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    [Adwords] Facebook Video Calling for Real Time marketing with social media
    With its new Video Calling feature powered by Skype Facebook opens another opportunity for companies to do marketing with social media. With Facebook Video Calling businesses have the opportunity to meet their customers face to face in real time and to chat and to interact with them instantly! To stay up to date, please subscribe to our  RSS Feed.
  • INBLURBS  |  MONDAY, JULY 18, 2011
    [Adwords] Google+ abilities of real time marketing and lead generation
    Google+ launched on June 28, 2011 and had about ten million users 2 weeks later! Google+ integrates social services such as Google Profiles and Google Buzz. It will also be available as a desktop application and as a mobile application. And Google has failed in the past with its efforts to come up with some king of big thing in social media.
    [Adwords] FAQ: What’s the Difference Between a Home Page and a Landing Page?
    When running an Adwords campaign, it is highly recommended that you point searchers to custom landing pages instead of your home page. Doing so will increase your sales and reduce your Adwords expenses. Tags: Featured Adwords FAQ home page landing page saving money
    [Adwords] How to reach 43 percent of all online consumers with your brand message
    Stats show 43 percent of all online consumers are in social media. Is your business there too? 78% of online consumers research online before they buy! They research preferred in blogs and their social networks. Can your future or existing customers find you in social media? Are they able to find you when they research on Google, Yahoo or Bing?
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    [Adwords] Social Media puts your business at risk! Are you prepared?
    The marketing technology company Alterian found out that 80% of companies struggle to analyze their social media data. As social media marketing is estimated to increase in the next twelve months by up to 25% companies should have clear how the online – social media conversation can impact their brand. How about your business? What do you think?
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    [Adwords] Health Systems’ New Best Friend: Google AdWords Review Extensions
    Introducing… Google AdWords Review Extensions ! Google AdWords Review Extensions are pretty phenomenal; it’s basically being able to put an extra value proposition or differentiator within your ad copy, but it does not count against the character restrictions of a standard ad. Healthcare AdWords review ad extensions
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    [Adwords] Google’s April 22 AdWords Announcement
    Today, in great anticipation, Google hosted a live stream of their new announcements of upcoming products, enhanced reporting, and new insightful tools for AdWords users. In case you missed today’s Google AdWords Announcement , here’s a quick rundown of what was introduced: Innovative Ads. Insightful Reporting. Intelligent Tools.
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    [Adwords] Avoiding Dynamic Disaster: Google Launches Dynamic Sitelinks
    While I usually welcome Google’s AdWords updates with open arms, their most recent change had me a little worried. Dynamic Sitelink Opt Out Link: Online Advertising / SEM / Display AdWords google adwords sitelinks What do you think about the update?
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    [Adwords] Making the Most Out of Mobile Search Marketing
    Mobile Paid Search SEM search engine marketing adwords mobile mobile marketing mobile searchWith all of the recent buzz about Google+, and the recent redesign of, one of the more underrated developments in the world of search is the considerable strides Google is making in terms of its mobile experience.
    [Adwords] Bloggers, Stop Thinking… “Just Do It”
    We all know that a personal blog and professional blog are inherently different to the core. People who will go out of their way to evaluate needs and fill them immediately themselves are doers. Thinkers can understand needs but they make plans to do them. Blogging Is Raw, Organic. As we all know, successful blogs are shareable and engaging.
    [Adwords] Social Media is Like Riding a Bike
    Slider Social Media Marketing Google AdWords Hootsuite MailChimp Motorcycle Motorcycle safety Motorcycle Safety Foundation MSF Northern Virginia Community College Portland socialoomph In only two years, I have owned two bikes, a very cool 650cc dirt bike and a very capable tourer. Oh, and purple. Take A Safety Course. doubted their process.
    [Adwords] Google Tricks, Not Treats
    Not one mention on the Google AdWords blog of these changes. Online Advertising/SEM/Display AdWords category exclusion Google AdWords optimization Search Engine Optimization While we were busy stuffing our faces with Halloween candy, it seems Google has played another trick on us. Where is this data now you ask? end rant).
    [Adwords] New Tool Helps SEO, SEM Consultants Pinpoint Local Clients
    SEMRush Geo displays Google AdWords advertisers on a Google Maps background, enabling users to identify the businesses within any geographic area who are running AdWords campaigns. For companies using AdWords, it may seem almost a bit creepy that there is this level of detail about their SEM activities available publicly.
    [Adwords] 6 Tipps how to Increase Website Traffic with a Corporate Blog to generate more business leads
    Every company tries to reap in the most out of the available set of resources. Businesses with a small budget have to consider different plans to attract more customers than expensive campaigns and celebrity endorsements. cost effective way to get attention of the target audience is corporate blog. Dataram Successfully Leverages Web Strategy.
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    [Adwords] How companies are using social media for marketing research
    How to do social media for marketing research? In fact this is the first part of a social media marketing strategy. First, it is important to learn more about your customer and the social media places they are hanging around and why they are there, what they are interested and what they are talking about. Tweet this on Twitter! =.
    [Adwords] What Should You Know About Keywords – The Long and Short of It
    Building off of that in combination with other keyword tools like Google Adwords Keyword Tool and WordStream you should be able to come up with a good starting list. As a small biz you’ve probably dabbled a bit in trying to get your business found on search engines. Does that sound complicated or tricky? What are the benefits?
    [Adwords] Inbound Marketing with or without marketing strategy to reach business leads goals
    A strategy is a great way to have some kind of roadmap which can guide you through the opportunities and pitfalls of internet marketing. To achieve your marketing and revenue goals you need to know which way to go and what exactly to do when you establish an internet marketing strategy. How to have a flexible strategy? But do not obsess about it.
  • INBLURBS  |  FRIDAY, JULY 8, 2011
    [Adwords] Why to connect your corporate blog with social media
    Connecting your blogs with a platform where you could attain more exposure sounds extremely interesting for any type of business. Building and maintaining online blog helps you in staying current with the social trends. How to promote your brand in social media using a blog? Blogs helps in generating targeted web traffic for your business.
    [Adwords] Interested in Marketing Help but Marketing Challenges NONE
    Every day we generate leads through our various landing pages online. We offer helpful information for free download. The most traffic, about 60% we receive from Google to our blog articles. When the visitor lands on our landing pages we ask some question for lead pre qualification. Questions like “What’s your biggest marketing challenge?” Traffic.
    [Adwords] Study shows: 20 of 100 of your customers are researching on Google
    More interesting is that 20 percent of searches on Google each day have NEVER been searched for before. So every day 20 percent of chances are completely new with new search terms which include products and services. What does this mean for your business? More and more people research online on search engines before they buy products and services.
    [Adwords] 3.5 billion Reasons for Content Marketing on Facebook for Lead Generation
    More than 3.5 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, videos, etc.) shared each week on Facebook. Facebook is accessible in 70 languages and has about 750 million users worldwide and there is actually 1,5+ million active business pages online. With its massive global reach Facebook has become some kind of a state by its own.
    [Adwords] Study shows adopt social media in internet marketing or fall behind
    A recent Jive Social Business Survey where 902 executives have been interviewed about their opinion of use of social media in internet marketing shows that social has made it from personnel to mission critical for business. The personal use growth has accompanied with the professional use. Important resources: Is social media worth the risk?
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    [Adwords] Landing Page Optimization – Increasing Your Conversion Rates
    No matter how well optimized your campaign’s structure is in AdWords or adCenter, if you are sending traffic to a page that doesn’t get users to complete a desired action, then it will greatly inhibit the success of your [.]. Paid Search adcenter Adwords increase conversion rates landing page optimization PPC SEM
    [Adwords] Content and Pay Per Click – Using them Together for Success
    SEO/SEM Small Business Marketing google google adwords Internet pay per click Relevant Content Search search engine marketing SEM sem content Video Content With the rise of social media and Google’s search algorithm favoring new and unique content, there’s been a lot of buzz these days around producing content. All rights reserved.
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    [Adwords] 5 Easy steps to get found on Google from your potential customers
    Businesses online uses latest marketing strategies to enhance their customer base through Web Marketing. They are ready to increase marketing budgets for newer and more efficient methods of attracting customers which can generate huge business leads. You should not underutilize your resources in any case. Step 4: Get your traffic.
  • FATHOM  |  THURSDAY, JULY 3, 2014
    [Adwords] PPC Budget Forecasting on the Fly
    In fact, all you really need is AdWords. Once in AdWords, you’ll want to make sure to add both ‘impression share’ and ‘lost impression share (budget)’ columns. Online Advertising / SEM / Display AdWords Online Marketing optimization Paid Search ppc Can you provide me an update by EOD?”. The answer is yes! Source: [link].
    [Adwords] Improving Your MSN adCenter Campaigns
    MSN adCenter is the second most popular paid search platform, obviously behind Google AdWords. Paid Search adcenter Adwords Bing google PPC SEM yahooUnfortunately, because Google is so popular many search advertisers put their adCenter campaigns on the “back burner” and never give them much attention. With a little [.].
    [Adwords] 13 Tricks & Tips for Outstanding PPC Ad Copy
    However, in reality, ad copy performance is dependent on a Google AdWords algorithm and a few behavioral patterns of the searchers. Online Marketing Paid Search Search Engine Marketing ad copy Adwords copywriting creative PPC SEM StrategySome search engine marketers view copywriting as an opportunity to be creative.
    [Adwords] Get a Leg Up On Local Search with Call Tracking
    One common answer is with Google Analytics and Google AdWords. The data collected from call tracking technology is then integrated with analytics solutions such as Universal Analytics , Google AdWords, and bid management software. Call Tracking Google AdWords So, you want to start marketing to a local audience via search. Voice.
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    [Adwords] Inbound Marketing, the science of showing respect to get more revenue in exchange
    When you want to grow your business you need to treat your audience with a certain level of respect. You need to show them that you care about them and not only about their cash they maybe could spent with your business. You can set alerts with Google Alerts and stay informed as soon your search terms are mentioned anywhere on the web.
    [Adwords] Direct Mail vs. Google Adwords (PPC)
    On the surface, Direct Mail vs. Google Adwords seems like an odd comparison. Google Adwords is the cornerstone of online marketing. The post Direct Mail vs. Google Adwords (PPC) appeared first on McCarthy and King Marketing. To be sure, these are two very different types of marketing programs. Apples to oranges, right?
    [Adwords] Overtake 33 Percent of your Competition by Measure your Marketing ROI
    If you are in B2B than this data could be very interesting for you! Do you measure your marketing ROI? If not yet you should do it as soon as possible. To measure the marketing ROI is easier than you think. What does this mean to your business when you are selling primarily to B2B? So you should start right away to improve your market position.
  • INBLURBS  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2011
    [Adwords] Low cost lead generation with Inbound Marketing Strategy
    One of the biggest challenges for businesses is the generation of qualified business leads. Today businesses have great opportunities to attract business leads to their website. The quickest to get traffic and leads is PayPer Click marketing through Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook. With PPC you only pay for clicks made.
    [Adwords] Show me the social media Return on Investment
    The Return on Investment of social media is measurable and this is much easier than you think. There for you need the right platform which displays all tasks, traffic, lead sources and includes them into CRM and financial software. To get this done social media needs to be seen as part of an integral strategy called Inbound Marketing.
    [Adwords] How to Write a Winning Pay Per Click Ad
    It’s also a good idea to use  Auction Insights Report within the Google Adwords interface, as well as the Ad Preview Tool to see who your competitors are, as well as the different ad copy they’re running for each of your targeted keywords. In this post we highlight essentials for writing a winning pay per click (PPC) ad.
    [Adwords] 4 Ways Schools Can Leverage Paid Search Ad Extensions
    Education Industry Online Advertising/SEM/Display ad extensions AdWords Google It’s inevitable that paid search marketers are fighting for the same thing: the most real estate on the SERPs. Standing out from the crowd is really the only way to catch a potential customer’s eye. So what’s the easiest way to gain real estate? Ad extensions.
    [Adwords] Intro to Remarketing Lists for Search Ads
    According to the  Google Adwords Blog ,with RLSA, “you can modify your search ads, bids, and keywords based on visitors’ past activities on your website.” Back in July, Google released Remarketing List for Search Ads out of beta along with Enhanced Campaigns. Below are 3 ways that you can utilize RLSA Campaigns.
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    [Adwords] Inbound Marketing to gain the trust and respect of your buyer personas
    Trust and respect are important in real life and much more important in today’s anonymous times of internet and internet business. Trust and respect comes before the sale. When people trust and respect you they are more willing to listen what you have to say. Be helpful and try to assist where ever you can. Tweet this on Twitter! =.
  • FATHOM  |  SUNDAY, MARCH 30, 2014
    [Adwords] It’s National Doctors Day: Reward Your Physicians by Minimizing Negative Reviews & Generating More Patients!
    By using paid advertising through Google AdWords, we bid directly on a doctor’s name (and variations of the doctor’s name) to seal the number one position above any organic listings such as Healthcare Online Advertising / SEM / Display AdWords National Doctors Day ppc 25 per click! appeared first on Fathom.
    [Adwords] FAQ: What’s the Difference Between a Home Page and a Landing Page?
    When running an Adwords campaign, it is highly recommended that you point searchers to custom landing pages instead of your home page. Doing so will increase your sales and reduce your Adwords expenses. Featured Adwords FAQ home page landing page saving money
    [Adwords] Are you overlooking paid search optimization?
    Paid Search AdWords Conversion rate Google Keyword research KeywordsImage by Danard Vincente via Flickr. We all love to talk about social media. It's exciting and all breathtakingly new. And we even love talking about SEO because Google is always ginning up a change the algorithm that gives the chattering classes something to talk about.
    [Adwords] B2B PPC Optimization: Thought Leadership with Terry Whalen of CPC Search
    It’s relatively easy to measure revenue via Google AdWords using a ‘purchase’ conversion tag that passes through dynamic revenue variables to AdWords reporting. But for B2B, we are typically only measuring a lead submission via AdWords, and all leads are not created equal. How is B2B PPC campaign management different from B2C?
    [Adwords] 47 Percent of your competitors are not using Social Media for business
    Hiscox surveyed US small business leaders and found out that 47% do not use social media for business. Furthermore 24% of the surveyed stated they do it when they have the time and about 14% indicated they don’t know enough about it. Maybe they do communication through telepathy or any other exciting media. I am just kidding, let’s get serious now.
    [Adwords] The sense and nonsense of Social Media Groups
    Groups can be a great place to get In touch with your audience. But which groups make sense and which are a simple waste of time? Most social networks offer groups where you can become a part of the conversation. But do you need to be a part of every conversation and every group? Seems not to be a vlauble source for anything. The more the better.
  • FATHOM  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 14, 2014
    [Adwords] Top 5 Lessons of an Online Advertiser Turned Healthcare Marketer
    Google AdWords even has its own ‘help’ section dedicated to the specific restrictions around the advertising of healthcare-related products and services. Healthcare Online Advertising / SEM / Display AdWords healthcare marketing HIPAA ppc Download Free Hospital PPC Study. Here’s several reasons ….
  • INBLURBS  |  MONDAY, JULY 4, 2011
    [Adwords] 5 Easy ways to get ROI of your social media marketing campaign
    When you are engaged in social media conversation than this can be very beneficial for your business. Real time engagement can help you to facilitate your customer service, improve your public relation and your brand. Your engagement in social media should also reflect results for your revenue. How about your social media marketing?
    [Adwords] 5 Free B2B Marketing Tools
    Google AdWords. Google AdWords is an extremely easy-to-use SEO tool keyword research. Tags: Modern B2B Marketing Social Media b2b marketing tools CoTweet Google AdWords Google Analytics HootSuite marketing tools SEO tools social media monitoring Social Mention Twitter Google Analytics. Google, newsletter), campaign medium (i.e.,
    [Adwords] Google AdWords for B2B Organizations: 8 Questions Leadership Should Ask
    In this post, I will outline eight key questions leadership in B2B organizations needs to ask and have answered from their marketing team, when it pertains to PPC and their Google AdWords strategy. Specific to Google AdWords : do we opt into the  Google Search Partner Network  or do we only appear on How Much Am I Spending?
    [Adwords] How To Develop Keyword Lists for Adwords and Pay-Per-Click Campaigns
    Modified broad match keyword in Adwords: +How +To +Pay +per +click.  . Modified broad match keyword in Adwords: +Pay +per +click +techniques.  . Modified broad match keyword in Adwords: +Pay +per +click +articles.  . Modified broad match keyword in Adwords: +Pay +per +click +results.  . Google’s keyword research tool.
    [Adwords] Why Every Industrial Marketing Plans Needs PPC
    B2B / Technology Manufacturing b2b ppc Bing Ads Google AdWords ppc PPC (that is, pay-per-click advertising) offers a number of unique advantages that no other type of marketing can, online or offline. Can your company afford to lose these 4 competitive advantages to competing manufacturers? #1. Only Pay for Performance. Does yours? #2.
  • INBLURBS  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 23, 2011
    [Adwords] LinkedIn endorsement and follower count to get the most clicks for your paid advertisements
    As you maybe have heard LinkedIn has launched a Personalized Ad Platform , which makes ads more attractive. These improvements doe really benefit marketers. About LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a business-related social networking site and is mainly used for professional networking. Quantcast reports LinkedIn has 21.4 million monthly unique U.S.
  • NUSPARK  |  SUNDAY, MAY 5, 2013
    [Adwords] 7 Recent or Unique Google Adwords features you should be utilizing today.
    When you run as many substantial internet marketing and paid search programs as we do, you realize how many new features occur over time, whether it is within Google Adwords, Bing Ad Center, Facebook Ads, or YouTube ads.  With the new enhanced Adwords, you can now promote offers within your ads if you are a brick and mortar store. 
    [Adwords] 4 Reasons Why AdWords’ Callout Extension Is a No-Brainer
    At the beginning of September, Google announced that it was adding another member to its ad extension family in AdWords. Throughout the month, AdWords has started rolling out this new extension to eager advertisers. The extension is called “ Callouts ” and it adds non-linkable bullet points to any search ad. Callout Extension Overview.
  • INBLURBS  |  MONDAY, JULY 25, 2011
    [Adwords] USA Today reports: Social Media Future is NOW don’t get left behind
    USA Today reported in the article “Social media finds place in classroom” that New Milford (N.J.) High School is encouraging social media Facebook, Twitter and YouTube use for educational purposes in his classrooms to communicate with students and parents. What does this mean for businesses today and in the future? Sociel media is no fad.
    [Adwords] Google Redefines Mobile with Adwords Enhanced Campaigns
    In one sense, Google’s announcement of its new Adwords Enhanced Campaigns product represents an acknowledgement by the search giant of the convergence of mobile devices, as the sizes and capabilities of laptops, tablets, and smartphones continue to overlap and merge. Why, combine the two Adwords sectors into one “enhanced” Adwords, of course.
    [Adwords] Benchmark AdWords Campaigns Against PPC Best Practices with WordStream’s New Free Tool
    WordStream’s new AdWords Performance Grader helps marketers evaluate how their AdWords campaigns are performing and identify where to make improvements. WordStream’s AdWords Performance Grader is available to use free at: [link]. The Grader examines key campaign features including: Effective use of negative keywords.
  • NUSPARK  |  THURSDAY, MAY 3, 2012
    [Adwords] An Overview of the Google Adwords Recent Changes & New Features
    Pity those poor writers who’ve written books on Paid search and Google Adwords. With the Traffic estimator, performance estimates can now be graphed; ad groups drafted, and added to Adwords accounts. Adwords Labels. Google Adwords for Video. What do you think of all the recent Google Adwords changes? link]. link].
    [Adwords] Learn from the ‘PEANUTS’ social media expansion approach for your business
    Today the Iconix Brand Group, have announced ‘PEANUTS’ launches major digital and social media expansion. They are expanding into mobile gaming, e-books, Facebook and digital apps worldwide. With his move the Iconix Brand Group want to reach his consumer market where they are around. So the brand message is spreading in a powerful way. Yes or no?
    [Adwords] Is Google+ a consolidation of power
    The other two legs are Google Offers and, of course Adwords. Marketing Social Media Adwords Alex Salkever Facebook Google Mark Zuckerberg SearchLike most of you, I’ve been following the Google + talk through the thousands of blog posts that have popped up in the past several days.
  • NUSPARK  |  SUNDAY, JULY 22, 2012
    [Adwords] A Strategic Guide to Automated Rules in Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click
    Google Adwords Automated Rules is a compelling campaign and bid management tool that results in better performing paid search campaigns. This post is not a how-to guide, but a look at strategic uses of Google Adwords Automated Rules. Below are 7 examples of strategic ways to utilize Automated Rules for Adwords campaigns.
    [Adwords] Ifbyphone’s Top 14 Blogs of 2014
    Google Validates Need for Call Tracking with Website Call Conversions for AdWords Tool Call tracking received a major boost this year as Google jumped on the bandwagon. Adding the call aspect to their AdWords platform allows marketers to add call tracking to their paid search marketing. What do you think? Did we get it right?
  • NUSPARK  |  SATURDAY, APRIL 23, 2011
    [Adwords] Location Targeting Options: Google Adwords
    There’s a new Google search setting option; worthy enough to write a summary about. It’s called Location Targeting. With Google’s new options, it gives me a chance to fine—tune how I want to target audiences geographically. Three options are available : a. By Physical Location. b. By Search Intent. c. combination.
    [Adwords] How Google AdWords Works [Infographic]
    And i f you''re thinking about incorporating PPC into your marketing strategy, you''re probably thinking about using Google AdWords. Using AdWords, you can advertise your business next to relevant search results and target new audiences of potential customers. Ready to get started with Google AdWords? bakery boston").
  • NUSPARK  |  SATURDAY, JULY 31, 2010
    [Adwords] Optimizing Google AdWords- Part 1
    Google Pay-Per-Click, or also called AdWords, can be the most immediate method to generate traffic to your website.
    [Adwords] How to Improve Google Adwords Quality Scores [Infographic]
    The infographic provides great insight into one of the most important aspects of paid search advertising, the Google Adwords Quality Score. How to Improve Google Adwords Quality Scores Infographic: Source: You can optimize your Quality Score to receive a higher position for a lower bid that your competitors.
    [Adwords] Why You’re Going to Buy More Google AdWords [Chart]
    Not to diminish the improvement in privacy, but that is a clever way to also redirect some Organic SEO funds into Adword spending. Why You’re Going to Buy More Google AdWords [Chart] is from Eloqua’s It’s All About Revenue, a Blog Covering Business To Business Marketing. Get the Eloqua chart of the week sent right to your inbox!
    [Adwords] 6 Ways to Reduce Wasted AdWords Spend
    Even though I think Google AdWords is one of the greatest advertising systems there is, I’m the first to admit that Google makes it really easy to waste your money. A lot of the default settings in AdWords are there to maximize your reach -- which is great if you want the highest possible number of clicks. Bad idea!
  • FATHOM  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 16, 2015
    [Adwords] VIPPS Certification and Paid Search for Health Systems and Hospitals
    Google AdWords has recently disapproved some of our health systems’ ads on the grounds of not having a VIPPS Certification and a link in the footer of their website to their pharmacy page. ” So, how do you know if your AdWords account has been dinged by this pharmacy-related issue? So, what does VIPPS stand for? Ha, yeah right!
  • NUSPARK  |  SUNDAY, APRIL 22, 2012
    [Adwords] Free Keyword Research and Landing Page Tools for Paid Search; Google Adwords Campaigns
    Google Adwords has some great tools for keyword research, but missing are many tools that can help build strategic keyword lists and ad groups.  Related Posts: The Lead Generation-Inbound Marketing- Funnel Optimization Toolkit Optimizing Google AdWords- Part 1 The 3 P’s of B2B Lead Generation: People, Process, Platforms.
  • FATHOM  |  MONDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 2014
    [Adwords] Introducing Google ‘Location Groups’ in AdWords
    The post Introducing Google ‘Location Groups’ in AdWords appeared first on Fathom. Online Advertising / SEM / Display AdWords Google Location Groups ppc SEM Companies try to either focus on being a low-cost leader (i.e. Wal-Mart) or on differentiation (i.e. Ferrari) to gain a competitive advantage. Here are some examples (i.e.
  • INBLURBS  |  SATURDAY, JULY 16, 2011
    [Adwords] Make the Most of Social Media Marketing
    There is no doubt about it; social media is here to stay. While the thought of venturing in into the realm of social media can be intimidating, the thing to remember is to start small, start with a purpose, and work to grow your social media marketing strategy over time. The Facts. In fact, in 2010, 9 out of every 10 U.S. 2010 U.S. Where to Begin.
    [Adwords] 2015 Resolution: Google Analytics IQ & Adwords Certification
    When I mention that my resolution is to “get certified,” I am referring to the Google Analytics IQ and Adwords Certifications available for free through the Google Partners Program. eMagine is a Google Partner, meaning, that at least two members of our Digital Marketing team have passed two different Adwords exams. Get Certified!
  • FATHOM  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 28, 2015
    [Adwords] Healthcare Marketers: Stop Wasting Money & Use Negative Keywords
    Grants.   If you’d like to add several of these negative keywords to multiple campaigns, you can do this through negative keyword lists located in your shared library in Google AdWords rather adding them to each campaign one by one. Negative keywords are a fundamental requirement when running paid advertising for any accounts. Animals. Puppy.
    [Adwords] Using Labels to Track Ad Testing in Google AdWords
    Many agencies track everything manually in a spreadsheet, or use a bid management platform that’s geared towards bidding, not tracking.  By being methodical with labels in AdWords, and using the Segment by Label option, you can have a visual key to what ad testing is happening on each ad. A female Bloodhound.
  • NUSPARK  |  SUNDAY, APRIL 29, 2012
    [Adwords] How Labels works in Google Adwords; benefits of the new feature
    For those who manage multiple paid search campaigns for lead generation (like yours truly) with Google Adwords, or have others do it, I started testing a new feature that was rolled out this week, called Labels. At this early stage, you really want to think about how you can use this feature. Label: How-To. Label: Outcomes.
  • NUSPARK  |  SUNDAY, JULY 22, 2012
    [Adwords] A Strategic Guide to Automated Rules in Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click
    Google Adwords Automated Rules is a compelling campaign and bid management tool that results in better performing paid search campaigns. This post is not a how-to guide, but a look at strategic uses of Google Adwords Automated Rules. Below are 7 examples of strategic ways to utilize Automated Rules for Adwords campaigns.
    [Adwords] SEM Mystery: The Case of the Missing Leads
    Government stuff, on AdWords. Two months down the road, the AdWords campaign was in trouble. know how to play good cop / bad cop with an AdWords report. I’ll talk nice to the analytical data set and buy it a few drinks, but if that don’t work, I’ll take it out back and knock it around until it gives up the answers.
  • FATHOM  |  MONDAY, JUNE 2, 2014
    [Adwords] Quantifiable Sexism in the Marketing Industry
    Online Advertising / SEM / Display Sales & Marketing Alignment AdWords sexism They say the customer is always right, but here’s where I’d say something is wrong. In the Internet marketing industry, women are paid less than men by 20% and undervalued by 21% among clients. points lower on average than male reps (compared to 0.43
    [Adwords] Growing Your Business…One Facebook Friend at a Time
    Having actively managed Google AdWords campaigns, I first thought the best way to capitalize on Facebook was to utilize their pay-per-click system. When I asked them how this was performing, he noted the performance numbers such as Click Thru Rate (CTR) were significantly lower than the identical campaign run using Google AdWords.
    [Adwords] The Most Important Changes to Google AdWords in 2013
    Keeping up with the thousands of updates and changes Google makes in AdWords each year could be a full-time job. I''m assuming you don''t want to make it your job. What’s Next for AdWords in 2014? What AdWords changes do you hope to see in 2014? right? What changed? Smarter Ads. New Bidding Options.
  • BLOG MY CALLS  |  THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014
    [Adwords] The Secret Trick to Generating Better AdWords Leads
    In a recent study, most marketers admitted that they are not entirely satisifed with Adwords leads. They do Adwords because they are obsessed with the traffic. They do Adwords because you''re simply supposed to do Adwords. In a previous blog post we discussed how to figure out when/if you should stop Adwords.
    [Adwords] Manticore VII Marketing Automation and Lead Generation Released
    Although the improved UI is the big change, the new version also adds integration with for AdWords campaigns and improved lead generation capabilities. The company made the announcement at’s Dreamforce conference in San Francisco. The company’s original focus was on web analytics. Digg this!
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JUNE 18, 2012
    [Adwords] A Simple Guide for Setting Up Your First Google AdWords Campaign
    If it's because you're intimidated by Google's AdWords interface, we get it. Read on to learn everything you need to know about setting up a Google AdWords campaign! Before you even jump into the AdWords interface, you need to be armed with a keyword list to help guide your efforts. Using the Keyword Tool on AdWords.
    [Adwords] What Savvy Marketers Can Learn From a Guy Who Spent $6 on Google AdWords
    For those of us too busy to click through to the article I can sum it up for you pretty briefly; some guy looking for a better job scored a really great job and a lot of free publicity for himself and his new employer by buying Google AdWords using the names of creative directors at firms he wanted to work for. Is yours targeted enough?
  • E-STORM  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 2011
    [Adwords] How to Improve Your Google AdWords Quality Score
    The quality score Google assigns to keywords in your AdWords account can have a dramatic impact on the performance of your campaigns. Low quality scores not only correlate to a high average cost per click (CPC). If the quality score is low enough it can prevent your ads from being shown all together. So, how do you [.].
    [Adwords] Google AdWords' New Ad Rank Formula: What You Need to Know
    An ad extension is an option in AdWords that allows you to expand your ad with additional information and links back to your site. They’re not really an option anymore -- if you’re advertising on AdWords, you need to start using extensions ASAP. What’s going on? Why would Google make this change? Let’s take a closer look. Its message?
  • FATHOM  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 20, 2015
    [Adwords] How Much Do Hospitals Spend on Google AdWords?
    health systems and hospitals that conducted Google AdWords advertising with Fathom in 2014. The post How Much Do Hospitals Spend on Google AdWords? As a follow-up from my previous post “ How Much Should Health Systems Spend on Search Advertising ? All data points in this report are from U.S. What’s included?
  • NUSPARK  |  SUNDAY, AUGUST 15, 2010
    [Adwords] Optimizing Google AdWords & Pay-Per-Click, Part 2
    Advertising on Google or other search engines can be a very productive way to generate immediate leads to your website. First, think about your website. The key is to be as relevant as possible to a searcher, then make sure … [ visit site to read more ]. Related posts. No related posts.
    [Adwords] 8 ValueTrack Parameters For Better AdWords Campaign Data
    ValueTrack is an easy-to-use AdWords URL-tagging feature. ValueTrack works with Google Analytics or your own tracking solution to provide detailed, useful data about each click on your paid search ad. You can use this information to fine-tune your campaigns and settings for better performance. Why is it important? network}. creative}.
  • NUSPARK  |  SATURDAY, JULY 30, 2011
    [Adwords] Two Google Adwords features worth testing for lead generation optimization: Call Metrics and Remarketing.
    The Google Adwords pay-per-click platform has a number of fairly new features that can contribute to lead generation and increased conversions.   Here’s a couple to consider (promise to explain easily!)  FYI:   Click Images to Enlarge! Call Metrics (or can be called Call Tracking). Appointment setting and lead generation. The idea is simple. 
    [Adwords] Ducking the Social Media Sledge Hammer
    One was going to tell me how to determine when it was time to leave the free paid-search management tools ( Google Adwords , etc.) Social Media Marketing Paid Search Google Adwords Search Marketing PPC Conversion TrackingI got sucked-in today and am still beating myself up over it. behind in favor of a more robust version paid version.
    [Adwords] Best of 2009 (So Far): AdWords Tips and Tactics, Part 2
    Which AdWords reports are the most critical, and how you can take full advantage of the information they provide? How is AdWords Quality Score calculated, and how can you improve that score in your campaigns? How can you calculate the potential advertising value of AdWords before making a costly investment?
  • BLOG MY CALLS  |  FRIDAY, JULY 26, 2013
    [Adwords] 4 Unique Ways You Can Optimize Your AdWords Campaign After Implementing Call Tracking
    The amount of data AdWords is providing these days is definitely one of its ways to show excellence. Google is getting better and better at presenting the vast amount of data that your AdWords campaigns are generating every day. When optimizing AdWords campaigns you are relying on this data every single day.
    [Adwords] Mobile Advertising: What is Google doing to Adwords? - #MarketingTechMin
    Google announced some big news about AdWords this week that could change the face of mobile advertising forever. Watch as Chris and Spencer discuss these impending changes and how SMB's can use this knowledge to build their own mobile ad campaigns. Follow @SyneCoreTech
    [Adwords] How to Optimize Google AdWords with Offline Conversion Tracking and Marketo
    Author: Jon Miller Google AdWords is one of the most important marketing channels for almost every company, and the ability to measure and optimize for conversions is one of its most powerful capabilities. Marketo Integration. Why This Matters. Now, however, companies can measure and optimize for true qualified lead generation.
  • ONPATH  |  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 15, 2011
    [Adwords] Live Webinar: 5 Killer Google AdWord Secrets Exposed
    Date : Thursday June 16, 2011 Time : 2:00pm EST / 11:00am PST Duration : 29 Minutes A lot of people get excited about Google AdWords. However, the reality for most companies is that Google AdWords seems either too complex or the cost per lead is too high. There are many companies who are successful with it. Can you relate?
  • NUSPARK  |  SUNDAY, APRIL 27, 2014
    [Adwords] Types of Website and Landing Page Conversions you can Track with Google Adwords
    In recent years Google has worked to add fresh new tools for tracking conversion metrics into Adwords. Whether you’re tracking conversions on a standard website, within mobile apps, via phone call, or across multiple devices, Adwords has much more to offer today than it did even one year ago. Hard Numbers-. Converted Clicks.
    [Adwords] Google Banks on SMBs, Launches AdWords Business Credit Card
    [Adwords] 3 Advantages of Call-Only AdWords Campaigns
    Until recently, the only option for promoting business calls via AdWords was through call extensions. Have you made the upgrade from call extensions to call-only ad campaigns? If not, you are missing out on a higher return from your marketing efforts. So why should you consider creating new call-only ad campaigns? Enhanced Content Placement.
    [Adwords] Enhanced Campaigns: How to Optimize AdWords Campaigns for Desktop AND Mobile
    This past February, Google AdWords released new Enhanced Campaigns in a bid to dramatically simplify the work needed to build, manage, and measure the impact of mobile search advertising campaigns. And on July 22nd, all AdWords accounts will be upgraded to reflect these new formats. Here’s what that looks like in AdWords.
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