recognizes this fact. Internet Marketing Paid Search Google Google AdWords paid search paid search advertising paid search marketingThat much is clear.
    [Adwords] Ten tips for a successful landing page
    Blog content optimisation digital content Facebook advertising Google Adwords landing pages mobile UX PPCLanding pages are a vital part of the customer journey – but their importance is often overlooked. Follow our tips to master the mechanics of the landing page and drive your customers towards conversion.
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    [Adwords] Health Systems’ New Best Friend: Google AdWords Review Extensions
    Introducing… Google AdWords Review Extensions ! Google AdWords Review Extensions are pretty phenomenal; it’s basically being able to put an extra value proposition or differentiator within your ad copy, but it does not count against the character restrictions of a standard ad. Healthcare AdWords review ad extensions
    [Adwords] Is your health care institution prepared to communicate in social media?
    A study done by National Research, a health care research firm discovered that 96% of their respondents use Facebook, 28% of their respondents use YouTube and 22% of their respondents use Twitter to research on information about health care. When people are looking for products and services on the web they go to Google first to do their research.
    [Adwords] How multi-unit brands can benefit from Facebook’s new local awareness tools
    Blog facebook Facebook advertising Google Adwords local advertising online advertising paid media social media Social media advertising social media agency social-media strategyFrom big improvements to local advertising to new demographic insights, here’s everything multi-unit brands need to know about Facebook’s new local awareness tools.
    [Adwords] 13 Tricks & Tips for Outstanding PPC Ad Copy
    However, in reality, ad copy performance is dependent on a Google AdWords algorithm and a few behavioral patterns of the searchers. Online Marketing Paid Search Search Engine Marketing ad copy Adwords copywriting creative PPC SEM StrategySome search engine marketers view copywriting as an opportunity to be creative.
    [Adwords] Top 10 Marketing Blog Posts of 2013 (So Far)
    Google AdWords Tips for a Small Budget. Google’s online advertising program, Google AdWords , allows you to place an ad in front of customers searching for products/services you offer. You can create an Adwords account with as little as $5. And, we’re still goin’ strong! Read More. 9. Read More. 8. Let’s operate.
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    [Adwords] Listen up, Google: Here Are My Demands
    Online Advertising/SEM/Display Uncategorized AdWords ppc SEMAs most of you know by now, Google threw a huge curveball at the PPC community a few weeks ago by announcing Google Enhanced Campaigns; and I’m not happy about it.
    [Adwords] RIP Google Keyword Tool – What to Use Instead
    If you still want access to Google’s keyword data, you have the option to sign up for an Adwords account to use the new  Google Adwords Keyword Planner. Google No need pop the bubbly for this retirement: Yet another beloved Google Tool has been axed in its prime, (anyone remember Google Reader ?). All rights reserved.
    [Adwords] Use other’s B2B marketing landing page wins to boost yours.
    B2B Marketing Best Practices B2B Marketing Messaging Adwords B2B Email Marketing best practices Landing Pages pay per click PPC TestingMany B2B marketers, however, don’t have a large enough universe of prospective customers to conduct [.].
    [Adwords] 6 Tips to Creating an Ideal Landing Page
    Design Non-Profit Marketing SEO/SEM Small Business Marketing a/b split test adwords landing page landing pages search engine marketing SEM Having a well-designed landing page will go a long way when it comes to bringing in conversions. Follow these tips and best practices the create the ideal landing page for your business.
    [Adwords] 5 Ways to Use Paid Search & SEO Together
    Use your Adwords tools to determine if the traffic volume is worth the cost. SEO/SEM adwords google organic paid search PPC search engine marketing SEM SEO serp Paid search and SEO work in different ways to get visitors to your website. Paid search can yield almost immediate results, but can be expensive. Keyword Research/Expansion.
    [Adwords] 4 Powerful Reasons to Start Your Corporate Blog
    The Technorati Study: “ State of the Blogosphere 2010 &# shows Corporate blogs have become a powerful business marketing tool for companies. Companies like IBM use blogging to get seen online. Every person there who wants to write a blog gets the chance to write about the things they are interested in, not only about IBM related products.
    [Adwords] 10 Great Ways How to Reach Global B2B Customers with LinkedIn
    LinkedIn has about 100 million users from all over the world and the majority of 56% comes from outside the US. As the biggest business related social network, LinkedIn offers large opportunities for B2B to get in touch with future and to stay in touch with recent business partners. To list all of them would lead to far. Twitter stream. Overview.
    [Adwords] Use Mobile Ads to Bring Customers to Your Door
    While there are many different options to advertise online, Google Adwords is probably one of the most cost efficient advertising platforms. Here, we’ll provide some tips to help you effectively advertise to mobile users using Google Adwords: Get Mobile-Friendly. Google Adwords Extensions. Location Targeting.
    [Adwords] Improving Your MSN adCenter Campaigns
    MSN adCenter is the second most popular paid search platform, obviously behind Google AdWords. Paid Search adcenter Adwords Bing google PPC SEM yahooUnfortunately, because Google is so popular many search advertisers put their adCenter campaigns on the “back burner” and never give them much attention. With a little [.].
    [Adwords] Social Media Marketing Daily Tasks or How to eat an Elephant?
    Most people who are interested to market their business on the web and especially in social media become overwhelmed of the necessary tasks which need to be done to achieve any serious results. They feel that they need to handle an avalanche of information and requirements to get the necessary steps done. And I fully agree with this. Be creative.
    [Adwords] Social Media is Like Riding a Bike
    Slider Social Media Marketing Google AdWords Hootsuite MailChimp Motorcycle Motorcycle safety Motorcycle Safety Foundation MSF Northern Virginia Community College Portland socialoomph In only two years, I have owned two bikes, a very cool 650cc dirt bike and a very capable tourer. Oh, and purple. Take A Safety Course. doubted their process.
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    [Adwords] Google+ abilities of real time marketing and lead generation
    Google+ launched on June 28, 2011 and had about ten million users 2 weeks later! Google+ integrates social services such as Google Profiles and Google Buzz. It will also be available as a desktop application and as a mobile application. And Google has failed in the past with its efforts to come up with some king of big thing in social media.
    [Adwords] New Tool Helps SEO, SEM Consultants Pinpoint Local Clients
    SEMRush Geo displays Google AdWords advertisers on a Google Maps background, enabling users to identify the businesses within any geographic area who are running AdWords campaigns. For companies using AdWords, it may seem almost a bit creepy that there is this level of detail about their SEM activities available publicly.
    [Adwords] 47 Percent of your competitors are not using Social Media for business
    Hiscox surveyed US small business leaders and found out that 47% do not use social media for business. Furthermore 24% of the surveyed stated they do it when they have the time and about 14% indicated they don’t know enough about it. Maybe they do communication through telepathy or any other exciting media. I am just kidding, let’s get serious now.
    [Adwords] SEO Basics + a Checklist for Content Marketers
    Next, review Google AdWords for keyword volume. check Google AdWords traffic? AdWords SEO search engine optimization search marketing SEO tactics What are the SEO basics all content marketers should know? So much time, attention, and detail goes into creating content of substantial quality. Do it often and consistently. Period.
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    [Adwords] Top Ways to Combat Rising CPC from Google Enhanced Campaigns
    Early results are in from the Google AdWords Enhanced Campaign migration; Google’s revenue was up 18% year-on-year and soon we expect a hefty increase in advertisers’ cost-per-click (CPC) due to Google Enhanced Campaigns. Why’s this so important? Increased CPCs = Increased Costs = Lower Return on Ad Spend.
    [Adwords] 63 Digital Advertising Terms Every Marketer Should Know
    AdWordsOld Spice’s Choose Your Own Adventure Game ad on Instagram. If you’ve explored digital advertising, you’re probably aware that getting started with it can be fairly overwhelming. To begin with, it’s full of specialized terms that may be new to you, which is why we created this digital advertising glossary. CarMax banner ad.
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    [Adwords] Google for the Assist: Search Funnels Data and Google AdWords
    Paid Advertising/SEM/Display AdWords Google Analytics ppc Search Engine Marketing
    [Adwords] How to Audit a PPC Account
    Take screenshots from the AdWords or Bing interface or Excel. Digital Advertising Digital Marketing AdWords Blogging content marketing data for ppc Google Online Marketing Paid Search ppc PPC agency search-engine marketingYou may be performing a pay-per-click (PPC) account audit on behalf of a prospect in hopes of winning the business.
    [Adwords] Overtake 33 Percent of your Competition by Measure your Marketing ROI
    If you are in B2B than this data could be very interesting for you! Do you measure your marketing ROI? If not yet you should do it as soon as possible. To measure the marketing ROI is easier than you think. What does this mean to your business when you are selling primarily to B2B? So you should start right away to improve your market position.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  MONDAY, MAY 21, 2012
    [Adwords] Should I stay away from highly competitive keywords?
    Paid Search AdWords Contextual advertising Google Keyword organic search small business Tools WebsiteImage via CrunchBase. If you’ve used Google’s Keyword Tool, you’ve probably seen the column called “Competitiveness”–low, medium, and high. The The low. they usually run about the same. But consider this.
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    [Adwords] Facebook’s Online Education Center for Businesses
    Facebook has over 700 million users worldwide. It has become a powerful part of marketing and communication for major businesses and thousands of small and mi sized businesses as well. B2B and B2C companies profit from it reach and various marketing opportunities. Facebook has started Facebook for Business. Facebook for Business. Facebook Pages.
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    [Adwords] 3 Strategies to Run an Effective Google AdWords Campaign
    If your website is new to search engine optimization and you don’t know which keywords will draw higher conversion rates, you can quickly test the popularity of different keyword phrases using Google AdWords campaign and later specialize in more popular ones for organic search. Video: How to Get Off the Google AdWords PPC Crack.
    [Adwords] B2B PPC Optimization: Thought Leadership with Terry Whalen of CPC Search
    It’s relatively easy to measure revenue via Google AdWords using a ‘purchase’ conversion tag that passes through dynamic revenue variables to AdWords reporting. But for B2B, we are typically only measuring a lead submission via AdWords, and all leads are not created equal. How is B2B PPC campaign management different from B2C?
    [Adwords] 5 Steps to Set Up, Launch, and Manage an Online Display Campaign
    Similar to Google AdWords, DSPs allow the advertiser to set up ads, target specific audiences, report on results, and bid on inventory in real time. AdWords advertising setup campaign setup display campaign online advertising online display campaignWith all the choices that are available to marketers today, it’s easy to get confused.
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    [Adwords] Inbound marketing targeted low cost lead generation and where to start?
    When businesses become aware of inbound marketing strategy they don’t know where to start. The necessary tasks which need to be done to do an effective sales lead generation online sometimes look overwhelming for most of the business owners and company marketing professionals! But on the end there is no easy way with inbound marketing.
    [Adwords] How to reach 43 percent of all online consumers with your brand message
    Stats show 43 percent of all online consumers are in social media. Is your business there too? 78% of online consumers research online before they buy! They research preferred in blogs and their social networks. Can your future or existing customers find you in social media? Are they able to find you when they research on Google, Yahoo or Bing?
    [Adwords] The 5-point plan: how to increase marketing ROI from call conversions
    Google recently announced they are offering this service free for their AdWords users. Integrating call tracking with analytics software like Google Adwords tracking, Adobe SiteCatalyst , or DC Storm can further improve customer understanding and increase the conversion to the right kind of call. Guest post by Luke Rees. Conclusion.
    [Adwords] How Much Does Each New Customer Cost?
    Businesses love to dump money into Google AdWords campaigns, but then they ignore what the results are telling them. A lot of companies are spending more on a acquiring a new customer than that customer is giving them in return. How much does each new customer cost your business? Cost per Acquisition (CPA). Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).
    [Adwords] Getting the Most Out of Google Grants
    Google Grants , the nonprofit version of Google Adwords , is one of these free resources, and one of our favorites. First, let’s take a look at the Google Grant Adwords account restrictions:  $330 daily budget cap ($10k per month).  $2 max cost-per-click (CPC) bid. Only applies to Google Search. Text ads only. Want to learn more?
    [Adwords] Intro to Remarketing Lists for Search Ads
    According to the  Google Adwords Blog ,with RLSA, “you can modify your search ads, bids, and keywords based on visitors’ past activities on your website.” Back in July, Google released Remarketing List for Search Ads out of beta along with Enhanced Campaigns. Below are 3 ways that you can utilize RLSA Campaigns.
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    [Adwords] Inbound Marketing to gain the trust and respect of your buyer personas
    Trust and respect are important in real life and much more important in today’s anonymous times of internet and internet business. Trust and respect comes before the sale. When people trust and respect you they are more willing to listen what you have to say. Be helpful and try to assist where ever you can. Tweet this on Twitter! =.
    [Adwords] 6 Tipps how to Increase Website Traffic with a Corporate Blog to generate more business leads
    Every company tries to reap in the most out of the available set of resources. Businesses with a small budget have to consider different plans to attract more customers than expensive campaigns and celebrity endorsements. cost effective way to get attention of the target audience is corporate blog. Dataram Successfully Leverages Web Strategy.
    [Adwords] 5 Search Engine Marketing Tips to Compete with the Big Guys
    Also check out our blog post on Maximizing Google Adwords  and 5 AdWords Tips for a Small Budget for more ways to get the biggest bang for your buck. © 2014, VR Marketing Blog. We’ve gathered the 5 best search engine marketing tips to enable your small business to compete with the big guys. 1. Keyword Selection. Ad Extensions.
    [Adwords] 3 Crucial Questions to Ask Before You Advertise with Google
    B2B Internet Marketing Google AdWordsSearch engine marketing is the biggest category of Internet marketing spending for good reason: it’s effective, it’s measurable, and it has low out-of-pocket costs. But before you jump into a paid search program with Google, ask yourself these three crucial questions. Is search the right channel?
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    [Adwords] It’s National Doctors Day: Reward Your Physicians by Minimizing Negative Reviews & Generating More Patients!
    By using paid advertising through Google AdWords, we bid directly on a doctor’s name (and variations of the doctor’s name) to seal the number one position above any organic listings such as Healthcare Online Advertising / SEM / Display AdWords National Doctors Day ppc 25 per click! appeared first on Fathom.
    [Adwords] Why Every Industrial Marketing Plans Needs PPC
    B2B / Technology Manufacturing b2b ppc Bing Ads Google AdWords ppc PPC (that is, pay-per-click advertising) offers a number of unique advantages that no other type of marketing can, online or offline. Can your company afford to lose these 4 competitive advantages to competing manufacturers? #1. Only Pay for Performance. Does yours? #2.
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    [Adwords] Social Media puts your business at risk! Are you prepared?
    The marketing technology company Alterian found out that 80% of companies struggle to analyze their social media data. As social media marketing is estimated to increase in the next twelve months by up to 25% companies should have clear how the online – social media conversation can impact their brand. How about your business? What do you think?
    [Adwords] 3.5 billion Reasons for Content Marketing on Facebook for Lead Generation
    More than 3.5 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, videos, etc.) shared each week on Facebook. Facebook is accessible in 70 languages and has about 750 million users worldwide and there is actually 1,5+ million active business pages online. With its massive global reach Facebook has become some kind of a state by its own.
  • FATHOM  |  MONDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2015
    [Adwords] 10 Tips To Improve PPC Performance
    For experienced PPC marketers, creating a new account in AdWords, Bing, or Yahoo is an art form. Blog Feed Digital Advertising AdWords digital advertising internet marketing Online Marketing ppc search-engine marketingEven with fantastic results, continual tweaks are needed to maintain success. Digital PPC Tip #4 – Optimize Bids.
  • E-STORM  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 9, 2011
    [Adwords] Landing Page Optimization – Increasing Your Conversion Rates
    No matter how well optimized your campaign’s structure is in AdWords or adCenter, if you are sending traffic to a page that doesn’t get users to complete a desired action, then it will greatly inhibit the success of your [.]. Paid Search adcenter Adwords increase conversion rates landing page optimization PPC SEM
    [Adwords] B2B Leads in the Long Tail of Search
    Use AdWords (and SEM in general). Search engine marketing programs like AdWords enable marketers to identify which keywords actually drive conversions most effectively, and to always have their site appear on the first page of search results for those terms, regardless of variations in organic rank. 2. This makes sense.
  • INBLURBS  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 21, 2011
    [Adwords] Inbound Marketing, the science of showing respect to get more revenue in exchange
    When you want to grow your business you need to treat your audience with a certain level of respect. You need to show them that you care about them and not only about their cash they maybe could spent with your business. You can set alerts with Google Alerts and stay informed as soon your search terms are mentioned anywhere on the web.
    [Adwords] What Should You Know About Keywords – The Long and Short of It
    Building off of that in combination with other keyword tools like Google Adwords Keyword Tool and WordStream you should be able to come up with a good starting list. As a small biz you’ve probably dabbled a bit in trying to get your business found on search engines. Does that sound complicated or tricky? What are the benefits?
    [Adwords] Study shows adopt social media in internet marketing or fall behind
    A recent Jive Social Business Survey where 902 executives have been interviewed about their opinion of use of social media in internet marketing shows that social has made it from personnel to mission critical for business. The personal use growth has accompanied with the professional use. Important resources: Is social media worth the risk?
    [Adwords] Are Google Ad Extensions Right for Your Business?
    According to an interview with Surojit Chatterjee, Google’s Head of Global Mobile Search Ads, “AdWords advertisers have typically seen a 6-8% average increase in clickthrough rate after adding call extensions.” If you’re running paid search ads in Google, it’s imperative that you utilize Ad extensions. free trial page).
  • E-STORM  |  THURSDAY, JULY 28, 2011
    [Adwords] Making the Most Out of Mobile Search Marketing
    Mobile Paid Search SEM search engine marketing adwords mobile mobile marketing mobile searchWith all of the recent buzz about Google+, and the recent redesign of, one of the more underrated developments in the world of search is the considerable strides Google is making in terms of its mobile experience.
  • INBLURBS  |  MONDAY, JUNE 27, 2011
    [Adwords] How companies are using social media for marketing research
    How to do social media for marketing research? In fact this is the first part of a social media marketing strategy. First, it is important to learn more about your customer and the social media places they are hanging around and why they are there, what they are interested and what they are talking about. Tweet this on Twitter! =.
    [Adwords] The “Marketing” Guide for Higher Education Content Marketing
    Blog Feed Content Marketing Digital Advertising Higher Education AdWords Analytics Blogging content content marketing content strategy conversions Facebook Google Google Analytics higher education linkedin Marketing Online Marketing Paid Search ppc Search Engine Optimization search-engine marketing SEM seo seo content Social Media Twitter YouTube
  • FATHOM  |  MONDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2015
    [Adwords] The “Name that Tune” Approach to PPC Campaigns
    Analytics / Big Data Digital Advertising Digital Marketing Fathom Marketing Keyword Research adwords negative keywords ppcOver 30 years ago, there was a popular game show called “Name that Tune” which had a fairly simple premise. Contestants would compete to see who could name the title of a song by hearing as few notes as possible. Keyword.
    [Adwords] Inbound Marketing with or without marketing strategy to reach business leads goals
    A strategy is a great way to have some kind of roadmap which can guide you through the opportunities and pitfalls of internet marketing. To achieve your marketing and revenue goals you need to know which way to go and what exactly to do when you establish an internet marketing strategy. How to have a flexible strategy? But do not obsess about it.
    [Adwords] Use Google Automation Tools to Make Your PPC Ads More Efficient
    We’ll be exploring some of the different things you can do with these techniques and how they can help you maximize your time and profit with Google Adwords. In order to use this feature, you need to make sure you have enabled conversion tracking within Adwords. Worried about maintaining the top position? All rights reserved.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  MONDAY, APRIL 21, 2014
    [Adwords] The importance of knowing what competitors spend on SEM
    One of the most useful metrics our Search Monitor clients use when it’s time to dive into AdWords or AdCenter is competitive ad spend. Commerce Paid Search Search Marketing Web Metrics AdWords Big Data Google Search Engine Marketing Search Engines Somehow, it always seems to be analytics season in the world of search marketing.
    [Adwords] Small Business SEO Strategies
    What’s the biggest mistake that most small businesses make when it comes to SEO? Personally, I would suggest that a common problem is being unrealistic about what can be achieved. Does this mean that it’s not possible for a small business to gain considerable rewards from search engine optimization? Ignore massive corporations! That’s pretty ironic!
  • INBLURBS  |  FRIDAY, JULY 8, 2011
    [Adwords] Why to connect your corporate blog with social media
    Connecting your blogs with a platform where you could attain more exposure sounds extremely interesting for any type of business. Building and maintaining online blog helps you in staying current with the social trends. How to promote your brand in social media using a blog? Blogs helps in generating targeted web traffic for your business.
    [Adwords] How to set up a Successful Ad Campaign on LinkedIn
    Many B2B companies have leveraged the power of PPC ads on Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter. LinkedIn ads are very similar to those you create on AdWords or AdCenter, but with the added bonus of specific targeting options not found in the [.]. LinkedIn PPC
    [Adwords] Study shows: 20 of 100 of your customers are researching on Google
    More interesting is that 20 percent of searches on Google each day have NEVER been searched for before. So every day 20 percent of chances are completely new with new search terms which include products and services. What does this mean for your business? More and more people research online on search engines before they buy products and services.
    [Adwords] The sense and nonsense of Social Media Groups
    Groups can be a great place to get In touch with your audience. But which groups make sense and which are a simple waste of time? Most social networks offer groups where you can become a part of the conversation. But do you need to be a part of every conversation and every group? Seems not to be a vlauble source for anything. The more the better.
    [Adwords] How to Write a Winning Pay Per Click Ad
    It’s also a good idea to use  Auction Insights Report within the Google Adwords interface, as well as the Ad Preview Tool to see who your competitors are, as well as the different ad copy they’re running for each of your targeted keywords. In this post we highlight essentials for writing a winning pay per click (PPC) ad.
    [Adwords] How to Set Up Google AdWords Express in 4 Simple Steps
    As we discussed yesterday , Google recently released Google AdWords Express for local marketers. This program allows local businesses to set up an AdWords account in minutes, and start advertising to their target markets through Google local search. Four easy steps, and your PPC campaign will be live on AdWords Express in minutes.
    [Adwords] Learn from the ‘PEANUTS’ social media expansion approach for your business
    Today the Iconix Brand Group, have announced ‘PEANUTS’ launches major digital and social media expansion. They are expanding into mobile gaming, e-books, Facebook and digital apps worldwide. With his move the Iconix Brand Group want to reach his consumer market where they are around. So the brand message is spreading in a powerful way. Yes or no?
    [Adwords] Are you overlooking paid search optimization?
    Paid Search AdWords Conversion rate Google Keyword research KeywordsImage by Danard Vincente via Flickr. We all love to talk about social media. It's exciting and all breathtakingly new. And we even love talking about SEO because Google is always ginning up a change the algorithm that gives the chattering classes something to talk about.
  • INBLURBS  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2011
    [Adwords] Low cost lead generation with Inbound Marketing Strategy
    One of the biggest challenges for businesses is the generation of qualified business leads. Today businesses have great opportunities to attract business leads to their website. The quickest to get traffic and leads is PayPer Click marketing through Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook. With PPC you only pay for clicks made.
    [Adwords] Show me the social media Return on Investment
    The Return on Investment of social media is measurable and this is much easier than you think. There for you need the right platform which displays all tasks, traffic, lead sources and includes them into CRM and financial software. To get this done social media needs to be seen as part of an integral strategy called Inbound Marketing.
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