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Audience Lab is a secret weapon for political advertisers


Audience Lab is a secret weapon for political advertisers who are interesting in only reaching their target audience surgically every time instead of wasting time, money, and goodwill by firing for effect at best and carpet bombing at worst. The post Audience Lab is a secret weapon for political advertisers appeared first on Biznology. This is game-changing. Why war? Good to go.

3 Beer Brands Brewing Great Social Media Campaigns


Or you can brew up a social media campaign with a flavor that’s as unique as your beer. ” Across the beer landscape, competition and a new digital ecosystem is spurning innovative campaigns. The Beer Institute’s advertising regulations , which are occasionally reviewed by the FTC, require that marketing only take place on platforms where more than 71.6

Throwback Thursday: 7 Old Marketing Campaigns We Miss


If marketing were easy, every business would be successful. Over the years, we have been impressed by many successful marketing campaigns, some of which we wish would make a comeback. The following are some of our favorite marketing campaigns in recent years and why we miss them. 1) CareerBuilder Monkeys Around. Branding Big Brands Daily

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5 Steps to Set Up, Launch, and Manage an Online Display Campaign

Marketing Action

During the conversation it occurred to me how much the marketing landscape has changed over the past decade. With all the choices that are available to marketers today, it’s easy to get confused. With that in mind, we thought we’d take a dive into one of the more important channels – online display – and show you how to set up, launch and manage a campaign of your own.

10 MORE of the Most Remarkable Marketing Campaigns in History


If you read this blog, you know you''ll frequently hear us talking about remarkable campaigns that have both inspired and impressed us: from Old Spice going viral with personalized videos, to Elf Yourself entertaining us for yet another holiday season. We''ve even published SlideShare presentations about remarkable campaigns , as you may remember. What made this campaign remarkable?

Using Analytics to Get Higher ROI from Remarketing

KEO Marketing

Remarketing is one of the most popular tactics for online advertising campaigns. Adjusting a few settings in your remarketing campaign criteria is a simple move that can make a big difference. You also have a new tool at your disposal in making your remarketing campaigns more efficient. Paid Search Advertising remarketing campaign top advertising agencies

Conquering PPC in a competitive market

Connecting Element

If you’re vying with your rivals for the same audience and keywords, get ahead by making your paid search campaigns as relevant as possible – by targeting local users with location-based tactics. The post Conquering PPC in a competitive market appeared first on Connecting Element. Blog Google paid search paid search agency Birmingham PPC advertising agency PPC agency Birmingham

Why I Won’t “Do&# Your Social Media

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If I was to further expand upon this in more detail, here are the primary reasons why I won’t “do&# your social media: Social Media is a Commitment, not a Campaign. Social media requires a long-term commitment to your customers, both present and future.  It’s not a campaign.  So don’t treat your internal utilization of it as such. I am NOT Your Brand.

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What Is Content Marketing? It’s Starts With Culture!

B2B Marketing Insider

I was recently interviewed by an international business rag on content marketing. We all know content marketing is nothing new. And sometimes this is one way it is dismissed – as just another marketing “buzzword.” Content Marketing is a business opportunity, not a fad, or a trend, or just another buzzword. What is your definition of content marketing?

Is “Sadvertising” an Effective Video Marketing Strategy?

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Something about the video marketing strategy in this spot felt different than the usual video fare. Dubbed “sadvertising,” this type of tug-at-the-heartstrings advertising has grown recently as a marketing trend. Marketers have long understood that emotions, like nostalgia and humor , can help sell products and services. Video Marketing

How the CEO Can Enhance Sales, Marketing, and the Executive Branch


Unfortunately, as a result of this thinking, marketing spends a ton of money generating leads for sales that are never followed-up. Here are 5 things CEOs need to consider in order to fix what is broken: What is the CEO’s role as it relates to marketing and sales? What should I know about Account-Based Marketing? What is the CEO’s Role as it relates to marketing and sales?

This Week in Content Marketing: Who Didn’t Launch a Content Marketing Agency This Week?

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PNR: This Old Marketing with Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose can be found on both iTunes and Stitcher. In this week’s episode, Robert and I marvel at the flurry of new content-based agencies announced this week at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Download this week’s PNR This Old Marketing podcast. Content marketing in the news. Sponsor (37:50).

Agencies Under Pressure to be More Digital


The economy continues to dig its way of the recession, and businesses that hunkered down for years are beginning to market themselves again. And many of them are realizing that the marketing world in 2016 is a very different place than it was in 2008 when last they really invested in their marketing efforts. Marketing has changed more in the past five years than in the past 50.

This Week in Content Marketing: Inside The New York Times’ Subscription Funnel

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PNR: This Old Marketing with Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose can be found on both iTunes and Stitcher. In this week’s episode, Robert and I don’t understand why CNN is being criticized for the launch of Courageous, its internal native advertising agency. Download this week’s PNR This Old Marketing podcast. Content marketing in the news. This week’s show.

Why Improv Comedy Is the Next Big Marketing Trend


“I work at an ad agency,” he responds. “Oh crap, that’s terrible,” she says, “everyone works in advertising.” Though this sounds like a night at a basement club or a black-box theater, it’s actually the atrium of a Manhattan ad agency. Brand marketers, compliance teams, and consumers typically fill the audience.

Third Party Marketing Resources: Middle Market Misfires


Pa rt II: Solving the B2B Mid dle Market Marketing Mess. Unfortunately, instead of hitting the bullseye with effective marketing plans, collateral, and campaigns, B2B middle market firms, misfire again and again. The last scenario can be especially damaging.

Best Facebook Marketing Tips, Techniques and Tools of 2011, Part 1


Three-quarters of North American advertising agencies say their clients run PPC campaigns on Facebook. Find the answers to these questions and many more here in more than 30 of the best articles and blog posts on Facebook marketing of 2011. Facebook Marketing Tips and Tactics. Five Top Facebook Marketing Tips by LiveWorld. ” Ouch. Mark R. More Inc.

Human-to-Human Marketing: A Trend for 2015 and Beyond


This has, in turn, forced businesses to reevaluate their approach to marketing. Because, let’s face it: it doesn’t matter how many marketing dollars you spend, if your brand isn’t resonating with your audience, it’s money wasted. That is the exact feeling that human-to-human marketing aims to eliminate. The advertisement (below) is goose-bump inducing, to say the least.

Three B2B Marketing Mistakes from Kim Kardashian’s Wedding

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Sadly, B2B marketing sometimes includes some of the same mistakes. Here are three traps from Kim and Kris’s wedding that catch B2B marketers as well. ” Similarly, B2B marketing often includes sweeping claims, but too often they don’t hold up to scrutiny or are controversial at best. Sadly, marketing often suffers from a similar lack of commitment. Consider Sitewire , an advertising agency in Arizona with a Twitter account ( @sitewireagency ) that has been updated twice in the last month. In many ways it was an inspired campaign.

Three B2B Marketing Mistakes from Kim Kardashian’s Wedding

Digital B2B Marketing

Sadly, B2B marketing sometimes includes some of the same mistakes. Here are three traps from Kim and Kris’s wedding that catch B2B marketers as well. ” Similarly, B2B marketing often includes sweeping claims, but too often they don’t hold up to scrutiny or are controversial at best. Sadly, marketing often suffers from a similar lack of commitment. Consider Sitewire , an advertising agency in Arizona with a Twitter account ( @sitewireagency ) that has been updated twice in the last month. In many ways it was an inspired campaign.

The Long Distance Relationship: How to Work with a Remote Marketing Agency

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In days long past, companies hired one marketing firm, usually an advertising agency, to coordinate a broad spectrum of marketing needs. The era of agency specialization is well and truly upon us. One byproduct of agency specialization is a loss of geographic proximity. The more your agency knows, the more they can contribute fresh thinking. 4.

What the State of Social Media Today Means for 2013 Marketing Plans


Two new reports on the state of social media and the internet from Nielsen and Mary Meeker should be required reading for digital marketers. As you plan your digital media marketing strategy for 2013, you might want to consider some of these usage statistics. Think you’ve got a final digital marketing plan and budget for 2013? Mobile Advertising. Mobile Apps.

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Report From New York: How Agencies are Using Marketing Automation

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marketing User Conference in New York City for the first time. marketing Partners breakout, which focused on our agency partners. Talking with so many members of our agency community, I reveled in the talent that we have in our partner base – and was impressed by their marketing diversity. Direct Marketing > Digital Database Marketing.

Why Ad Agencies aren’t adjusting to a real-time social media world

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Here are the signals coming at me in the last few days: “Our advertising agency is staggeringly out of touch with the demands of a digital world. “We are losing a lot of digital business to smaller agencies. ” — Creative Lead, Large New York Agency. Why the ad agency angst? Why are agencies having trouble adjusting to the digital world?

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B2B Mobile Marketing – Are we there yet?

B2B Ideas @ Work

At the April 2012 BMA Atlanta keynote event, mobile marketing expert and Go Mobile author, Jamie Turner, said YES we are there. Oddly, mobile is the one medium that that is most used by the B2B target market. Because the mobile marketing arena is new and fresh, now is the time to capitalize before it becomes mainstream. Mobile marketing just makes sense for B2Bs.

Can We Please Stop Using Branded Content?

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Branded content gives content marketing a bad name. It’s a word created by the world of paid media … by advertisers, agencies, and media planners. First off, let’s look at the Wikipedia definition: Branded content is a form of advertising medium that blurs conventional distinctions between what constitutes advertising and what constitutes editorial content.

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Resources for Marketing Agencies: How to Keep Current in Times of Constant Change

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Back in those wayback days of yore, I was working at a marketing agency, and I struggle to remember how I was able to keep up with current trends. Now, get off of my lawn, you kids!). I do recall that the arrival of that thick, glossy copy of Communication Arts magazine was a big deal, as was the regular appearance of Advertising Age and AdWeek. Direct Marketing News (DMN).

Agency Revenue Is Up 300% Thanks to Marketing Automation

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Competition is fierce for digital marketing agencies. Consider this: According to the American Association of Advertising Agencies, the average life-span of a client/agency relationship is now less than 3 years. As the President and Chief Strategist for, To the Point Marketing (TTPM), Job #1 is making clients successful. In the 1980’s it was more than 8.

3 Ways (Smart) Data Maintenance Can Improve B2B Marketing ROI

B2B Lead Blog

What follows is a sneak-peak of our upcoming new whitepaper produced with our friends over at MarketingProfs, Keeping it Clean – 3 Ways (Smart) Data Maintenance Can Improve B2B Marketing ROI. It covers email best practices, targeting and segmentation, and sales and marketing alignment, and will be released in the next couple of weeks. Brunner, the CEO of respected advertising agency M.J. Of course, B2B marketers understand that problem all too well. Not everything that can be counted counts,” he wrote, quoting Einstein. Brunner Inc., The good news?

How to Pull Off Coca-Cola Marketing on a Diet Coke Budget


Yesterday, the architect behind Coca-Cola''s content strategy, Jonathan Mildenhall , took the keynote stage at Content Marketing World and brought both smiles and tears to all our eyes. The Coke Zero Dance Campaign. That way, you''re generating ideas while spreading buzz about your campaign. The Share a Coke Campaign. The Super Bowl Polar Bears Campaign.

New Marketing Report: B2B Lead Generation Trends 2013

Everything Technology Marketing

Download it here: [link] ) The B2B Technology Marketing Community on LinkedIn conducted the 2013 lead generation survey to better understand how B2B marketers are adjusting to new challenges, and to identify new trends and best practices. The most effective lead generation tactics used by marketers: Company website, email marketing and SEO. The results are in.

Marketing Agency Leaders Discuss: The New Agency Model for Success

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It used to be that companies hired advertising agencies to come up with exciting new ways to popularize their brands – and that was mostly it. Agencies composed jingles, laid out print ads, auditioned actors for commercials, and wrote lengthy marketing letters (complete with Johnson Boxes ). Because of course, it was hard to measure the results of these campaigns.

Why Your Brand Should Invest in Mobile Video Advertising


If you ever want to confirm your assumption about a new marketing trend, all you have to do is follow the money. recent spate of direct and anecdotal evidence suggests the cash is flowing into mobile advertising in general and mobile video advertising in particular. Within digital, mobile advertising was predicated to be the main growth engine, with advertisers spending $64.25

Check-in Meetings: Good Communication Creates Better Agency-Client Relationships

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Creating better agency-client relationships can be a challenge, which is why regular meetings and check-ins are an important part of keeping these partnerships running smoothly. But as an agency, it’s also vital to come to these meetings equipped with the right metrics and reports so you can make sure you’re clearly demonstrating the value of your company to your clients.

Do You Need a Freelancer or an Agency?


Technology companies typically maintain relationships with one or more advertising, marketing, and public relations agencies for services related to sales promotion, including copywriting. But some marcom projects don’t need the full agency treatment, with the associated higher costs, longer development and review times, and involvement of extra people. Lower costs.

How a Blank, 4-Minute Video Got 100,000 Views


In an advertising agency, having a good idea isn’t enough. Unfortunately, in lieu of doing the necessary measurement work, lots of marketers are taking the easy way out by relying on “vanity” metrics. To illustrate the inherent flaw of vanity metrics, we at ad agency Solve created a four-minute blank white video and uploaded it to YouTube. Advertising Daily

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The Top 5 Super Bowl-Themed Marketing Stories of the Week


For inbound marketers, this means watching loads of 30-second commercials and wondering if all the advertisers' money was well spent. Needless to say, this week's round-up is focused on Super Bowl-themed marketing. Super Bowl Social Media Marketing: A Detailed History, From Social Media Today. For advertisers, it challenges the effectiveness of those $3.8 "Sunday!

Marketing Edge

Marketing Edge

About Us What We Do Spotlight Case Studies Contact Us Team Experience Public Relations Social Media Consulting Digital Content Production Health Care Communication News & Updates Marketing Edge Blog & Podcast Events News & Updates Marketing Edge Blog & Podcast Events Dear Provident Partners, I have a problem. Host Albert Maruggi weaves his 25 years of marketing and PR experience across business, technology and national public affairs in interviews with newsmakers, authors and business leaders. Market research: Is it quality vs. quantity?

Human Behavior and Multiple Identities in B2B Marketing

B2B Ideas @ Work

Staying connected via smartphones is crucial to maintaining relationships with your clients and prospects in B2B marketing. Vann Morris is the Director of Buying Behavior Studies with the Atlanta B2B advertising agency, MLT Creative. That being said, sometimes there is a time to cut the smartphone tether. Multiple Identities. Conflicting Goals. Fragmentation.

Advertising Flight 2020: Destination “The Future” @whartonfoa #whartonfoa – The Wharton Future of Advertising Program’s Advertising 2020 Project

Blue Focus Marketing

The following post by Cheryl Burgess ( @ckburgess )  was initially published as a contribution to T he Wharton Future of Advertising Program’s Advertising 2020 Project. Imagine yourself as the CEO of an ad agency in 2020, returning home on a red-eye flight from the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.  Advertising & Mktg.

Gut Feeling or Analytics – which is better?

Buzz Marketing for Technology

So here is what I told him that marketers should be doing with analytics but haven’t truly adopted. Marketing is the last big spend on the income statement and its our turn to show how we can be more effective with the same dollars. Another way is to use the analytics to inform your media plans and to predict the outcome of a specific campaign. He really didn’t know.

Three Reasons Advertising Isn’t the B2B Branding Answer

Digital B2B Marketing

The Problem: Advertising will not create this brand. Before someone buys (and even for a period of time after), whether they are choosing an advertising agency or an ERP solution, they do not know the value. More information is available every day and this information quickly overturns conflicting impressions created by advertising. Ahh, brand. Not today. Not in B2B.

B2B Marketing & Scientific Research: Why Online Relationships Matter

B2B Ideas @ Work

Online relationships have become an integral part of your target audience’s lives, and must therefore be part of your B2B marketing. BtoB Magazine recently presented a webinar called From Caveman to Customer: What the Evolution of Storytelling Means to Marketers that helped explain why these online relationships are so important. Vann Morris is the Director of Buying Behavior Studies with the Atlanta B2B advertising agency, MLT Creative. Drive to Bond As humans we are driven by multiple factors, one of which is the drive to bond.

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